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Now it is 365 days since I uploaded my first photo to flickr. So it is my first flickr-birthday. :-)

I've got so many new flickr-friends since than and I would like to say thank you to all your lovely comments, invitations and faves!



Tree near my hometown. SOOC.



Bon Jovi - It's My Life

Woo-hooo! I made it 365 days! I know you have all heard the cliches, but they are all true. I have met some amazing people on flickr & in real life because of flickr. I don't know about doing another year, but I do know it will be a least a few days before I take that plunge again. It's been really fun. See you around! XOXO


BTW, see this BIG!



[December 31, 2011]


I started this project 365 days ago with a promise made with my best friend: we would never quit and never cheat, even if the temptation was overwhelming. Now, 365 days later, I have proudly kept that promise and taken a picture every single day this year and uploaded everyday unless I didn't have internet. I started this year on a whim, I had absolutely no idea what I was throwing myself into. But I don't regret a single moment of it because without this project there is no way I could be where I am now, with more knowledge about photography and myself than I could ever have.


Thank you, to my family and friends for dealing with me for this entire project. Thank you to the people who inspired me to do this project, guided me along the way, and for the people who stuck with me for this entire journey-- you know who you are. I've met (virtually or not) some amazing people this year, and thank you for being there for me no matter what. And thank you to anyone, whether you saw my photos two years ago or just today, that has viewed, commented, favorited, or written me a testimonial.


Many things have changed this year, some for better or for worse. But this has been one of the best years of my life so far. It was the year I completed my first year of high school and started my sophomore. The year I spent my first summer in Massachusetts, which came to become one of my favorites. It was the year I made new friends, and forgot about some others. When I realized that I liked to capture and photograph little, unposed moments in life and keep them forever.


This isn't the end at all in fact. If anything, this year has taught me how I simply cannot live without my camera photographing images of life around me. Photography has changed my view on life, I notice everything more clearly and relish little magical moments. So maybe this is simply just the beginning because there is no way I am ever going to stop.


From feather to flight.

On day one I had no idea what I was doing and grabbed the first prop that I saw, and then a couple hundred days later I realized how I could tie it into this. And so I made wings, these are very much real and took hours of hot glue and feathers to create. So I guess being spontaneous can end it well, can't it?


372 Every moments counts, never take anything for granted.


Oh, and congratulations to everyone else who ended today as well, and good luck to those who start a 365 tomorrow. You have my luck and good wishes.

Ask me ! !


خلاص خلصت :)

كان في شخص ماذكر من بس يوم بديت البروجكت قال اقص يدي اذا كملتي البروجكت , وكاني كملتا جهز يدك ..

وبس ... لحد يسوي هالبروجكت لنه لوعت جبد;p

بديت تاريخ 1-1-2010

وخلصت : 9-1-2011

لان كم يوم تأخرت مانزلت ..

5 Days left for my Birthday :"$



My work is not to be used anywhere without my permission

© All Rights Reserved Sabachah 2011






I can't believe it's been a year! And I really can't believe I somehow managed to take a picture (sorta, hehe!) for 365 days in a row. You have no idea how many times I've wanted to give up. How many times I was this close to quitting. But I didn't, and here I am! A year later :)

What a year it's been. So many changes. My photography has progressed through the roof. I've gotten lots of new equipment and have learned so many new things. I want to thank everyone that kept supporting me through this journey. I might do this again someday. Maybe ;).

It took me a jillion tries to get this picture.

and I was trying to take it farther back in the woods but this really creepy dood was back there walking his dogs so :p


Keep a lookout for my photos. I'll still post really frequently :) I hope you guys have enjoyed this as much as I have.

Ahhhh :)


oh and PS. I have the best boyfriend ever :)


Facebook Photography Page | 500px

Dropped off my daughter at school before work and couldn't resist taking a photo before I left.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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288/365 Artery

Poznan, Poland

Rondo Kaponiera


Surprised by the fog layer throughout the city this morning...surprised, but also, you know a bit pleased. (I kind of like fog ya know).


