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- Taken with Chouchou cinematic HUD

- Not photoshopped


Taken at Verfinstern

Make It Interesting ~ Challenge No 1 (Prague)


Source image with thanks to Sarah Ackerman


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On October 1, 1852, Joshua Bates wrote a letter to the Mayor of the City of Boston offering to donate the sum of $50,000 for the purpose of purchasing books for the new library. The only condition was that "the building shall be such as to be an ornament to the City, that there shall be a room for one hundred to one hundred and fifty persons to sit at reading tables, and that it be perfectly free to all."


The offer was enthusiastically accepted by the Boston City Council and thus Joshua Bates became the first major private contributor to the country's first municipally supported library, establishing a tradition of public/private support for the Boston Public Library that continues to this day.


Bates's vision for the Boston Public Library was fulfilled 43 years later through the architectural genius of Charles Follen McKim, and the Reading Room remains one of the most historically significant spaces of this National Historic Landmark.


"Trashy trash." -Bates.


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March 13, 2009

Bat Tombs historical sites are located in Wilayt Ibri, Oman. They are considered one of the archaeological and historical sites that date back to the Third Century BC. Bat Tombs was the second site to be included in the World Heritage list in Oman.

That old house somewhere in Norway... it reminded of a movie I've seen a long time ago... I wonder why...


See more old houses here


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Foto de uma noite com lua cheia.


Night photo showing the full Moon reflex on the swimming pool.

- Taken with Chouchou cinematic HUD

- Not photoshopped


Taken at Verfinstern

500.00 a night...You must be Psycho :D I rather get killed by Mrs.Bate's, LOL


Just joking folks...

An ominous night sight.


Thanks to:

cwbuecheler for layer_texture_005.


klsanderson for "crows in Santa Barbara"

If you lived here, you'd be home by now

View Large On Black ?

A fun loving imp from the 5th dimension, and Batman's number one fan. He's let himself go a bit over the years...

- Taken with Chouchou cinematic HUD

- Not photoshopped


Taken at Verfinstern

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