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Processing a few of my favourite pics from the trip to Islay

oddly, she's surrounded by people just out of crop

Eugene greeted me with a salute and by yelling "U.S. Army!" and snapping off a few more salutes. He told me he was back from Iraq where he'd blown off most of his legs. He'd been a Sargent. Pointing to the house behind us, festooned with American flags and red, white and blue banners, he said that was his house. Pointing farther down the road he told me that was the family store and that he'd grown up here.


He pulled out his wallet and held out his ID card. I peered at it but he continued to hold it out until I took it. A few more salutes were exchanged. Eugene told me he liked to draw and indicated his tattoos which he sketched and his brother inked in. He then took off his shirt to show more the tattoos which led to this photograph.


I left not entirely sure what I really knew but he did brighten my day and hopefully I did the same for him.


This picture is #48 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page


It took a hand full of carrots and 20 blurry shots before I got this one. I hope her eyes never go bad because she does not like to wear glasses.


I think that will do it for my "Geek Glasses Week" pictures. It was fun.



The metropolis reveals itself as one of those great historical formations in which opposing streams which enclose life unfold, as well as join one another with equal right.

Georg Simmel

pretentious title, I know.

harmless but scary looking caterpillar of the regal moth

A long exposure on the part most people aren't looking at


Nikon D70 with tripod and remote


pngs of various images from bestiaries

Weekend break in Venice, June 2011.

"Make a photograph featuring a circle of some sort today."

3 rabbits dancing

Make a photograph of a beautiful simple shape, such as an egg, today. Utilize lighting and focus to make it sing.

D'arcy and Jen at Northern Voice Tiki Party

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