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... what to do during the Corona Crisis ...

tip 17


A couple of months ago I posted a picture of this boat, Anger Management, in dry dock. It was up on blocks and the owner was working on her. I don’t think his anger was assuaged by the experience.

On a recent boat trip, I spotted her back in the water. She looks fully repaired. The owner can now get back to managing his anger.

The Enslaved Grisha


A Hulk Berserker equipped with swords as hands and a cage as a helmet


The Enshrined Sanctum


The Abandoned Chamber


Mortal Shell - beta


Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker

This Snowy was chasing another Egret up and down the beach. I think an anger management class is in order!

The Viking Lord controls his rage and anger by forging ~ Only the finest will do for this ~ Never asking another to do what he would not himself. All the time planning his retribution.


Run. Run. Run. Run

Run. Run. Run. Run

Run. Run. Run. Run

Run. Run. Run. Run


You better make your face up in your favourite disguise

With your button down lips and your roller blind eyes

With your empty smile and your hungry heart

Feel the bile rising from your guilty past

With your nerves in tatters as the cockle shell shatters

And the hammers batter down your door

You better run


Run. Run. Run. Run

Run. Run. Run. Run

Run. Run. Run. Run

Run. Run. Run. Run


You better run all day and run all night

And keep your dirty feelings deep inside

And if you're taking your girlfriend out tonight

You better park the car well out of sight

Cause if they catch you in the back seat trying to pick her locks

They're gonna send you back to Mother in a cardboard box

You better run


Pink Floyd ~ Run Like Hell 1979


Model: 0rco


Taken At Painted Sky Stables & Ruins ~ Krymov:

Issue 2.25 - Everybody needs somebody sometimes...

Just look at that face! LOL :-D

You know I have to wake up to that every morning!! LOLOLOL!!

Silly cat :D

Trying to get away from all the bad news, photographer heads down to US Gypsum narrow-gauge operation powered by 3-foot gauge MLWs out of Plaster City, Calif. Drives into desert on parallel road. Talks to section crew who says the train is at the loader and will come back about “11:30.” They load then have lunch, section man says.


Drive as far as I can on dirt road to bridge. Road is pretty impassable after that. So, stop there to wait for train. Around 10:30 train appears! There are many clouds but huge hole appears, all is well as train approaches.


Then, train inexplicably stops dead. No movement, no reason. Clouds now get closer. Photographer believes crew must have decided to stop simply to enjoy lunch.


A little after 11 train starts up. Rejoicing – big sucker hole still there. But wind has picked up.


Train approaches bridge. Full sun. But, wind catches unit’s nose door as train starts across bridge, pushing it open. As soon as engine passes photographer, wind blows door shut.


Photographer is heard using many expletives for desert winds. Decides it is best if he practices social distancing from this point forward, and vows when coronavirus has passed to pursue anger management course, if he lives.


water, peace, harmony,

fresh, wet, cool


tranquility from angry not so young man. i am trying. grrrrr. anger management... peace & love & salsa classes. i have to say i am a lot better at taking blue pictures than i am at dancing. still i am trying to find some movement in out of date white concrete hips. i have to say i have even learned to like marc anthony. i used to think he was cheesy now i have to admit i think he's actually cool i wonder what this means. still i think dancing queen lessons is having a good effect on me. at first i thought the only thing i was losing was my patience, then my beer belly, now just maybe i am losing looking like a right wally. still a way to go though before i catch up with marc anthony. maybe i need a white suit, shaved chest, medallion and andy garcia haircut


ps thankyou kind flickr people for pputting up with me. especially for his private counselling.


© 2008 All rights reserved by Edward Olive - fine art photographer. Downloading and using without permission is illegal.


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Edward Olive

Edward Olive - Actor, presentador y locutor inglés británico nativo Madrid Barcelona Paris Londres


Edward Olive

Edward Olive fotógrafo profesional internacional premiado.

La tranquilidad de coger al mejor fotógrafo de máxima calidad por un precio totalmente asequible.


Welcome to my weird pictures!


'59 Dodge at the Big M. In the running for the angriest-looking car ever made. Night, full moon, white light from the sides, blue snooted into the lights and red bounced into the shadows.

