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Large Bison crossing the Madison River in West Yellowstone.

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From my archive, taken at Yellowstone National Park


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From my Archives


Textures courtesy of: Skeletalmess

Any expert knows the exact ID of this? And why the lower body looks like detached?



This was one of several Bison I saw in Utah several weeks back. I like this one because you can see it losing its winter coat, really matted and nasty. The bugs and this itchy winter coat were making this Bison just a little grumpy.

Seen at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National WLR

More from my ongoing Bison series. Strong backlighting lit up the rim of this animal, but also cast part of its shadow onto the dust, creating an unusual effect. These are great, dusty beasts; in fact, dust baths and mud wallows (where available) are part of their daily health and grooming routine. This fellow had just given himself a good shake. When I saw the dust, the light, I just kept focusing and shooting until the dust settled. Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan.


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Yellowstone National Park - A Bison remains unfazed as a nearby geyser erupts.

National Bison Rage, Moise, MT

Bison are amazing animals to watch them slowly move along and grazing.

At one time America’s western prairies were loaded with animals and then the hunters nearly wiped them out.

Thanks to national parks and conservation areas their numbers are back to safe levels and are even raised for food. This herd was at Neal Smith National Conservation Center in Iowa.


Made Explore on November 12,2009 #172. Appeared again on November 13th at #170. Wow! Five in two months! Thank you everbody!!!

Bush Farm Bison Centre, West Knoyle, Warminster BA12 6AE

Phone: 01747 830263

Bison at Waterton Lakes Nationaal Park

Don't get it on your goatee!

Le bison d'Europe était très répandu sur tout le continent européen, de l'Atlantique à l'Oural (excepté le sud de la péninsule Ibérique, le sud de l'Italie, la péninsule Scandinave et les îles Britanniques), et ce jusqu'au Moyen Âge.

Le poids moyen du mâle est d'environ 800 kg (1,200 tonne au maximum), et la taille peut atteindre 1,80 m, voire 2 m, au garrot et jusqu'à 3 m de long. La femelle est plus petite, avec un poids entre 350 et 600 kg. C'est le plus gros mammifère terrestre d'Europe.

L'animal peut vivre 15 à 20 ans, surtout en captivité où il n'a pas de prédateur. Dans la nature, le bison a surtout comme prédateur le loup, et l'homme


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Waterton Lakes National Park

Yellowstone National Park

I have no idea how a professional photographer keeps on top of image workflow. Each time I dip back in to my trip images I tend to find a couple which I appear to have previously passed by !


Our Tallgrass Prairie bison were feeling a bit neglected, so I thought I would post another shot of them. As usual, they were busily munching the fresh green grass and pretty much ignoring me. But that's okay, because too much attention from a buffalo is not a good thing!

Bison seen at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWLR

This big guy was enjoying a dust bath in the morning light, made so much more interesting by the smoke from fires in Washington state.

Bison at Waterton Lakes Nationaal Park

We saw lots of Bison many with their calf's, i thought this one was so pretty, the males are much more rugged x

This was taken at the Grand Teton National Park on our way to the Yellowstone National Park.

In fact we saw more wildlife around the Tetons than the Yellowstone.


There were many many herds of Bisons around the valley reassuring that preservation is working!

Ok, now to my outing from tall grass prairie. Here's 1/2 a bison portrait to get you started

This was taken on the Tall Grass Praire Nature Bison Preserve in Oklahoma





Since it was finally sunny, we have decided to take a little ride to Elk Island, yesterday, after supper. It was rather cold - the deeper we went into the park, the colder it got (-19oC), but it was also quite beautiful. There is absolutely no sign of spring - as you can see. The snow is very deep at some spots and except for bison we saw no other animals.. But, it was not a wasted trip :D

Canada's Northwest Territories lost a huge amount of forest to fires over the summer and a good portion of the area between Fort Providence and Yellowknife smells like a recently-extinguished campfire. It will take many years for the forest to reestablish itself, but as you can see from the carpet of green where this bison is grazing, the recovery has already started.

Yellowstone National Park - Early morning attempt to utilise the discharge from a geyser to get a little warmth.

Across the Yellowstone River in Gardiner, MT.

With one elk in the distance.

(Bison bonasus) - Żubr europejski

Zoo Duisburg


Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming - U.S.A.

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