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An another finished old WIP, based on Alphonso Mucha's drawing "Study on Visual Arts" from 1898..


More on Cyclopic Bricks.

Lage Park is a public park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the palace on the background works as the Visual Arts School

Join me:

I want to

I want to be someone else or I'll explode

Floating upon this surface for the birds

The birds

The birds


- Talk Show Host - Radiohead on black, please...

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spread from the 2007 Falcon

School of Art and Art History at University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. Designed by New York City architect Steven Holl.

These are the ones! 6200 photo submissions to the OC Visual Arts Competition. I entered only a few this year because I traveled less due to moving, and some personal fitness goals. Feeling so privileged that these three made the cut . Can't wait to complete my 2016 photography / travel goals 😃

Wu performed by Dapheny Chen and Rachel Lum at the Esplanade Concourse during Huayi 2019, Chinese Festival of Arts.

School of Art and Art History at University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. Designed by New York City architect Steven Holl Architects.

Polaroid 600 (non-expired)

Wu performed by Dapheny Chen and Rachel Lum at the Esplanade Concourse during Huayi 2019, Chinese Festival of Arts.

from my time spent on the Visual Arts Collective bathroom mural. pre-text.

School of Art and Art History at University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. Designed by New York City architect Steven Holl Architects.

Singapore Biennale 2011 @ Old Kallang Airport


Instruction #28

"Go somewhere you haven't been before - a dog show, a polo match, a monster truck rally - and remember, the interesting things often happen at the fringes away from the main 'action'." - Paul Russell


Fireworks over the 2021 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, to celebrate the Christmas lights switch-on.

Tokyo Visual Arts is designed so you will want to see more . . . . . .

Dark grimly realistic story of doomed lovers Robert and Jehane Le Brun, set during the 100 years war. The poem is by Pre Raphaelite artist/designer, William Morris, 19th C


The Haystacks in the flood


Had she come all the way for this,

To part at last without a kiss?

Yea, had she borne the dirt and rain

That her own eyes might see him slain

Beside the haystack in the floods?


Along the dripping leafless woods,

The stirrup touching either shoe,

She rode astride as troopers do;

With kirtle kilted to her knee,

To which the mud splash'd wretchedly;

And the wet dripp'd from every tree

Upon her head and heavy hair,

And on her eyelids broad and fair;

The tears and rain ran down her face.

By fits and starts they rode apace,

And very often was his place

Far off from her; he had to ride

Ahead, to see what might betide

When the roads cross'd; and sometimes, when

There rose a murmuring from his men

Had to turn back with promises;

Ah me! she had but little ease;

And often for pure doubt and dread

She sobb'd, made giddy in the head

By the swift riding; while, for cold,

Her slender fingers scarce could hold

The wet reins; yea, and scarcely, too,

She felt the foot within her shoe

Against the stirrup: all for this,

To part at last without a kiss

Beside the haystack in the floods.


For when they near'd that old soak'd hay,

They saw across the only way

That Judas, Godmar, and the three

Red running lions dismally

Grinn'd from his pennon, under which

In one straight line along the ditch,

They counted thirty heads.


So then

While Robert turn'd round to his men

She saw at once the wretched end,

And, stooping down, tried hard to rend

Her coif the wrong way from her head,

And hid her eyes; while Robert said:

"Nay, love, 'tis scarcely two to one,

At Poictiers where we made them run

So fast--why, sweet my love, good cheer,

The Gascon frontier is so near.

Naught after this."


But, "Oh!" she said,

"My God! my God! I have to tread

The long way back without you; then

The court at Paris; those six men;

The gratings of the Chatelet;

The swift Seine on some rainy day

Like this, and people standing by

And laughing, while my weak hands try

To recollect how strong men swim.

All this, or else a life with him,

For which I should be damned at last.

Would God that this next hour were past!"


He answer'd not, but cried his cry,

"St. George for Marny!" cheerily;

And laid his hand upon her rein.

Alas! no man of all his train

Gave back that cheery cry again;

And, while for rage his thumb beat fast

Upon his sword-hilts, some one cast

About his neck a kerchief long,

And bound him.


Then they went along

To Godmar; who said: "Now, Jehane,

Your lover's life is on the wane

So fast, that, if this very hour

You yield not as my paramour,

He will not see the rain leave off--

Nay, keep your tongue from gibe or scoff,

Sir Robert, or I slay you now."


She laid her hand upon her brow,

Then gazed upon the palm, as though

She thought her forehead bled, and--"No!"

She said, and turn'd her head away,

As there were nothing else to say,

And everything were settled: red

Grew Godmar's face from chin to head:

"Jehane, on yonder hill there stands

My castle, guarding well my lands:

What hinders me from taking you,

And doing that I list to do

To your fair wilful body, while

Your knight lies dead?"


A wicked smile

Wrinkled her face, her lips grew thin,

A long way out she thrust her chin:

"You know that I would strangle you

While you were sleeping; or bite through

Your throat, by God's help--ah!" she said,

"Lord Jesus, pity your poor maid!