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Beautiful sky on my run home tonight.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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Went out of town today to visit my dad for his birthday. He will be 75 years old tomorrow. Took this shot on my way back home.


Explored January 19, 2013 #313


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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This is really hard to do. A bit off from perfect, but good enough.

35 to go... ready for an end...


wow. i did it. i kinda can't believe it.


i wasn't completely sold when michael & james bullied talked me in to doing a second year of 365. but i gave it a go, and what do you know. totally made it to the finish line. i'm still not sure where my numbering got messed up (technically, yesterday should have been my last day), but that's okay. i think the week of film shots in the summer might have had something to do with it.


i'm just happy to have made it all the way through. thanks to all of you who have been along for the ride.


explore # 19

Light snow today. Just enough to make everything white again but not enough to shovel. My kind of winter.


Explored February 2, 2013 #245.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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A big thank you is in order to all my contacts, many who have become great friends.


It's a bittersweet ending! A challenging and valuable project 365 has been. I will most definitely continue to post images, but will not be participating in a second round of 365. My final capture reflects my love for textures, squares, and vintage cameras.




Thank you again to all who have made this such a worthwhile experience. xoxo.


Taking a break for bit, but I'll be seeing you:) Heading up north for a wedding in the Hamptons.







one year ago today, i decided to start a 365 project. i went outside in the wet and cold, put my camera on a car, set the timer, and posed. a remote, 2 tripods (one broke :( ), a 50mm 1.8 lens, a film camera, and a fujifilm instax, here i am. taking a picture a day was so much harder than i thought it would be, but i did it! some days i cheated and posted an old picture, and some days i didn't try at all, but i still had one picture a day for a year.


i really really want to thank anyone who has ever commented/faved/written me a testimonial. they mean so much. i can't believe i've come this far and very much appreciate the support i've gotten.


this may not be my most amazing photo but i'm proud of it.


if you read all that, thank you :)


Album cover?


For the flickr group 365 Days, a self-portrait a day.


My first 365 selfie. Oh, and the light in South Glenmore Park was wonderful this morning.

Looks like we made it! Yes, I do mean we because I could have never completed this project without YOU my dear flickr family!! Thank you for your support, comments, love and friendship along the way this past year. I'll be forever grateful!!


I had many ideas swirling in my head for a grand finale, but nothing as awesome as this image created by the beautiful and talented zentrinity. She offered to create magic from one of my images and tapped into my goddess vibe. This is her interpretation of "Pele" (thus Pelei) the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire created from the image below taken at my favorite place. When I saw the power and intensity of our collaboration, I instantly knew it would be the final image of this project. Thank you Marybeth!!


I also want to give A BIG SHOUT out and THANK YOU to my dear friend and photography mentor Laura! Once Laura knew I was uncomfortable with the camera pointing in my direction, she encouraged me to take on the 365 day project to find more love and admiration for myself. It worked...thanks again Laura Love! You can check out her amazing selfies here!


Now I'm free to explore and learn more about photography and processing without the pressure of coming up with a selfie every single day!! It was trying and stressful, but an excellent way to grow my skills as an amatuer photographer. It's not an ending, only a beginning:D


So I'll leave you with this on my favorite flickr day of the week~Sliders Sunday. I've been slid from my favorite place to a mythical and powerful place where only goddesses live...


Thank you for sharing this last year with me my dear ones!!

xo's, a tear, a smile and a big **sigh** of relief!




**I'm off to celebrate and enjoy my special day~I'll catch up with your treasures over the next week as I plan to take a short break from posting images. I'll be back in a week for Me Again Monday.** I hope to see you there!






sorry flickr, no long description, no time, so short words:

tired, 5 am, tired, sleepy, sleep, homework.



