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Sony ILCE-7M2

Sony 2.8/90 Macro G OSS


Manual setup and focus, available light, handheld. Hope, you enjoy! All visits, faves and comments are appreciated!

Flock of birds hovering on the sea surface,they change to different patterns in split seconds


Snettisham is unique in a couple of ways. It is rare in Norfolk that it is a beach facing West. However the unique geological nature of Snettisham is what attracts hundreds of thousands of migratory and transitory birds during the winter and autumn periods. High tides can push huge numbers of waders closer to where people can observe them.


Snettisham Beach....Norfolk...England

This photo is SOOC,... no rendering done.

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8 sec

Houston, TX



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I changed the title. Thanks to Κατερινα


And keep and eye on that gull too - he's got a shifty look about him. ;-)


At Summerfest beach.


The beach is gorgeous but take a stroll up to the boardwalk where you can find displays from all the content creators who's items went into making the beach - and so much more. Thank you and kudos to all of them for making all the amazingly cool stuff they do.

This morning was another good one for making an early walk.

The fog was thick and visible, and the sun had problems getting through.

We went early back, because in the forrest where we walked were hunters, so to avoid for being seen as a deer we went back home.

When we came out of the forrest a lot of shots were fired, (the forrest on the right of the picture) which scared the hell out of us, so we turned our heads to see what was going on.

The view we had was stunning. You expect to see hunters (their vehicle is on the picture) and you find this! So I thank the hunters for making us go home early!!!;-)))

Beware of the hidden Skullface lurking in the column of water!


Chess Anyone?

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Featuring: IBOUDOIR & WoW Skins

Created for 91st MMM Challenge


Source image with thanks to C_h_a_r_l_e_s


Other images/textures TK

All that is left from the old hall's estate, is the thick, dark woods and the displaced occupants


In our late climbing, with the night almost done, to the so-called Mirador de Piedras Blancas, near the Hermitage of Hontanares (Riaza, Segovia, Spain) to enjoy a beautiful night of Perseids, without the disturbing of naive people, we had to cross this dark wooded path. BEWARE OF DARKNESS, said the great George Harrison. Because the ability to see is usually our primary sense, the absence of light displeases us, makes us nervous ... It even scares us. It's a circumstance that writers, screenwriters or film directors have taken to let their imagination run and offer us cruel stories that, like endless nightmares, endanger our innocent dream. The mere sight of this dark road, only illuminated by the lights of the car, leads us to imagine all sorts of strange events.

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Mystical Fae Forest

Hair ~ eXxEsS Mesh Hair : SUCRE A Light Blonds

Maitreya ~ Lara Mesh Body 4.1 & Bento Hands

LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.5

LAQ Skin ~ Phoebe2 ~ Nougat

Kendall Loose Shirt By ~ Addams

Rachel Skirts ~ Maitreya - Black By ~ Blueberry

Real Evil ~ Coraline Gloves

Pearls & Earings by *AvaWay* ~ LILI Pearl Jewelry Set

*BC* Free mesh Eyelashes

Izzie's ~ Dark Red Vibrant Lipstick


I had to post this one...too funny. I actually got this one today, I know it looks similar to the last one I posted but it was a different day.


I am sorry for not being a regular commenter...I work all day and then have to share a computer with my boyfriend who goes online a lot too. I also have a lot of side jobs. Please don't give up on me...I will be back more often when work slows down. Infact I will be on later tonight for a while and then tomorrow night after my photography gig.

...Watch out now, take care

Beware of the thoughts that linger

Winding up inside your head

The hopelessness around you

In the dead of night


Beware of sadness...

The lab I use has been shut down for the holidays for 2 weeks now - they were supposed to reopen today but I got there to find a sign saying "Closed Jan 3rd for renovations" - aaaargh!

So some older pics in the meantime....

Happy New Year everyone!

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Figurines in a Souvenirs's shopdisplay

Shot in Sarlat la Canéda - Dordogne(Périgord) - France -

There are wonderful thornless blackberries in the back (way in the back). But they are so far back, that the wild blackberries have mingled in. So what used to be a thornless job now comes with a few scratches.


Still, it's worth it.

...the fox is in the hen house.




or is she...


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[Explored on April 8, 2013]

I always seem to get these bleak and dreary looking shots when I shoot in the morning under overcast conditions. I suppose it's because that's just how it really looks. The strength of the waves was very unpredictable, so I was moving back and forth from the water line trying to set my tripod in a good position. Of course I had the tripod legs spread wide for extra stability since the surf is pretty darn strong. I retreated several times from various waves until finally I got caught by one that submerged my tripod up to the ball head and sprayed sea water all over my filters, lens, and camera body. I think I grabbed my gear and ran just in the nick of time, but prematurely ended the photo shoot for the morning.


For this shot I initially tried a Lee 0.9 ND hard grad filter but found that the hard transition didn't work under the lighting conditions. I switched to a 0.9 ND soft filter and that seemed to work better.

But I will take care this stranger for you.

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