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Slinky blows up his own balloon :) And yes, he still didn't want to take his helmet off, silly little doggy. The only time he took it off was when he went to bed, because it felt a bit uncomfortable....

Thanks to our very sweet friend Cindy for the idea. She thought it would be great that she and her friends would take a picture today at 9:09 :) It was a great idea we thought. :) Of course Slinky wanted to be in the shot! And he was checking the time constantly so we wouldn't miss it :)

Wage 229/365.


There's nothing like love in the air in the middle of a vineyard.

It was snowing ALL day today! Coraline was very happy about that :)


Submitted to The Monthly Scavenger Hunt

#9 Your best picture from 2011 ~ I don't know if I could pick one picture so I got a help from statistics on my stream :) This picture got the most faves and comments last year. And I happen to love it too :)

Went for a walk yesterday by my friend's house we were visiting and Slinky enjoyed it very much :)


I'm a little behind, didn't even take today's picture but will do soon :)


365 Toy Project.


Este mono me la regaló mi amiga Jovanna.

the dogs are queueing up to use the tree


Toy Project Day 670

She cannot put it down, she didn't even change this morning ;)

The design of a genius: A vehicle that cannot fall over. Whenever it topples, it will land on another wheel!


This is the construction I've talked about some days ago. I ran out of parts and couldn't close the ring. Luckily I've found some more of the 135° angles


Toy Project Day 570

Bigfoot versucht, sich mit einer Weinbergschnecke anzufreunden.


The Discovery of Slowness

Bigfoor tries to befriend a roman snail.


Toy Project Day 725


cuddling with his new friend was not the best idea that Bigfoot had that day


Toy Project Day 669

This picture is inspired by Lost Star and her cook with tiny buns. I bake rolls on the weekends, this one was as small as a raisin when I made it, but doubled its size in the oven.

The smoke in this picture is from an incense cone placed underneath the Legoes. Now the whole appartment stinks (sigh)

Albert Brubeck got a new face from the crook of the mobile command center - his handlebar moustache was wee nicer, but had the habit to face in the wrong direction.


Toy Project Day 640

Spring is here! Lego Farmer proudly shows a crocus.


Toy Project Day 595

The Domos having fun in the autumn leaves.


The 365 Toy Photo Project: Day 282


Photo is Copyright © T.F. Photography. All rights reserved.

Do not download, repost, print or in any other way use or reproduce this photo.

Saint Agricolas showing his latest maple crop.


Toy Project Day 618

The Campers at the beach are lucky - the iceman comes along!


Toy Project Day 651

Love the LPS parrot! Haven't taken him out in a while and I've certainly never done anything w/his perch before. I still wanna name this little guy, but I just haven't made up my mind on that yet.

The 365 Toy Photo Project: Day 222


Photo is Copyright © T.F. Photography. All rights reserved.

Do not download, repost, print or in any other way use or reproduce this photo.

Wage 114/365.


The ways of the force, he has learned.


Minimum Wage Dunny: "Uhm, David... Are you just going to take pictures and let this happen?"


Me: "Yep." :)

Slinky was helping in the apartment and all of a sudden I hear a crash! Poor doggy, a picture frame fell right on top of him! I'm so glad he wore his helmet!!!

From the same session and nearly the same spot as Mike's muddy mudster. Two steps in the bushes these funghi grew, ignoring winter.


Toy Project Day 599

Maximizing the use of my fake grass. And giving in to all the damuhan jokes on Plurk.

Se was so happy to get the bunny, she ran outside to fetch some grass for her right away :)

Coraline is not sure what to name her and was wondering if any of you know any cute bunny names :)


Thank you everybody for the suggestions :) Pinkie Thistlefoote is the name now! :D Pinkie was the most suggested and we just like the last name that phlegmmy gave :)

He just couldn't believe when I told him that the horses can sleep standing, so he wanted to ask one!

And he's having the time of his life :)


A little busy this weekend so if I don't get to visit you, I'll catch up later :) Sorry

Wage 178/365.


By the time I got home tonight, Wage was already asleep. He did leave his camera connected to the laptop, so he still has a shot for all his fans tonight. :)

It's much warmer then it was last time she wanted to play in the puddles, so I let her out on the patio :)

He was so surprised that anyone would be scared of somebody so nice and cute looking :)

This is SOOC, I just cropped it a little and I swear I didn't photoshop that little heart shaped lens glare! I was shocked when I saw it there, but I love it :D

I love the way she looks in Frankie's DotD dress.


A Doll A Week, 35/52

Batgirl looking for pink flowers again


Toy Project Day 712

I don't like when it's raining but seeing Coraline enjoying it so much makes me feel better about the rain today :)

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