For in such wise they hem me in,

I cannot choose but sin and sin,

Whatever happens: yet I think

They could not make me eat or drink,

And so should I just reach my rest."

"Nay, if you do not my behest,

O Jehane! though I love you well,"

Said Godmar, "would I fail to tell

All that I know?" "Foul lies," she said.

"Eh? lies, my Jehane? by God's head,

At Paris folks would deem them true!

Do you know, Jehane, they cry for you:

'Jehane the brown! Jehane the brown!

Give us Jehane to burn or drown!'--

Eh--gag me Robert!--sweet my friend,

This were indeed a piteous end

For those long fingers, and long feet,

And long neck, and smooth shoulders sweet;

An end that few men would forget

That saw it--So, an hour yet:

Consider, Jehane, which to take

Of life or death!"


So, scarce awake,

Dismounting, did she leave that place,

And totter some yards: with her face

Turn'd upward to the sky she lay,

Her head on a wet heap of hay,

And fell asleep: and while she slept,

And did not dream, the minutes crept

Round to the twelve again; but she,

Being waked at last, sigh'd quietly,

And strangely childlike came, and said:

"I will not." Straightway Godmar's head,

As though it hung on strong wires, turn'd

Most sharply round, and his face burn'd.


For Robert--both his eyes were dry,

He could not weep, but gloomily

He seem'd to watch the rain; yea, too,

His lips were firm; he tried once more

To touch her lips; she reach'd out, sore

And vain desire so tortured them,

The poor grey lips, and now the hem

Of his sleeve brush'd them.


With a start

Up Godmar rose, thrust them apart;

From Robert's throat he loosed the bands

Of silk and mail; with empty hands

Held out, she stood and gazed, and saw

The long bright blade without a flaw

Glide out from Godmar's sheath, his hand

In Robert's hair, she saw him bend

Back Robert's head; she saw him send

The thin steel down; the blow told well,

Right backward the knight Robert fell,

And moaned as dogs do, being half dead,

Unwitting, as I deem: so then

Godmar turn'd grinning to his men,

Who ran, some five or six, and beat

His head to pieces at their feet.


Then Godmar turn'd again and said:

"So, Jehane, the first fitte is read!

Take note, my lady, that your way

Lies backward to the Chatelet!"

She shook her head and gazed awhile

At her cold hands with a rueful smile,

As though this thing had made her mad.


This was the parting that they had

Beside the haystack in the floods.


by William Morris

This composition has 4 parts.

School of Art and Art History, designed by New York City architect Steven Holl. University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa.

© 2008 - StampMedia - Artur Eranosian

Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood

Jared Flood is a New York based photographer and knit designer. He designs his own patterns, knits all the projects for his books and does all of the photography, graphics and descriptions! He recently launched his own line of yarn, Shelter. Check out his website and flickr pages.




from my time spent on the Visual Arts Collective bathroom mural. pre-text.

1981 - by Andy Warhol

Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa.


Architect: Steven Holl

Completed: 2016


Art Installation / Device

BIENAL de Arte Jóven 2015.

Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Wu performed by Dapheny Chen and Rachel Lum at the Esplanade Concourse during Huayi 2019, Chinese Festival of Arts.

Este año afortunadamente se dió la posibilidad de realizar el spot de TV del día de las artes visuales 2010.

En fluor y siempre con nuestra idea de hacer ANAVs (Algo Nunca Antes Visto) nos propusimos una tarea titánica....una rotoscopía!!! y bueno, salimos a filmar a la ciudad con cámara en mano buscando retratar más que lugares, gente común y corriente.

Así que ahora pueden ver corriendo los styleframes que había adelantado hace un tiempo....ojalá lo hayan visto en tv y sino disfruten!


Especificaciones técnicas:

Cuadros: 455 (con ilustraciones independientes cada uno)

Cuadros por segundo: 15

Tiempo total: 30 secs.


Ps: El spot en HD lo pueden ver en la página de Fluor:


Fortunately this year we got the chance to make the tv spot for "the visual arts day 2010"

In fluor following our ideas of SNSB (Something Never Seen Before), we proposed ourselves a titanic labor...rotoscoping!!! so, we went to the city to shoot with our camera looking to portrait more than places, regular and common people. So now you can see the styleframes I showed you before in live action!....I hope you watched before on TV..otherwise..enjoy it!


Technical specifications:

Frames: 455 (each with independent illustration)

Frames per second: 15

Time elapsed: 30 segs.


PS: You can find the Spot on HD in Fluor's website:


FAVA Folding Festival

May 11–July 27, 2014

Firelands Association for the Visual Arts

New Union Center for the Arts

39 S. Main St.

Oberlin, OH 44074




Tues–Sat 11am–5pm; Sun 1–5pm.

Closed Mondays and July 4

Extended hours over Memorial Day/OC Commencement Weekend

Tours by appointment


Mixed media on canvas

60 x 60cm Photo Acorn Studio

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