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每一步 卸下保護




Now it is 365 days since I uploaded my first photo to flickr. So it is my first flickr-birthday. :-)

I've got so many new flickr-friends since than and I would like to say thank you to all your lovely comments, invitations and faves!



Tree near my hometown. SOOC.



Bon Jovi - It's My Life

Woo-hooo! I made it 365 days! I know you have all heard the cliches, but they are all true. I have met some amazing people on flickr & in real life because of flickr. I don't know about doing another year, but I do know it will be a least a few days before I take that plunge again. It's been really fun. See you around! XOXO


BTW, see this BIG!

Day 32/365: 2015.

For the weekly challenge of circles.


I know everyone does this at some point but this is the first time i've done it. I thought it would be a good idea for the circles challenge.


I'm not going to be around much again, this week so will probably have to post my daily pic and run but will catch up with you all as soon as I can.

It's so weird to be able to get this close-up of a Blue Jay in the wilds of Fish Creek Provincial Park. I hear them every once in a while, but spot them very infrequently, as they are always on the run, so to speak. This one made a few warbling noises, alerting me to it being there, and then just perched on a pine tree, listening to the other Jays in the area. Thanks!

97/365 (1589)


Just a bit of messing about .... again, with Lensbaby Trio 28 and Sweet optic.


I'm off to the Lake District early in the morning and don't know if I'll have an internet connection next week.

The Domos and I wish you all a Happy and Safe 2012!



[December 31, 2011]


I started this project 365 days ago with a promise made with my best friend: we would never quit and never cheat, even if the temptation was overwhelming. Now, 365 days later, I have proudly kept that promise and taken a picture every single day this year and uploaded everyday unless I didn't have internet. I started this year on a whim, I had absolutely no idea what I was throwing myself into. But I don't regret a single moment of it because without this project there is no way I could be where I am now, with more knowledge about photography and myself than I could ever have.


Thank you, to my family and friends for dealing with me for this entire project. Thank you to the people who inspired me to do this project, guided me along the way, and for the people who stuck with me for this entire journey-- you know who you are. I've met (virtually or not) some amazing people this year, and thank you for being there for me no matter what. And thank you to anyone, whether you saw my photos two years ago or just today, that has viewed, commented, favorited, or written me a testimonial.


Many things have changed this year, some for better or for worse. But this has been one of the best years of my life so far. It was the year I completed my first year of high school and started my sophomore. The year I spent my first summer in Massachusetts, which came to become one of my favorites. It was the year I made new friends, and forgot about some others. When I realized that I liked to capture and photograph little, unposed moments in life and keep them forever.


This isn't the end at all in fact. If anything, this year has taught me how I simply cannot live without my camera photographing images of life around me. Photography has changed my view on life, I notice everything more clearly and relish little magical moments. So maybe this is simply just the beginning because there is no way I am ever going to stop.


From feather to flight.

On day one I had no idea what I was doing and grabbed the first prop that I saw, and then a couple hundred days later I realized how I could tie it into this. And so I made wings, these are very much real and took hours of hot glue and feathers to create. So I guess being spontaneous can end it well, can't it?


372 Every moments counts, never take anything for granted.


Oh, and congratulations to everyone else who ended today as well, and good luck to those who start a 365 tomorrow. You have my luck and good wishes.

Ask me ! !


خلاص خلصت :)

كان في شخص ماذكر من بس يوم بديت البروجكت قال اقص يدي اذا كملتي البروجكت , وكاني كملتا جهز يدك ..

وبس ... لحد يسوي هالبروجكت لنه لوعت جبد;p

بديت تاريخ 1-1-2010

وخلصت : 9-1-2011

لان كم يوم تأخرت مانزلت ..

5 Days left for my Birthday :"$



My work is not to be used anywhere without my permission

© All Rights Reserved Sabachah 2011



I can practically count his ribs.

Seriously, though, he hangs around this spot everyday so much get some good eating from there.


