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Thank you all for keeping up the momentum to get NPE (BETA) to work better.


On April 6 we want ONLY red protest signs to be uploaded for a strong visual protest.


Please remember to go to the attached links to leave comments (even after the 6th). It will be important to keep this up until flickr fixes the problems.


Vote and leave your comment...we want flickr to see the importance for all these missing points.

- A Coloring Morning, AZ. -

It is not suppose to make sense but it is intended to stimulate your senses....

Fofogramas del set con Arbol (Miguel Marin) 2012

ARBOL (MIGUEL MARIN), Pat Comunicaciones Eufònic - Mostra d'Art Sonor i Visual de les Terres de l'Ebre

Found this intriguing street-art in my home town Nijmegen (NL). The visual artist Freek van Ginkel put his address on the wall too, but no title.

Happy Wall Wednesday ;-))


oil, acrylic & spray paint on canvas.

Best decorations on No brain #collage #drawing #wip #project #polaroid #picture #visual #art #dublin #lifestyle #street #art #decor #gallery #exhibition #decoration #artist #photography #interior #graphic #design #instapic #details #contemporary #art #photodiary #photograph #inspiration

Philosophical black hole combined with physical black hole and visual arts

Following a photography presentation on the principles and elements of composition in photography by Tony Bramley FRPS I thought I would give some of his ideas a go for myself. Suprematism -is an art movement, focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors. It was founded by Kazimir Malevich in Russia, around 1913, and announced in Malevich's 1915 exhibition, The Last Futurist Exhibition of Paintings 0.10, in St. Petersburg, where he, alongside 13 other artists, exhibited 36 works in a similar style.[1] The term suprematism refers to an abstract art based upon "the supremacy of pure artistic feeling" rather than on visual depiction of objects.

In simple terms, the elements of this abstract were taken from a single photograph and used to create something far removed from its reality.


a colorful collage in unique graphic monotype art - created from my city-photos of Amsterdam: 'Daniel Meyerplein 6.' The original print is still for sale.


In this monotype I combined images and visual elements from photos I took in front of the Portuguese synagogue, on the Daniel Meyerplein, opposite the flea-market on Waterlooplein in Amsterdam city. Both places are famous and characteristic places of my city Amsterdam. I like to use these images of my city.. I combined them in this monotype with street-texts I met on my stay in Indonesia: a former Dutch colony. So things become re-connected.


This is a monotype print, so an unique print, which I printed in 2007 as graphic collage art. The sizes are 56 cm height and 45 cm wide. This unique monotype print is still available.


In 2013 I started to edit digitally the mono-print image for producing ( giclee ) fine art prints on paper. You can mail me for more information and order: Also high-resolution images I can send you by WeTransfer, for printing it for yourself.


I make my collage graphic art from my own photos by using the mono-type technique and by montage of the images from my photography of the modern city.


Graphic Collage in urban print art on paper - unique mono-prints and digital prints in limited edition. My art-prints are for sale worldwide.

Dutch graphic woman-artist, Hilly van Eerten, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Fireworks over the 2021 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, to celebrate the Christmas lights switch-on.

Solo Art Exhibit for

Diane Kramer Artwork

on exhibit at Gallery 194, Downtown Lapeer, MI

Show runs from July 23rd to August 30th, 2014.


Art by Diane M Kramer aka She Wolf

cell phone photo by James Alt- slight edit by D. Kramer

(other photos to come).

this is taken at the front entrance to the you first walk in.




Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.

~Frank Gehry

Art,Design,Curated content all day, unique cultures in the world, chrisbmarquez, cbmz,society6,visual cultures,architecture,decor,digital art,illustration

Art,Design,Curated content all day, unique cultures in the world, chrisbmarquez, cbmz,society6,visual cultures,architecture,decor,digital art,illustration

Espectáculo táctil (visual) de la altura.

No lo sé... lo presiento, con estos ojos que se han de comer los pájaros

Art,Design,Curated content all day, unique cultures in the world, chrisbmarquez, cbmz,society6,visual cultures,architecture,decor,digital art,illustration

2008 - Advanced Digital Imaging - Photoshop

As part of the assignment, I used this image as part of a concept to promote "free energy" research. on black, please...

@{-->-- ...thank you all very much my friends...:)))

CC Can Felipa

Recomposicions Maquíniques

Fotos: Marc Llibre/CCCanFelipa, 2017

CC Can Felipa

Recomposicions Maquíniques

Fotos: Marc Llibre/CCCanFelipa, 2017

William Brouillard


Artist Statement

The platters I have sent to this exhibition combine several ceramic traditions. The first is, The Palace Art Pot. Palace Art Pots were made to demonstrate wealth and power. They were made to tell a story, to commemorate an event or a person, and to demonstrate skill and challenge the abilities of the artisans who made them. The second tradition is the Fish Platter. Fish platters were a staple of the Neo Arts and Crafts Movement of the 1950s and 60s. The third and last tradition is the One-Line visual and verbal Pun, Platters of the ceramic Funk Movement.

Humor through the use of the visual pun was a mainstay of the California Funk movement. Humor in clay has a tradition as old as the use of the material. I have always felt that humor has been given short shift as a serious emotion. Art work that uses humor and has been actively excised from collections of serious art. It may be that we do not understand the function of humor as well as we understand the function of the other emotions.

In the work presented I have tried to inject some humor into the decorative / commemorative object. The platters are big to give them a slightly overblown sense of their own importance and to be able to be viewed from a distance . They are meant for the wall and the table. The large size to fit the importance of large gatherings.