Ran 8 km to work this morning. Wind chill temperature was -37 C (-35 F). Beautiful views along the St. Lawrence River. There are still some unfrozen sections, but not for long!


Explored January 23, 2013 #31


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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I can practically count his ribs.

Seriously, though, he hangs around this spot everyday so much get some good eating from there.



Beautiful fog over the St. Lawrence River on my way to work this morning. Temperature outside was -30 degree Celsius.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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I did it! I completed my first 365. It started out as a dare and turned into a passion. Through this process I have learned how to use my camera in manual mode, look at light in a whole new way, see things I would normally ignore, and it brought out creativity I didn't think I had. Most days I enjoyed the process while other days I just wanted to give up. I'm glad I stuck with it and I can look back on this year with accomplishment. I love all the flickr contacts I made and enjoyed others 365 projects along the way. Although this is the end of my 365 it's not the end of the road for me and photography.Thanks again to all you awesome flickr friends. I should also thank my husband who was the one that dared me to start. He has been the most supportive yet harsh critic through this journey. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have learned all that I did this past year. He's helped me each step of the way and pushed me to get better.


Cheers to an amazing journey!!!

Went for a 20 km run this morning. Felt like spring with the warmer weather. The melting snow produced some puddles which I used to my advantage in this shot.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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Wow, so I made it to the end. This is the second year I've done this but the first time that I have shared it on flickr. I'm so glad that I put it on flickr and shared it with you all, It's made it so much more rewarding hearing all your feedback and comments. I have met some great people on here through doing the 365 and it's been great to follow your photos. I got flickr in 2009 and it wasn't until I started this project that I really got into it and started to appreciate it. It was by doing this project that got me my first explore which felt really good.


There were some times when I just wanted a day off and almost gave in, when it was getting quite late and I would quickly look round my room for something to photograph, but then sometimes some of the most simple shots would turn out the best. As much as I have enjoyed it, it will be nice not to worry about taking a photo tomorrow. I plan on doing the 52 weeks project next, I'm hoping by just doing one shot a week it will let me put more focus into one shot.


Thanks to everyone for your comments, favourites and for following me this past year.


As requested by Chloe...View On Black


Today marks day 365 of this project. A year's worth of Mr. Boxhead photos. It was quite the adventure we've had together. You've learned a bit about me, but I think more importantly, I learned a bit about me as well. I have made new friends. I have seen some incredible photographs. I've spent a long time thinking about this past year, and while I'm not ready to embark on another 365 Days project (at least, not yet), I do not regret spending an entire year entertaining you all with my shots. Sure, I'm no photographic wizard, but at least I was able to bring a smile to your faces from time to time, and that is what I consider to be the best experience this project has allowed me to have.


I would be nothing if not entirely ungrateful for not mentioning the two people who were responsible for all of this. Firstly, a huge thanks goes to my dear Nathalie. You know her here as Melodramababs. She is the one who introduced me to Flickr, and to the 365 Days group. Thanks for encouraging me to get involved. And secondly, I must truly thank Christine LeBlanc. She is the one who created the original boxhead that began this weird trip that we have been on. Without you two, Mr. Boxhead would never have been created or done all of the things he has done. Also, a huge thanks to both Nat and Chloe for their help over the year with suggestions/comments/help with editing some of the shots, like today's.


As a means of wrapping up my project, here is a song that kind of sums up my feelings. Click the title to go to a page where you can listen to the song if you so choose.


The Last Goodbye by Black Label Society


Take me down this road

I've been down here once before

Take me down this road

Once again, never again, forevermore

Take me down this road once more


Take this love

Take this life

Take this blood

It'll never die

Take this love

Take this life

Take this blood

It'll never die

This ain't the last goodbye


Take me down this road

Just to see a smile on your face

Take me down this road

All that is and all that was can't be replaced

Take me down this road once more


Take this love

Take this life

Take this blood

It'll never die

Take this love

Take this life

Take this blood

It'll never die

This ain't the last goodbye


Take this love

Take this life

Take this blood

It'll never die

Take this love

Take this life

Take this blood

It'll never die

This ain't the last goodbye


In the immortal words of Douglas Adams:

"So long, and thanks for all the fish."


