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Its kinda uncertain in this part of the world to get cold tones in this time of the year... The only warm tone we can see is the last rays of the setting sun ..

This is the beauty of tones.. the minimalist one , like the warm tone in this pic always catches attention....

something that is so analogous to life... we catch attention only for the most special thing in life... :)

This is a picture I took of Azure and Johny Day photoshopped for me. We worked together to make the picture even better than it was out of the camera. And to top it off, since he lives in a much bigger place than I do, he was able to find an amazing printer who produced the final project on a glossy photo paper of a much different quality than I could have found. Together, the picture came out beyond words.

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Gentiana verna (genzianella primaticcia)

A bulk carrier anchored in Dublin Bay on the 18th of June 2014.


Dublin - Ireland

A couple of shots from Diane's little garden. She has fingers like Kermit the Frog now.... but she always was a muppet!! I hope she doesn't read this or I'm dead! lol


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:copyright: Salvatore Cantisano

These shapes just beckoned. Loved the vases, but the crop really is more enjoyable for me.

Happy day to you all.

Another in my flying gull series...

The apple of his Mothers eye!

As far as I know, I am struggling to get back into rhythm with regards to my enthusiasm towards photography partly because of my current hectic family responsibilities. This is also the main reason why I seldom get to visit to your photo streams.


Here is one still image which was part of 240 images I am working with in my time-lapse project these days.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III ı Canon EF17-40mm f/4L USM ı 17mm ı 25s ı f/11 ı ISO 125

Copyright © RositaSo Image. All rights reserved.

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Twilight blues envelop an ancient tree on the rim of Oregon's Crater Lake.

All rights reserved. Please do not use this or any of my images in anyway without my written permission.


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Commissioned shoot from today. :)


Model: Ainslie

Hair and Make-up: Leisa Stephenson

Photo: Me :)







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The enormous natural arch on the West coast of the Island of Gozo, I was desperate to come here and shoot this before it vanishes, only a few years left with erosion then it will become a sea stack or pinnacle. I had to come back for a second day to get the shots I wanted as the wind / waves were that fierce on the first attempt it took me 4 hours to get about 3 decent shots with sea spray / and bad camera shake even on a tripod with me shielding it, made for some good big waves pics, composition again v limited due to the weather conditions. the second attempt was totally different, bit of a breeze and no waves, like a totally different place.. But, I only had 25 mins to get some shots, Annoyingly the last bus / ferry i could catch to get back to Malta was 5 mins before sunset, so I missed the 30 minutes afterwards, sea spray ruined many of the shots and was extremely frustrating, but was still worth it to grab the shots I got. I'll add more of these soon.


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This is the first time I have ever tried panning with my pictures. I was very happy with the results I was getting even though I really had set out that day to try something entirely different and I only changed tactics when I accidentally took a nice panned shot and thought it looked quite nice, this is one of the many hundreds I tried that day.

Magherabeg, County Wicklow.


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7 días / 7 colores

7 days / 7 colors


Day 5: Azure

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