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The painterly apple blossoms view! Dedicated to Patricia!

Wrinkly fruit for Friday :-)


Flypaper textured!

Have a good one everyone!

Apple orchard waits for spring to return and a new growing season.

One texture by DigiDi

The rest are mine.

Birds and moon by Brusheezy, Deviantart and Obsidian Dawn.

This is Apple... She wanted a picture to show of the Greek dress she made. Hope you like it.


Here is where you can buy the dress:

Apple May Designs

Tipping point of comparing the last of the apple with apples!

Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request. 1 Chronicles 4


This is dedicated to Martha★ thank you so much for the beautiful testimonial!! Your photographs are exquisite =)


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Explored - thank you all!!

"And the rails go on forever in a silver trail to the setting sun

You can follow them anywhere you want to go

And on Sunday morning easy rider comes to me with apple cider

Leaves me here without a need to know" Al Setwart


Ever since I first heard Al Stewart's "Apple Cider Reconstitution" in the 70's about old railway stations and railway lines, being young, and drinking cider, I have have a picture stuck in my mind, and last week while crossing the lines at my station I saw that picture! Luckily I had my phone camera to capture the moment, just pimped up a bit with a texture.


I still get a buzz out of the song today.

squirrel sitting in a apple basket looking at apples

Explore #443!!

hahaahahah are you kidding me????

I did an explore.. what crazy things! hahahaah.. my last explore was in Feb 23

Thank you guys!


“Without music, life would be an error.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Para el grupo del Imaginarium Colectivum


For the group: Imaginarium Colectivum

Apple Lake, in the Dagmar Wildlife Management Area near Brinkley, Arkansas.


Some of the trees here are massive. One study concluded that the oldest cypress trees in Dagmar date from anywhere between 450 and 1200 years old.

This is for the Monday Photo Challenges and Thursday Retreads Group - the theme was apples this week. So here is Eve's downfall and the descendent of the rose.


Texture by the incredible les brumes here:

The apple tree. Dedicated to Cleide!

This beautiful apple I found in the free nature, at the birthplace of my mother.

A wonderful gift in the harvesting season;)



Apples & Pears = Cockney rhyming slang for stairs - Seen in Gibson's Landing, British Columbia


A new Apple store has opened near me...Much to my husbands horror lol .. Just went in "to have a look" Came out with an iMac!! . Waiting for Adobe to send me Mac version of CS5 :0)

An apple is the pomaceous fruit of the apple tree.

‘A’ is for Arizona, we grow Apples too! It has been hot enough lately, we should be able to pick the apple pies straight from the trees!

In fact, apple blossom time is almost over here, and we await the taste of fresh apples a few months from now.

Thanks for viewing.

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Another take on the apple dropping into the water. :)


Jessica Kirste Photography I 500px I Facebook


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harvest will not be long in coming...

My adventurous spirit took me down a road less traveled to find all sorts of treasures. This one took me to an Apple Orchard that begged to be photographed.

They don't tell you that poison apples taste the best.


P.S. Thank you Byte for taking the time to pose for me!

P.P.S Levitating hair goes up-ish...

Some little apples from a roadside tree, the remainders from an apple jelly making session.


Several flypapers used as always and a before/after and recipe are now on the Flypaper blog.

Apple wearing the cutest little outfit! Pandas with strawberries! And check out the little socks that came with them. The pompoms are so adorable, it should be a crime to be this cute.


Apple is an Ange Ai Uri from Customhouse.

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The beautiful red apple contrasting the railway steel, projecting it's shadow made my day :. Visit me at Thanks.

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squirrel looking out a apple basket

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This came 3rd Place in the Photocrowd 'Show us your best..Food and drink' competition(February 2014)


Qtpfsgui 1.9.3 tonemapping parameters:

Operator: Mantiuk


Contrast Mapping factor: 0.1

Saturation Factor: 0.936

Detail Factor: 1

PreGamma: 0.485


refractions, my style :)


Apple, water spray, torch, day 40, done!

Today was 'apple day' for me. I helped my mother pick apples in her garden. The weather was perfect here for it. It is my absolute favourite time of year now.


Expect to see a few more apple photos from this shoot soon. I'm also going to get my blog active again and upload outtakes there regularly. I'll post the link when it's up and running.


This is for my dear friends Amy and Monica ♥ because they're the sweetest girls you'll ever meet and they support me whatever I do.


I'm really excited to finally share some of my Apple Cavey photos. This one is the first of a few that will be popping up on Flickr and Facebook over the next few days. I was so happy to have the opportunity to own all three of the plushies, especially Toffee Apple Cavey! (I go pretty crazy over caramel apples every year.)


Many thanks to Kathleen for agreeing to model in the cold and snow for the photos, and for putting up with my directions. xD She and the Apple Caveys had a blast, I'm sure!


View the whole story of the Apple Caveys and the monster in my blog post's photo story:

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