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Sossusvlei ,Namibia.


I am assuming this is somewhat what the dead trees at Deadvlei looked like before they died, this spot is probably 15mins walk to Deadvlei .I took this on the way to Deadvlei , got a bit lost and came up on this other clay pan with some trees that seemed to be alive and well , the landscape here is quite strange and interesting . I thought the trees lined up quite nice here and well the sky was wicked .


Thanks for viewing and commenting everyone .

I assume if you think "Panthéon" this is not what comes to mind.

It's just, well, I love stairs....


Ich vermute mal, wenn Ihr "Panthéon" denkt, dann kommt so ein Bild hier nicht als erstes.

Ich mag aber nun mal Treppen....



One of my old fave songs. Lyrics are dead on.


History repeats itself

Over and over again and again

Why should we escape ourselves

We are who we are in the end

In the end


Over and over again

Over and over again

This is madness, madness

And you know that this is madness, madness

And you know that this is never-changing, it's always in this way


Conceal the madness, madness

Enemies who Once Was Friends

Round and around till we know how it ends

I can't believe how sickening

All the love lost we can't even pretend

Over and over again

Over and over again


This is madness, madness

And you know that this is madness, madness

And you know that this is never-changing, it's always in this way


Conceal the madness, madness

This is madness, madness

And you know that this is madness, madness

And you know that this is never-changing, it's always in this way

Conceal the madness, madness



~Napoleon Hill


I assumed that since we're in California and the temps are still warm, the days are still sunny and it doesn't feel at all like Fall yet, that the leaves wouldn't change color & drop. But Mother Nature will not be fooled by micro-climates...and over the last few weeks the colors & signs of Autumn have started to appear. :)


Thank you all for your feedback & favs!


Branch out



© Steven Brisson. Do not use without permission.

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One could easily assume this is an African sunset or something... but it isn't! The plant is a very ordinary one, very common around Greece, with rather small leaves photographed, in this case, from very close. And the shot... the shot was taken in downtown Athens, in the heart of the city which, happily, can still boast beautiful sunsets. I was astonished myself to see the resulting shot which is virtually SOOC, i.e., unedited colorwise - I guess the camera settings had a lot to do with what we see here!..


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“Whenever we think we know the future, even for a second, it changes. Sometimes the future changes quickly and completely. And we’re left only with the choice of what to do next. We can choose to be afraid of it, to stand there, trembling, not moving, assuming the worst that can happen. Or we step forward into the unknown and assume it will be brilliant.” ― Christina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy).


textures from Diana Thorold, Kerstin Frank, Clive Sax and

The Oval Palace contained burial relics and its alignment is assumed to be connected to cosmological ceremonies.


Ek' Balam is a Yucatec-Maya archaeological site within the municipality of Temozón, Mexico, in the Mid-east of the Northern lowlands, and 51 kilometres northeast of Chichen Itza. From the Preclassic until the Postclassic period, it was the seat of a Mayan kingdom.


Ek’ Balam was occupied from the Middle Preclassic through the Postclassic, although it ceased to thrive as a major city past the Late Classic. Beginning in the Late Preclassic, the population grew and the city expanded throughout the following periods. It eventually became the capital of the polity that constituted the region around the beginning of the Common Era.


At its height from 770 to 840 CE, Ek' Balam provides a rich resource of information for understanding northern Classic cities, due to the poor preservation of many other notable northern Maya sites (e.g. Coba, Izamal, and Edzna). It was during this height that the Late Yumcab ceramic complex (750-1050/1100 CE) dominated the architecture and pottery of Ek’ Balam. The population decreased dramatically, down to 10% of its highest, during the Postclassic period as Ek’ Balam was slowly becoming vacant. There are several theories to why it was eventually abandoned and to the degree of haste at which it was abandoned (see: Defensive Walls).


Ek Balam is mentioned in a late-sixteenth century Relación Geográfica, an official inquiry held by the colonial government among local Spanish landowners. It is reported to have belonged to a kingdom called 'Talol', founded by a Ek' Balam, or Coch Cal Balam, who had come from the East. Later, the region was dominated by the aristocratic Cupul family.

It assumed a pose in the backyard area.


Member of Nature’s Spirit

Good Stewards of Nature


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I assume everybody knows the old joke: "why do people from (*) put a chair outside in the evenings?" Answer: "it's for the sun to set [sit]"


Very obviously then, there have been folks from that place (*) here. So this is what it takes to get the sun - set. Veeeery clever...


