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The Silver Jacket man is not evil, just shy.

"And, in addition, I have made a pie so delicious it will END ALL PIES!"

#441 Bingo Balls Nick Chintz

All those people hitting this image today (3/15/09), I'd love to know how you got here. Leave a comment.


John Hodgman, author of The Areas of My Expertise.. Mosaic done with illustrations found in the 700 Hobo group.


Used Flickrdown to pull down roughly 560 of the 740 images and then AndreaMosaic to build the image.


The original is 10mgs. A page was also created where you're able to mouse over each image, but like a doof I did this at work instead of on my server so I'll have to redo this and house all the images elsewhere.


I think it's neat and works better smaller.

Again, from the 700 hoboes masterpiece by John Hodgman.

#15 No Shoulders Small Tooth Jones

Number 686. Experimental Hobo Infiltration Droid 41-K

Easily one of my favorites.

Hobo 288: Gut Thrower Sy Salt from the spoken word poem here.

I ended up drawing all of them. You can see them all here.

Another of John Hodgman's 700 Hoboes from his great book The Areas of My Expertise. A different style from my other hoboes, and she's decidedly not "old" but I thought that part might not be so literal.. seeing as she seems to be reliably "stabby"… premature grey suits I think. Probably one of the more glamourous hoboes.. it's the danger, I think.

Hobo 511: Thor the Thumbhammer

from the spoken word poem here.

Why didn't I think of this several months ago?

The list continues to surprise me.

everything is so pleasant at BB's tea parties.

The infamous blue wizards of Middle Earth. Tolkien is surprisingly quiet regarding their ultimate fate, but the truth is finally revealed thanks to Mr. Hodgman. They became hoboes.

Now I need to do some podling hoboes for him to push around.

They loaned him the suit to help them sell tacos. He never came back.

Hobo 310: Narcotic Morgan Suds

from the spoken word poem here.

469_ Pickled Noggin Nettles


"Nettles gets increasingly nervous at the approach of Midnight as the other Hobos get 'snacky'




Never done this before. So I'm not sure how to do this. If you need more

information, or for me to do this another way, let me know the procedure.


I had a lot of fun creating this image. Hope it fits the criteria.


Ken Chandler


Hobo 10: "Whispering Lies" MacGruder

from the spoken word poem here.

Hobo #374: Irving Alva Edison, Inventor of the Hobophone

One day he's gonna cash in his Hobo nickels and he'll buy himself his own boxcar.


(Woo! 20 hoboes drawn... Ape Lad must be getting uneasy. Haw!)

Number 14 of the 700 hoboes series.


Paul bit off one of his toes. Do the math.

I'm sure you will notice that you will not count twenty squirrel tails in this picture .. that's because I have only shown you his facial hair .. hehe


Her chili cooks up quicker'n anyone elses.. she ain't waste no time with scratch recipes!

Another interpretation of one of John Hodgman's 700 hoboes.

Hobo 20: "Tar Nose" Cohen

from the spoken word poem here.

He lived among the hoboes, wrote about them, and became one of them. He gained the respect of all hoboes everywhere.

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