I love you all.

finally had some photos printed up. It is really wonderful to hold them in my hands.

Shutter Sisters



can you believe it!? i made it to day 365!

well let me assure you i cannot believe it at all :D


ok so prepare to be link overloaded along with lots of words all mumble jumbled up that are trying to express what i'm thinking :)


hmmmm where shall i start

so day one

i wasn't one of the people who was on flickr for a while and then decided to start a 365

last summer i was on flickr and didn't have one and kept seeing all these pictures with numbers for names which down right confused the heck out of me

so then i looked at what they were all about and was like hmmmmm a picture every day for a year???? let's do it!

so i got a flickr account and started my 365 that same day

in case you haven't caught on i'm quite random and prone to doing things on a whim


and oh my gosh i am so incredibly glad i did this

this year was one of the best ever ever ever i think

and i am insanely happy that i have it all documented

my hair has grown insane amounts since i started this

i have become so much more outgoing and adventurous and comfortable with being weird and gained so much confidence in myself

i have made friends, expanded my thoughts, found something i truly love to do to express my creativity that seems to just ooze out of me :D

and most importantly i found someone that i love so very much :) which has made me the happiest ever in my life

i feel so lucky to have him and am so thankful that i started this project because without it i wouldn't have ever met him :)


ok so time for links

my project has been through a lot

i started out with my crappy kodak until i got this for Christmas

I do not claim to have much of an idea what I am doing with my camera still

I have learned a lot, but i still have an infinite amount of things to learn, heck i don't even have photoshop :D

i used to make videos on saturday of me being strange and loud

and then i started making stopmotions later on which i am absolutely in love with now :)

even though they are a lot of work

i am determined to get better at them :)


ok so now


i would like to thank all of you so so so so so much for helping me get through this project, leaving comments, notes, favorites, being funny or just even looking at my pictures :)

i would like to specifically thank those who saw potential in me, even when my pictures were clearly in need of serious help :D such as mr. pimpy who i beat to the finish even though he technically finished in november :D , mr. jer who liked my pictures even when they were bad and offered me some advice on how to work my camera at times :)

and miss jordan and elizabeth


and also the newer people i have befriended and are just all around awesome

like miss ali and her awesome groups :) and awesome comments


and most importantly i want to thank david for being awesome and amazing and helping me through every day of this project, helping me pick pictures, edit pictures, telling me they were goot when i thought they weren't and just always being there for me all around

and also for helping me figure out what the buttons on my camera mean, without you i would have no idea what anything did :D

thank you so freaking much david :) i love you and i am incredibly glad i found you because of this :)


and finally thank you to all the people at my school who have had to put up with me going on about this for the entire school year

they are all awesome and put up with me freaking out about not having an idea, giving me ideas, and listening to me ramble on about them at times

especially alex and cody i think they got the worst of it :D

and thank you to my art teachers for giving me confidence in the fact that i have the ability to be great at this if i try :)

and my parents and sister who at first thought i was mental and crazy and never thought i would make it but towards the end got used to me being covered in paint and or food :D and my sister manda for helping me take pictures and being in some :)


ok so that's it

it's super long

i know most of you won't read it

but i wanted to write it all down


p.s. i think i will be around a lot, i have a great idea coming up on tuesday that i just can't resist :)


p.p.s. would you pretty please View On White as it is the last day and looks much much better :)



Katie (aka kate, kissmekate, KatieSnookums)

Had a hard time choosing my 365 shot today. I chose this one over the one in my previous post. Although I froze my fingers taking these shots it was a beautiful cold sunny morning and worth getting cold. The -22 C temperature this morning also produced beautiful fog on the open water sections of the St. Lawrence River.


Explored February 5, 2013 #312.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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