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American War Memorial, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, M.M.


This is the chapel with an altar inside where one can pray for the departed souls. It is a white masonry building enriched with sculpture and mosaic standing near the center of the cemetery. You should hear its chime every hour on the hour. Yesterday it played Morning Has Broken.


A friend informed me that there is 'DGM Photography' based abroad. I am changing my water mark to 'DGM Photographs Manila' from now on.


Explore. May 18, 2009. Reached # 45~ THANK YOU FRIENDS!!!

Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial is a cemetery and chapel near the village of Madingley in Cambridgeshire. It was opened in 1956, and commemorates the American servicemen who died in World War II. It is run by the American Battle Monuments Commission.


The cemetery has approximately 3,812 graves of servicemen who died in the area, including airmen over Europe and sailors from North Atlantic convoys. The inscribed Wall of the Missing includes four representative statues of servicemen, sculpted by American artist Wheeler Williams.


Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial on Wikipedia

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a bit late for memorial day, but i found this in my archives. shot this in washingtong dc when i was there about this time last year.


sorry have not been active the past few days. a lot of paperwork for an examination i am preparing for the new doctors.


have a fun week my friends!

another scene from my sunday trip to the American Memorial, its very well maintained and weather was wonderful that morning for a change after long. what i liked was the play of Shadows on the grass along with the entire landscape..


comments welcome..

At the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial in Belgium, covering 57 acres, rest 7,992 of our military dead, most of whom lost their lives during the advance of the U.S. armed forces into Germany. Their headstones are arranged in gentle arcs sweeping across a broad green lawn that slopes gently downhill. A highway passes through the cemetery. West of the highway is an overlook that affords an excellent view of the rolling Belgian countryside, once a battlefield.


To the east is the long colonnade that, with the chapel and map room, forms the memorial overlooking the burial area. The chapel is simple, but richly ornamented. In the map room are two maps of military operations, carved in black granite, with inscriptions recalling the achievements of our forces. On the rectangular piers of the colonnade are inscribed the names of 450 missing. Rosettes mark the names of those since recovered and identified. The seals of the states and territories are also carved on these piers.


The cemetery possesses great military historic significance as it holds fallen Americans of two major efforts, one covering the U.S. First Army's drive in September 1944 through northern France, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg into Germany, and the second covering the Battle of the Bulge. It was from the temporary cemetery at Henri-Chapelle that the first shipments of remains of American war dead were returned to the United States for permanent burial. The repatriation program began on July 27, 1947 at a special ceremony at the cemetery when the disinterment began. The first shipment of 5,600 American war dead from Henri-Chapelle left Antwerp, Belgium the first week of October 1947. An impressive ceremony was held, with over 30,000 Belgian citizens attending, along with representatives of the Belgium government and senior Americans.

Taken at the Henri Chapelle 'American Cemetery and Memorial' in Hombourg, Belgium.



better on black (press L)

Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

American Falls in the background

Viewed from Hilton Fallsview suite


American Cemetery & Memorial

Florence, Italy


As far as the eye could see in every direction lay the bodies of those who lost their lives in this part of Italy during the war. It had a 'hush' about it that was so sacred.

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Explore: May 26, 2008 #166. American Cemetery, Cambridge.

New York - Battery Park Pier A


The American Merchant Mariners' Memorial sculpture, located in the Hudson River west of the park, is sited on a stone breakwater just south of Pier A and connected to the pier by a dock. It was designed by the sculptor Marisol Escobar and dedicated on 8 October 1991. The bronze sculpture depicts four merchant seamen with their sinking vessel after it had been attacked by a U-boat during World War II. One of the seamen is in the water, and is covered by the sea with each high tide. The sculpture is loosely based on a real photograph of crewmen of the SS Muskogee that was taken by the commander of an attacking submarine.


Scultura che si trova nel fiume Hudson lato ovest del parco, è situata su un frangiflutti in pietra appena a sud del molo A e collegata al molo stesso. E' stata progettata dalla scultrice Marisol Escobar e inaugurata l'8 ottobre 1991. La scultura in bronzo raffigura quattro marinai mercantili con la loro nave che affonda dopo che era stato attaccato da un U-boat durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Uno dei marinai è nelle acque, e viene ciclicamente sommerso ad ogni alta marea.


old soldiers never die, they just fade away...