I’m not sure this is the proper name for this boat. It seems the man working on repairs was getting more and more frustrated as I watched. I do think the skeleton head shows an adventurous nature though. I’m sure all will be well once he gets it in the water.


Taken at a local marina in the Northern Neck of Virginia.

well this image was the result of waiting and waiting for around 20 hours for the clouds to clear.and as you can clearly see they did not go anywhere. the wind was howling and blowing the water back up the mountain at times. i was stood in this exact spot for three hours waiting for some light to break through and get a break from the wind and rain, that never happened baffled me how i managed to take any images at all from here in these conditions but even tho i wasnt going to process this image, i kind of like the way it takes me right back there exercising my patience.


some times it pays off to be stubborn.


i really am a pleasant guy...

Here's one from Monument Valley a few weeks ago. I know this exact spot has been photographed about a billion times, so I figured to make it a little different than most shots, I'd try one at dusk instead of the usual sunrise or sunset view. It was almost completely dark. You can see the headlight streaks in the background from the cars coming out of the valley. It took about 10 attempts to get this shot. The exposures were all 30 seconds or more. Every single exposure would get destroyed somehow. Usually just before the shutter closed someone would come driving down the road and their headlights would shine on the rocks in the foreground and destroy the exposure. Or, some idiot would take a flash photo, and kill my exposure. Oh, and there was this one asshole guy who kept climbing right out on these rocks right when we were in the middle of shooting. Excuse me!!! Do you not think that if two people are standing there with their cameras on tripods that maybe they might be trying to take a picture! Idiot!


View Large, On Black


Chair in tennis court.



Elise Capalini's boots slip on the slicker floor when he pulls her down the branching tunnel. It smells even -worse- here, if that's possible, but her nose detects a scent that is out of place. "She's still back there," she tells Eamon, and thinks of the keys she felt in her pocket earlier; she wonders what they open--and if they open anything in the church. They -did- wake up there.


Bailey Longcloth peeks around the corner seeing the two near the ladder really wishing they'd chosed a less fragrant way to get to the church


Eamon Cale glances back down the tunnel, and swears again. He's starting to panic now, a flicker of fear building in his gut that has everything to do with 'getting caught' and being blackbagged off to God fucking knows where by the Legion. Even back home, they talked about the Legion, although he'd never had to deal with them. But in his head, they've taken on a level of Darth Vader monstrosity. "Up. Get yer arse up," he hisses, shoving Elise toward the ladder. "Climb..." He turns around, crouching swiftly to draw the hidden knife from inside his boot.


Bailey Longcloth shouts down the tunnel, "Hey, are you guys still down here? It totally stinks and is way dark down here. Did ya find the church yet? I hope they've got a shower cause like it's really gross"


Elise Capalini doesn't argue with Eamon. She grabs the ladder and climbs, boots slipping on each rung as she moves up. When she reaches the top, she doesn't think of going on without him; it's simply not in her nature to leave a person. They seem in this together right now. "And you," she says, crouching and offering him a hand down--but he's bending and reaching for something--she can't see it in the dark, but she can hear the slide of metal on leather. "Eamon."


Elise Capalini: ((unless lag never lets me get up there. :P))


Bailey Longcloth hears what sounds like boots on metal and walks slowly down the tunnel to the opening humming to herself. She wasn't so much afraid of the dark, she just didn't like being alone in it. "Hello? You guys down here?"


Eamon Cale hears that soft voice behind him, but he doesn't turn back. He rises, a slow shadow straightening from the deeper shadow of the tunnel's floor, and starts toward that cheery, mocking voice. Long fingers twiddle the knife, until the hilt settles into his palm. It's a familiar weight, welcoming, and cold. He says nothing, the only sound of his approach the faintest scrape of his boots as he moves.


Bailey Longcloth looks up relieved to see someone "Oh, good I didn't lose ya" she'd see the knife in his hand and frown "Dude, what's the deal with the knife? You can't possibly be afraid of me, big guy like yourself" she'd chuckle and kick at the ground


Elise Capalini watches Eamon's shadow form move away from her, not toward. She stays crouched on the ledge and draws her PDA out, trying her father once more--but once more, there is no answer. Right then and there, she gives up hope of contacting him; something terrible has happened, she's sure of it. "Ea--" He's not coming back--she thinks he's going to murder that woman if she doesn't back off. She drops down off the ledge--breaking back into the church was one thing; murder was something else.


