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Its kinda uncertain in this part of the world to get cold tones in this time of the year... The only warm tone we can see is the last rays of the setting sun ..

This is the beauty of tones.. the minimalist one , like the warm tone in this pic always catches attention....

something that is so analogous to life... we catch attention only for the most special thing in life... :)

This is a picture I took of Azure and Johny Day photoshopped for me. We worked together to make the picture even better than it was out of the camera. And to top it off, since he lives in a much bigger place than I do, he was able to find an amazing printer who produced the final project on a glossy photo paper of a much different quality than I could have found. Together, the picture came out beyond words.

Check out Johny Day at the follwoing link:

Coenagrion puella, famille des zygoptères.


Reminds me of Zorro with his headband.

Dragonflies at Yardley Chase, June 2017

Another Azure Damselfly face from yesterday, not so many about today, I suspect they were resting because it was so wet and dull yesterday, again a bit noisy due to high ISO



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Gentiana verna (genzianella primaticcia)


Photo of the Azure Window in Malta taken weeks before its collapse

Taken only last week, before collapsing into the sea today.

Coenagrion puella


Mersey Vale Nature Park

Male Azure Damselfly hiding in the grass waiting for the sun. They like the warmth, so you can find them basking in the sun in the morning. Damselflies are also flighty creatures so take your time to approach or they will vanish before you are anywhere near them.

These shapes just beckoned. Loved the vases, but the crop really is more enjoyable for me.

Happy day to you all.

Coenagrion puella


Beautiful blue Damselflies.


A couple of shots from Diane's little garden. She has fingers like Kermit the Frog now.... but she always was a muppet!! I hope she doesn't read this or I'm dead! lol


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Corydalis flexuosa 'China blue' 

bloom in my mother's garden

Another in my flying gull series...

:copyright: Salvatore Cantisano

Coenagrion puella


Mersey Vale Nature Park

In Memory of the fabulous Azure Window on the Island of Gozo which has now sadly gone for all time. I will miss this place, we have been visiting here for the last 14 years. via 500px

The apple of his Mothers eye!

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