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Taken from Boro Pathar, Lohair, Gopalgonj, Bangladesh

GVA le 7.03.2015, Iraqi Airways, YI-ASR, Boeing 737-81Z


Istanbulserie "Aladins Wunderampe"


Taken during sunrise with 3 different exposures

CDG - ASR Superfast leaving Chandigarh with GZB WAP-5 30041. Today this train was with GZB WAP-5 30013 (NAVKIRTI)

Foto inserida dia 01/09/2014 para a CIPP 1024989 e placa ASR-5427.

Ok, so, completely on my own I'm gonna give an in depth description a go.


This is an advanced support rifle (ASR) commonly issued in the place of a light machine gun to spec ops soldiers. In addition to being able to switch from 5.54 to 7.62 rounds, this rifle also also features full auto and semi auto fire modes for each. The 5.54 is fired through an internally suppressed barrel.


Ok, so, the scope I had a lot of fun with because it's pretty, and this is a fucking huge rifle. That is all. Almost.


Perhaps some of you may be able to tell who my teacher is. I would think his somewhat ridiculously chunky style is rather conspicuously present here, especially in the front half of the gun. Also he said make the back end moar custom, but I <3 the f2000, what do you guys think?


(...that's your cue for critiques and stuff people)

Another super outing to one of the minaret of Jame' Asr Mosque. Thank to the one who organize and to the company of the buddies.


Magnificent view up there and lucky us for getting a view and shot of a beautiful sunset.

comment much appreciated



Foto inserida dia 10/06/2014 para a CIPP 1071194 e placa ASR-9069.

Modification of APK assault rifle designed for use by reconnaissance and special purpose forces.


It is chambered in the 9x39 SP-6 subsonic cartridge, but can be used without the suppressor attached. When not in use the suppressor fits into a hollowed section in the folding stock.


Like the APK, the ASR uses a weighted trigger selective fire system that fires semi-automatic until trigger pressure is higher than 6 kilograms at which point it will fire in automatic. The ASR uses the recoil-balancing system of the APK which assists with accuracy during automatic fire, but the system is shortened to fit the 8 inch barrel of the ASR. The other difference of the ASR is a different rear iron sight designed for use with the heavier 9x39 SP-6 cartridge and the front iron sight being attached to the suppressor. Like the APK the ASR's rate of fire is 850 rounds per minute, but the weapon's effective point target range is limited to 300 metres due to the 9x39mm round's rainbow-shaped trajectory.


Included is the Volkulak telescopic sight system, which is capable of both night and thermal vision in addition to the default normal setting. The Volkulak also has a range finder built into the system.

Foto inserida dia 10/06/2014 para a CIPP 1071194 e placa ASR-9069. -- If you or a loved one received DePuy ASR hip implant and are experiencing any of the problems identified above, you may qualify for monetary compensation for physical injury, additional surgeries and your pain and suffering.

Once again BRC WAP4 #22562 been seen by me pulling the KCVL-ASR express towards NDLS.

Foto inserida dia 10/06/2014 para a CIPP 1071194 e placa ASR-9069.

LDH WAP4 #22707 been caught moving on to NZM with 2 hrs late running Nanded bound Sachkhand Express.

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