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Another sunrise photograph that I thought would benefit from the black frame top and bottom. I absolutely love how the colors pop contrasting with the black.


One of my hobbies is to head out bright and early in the morning and wander our waterfront looking for a new place to sit and watch the sunrise. It's actually a pretty easy thing to do, getting up that early in the morning, considering I normally work until 4am. I just don't go to sleep!!


I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday, hope everyone had a superb Canada Day and for those friends of mine who were out partying yesterday, I wish you a speedy recovery! LOL


My 30th Photograph in Explore!! July 2nd, 2008 Highest #103

4am sunrise. i think it is a steel factory.

explore #402 August 30th

Much more poetic than "Selenium is the Soft Light of Dawn" I think. 4am at 9000 feet on Mount Baker. That's Canada on the other side of those Mountains. Sometimes it worth getting up before the light.

"J'ai tout donné au soleil, tout, sauf mon ombre." Guillaume Apollinaire


4 am in the morning.


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I have a whole series of this heat lightning it danced across the lake for a long

time, this is right from the camera the only thing done was crop in photoshop.


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Forest path 4am. Bjärnum, Sweden

From the book "De kallades snapphanar" by Kim Hazelius.

this is what the 4amproject is all about: relaxing, having fun, and taking pictures at ridiculous hours with a great group.



a better look ⊂ see more

It was my last day in the Lakes and at around 4am I couldn't get something out of my head: about 31 years ago I raced down to Derwentwater at dawn to this famous spot (Friar's Crag) and took some images with my old film SLR on B&W film. I loved those images and wondered if I could be so lucky with the light again. After that I couldn't sleep so headed down to the lakeside, and this time, mercifully, I was there alone! This time the reflections were not so perfect (and were constantly criss-crossed by ducks!), but the colours were still there and the Lake as ravishingly beautiful as it always was. Compare this with the lake at dusk, posted earlier. John Ruskin reckoned this was one of the finest views in the world. Although I'm not sure how much of the world John Ruskin had seen, I'm not going to disagree with him!


Incidentally the little "gobstopper" of Castle Crag (see earlier image for the view from the top) is just visible from behind some low mist and noted in this image, lodged in the "jaws" of Borrowdale.


I did take rather a lot of photographs here, so I'm afraid more of these are likely to follow!

Driving to Lichfield for the 4am project meet up in the pouring rain.

Wasn't sure I'd get anything in the rain so thought I'd make the most of getting up early and get a few shots on the way!

Night shoot for Karen Strunks 4am Project

This unexpected, glorious, sunrise was a real reward for the early start. Then the sky faded to grey again, and remained so. As seen on BBC Look North on Monday (weather pic)!

Essa foi uma das fotos que fiz para a matéria "Curitiba das 19h as 6h" da Revista VIEW #91 (que vai pras bancas no mês que vem com o tema URBANIZAÇÃO), onde 12 fotógrafos irão retratar a cidade durante as 12 horas.. e eu escolhi o horário das 4h as 4h59 am.

Essa não foi a escolhida, portanto não vai estar na revista, mas é só uma amostra do que é a cidade nesse horário ;)

4am project, leeds, uk

....See 4amproject for the reason we were up at 4am.

4am Expression - Portrait of Hilary.

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* It's actually an Eastern Screech Owl, red morph, in the snow!

Images from the 4amProject photowalk - Birmingham City Centre Sunday 15th April 2012 - Fountain

Went and did some laps of Maindy cycle track in Cardiff as part of the 4am Project.


Here's one of the photos we got,a random but awesome way to spend a sunday morning.


Check out Myron and Kyle Darlington's site

An abandoned warehouse: not an HDR but a composite of two 16 minute exposures at f8 that I stupidly went out to do at 4am this morning having been inspired by some night shots I saw on flickr. You can probably tell from the ice that it is fairly cold but at least it was very still. Absolutely no colour adjustments of any kind were done to this. I simply overlayed the strobe flashes on the ice from one image to the other.


So it's pitch black with a very faint glow from behind the sheds. I used a ready reckoner which says for a crescent moon night use a 16minute exposure @ f8 and these were pretty much the first two shots I took. I composited two because one of them had some nice blue strobe effects on the water and the other had the red strobe effect (although dim) on the facings of the warehouse. The glow is pretty overpowering but I quite like it.


Strobist The really bright blue strobe flashes on the water/ice are an SB900 blue gelled on full power fired through a pringles can. The slight red glow on the warehouse and right edge of the image was done using an SB800 on full power fired through a red gelled and gridded zoot snoot. I fired that sucker endlessly but it just didn't have the power to make much of an impression. At the end of 30 minutes of strobing using the manual fire button on the speedlight my gloveless finger was blue and pretty much stuck to the button from the cold. I spent four more hours shooting but really didn't get anything too good. I like this for the colour range and the fact it was kinda fun doing it.


Tech I used a Nikon MC36 Intervalometer to do the 16 minute exposures on my D3 using a 14-24mm f2.8 lens. As you cannot focus in the dark I just set the focus to near infinity and hoped for the best :)

After the 4amproject photos in the Chiado/Cais do Sodré area, we headed to Santa Apolónia to have something to eat at one of the trailers, where they have hot dogs, hamburguers, and other stuff. This girl probably spent the whole night dancing at the club across the street, called Lux, and she couldn't handle her shoes anymore while waiting in line to have something to eat.

Another 4am dessert-crazy baking @home


Pear Galettes


Ingredients used: red Anjou pears, sugar, butter, almonds, eggs, almond extract, salt, wheat flour, flour & water


Life in Lisbon between 5am and 7am


Photos taken right after the

If you look at the bus stop you can see how cold it was! glad I rapped up :)

My first night time shoot, was a lot tricky than I thought. Any tips greatly appreciated, especially with the streetlights!! all part of the 4am project :)

My first night time shoot, was a lot tricky than I thought. Any tips greatly appreciated, especially with the streetlights!! all part of the 4am project :)

My crazy cat has been waking me up at 4am lately, so this morning I decided to go for a drive. This was my reward.

Christmas Decoration, Exchange Walk, Nottingham

Night shoot for Karen Strunks 4am Project

Photos taken in Birmingham Central Library, Paradise Forum, and the Shakespeare Room as part of @karenstrunks' 4amproject.

Taken with Box Brownie No 2 at 4am on 4th April 2009 in Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK. Fuji Superia 100iso on bulb exposure.


Bus station.


As part of the 4am Project


4am Project, Portland, OR

Silly short clip we made after the 4amproject photowalk. One take, and the music was played from a cellphone during the acting. And there was also no script involved, in case you're wondering. :-P The last part is not advisable for impressionable viewers. :-)


Darth Vader - Pedro Rebelo

Chewbacca - João Nogueira

Second Darth Vader voice - Luis Amaral

Music Director - Nuno Correia


Supporting cast

Mário Pires

Sérgio B.


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