Eamon Cale's lips skin back from his teeth. "Afraid o' ye?" he whispers. "No. But busybodies get what's comin..." With a sudden snarl, he leaps forward from the upper tunnel, landing hard between the tracks. He feints with his knife, surprisingly fast, then lunges his free hand for her throat, his forward momentum enough to drive her back and against the opposite wall.


Bailey Longcloth squeels as he reaches for her throat and hits the wall behind her. She'd duck out of reach of his hand landing in a crouch. "Dude, you've got some serious anger management issues. " she'd straighten up and glare at him growling a bit. "I just wanted ... to ... to tag along. I'm... i'm all by myself." she'd start to whimper a bit and rub at her nose


Elise Capalini's eye widens as Eamon goes down off the ledge and lunges for the girl. Her brothers also taught her, she thinks with a chill, that one needed to kill prey as quickly as possible, and leave no trace. Traces could be tracked--and she bets Eamon knows that. She saw it in his eyes earlier. He's done this before. She walks to the end of the slick tunnel and watches the girl drop in a crouch. "Leave us be--you were warned."


Eamon Cale sneers when she tucks into her crouch. It puts her head at a good level; he would fist his hand into her hair, at the crown where it hurts the most, and force her head back, his blade cold and suddenly pressed to her throat. "No' sure she wants ta listen, Elise," he almost purrs. Dark eyes flick over her body, and come to rest on the gun at her thigh. "Elise. Come get this gun."


Bailey Longcloth yells as he grabs a hold of her hair. She goes suddenly still as the knife is pressed at her throat, her eyes widening. she'd start whimpering more, a tear falling from her eyes, "I... I'm sorry. I just wanted some company" her bottom lip would start to tremble


Elise Capalini drops back into the main subway tunnel and crosses to Eamon's side. She would crouch down and reach for the gun, her eye steady on the female cat. "You shouldn't have followed," she says, fingers curling around the gun. She would draw it out slowly, its weight very strange in her palm.


Eamon Cale tilts his head slowly, his dark gaze fixed as he stares into those tear-filled eyes. "Ye don't want m' sort o' company, lass," he whispers. He waits until he sees Elise back away, the gun in hand, then he shoves the other cat away hard. Waving Elise toward the ladder again, he backs away, knife at the ready. "I see ye again," he growls. "Ye'll be able ta wear yer guts like a daisy chain."


Eamon Cale: ((as Bails' AO attempts to disarm me by waving her tail XD))


Elise Capalini: ((mind the tail, always :P))


Elise Capalini steps backwards, still graceful and balanced, and lifts the gun, holding it steady on the other cat. She moves back toward the ladder, until she's backed up against it, but doesn't yet climb, praying the girl runs away.


Bailey Longcloth whimpers as he pushes her away and she falls on her butt. Tears now falling from her eyes in a steady stream. She couldn't believe this was Elise and the Father, the man that would marry her and Ioh in a few weeks. She'd nod to the two, not moving.


Bailey Longcloth: ((it's a killer tail :P))


Eamon Cale: ((thank you, Bails. Now I actually feel guilt. XD))


Elise Capalini: ((bwahaha))


Darkness Odigaunt: ((XD nice one Bails))


Bailey Longcloth: (( welcome Eamon :P wait until Ioh sees you *wink*))


Eamon Cale: ((grins!))


Elise Capalini whispers, "Just" to the girl. Her hand tightens around the gun and she steps up the first rung of the ladder. "Eamon--come on." It's a soft hiss in the sewer dark.


Eamon Cale backs up until he reaches the ladder. "Climb," he hisses to Elise. He turns toward her, waiting, and would flash a fierce grin as she does. "Comin, love," he whispers, and gives her bonny arse a swat. "Up ye get."


Elise Capalini hisses a little when he swats her, but up she climbs, flicking her tail in his direction as she goes; she remembers his smile from the med den...this one was more devastating in its own way.


Bailey Longcloth sticks her head in her hands as she sits down in the tunnel, crying and whimpering. wondering what was going on in this city. she'd watch the two head up the ladder sadly


Eamon Cale puts his knife in his teeth and starts up the ladder. At the top, he stares around them, getting his bearings. "Church has ta be fookin on top o' us," he rasps. "I'm no' reachin that manhole, though. This way... I see light."