Exif: ISO 100 ; f/5.6 ; 1/500 ; @18mm

Don't assume because you are intelligent, able, and well-motivated that you are open to communication or that you know how to listen.


-- Robert K. Greenleaf



Never allow your ego to diminish your ability to listen.


-- Gary Hopkins



Solutions have a voice - the art is knowing how to listen.


-- Gino Norris



When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.


-- Ernest Hemingway

A temporary substitute for my sunflowers.... :)



I hope you're all having a great week!!!

Assumed male Barnie with breakfast for the kids

Here kitty, kitty, kitty..


I assume this is done by the same guy that used to do stencil rats a year or two ago. I even saw him once in action at night when it was all silent. I was returning home and suddenly came around the corner to witness him from some distance with spraycan and stencil in his hand. He noticed me right away and drove away with his bike and that was it. When I passed the spot he had been at a moment earlier I saw a stenciled rat on the bottom of the wall. That was my first spotting of the graffiti rat and later saw few around the area I often walk through in the evening. To my opinion the cat works much better, this has more character to it and stands out, while the rat was almost obscure, just black squinted eye like shape with tail.

70021, "Morning Star", seen en route to Minehead at Blue Anchor for the West Somerset Railway's Spring Gala. The loco is actually 70000 "Britannia" but has assumed the name of Morning Star for the "Steam in South Wales" Gala theme.


Assume a glass of water containing an ice cube, mark the water level, once it has melted, mark the new level. Will the new level be above, below or the same as the first mark?


Answer: The same, as a floating object displaces its own weight of fluid. Thank you Archimedes.


Assume the glass to be the oceans of the planet and the ice cube Earth's poles, glaciers etc. What will the impact of global warming be?




Prenons un verre d’eau contenant un glaçon et marquons le niveau de l’eau. Une fois le glaçon fondu, marquons de nouveau le niveau de l’eau. Le nouveau niveau sera-t-il supérieur, inferieur ou identique au précèdent ?


Réponse : Identique, car tout corps flottant déplace un volume en eau égal a son poids. Merci Archimède !


Supposons maintenant que ce verre d’eau soit les océans de la planète et ce cube de glace soit les pôles, les glaciers et toute la glace terrestre flottante ou non. Quel sera l’impact d’un réchauffement climatique ?



Check out the set as it grows:




- Iceland Set


What do you think?

I did assume this is a old or worn specimen of the common golden-bloomed LH beetle as it is almost all black, but thanks to Maria now have the ID. the book picture has lots of orange on elytra & legs so did not connect with this, no wonder it is called "variable". At Glapthorn on 14th when looking for the butterflies

I assumed that the horse was curious, by the way how it moved with the ears. Was it intrigued through my left "big eye with extension", who knows !

L'inverno assume certamente diverse sfaccettature lungo la penisola; se al Nord è ineluttabilmente la stagione della stasi e delle nebbie, nella piana del Sele salernitana è semplicemente quella delle nuove culture e dei primi germogli. Nella foto l'Etr450.07 corre fra ulivi e campi di finocchi non lontano da Eboli durante l'effettuazione dell'IC551 Roma-Reggio Calabria. (29/12/12)


The winter often offers very different sides depending on the region. In Campania, the first sprouts and the seasonal cultures certainly don't give the classic impression of death and standstill.

Here the ETR450.07 is running not far from Eboli with the Intercity train 551 from Rome to Reggio Calabria. (2012-12-29)

never assume that a woman with a veil is a slave.. you assume that of me.. and i will have you on your knees begging for my forgiveness.


try to make me your pet.. and i will make you my bitch.

Blackberry Township assumed the responsibility for the Blackberry Township Cemetery on July 1, 2007. The Cemetery is located on the North East corner of Illinois Rt. 47 and Keslinger Road. The Cemetery was originally called Union Cemetery and was later known as Blackberry Cemetery.

Blackberry Township Cemetery holds a wealth of historical information. The earliest “Born Date” noted on a grave stone is in the 1700’s and the earliest noted "Died Date," the early 1800’s. The Cemetery has veterans interred that served in War of 1812 and many from the Civil War and of course the two World Wars. We encourage you to visit the Cemetery to find these and many other historical bits of information and to view some of the unique family monuments.