34/365 (1526)


I bought junior about a month ago for £1.99 ... bargain, so I though! Then a couple of days ago, on one of my charity shop trawls, I found the Daddy for £1.50 and then the Mummy in another shop for £3.00, and they really were a bargain!


The Daddy isn't quite as well made and flexible as the Mummy and he's a bit shorter. I wonder if I'll find any children for them on future charity shop trawls :)


This can also be for the 365 Treasure Hunt, no. 74 "Wooden".



I can't believe it's been a year! And I really can't believe I somehow managed to take a picture (sorta, hehe!) for 365 days in a row. You have no idea how many times I've wanted to give up. How many times I was this close to quitting. But I didn't, and here I am! A year later :)

What a year it's been. So many changes. My photography has progressed through the roof. I've gotten lots of new equipment and have learned so many new things. I want to thank everyone that kept supporting me through this journey. I might do this again someday. Maybe ;).

It took me a jillion tries to get this picture.

and I was trying to take it farther back in the woods but this really creepy dood was back there walking his dogs so :p


Keep a lookout for my photos. I'll still post really frequently :) I hope you guys have enjoyed this as much as I have.

Ahhhh :)


oh and PS. I have the best boyfriend ever :)


Facebook Photography Page | 500px

Went out of town today to visit my dad for his birthday. He will be 75 years old tomorrow. Took this shot on my way back home.


Explored January 19, 2013 #313


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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Dropped off my daughter at school before work and couldn't resist taking a photo before I left.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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Project 365 05/22/2017: This is the power port of my at least 20 year old lawn edge trimmer. It was running fine until I began to smell burnt rubber then the motor turned off a few seconds later. The whole neutral terminal came off when I unplugged the cord. Time to shop for new one.

Beautiful fog over the St. Lawrence River on my way to work this morning. Temperature outside was -30 degree Celsius.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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186/365 - 7/5/2011

I was sitting on the couch and saw this beautiful sunset forming when I looked out the back door. So I grabbed my camera and ran down to the lake in my neighborhood. Mother nature is awesome.

Light snow today. Just enough to make everything white again but not enough to shovel. My kind of winter.


Explored February 2, 2013 #245.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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A big thank you is in order to all my contacts, many who have become great friends.


It's a bittersweet ending! A challenging and valuable project 365 has been. I will most definitely continue to post images, but will not be participating in a second round of 365. My final capture reflects my love for textures, squares, and vintage cameras.




Thank you again to all who have made this such a worthwhile experience. xoxo.


Taking a break for bit, but I'll be seeing you:) Heading up north for a wedding in the Hamptons.







View of the St. Lawrence River taken on my run to work this morning. Quite the change in weather on my run home after work, as shown in comment section below or my previous post.


My 365 Project Album: The 2013 Edition.


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So after yesterday's evidently catastrophic failure of a shot, I decided I had to try and do better tonight, and a photo of my dinner wasn't going to cut it. I very nearly threw the towel in last night (don't judge me, I've been like it since I was about 6 years old and I can't see it ever changing - if I can't do something well, I'm "reluctant" to keep going with it!). It's pretty disheartening when you take something you were pretty happy with, only to discover that for whatever reason, it aint too hot after all!


Anyway, onwards and upwards! Checked out and it's Cereal Day, so here we are, an action shot of Cheerios. Seriously though, who knew they were so dusty? I have just spent the best part of an hour cloning out dust from between individual Cheerios, so if that's not some sort of dedication, I'm not sure what is!


Strobist 580exii strobo gridded barn doors 1/8 105mm behind cereal for rim light. 580exii softbox 1/4 24mm left.


Continuing my food & drink themed 365.

148:365 - Aurora: What luck, a solar storm while I'm on Lake Superior. For a sense of scale, the light in the lower right is the Huron Island lighthouse, about 5 miles from shore.





sorry flickr, no long description, no time, so short words:

tired, 5 am, tired, sleepy, sleep, homework.





This was my first time trying this and I think it turned out well.


Made some cute things for a baby sprinkle in the morning!

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