Bailey Longcloth stands up as they leave wiping the tears from her eyes. she'd head back to the den, a sorrowful look on her face

The resident Cob at Reddish vale. Spends a large part of his day attacking and chasing off all the Geese ad Ducks, he needs anger management!! Nice to see him calm here.

sim: Neverfar [closing soon]



With Twain's Very Special Guest:

Robert De Niro !


Twain: Thank you for coming down to my little studio !

RDN: .... again with the 'Dark' photo !

RDN: ... you must have busted into that other sim, 'The Gates of Melancholy' .. you sick, twisted little Fuck !

Twain: I do miss the little doggy that was there ..

Twain: ... I assure you I took this at Neverfar

RDN: Yeah .. and they are closing down because of you !

Twain: I really don't know why?

Twain: So what projects are you working on now ?

RDN: .. well, Anger Management Four is coming out this Fall ...

Twain: ...those movies are really awful !!

RDN: Hey ! .. How come you don't use any Puce in your photos ! ..

Twain: Ya know .. you're getting pretty old now 'Bob' ..

RDN: I can still take you down !

Twain: So, .. um .. what do you think of my new Photo ?

RDN: [places on his glasses and looks]

RDN: What's with all the wicker baskets ?

Twain: .. actually, ..that's rattan ..

RDN: What the fuck you talking about ?

Twain: ..wicker is a process .. much like Method Acting ...

RDN: ....everything about this photo is so dark .. I can't see a damn thing !

Twain: Do you see the little colorful pillow in the right hand corner ?

RDN: No ! My eyes ain't that good no more !

Twain: [nods]

Twain: I was going to use a little 'Dodge' on the pillow and bring the colors out more ..

RDN: Why didn't you ? You knuckle head ?!

Twain: ... I did at first ... but I didn't like the outcome .. I like the natural state .. [shrugs]

RDN: You really creep me out you know that ..

Twain: Why is that ?

RDN: Something about you ..

RDN: I wish you had played Billy Batts in Goodfella's so I could have just kicked the shit out of you .. ya know ?

Twain: [nods]

Twain: I'm in that movie ...

RDN: What movie ?

Twain: Goodfella's

RDN: Get the fuck out of here !

Twain: I really am ...

Twain: You know when Marty is shooting the bar scene and introducing all the different Mafia guys ...

Twain: ... it's a steady shot .. a one take .. they each say their name ...

Twain: When the camera is going by me .. the voice over says:

'Freddy No Nose' ..

Twain: That's me ! [smiles]

RDN: [palms to face]

RDN: I can't believe you had a bit part in that film .. if I had known !

Twain: .. so back to my photo ..

RDN: Yeah? It's all black ..

RDN: What's the big deal ?

Twain: It's, um , .... artistic ..

RDN: Listen .. I do paintings and I sell them for over $250,000 USD each.

RDN: You get that kind of money for your photos ?

Twain: ....hmm? .. Nope .. can't say as I do.

RDN: Stop with the 'Dark' !

RDN: Start making some cash !

RDN: Do a photo of a doggy .. you in a white suit and a dog ....

RDN: Something like that !!

Twain: .. it's been a real ... um

Twain: .. experience to have you as my guest ...

RDN: Where the heck is the door out of this place ?

RDN: When will you get some lights down in here ? ..

Twain: This way out ...

RDN: Don't call me for at least six months .. you understand me?!

Twain: Yes .. Mr De Niro ...

RDN: Where's my cap ?!!!

Twain: I was going to keep it ...

RDN: [Opens the door and hurries out slamming it behind him]



White-rumped Sandpiper


Barnegat Lighthouse SP

Nyhilistic Blog

Anger Management

Credits here


Greenfinch shouting at me.

A lovely hawk but one with anger management issues!

Post Halloween - providing the Boy with anger management lesson and dispensing dessert to the local raccoons' population.

or may be anger management...

remix of the freestyle piece, back in march

Sumi~Ok Yumi as part of your anger management classes you...NEED TO HUG THIS TEDDY!!!!:D

Yumi~~Shoves Teddy in Sumis face~Why don't YOU hug the fucking teddy?O:<


Lol For yumi-chan<3

This poster was made to raise awareness to anger management.

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