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Album: Little Arrival

Ages old but never previously posted.


Composed from the west side of the bridge to give a view of the clock tower uninterrupted by light trails. Captured & merged the trails from a few shorter exposures so the clock face retained its highlights; such duration had the added benefit of freezing just enough the woman taking her own photo, bottom left.


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First of all, sorry for shitty lighting and makeshift background, had to do with what I had, as I'm not at my normal setup.


Also forgot laptop so gonna try and make a short description.


-China head with sculpted back and ears


- extended torso using JerdFigs design, and I extended the torso in the bottom.


-Glued on Rocket tail (I know it's off centred, #OCDTrigger)


-used the weird leg method (I learned from TheMooseFigs but idk who came up with it)


- and the arms were double extended and sculpted muscles


Now that it's summer imma try to finish more Ben 10!


Thoughts and Suggestions appreciated!

There was a big, visible scratch on the figure. I hate it when toys look preowned right out of the box.

Album: Little Arrival

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Big Ben is the nickname for the Great Bell in the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster and is often extended to refer to the clock or the clock tower as well.


10 Bridge Street, London


First of all, Cannonbolt was a really fun figure to make, I might start getting back into Ben 10 customs.


The base was a flashlight fig, which I cut off the head, and shortened the legs.


I sculpted the shoulder, head, arm, and back pads.


Over all, this was a pretty simple fig, it just took sometime to completely recolour it white.


Thoughts and Suggestions appreciated!

Album: Little Arrival

Ben 10 Rath toy from the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien". Join us at

Ben 10 Accessory toys seen in Asia and Europe. Backpacks, school supplies, watches, t-shits, jackets and hats, and more.


A Ben 10 swimming pool in Malaysia!


Ben 10 branded games in Bulgaria!


Look for these:

In Hong Kong, try Sogo in Causeway Bay

In the Philippines, look in SM Stores


These Ben 10 products were on display at the Hong Kong and Nuremberg Toy Fair, 2013.


See the Ben 10 video at

My girlfriend got me a Swampfire set the other day, because they were almost for free at some sale.

Why not?

i thought i'd tell you that this lili was one in a bunch that was on my Uncle Ben's grave (my Mum's only brother) - he died in the mid 60's - he was in his thirties - in a tractor accident - I do remember him but not that clearly - he and Mum were great singers when they were children and used to go around and sing in concerts and the Church. They have both now left us.

Mash up of a Palisades red Membros and the Ben 10 figure....

Portrait of a little girl that caught my attention while roaming on the streets of a market in Bangalore.

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Ben 10 Sumo Slammers mini figures, by Bandai America. More info at

Ben 10 Sumo Slammers mini figures, by Bandai America. More info at

Ben 10 Rath toy from the Cartoon Network show "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien". Join us at

From the Bandai showroom at the New York Toy Fair 2010, the Ultimate Humungousaur figure is for the upcoming Cartoon Network series "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien".


You may use these images on your web site, ONLY if you provide a link back to

The 8" line of Ben 10 action figures by Bandai--Metamorfigures. More info at

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