Colleville-sur-Mer, Normandy, France, The Memorial honor American troops who died in Europe during World War II.


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american war memorial

the fort, taguig

Memorial Flags at the State of Nevada Capitol Building

To most Americans, Memorial Day is just a day to barbecue, go to the beach, and hang out with family or friends. We've come to think of it as that 3 day weekend we look forward to, well, at least the folks who don't work in sales like I do! We're never off!


Memorial Day is SUPPOSED to be a day to honor our greatest patriots; the men and women who have served their country in the armed forces, and who have given their lives in doing so. It is a day to think about the cost of being a free nation, and a day to be grateful that someone else fought to keep us that way. To me, it's a day that makes me have profound respect for those who didn't die, but who came home, often disabled or suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, or night terrors, or who received much less than a hero's welcome. One young man who came in my store one day said that after serving in the Middle East, he was branded a "baby killer" upon arriving home with the physical pain from his wounds that would never leave him for the rest of his life.


One of my best friends was a Top Gun in Vietnam. During his military career, he was shot in the head and the leg, and had an out of body experience as the doctor was attempting to save his life on the operating table. When he came to, he told the doctor where he'd dropped a pen he couldn't find, something he couldn't know unless he'd been hovering OVER his body in the room, as it couldn't be seen otherwise!


This photo was taken in a park dedicated to local soldiers who had served in the military. I noticed smaller plaques that people had put around the grounds to honor a specific person. It is beside a lake next to the library in the Port Orange City Center, Port Orange, Florida. Flags fly nearby, and children point at turtles and birds in the water. Women jog by with their dogs. An osprey dives into the lake after fish, and people like me grab photos. Few of us give much thought to the names on those plaques. But they're there. Silently shouting, "Don't forget us!" We do, but then on days like this weekend, we choose to remember that freedom isn't free at all. It's paid for in blood.


God bless our troops, past ans present, and God bless America.

Situé sur la butte de Montsec, Côtes de Meuse, ce monument est formé d'une colonnade circulaire au centre de laquelle une table d'orientation en bronze reproduit en relief l'emplacement des villages et localise les combats du Saillant de Saint-Mihiel. Il a été érigé par les Etats-Unis en 1932, en pierre d'Euville. Il porte les noms des unités américaines ayant combattu en 1918 dans le secteur. On y accède par un très large escalier. La butte de Montsec est une colline isolée (375 mètres) qui offre un panorama magnifique très étendu sur le lac de Madine et les Côtes de Meuse.


The World War I Montsec American Monument is located on the isolated hill of Montsec (Thiaucourt), France. This majestic monument, commemorating the achievements of the American soldiers who fought in this region in 1917 and 1918, dominates the landscape for miles around. It commemorates reduction of the St. Mihiel Salient by the U.S. First Army, September 12-16, 1918, and operations of the U.S. Second Army, November 9-11. It also honors combat services of other U.S. divisions in this region and in Alsace and Lorraine. Names of nearby villages liberated by American troops are carved upon the outside frieze.

It consists of a classic circular colonnade with a broad approach stairway. Within its center is a bronze relief map of the St. Mihiel salient, illustrating the military operations that took place there. The monument was slightly damaged during World War II, but has been repaired. From this vantage point the trenches used during the fighting can be seen.

The Butte of Montsec (alt.1,230 feet) was a strategic position from early history. The Gaulois and Romans exploited its location. Messages were sent from it to distant heights, as smoke in daytime and fires at night. A fortified castle, Chastel Montclin, was built here in

the 8th Century. Subterranean passages were discovered in the 19th Century. From 1914 onward, the Germans constructed tunnels, underground shelters, and trenches in the hill.

Allied counteroffensives in mid-1918 eliminated most German salients on the Western Front. But the St. Mihiel Salient remained. Its elimination was critical.

- Washington, DC Memorial ~ The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is part of National Mall and Memorial Parks. -This Memorial is for the 1st African American honored with a Memorial on the National Mall.

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EXPLORE FrontPage May 31, 2009

EXPLORED May 31, 2010 #3


"Each man is a hero and an oracle to somebody"


Houston, Texas.


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American Avenue


Digitial infrared image taken at the Cambridge American Cemetery at Madingley. The memorial garden commemorates the American servicemen who died in World War II. The image was processed in Lightroom and photoshop with colour swapping creating the

yellow hues to the vegetation.

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