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This scene was shot on my garden


تـِحَـدانـي تِـحَـداني ,, حَـبِيبـيْ لاتِـحـدانَي ;)


Move ur Fingerz & Comemnt :P

La Toba , Guadalajara , Castilla La Mancha / Spain ....


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7DWF Close up


"stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus"

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Jorge Viana Basto


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All photos and textures used are my own

taken with my converted Nikon 80 camera

Processed with some of my textures & Flypapertextures





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France : Collioure , fall 2010 .

estopa - cuando amanece el dia



quiero a toda costa hacer una versión de nubes en caída libre... a ver si puedo intentarlo (again) antes del domingo! :-) de momento, un primer intento...

Week 7 in 52 Weeks for Dogs.

I had two goals in mind with this photo, the main one, to get a shot for Taivas' 52 Weeks project, but also to make a start on my Studio 26 flash assignment.

Lensbaby f/2.5, sb900 hand held, off camera through small soft box. Flash set to manual, full power.

「6*7 afternoons」


It is parent and child photograph with a camera.

I like time when I do not set up such a mind.

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52 weeks in 2015 ... love is ...

ODC ... sign ...

... happy valentines day everyone :) ...


this morning I woke from a dream.

In the dream it’s night and i’m walking in a sort

Of undefined high prairie landscape.

And though i can’t see him, i can feel the presence of

A man that’s walking with me on my right side.

And i’m complaining to this presence that

i’m angry with god - i’m angry because god wants me

To do with my life things that i don’t want to do – I’m angry

Because god Wants me to be ways that i don’t want to be. And the presence says to me that i have it wrong, that i don’t

understand - that god only wants me to do what

i truly want to do in my truest deepest heart.

And then i’m alone and i spread my arms

And i begin to turn in circles and all the stars in the sky

Begin to revolve and move with me – and my turning creates

A great wind and as i’m turning faster and faster the stars begin

To streak and Blend together into a sky turned to light and i’m spinning

So fast that i begin to come apart and dissolve and become

A part of the Light


And then there’s a jolt and I wake up to one of my cats

Sitting on my chest wanting breakfast - and in my truest deepest heart

I want a cup of coffee and a cigarette


These are by far my most favorite flower in the whole world. Found some today and just had to have them!!

Relaxing in the amongst the palms!

* Painting the 7 = brazilian expression that means someone is really making a mess!


Today’s soundtrack II: Lazy line painter Jane – Belle & Sebastian


Fishing in the waves @ Myrtle Beach SC

A return trip to my homeland this Easter to visit the parents. Looking forward to spending some time on the coast.


This was taken 2 years ago. I was rather surprised to see the concrete defences painted as dice. Anyway, it adds another dimension to Bamburgh.


If anyone fancies meeting up for a morning or evening shoot, let me know. I am always looking for new places to explore.


10-stop @ 90s.a

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