I have tried to replace historical patterns with objects reduced to pattern. Some of the objects are extensions of my environment or reflections of personal interests. Images of turn of the century technology, (the Machine Age), are a personal favorite. Subject matter ranges from humorous depiction of everyday objects to gender stereotypes. My abilities as A draftsman are limited but seem to be adequate for the kind and quality of image that the subject requires. They have a cartoon look as opposed to the crisp complexity of fine china.

The clay body, a red earthenware, is heavily potted and makes no secrete of its variations and flaws. The glaze work is in the Majolica style and is done very much like a watercolor on soft paper. The pots are fired twice. They are bisqued to cone 05 and glazed to cone 04. Some may have an additional firing to Cone 018 for low temperature luster and enamels. They are fired in an oxidizing atmosphere using an electric kiln.


William Brouillard June, 22 1993



William Craig Brouillard



Associate Professor of Art, Ceramics department, The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, from 1980


M.F.A., Ceramic Art, The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Alfred, NY, 1976

University of Wisconsin, at Madison, Wisconsin, 1973

B.A., Art Education, State University of Wisconsin, Stout at Menomonie, Wisconsin, 1969


Brouillard Studios, 2662 W14th st. Cleveland, OH 44113, production of pottery and ceramic commission work 1980-1993

Resident Craftsman at The Penland School of Crafts, Penland, North Carolina, as a full time self supporting studio artist in clay, with some related teaching duties, 1976 -1978


Instructor, Teaching beginning intermediate and Graduate level ceramics, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN. 1978-1979

Teaching Assistantship, teaching Kiln Design and Construction, to advanced and graduate level students at New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, Alfred, NY. 1974 - 1976

Teaching Assistantship, teaching Two and Three Dimensional Design to beginning and advanced Students, also instruction in materials and techniques of woodworking, at The New York State College of



National Cup Show, purchase award, University of Southern IL. 1992

Ohio Designer Craftsmen, purchase award, Best of 92 exhibition, Columbus, OH. 1992

Excellence in Design Award Ohio Designer Craftsmen, Best of 92 Exhibition, 1992

American Craft Museum, Design Award , for Excellence in Design, in conduction with the Designed and made for use Exhibition, at The American Craft Museum, NY 1986

Purchase Award, The Clay Cup Show, Southern IL. University, 1986

Art Park , Lewiston NY. Summer work and travel grant 1980



The Detroit Museum of Art [DIA], Detroit MI.

The Cleveland Museum ofArt, Cleveland OH.

The Millard Collection, St Louis, MO

The Sinker Collection, Detroit, MI.

The Vincent Lim Collection,Philadelphia, PA

The Pfannebecker Collection, Lancaster, PA

University of Southern Illinois

Ohio Designer Craftsman, Columbus, OH

Ceramics Monthly, Columbus, OH

The Cleveland Art Association, Cleveland, OH

Alfred University, Museum of Ceramics, Alfred, NY

University Hospitals of Cleveland, Lerner Tower, Cleveland, OH


American Ceramics Magazine, Jan. 1994 Studio Potter Magazine, Jan, 1992, "The Language of the Lip" NCCECA Journal "Developing a Plastic Alphabet", volume 6, 1985 Studio Potter "Ohio Potters", October, 1983 Craft Horizons, December , 1978 Ceramics Monthly, "Penland Potters", October 1977 The Alfred Kiln Drawings, New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University, Publication of The Department of Art and Design, 1976


-The Clay Place, 5416 Walnut St., Pittsburgh, PA. 15232, 1-412-682-3737

-The Pewabic Pottery, 10125 East Jefferson, Detroit, MI. 48214, 1-313-822-0954

-The Farrel Collection, 2633 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20008, 1-202-483-8334

-Objects Gallery, Chicago, IL


-NCCECA, National Conference For Education in the Ceramic Arts

-SPACES, Arts Organization, Cleveland, OH

-OHIO DESIGNER CRAFTSMEN, North Central Area Represenitive, Columbus, OH

-AAUP, American Association of University Professors, Washington DC


CC Can Felipa


Fotos Marc Llibre/CCCanFelipa, 2017

CC Can Felipa

Recomposicions Maquíniques

Fotos: Marc Llibre/CCCanFelipa, 2017

Art Journal, colorful, strange, really fun to paint!

Art journal, acrylic paint, Another specimen in the same series with different shapes.

The question is: What do you see??? I would LOVE to hear your story! And that what's I love most about abstract art, is that everyone has a story to tell, it's pure freedom and 100% diversity. Everyone's so different!

Cutting Edges documents the new heyday of collage in current art and visual culture. Today’s artists, illustrators, and designers are increasingly drawn to this artistic technique by the challenges of seamlessly melding traditional craftsmanship with skilled computer montage. They are not only composing a wide variety of visual elements, but are also deliberately omitting, deleting, and destroying them. This book is an inspiring collection of these unique examples of contemporary collage.

CC Can Felipa

Una exposició com un conjur

Fotos: Marc Llibre/ CCCanFelipa, 2018

CC Can Felipa

Recomposicions Maquíniques

Fotos: Marc Llibre/CCCanFelipa, 2017

Art Exhibition /2015/, Festival dell’Arte e della Cultura – Tour in…Art – Galatone Arte; Galatone, Italy

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo DaVinci

Isn't this portrait of Sarah a visual case in point?


This is one of Sara's personal favorites (and mine also) from our Art Institute photoshoot, so of course I'm making sure it's published.


+1 in comments


Sarah is a teacher who six days a week works with developmentally disabled children.


God bless her and all those like her and the children they serve.


Please, please give this a moment and press L


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