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Reply to Serenae's image.


His beard isn't right but then again Jim is not quite right so it all evens out.

working on my deep titles



La plaga del morrut de les palmeres


El morrut de les palmeres (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus Olivier), de recent introducció al nostre territori, produeix danys d’importància a diferents espècies de palmeres fins arribar a produir la seva mort.


A la zona mediterrània afecta principalment a la palmera canària (Phoenix canariensis) i també a la datilera (Phoenix dactylifera)

The metropolis reveals itself as one of those great historical formations in which opposing streams which enclose life unfold, as well as join one another with equal right.

Georg Simmel

Processing a few of my favourite pics from the trip to Islay

yeah, I know HDR is overdone . . .


even cold palm trees on the beach look pretty welcoming

my first film from my lomo lc-a - am so excited by this one

'Untitled' On Black

A long exposure on the part most people aren't looking at


Nikon D70 with tripod and remote

"Embrace the shadows today and make a photograph dominated by dark tones, also known as a low-key image."

something sharp and probably pretty standard

Found this one while looking for something else. Harks back to Eurotrip in '09.

Look upward today. Make a photograph with a low horizon and that emphasizes the sky.

Weekend break in Venice, June 2011.

In the shiny mall between my hotel and Darling Harbour, there was some sort of electro music, leather clad persons dance going on at the mall.

D'arcy and Jen at Northern Voice Tiki Party

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