Well, I am delighted to say that I was totally wrong on my assumption that the Colas 56 grids had been replaced by Class 70 locomotives on the runs to Chirk from Teigngrace and Baglan Bay. As my old boss used to say, "never assume anything". In fact you can't go far wrong if you bear that in mind in life.


Colas grids 56078 and 56105 are seen powering through Ponthir north of Newport, working the 6M51 Baglan Bay - Chirk loaded timber train.


I'll assume that you all know what an adult katydid looks like: kinda like a flat green grasshopper with long antennae and not much going for it photographically, though that may only be my opinion.


I was hiking the skyline trail in the Diablo Foothills, looked down when I saw one of the first California Poppies I'd seen that year, and there right smack dab in the middle was a Fork-tailed Bush Katydid Nymph. In case you think I knew what a Fork-tailed Bush Katydid Nymph looked like, you'd be as wrong as could be. I knew what a katydid looked like. I knew what a poppy was, but I didn't have a clue what this jewel was. All I could think of was that, if this was the Roaring Twenties, van cleef & arpels of Paris would have made a gold pin with emeralds, diamonds, platinum, and whatever else it would take to come up with a gorgeous art deco piece of ... art.


I had to call a friend of mine, a biologist, entomologist, birder, artist, and author on all manner of animal life that live in the Sierra Nevadas and the Diablo Range, emailed a photo, and within five minutes I had my answer. I had to write it down because I knew I'd never remember Fork-tailed Bush Katydid Nymph, and to prove it, I still have to find the photo which I purposely gave it its proper name because none of it makes sense other than "nymph."


Anyway, next time you're hiking the hills or even just walking the dog, if there are flowers, you may not know what you're missing. What caught my attention - other than the gold gold - were the three inch antennae, really too big to get into the frame, but then I wasn't sure I wanted them. The only word I can find for this insect is "lavish." Mother Nature certainly can be creative!

Strange process. I had a specific idea in mind, thanks to Angelique (check out, she’s great and that’s an understatement). I wanted to use some stock image for this, just to give it a try. Couldn’t find any that would fit (not being very patient :) so I just improvised a brief session.


No textures, this time (though I love it :) I just added some mist with brushes. And light, curves, filters, etc... You know...


On black? medium - large


Model: Marie


And, by the the way, should we assume anything?


ps, triggered by a nonetheless understandable and nice comment here: I don't mean to be provocative at all. Hopefully thought provoking. It's just that, I think, we often assume things that are not for us to definitely decide about.


I was assuming the sunset would be uneventful while photographing the autumn foliage along the slopes of Paradise near Mt. Rainier, WA; much to my surprise the clouds exploded briefly with some of the most intense pink I had seen in a while. I mostly spent the time running around like a headless chicken, but I did manage to get one shot off at least.


Best View

Summer visitors assume that Medicine is a normal mountain lake, but it isn't. During the summer, glacier melt waters flood the lake, sometimes overflowing it. In fall and winter the lake disappears, becoming a mudflat with scattered pools of water connected by a stream. But there is no visible channel draining the lake – so where then does the water go? The answer is, "out the bottom", like a bathtub without a plug. The Maligne River pours into the lake from the south and drains out through sinkholes in the bottom. The water then streams through a cave system formed in the slightly soluble limestone rock, surfacing again in the area of Maligne Canyon 16 kilometers downstream. This is one of the largest known sinking rivers in the Western Hemisphere and may be the largest inaccessible cave system anywhere in the world


"we assume that our universe is an early numerical simulation with unimproved Wilson fermion discretization and investigate potentially-observable consequences. Among the observables that are considered are the muon g − 2 and the current differences between determinations of α, but the most stringent bound on the inverse lattice spacing of the universe, b−1>∼ 1011 GeV, is derived from the high-energy cut off of the cosmic ray spectrum."

- Read more here


Pic taken at INSILICO

I'm assuming by now you're sick of the sight of me... so with that I present just something that tweaked my tiny aspie mind as I cammed about the house soon after I logged in.


This is the hallway for my home on Moonsong, which Sera decorated. and among the nick nacks scattered liberally about the place, is a vase of calla lilies. While I'm more one for gerbera daisies (which you'll see in other photos from around my house) something about these drew my attention, so I did what I usually do and took a photo.


Change of pace why not?

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