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500px / Instagram / Twitter: @robertomasf

500px / Instagram / Twitter: @robertomasf

500px / Instagram / Twitter: @robertomasf

I did this small painting to test out my new heavy body acrylic paints. I like the rich colors. They are thick and creamy and mix well.


Canvas panel 6x8 inches (15x20.5 cm), Golden Heavy Body acrylic paint, a variety of flat and small round brushes and a palette knife.

festival del gufo grazzano visconti

El pasado día 3 de Abril de 2014 tuve la ocasión de asistir a la presentación de OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA en la Tienda MARTÏN-IGLESIAS de Sevilla.


Después de la presentación, tuvimos la oportunidad de fotografíar a la modelo del GRUPO PUECH Laura Hiniesta con una imagen de Body Paint.


Fue todo un reto, ni la ambientación ni esta marca me eran familiares.


Bueno, espero que os guste. Un abrazo, Pepe.




Quién quiera ver las fotos de la serie, como están en el primer comentario, tiene que hacer clic sucesivas veces sobre el enlace "ver 20 comentarios más" o "view 20 more comments", hasta conseguir llegar al primero......cosas de Flickr......

Sesion de Body Painting con el artista plastico José Ramon Hernandez


Modelo Hekma



Blanca Bolivar

Antonio Rodríguez

José Gregorio Rodriguez


Un agradecimiento muy especial para la modelo Hekmary quien tuvo mucha paciencia y no se quejo a pese a las largas horas de trabajo para la realización de este body paint.

Y para nuestro querido amigo y artista plástico José Ramón Hernández quien con mucho talento y mística realizo esta bella obra de arte. Muchísimas Gracias.

One of the guys at the body painting festival last weekend.

Do you like my body painting? (A Black swallowtail caterpillar)


My mother was upset because caterpillars were eating her dill. I was happy because from that time I knew where to find a model for my photo:)


Camera: Nikon D7000

Lens: Micro-Nikkor-P.C Auto 1:3.5 55mm

Flash: Nissin MF18 ring flash


(shutter 1/100 | ƒ/8 | ISO:400 | handheld)


My blog | 500px

Subo otra de la sesión de body painy, o pintura corporal....editada un poco a mi gusto

Body Paint;( Maquillaje corporal con aerógrafol) :Beatriz Ramos.

Modelo ; Marta Pineda

Dirección de Fotografía : Teresa Ramos.

Edición : Antonio Ramos

Gracias por dejar vuestros comentarios y sugerencias

Self Portrait with black paint

Work in progress: painting a porcelain doll's body.


Рабочий процесс: роспись тела фарфоровой куклы.


'Dea Vivente' website



Show Freak - Sala Experimental Museo de Bellas artes.. II Encuentro Mundial de Arte Corporal. Caracas, Venezuela

Theme Fantasy Photography Metallic Gold Body Paint.

Young suri tribesmen painting his body in the river near Kibish village in the Omo Valley

Body Paint;( Maquillaje corpora con aerógrafol) :Beatriz Ramos.

Modelo ; Marta Pineda

Dirección de Fotografía : Teresa Ramos.

Edición : Antonio Ramos

Had so much fun shooting this! Although messy, I love using paint in photography.

Model: Nevada Pearl

- A voir sur fond noir

- To see on a black background


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Deze dame was niet tevreden. Telkens als iemand een foto van haar maakte wees ze op het centenbakje.


Dan pas maakte haar begeleidster weer een streepje op haar body...


城市記號 CityMarx

Graffiti Artist- bobo & wang

photo - =★=

with - Betty

Theme Fantasy Photography Metallic Gold Body Paint.

Periodically I have the opportunity to participate/support a local body painting group by taking photos of their artwork. It's a learning league that helps people of all skill levels practice their craft. Some are good enough to make their living working in movie industry projects, others work local events face painting or Halloween parks. It's pretty amazing what they are able to create.


This particular piece was made by the league leader (Josh Counsel) as part of a series of robots he's been creating. What you see here is 100% paint along with some privacy covers. This group is very careful to keep things friendly to be publishable for a more general audience. Photographers don't show until later in the event as things are nearly done and out of respect for the models. Photographically speaking there isn't a lot of room for creativity as I'm there mainly to help document their work, but it's fun to see their process and artwork.

Doing some serious body painting for Buddha.




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