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Another shot from the balloons session. Can't see it getting quite as much attention as the previous one.

Balloons by Paul, arrangement by me.


Camera: Mamiya 645 Pro TL

Lens: 35mm f/3.5 Sekor N

Film: Fuji Reala 100, metered @ EI 50

Want to use this photo? See my pimp.


Ektar 100 at night again. I'm impressed by the vividness and resolution of the stuff (plus it outperformed the digital version I took, in terms of highlight handling), but I think it may be a bit much for scenes like this. I reckon a more traditional film look would go better here.


People seem to like the look of the stuff though - the tree shot is currently sitting at #10 in Explore, and would be at #3 if the photos from the Explore-cheater groups weren't there. Yay!

Today they march upon the city.

Probably messed up the translation...

Apparently this place used to be a biker bar and a gay line-dancing venue at the same time.


Shame it's being left to rot at the moment.

Only just noticed this building recently, and it's just about finished. Either I'm not getting out enough, or I'm getting out too often and neglecting nerdy things like noticing buildings going up.

Yep, liking this Rollei R3 stuff rather muchly.

Yeah, that wheel again.

Pretty lucky here - one of those rare times when the light and cloudage are so good that it's worth burning a frame on a boring scene.

So this is how to get the crappycam look from a verynicecam - open up the aperture, throw the focus out and use some fog.


Now I understand why my Holga shots never look as arty as the shots from the arty Holga shooters... been messing them up for so long by focusing correctly :(

A few metres west of the usual spot.

Got out in the middle of the road and completely fluked it with the pedestrians.

It's non-stop party time in the rockin' city of Adelaide.

Just guessing the angle here. Would've gotten a protractor out if I had one handy.

I feel a little dirty for trying to make a Central Equity building look good.

Give us this day our daily bread crates

And forgive us our bins

As we forgive those whose bins getting emptied wake us up on a Monday morning,

When we really should've drunk less on the Sunday night


-- JC, before He was misquoted by them dang fundamentalists

Can't quite take the hard edges off these buildings, even with fog and defocusing.

Tri-X... how do I love thee? Let me count the grains.

Shooting a lot of black and white lately. Maybe it's got something to do with the weather.

A towering erection device is but a snack for the voracious vagina dentata.

Whether you're spending the day in prayer or just generating a pile of waste products, hope you're having a good one.

Mamiya 645 Pro TL, 35mm f/3.5 Sekor N, Rollei R3, red filter, polariser.


And some killer cloudage in Adelaide.

Starting to get more of an idea about using Ektar 100 for night work... it might be better to use it to liven up a dull scene, rather than enhance a colourful one.

Jun the Swan hangs out with her trusty trash clam sidekick.

Not the same as the ones in your underwear.

An old favourite location, probably the first time I've managed to get a real sense of foreground from it.

It's been about three months... time for five B&W film pics on my front page again.

Getting a little closer to figuring out how to use this lens...

Really lucky here. At the right place, at the right time, with the right rig.

Not entirely dissimilar to winterscape #9.

Once Bobby "Genius" Doyle locks all the bins away, it's going to be much harder to shoot a decent lanescape.

Since Harbour Town opened, shots of the wheely thingy from up close have become the Melbourne cliché flavour of the month.


Hopefully I got in with the first medium format/wide angle/red filter take.

Sometimes Jebus waves the cloudage wand.

First attempt at doing a stitched pano from multiple film shots. Autostitch seems to run out of memory easily with big input files, even though it'll quite happily chew through multiple small files that together take up more memory. Got to do a bit of work if I want to spit out a giant pano made up of medium format frames.


View bigger.

Just a vague visual resemblance...

I know I'm not the tallest bloke in the world, but this is ridiculous.

St Pat's pretty much demands grungy black and white.

That'll be enough of that colour stuff for the moment.

Been walking past here for years and only just got around to taking a photo. One day I'll manage to get a night shot done...

Noice barrel distortion.

It began to spread. Soon it was turning up in built-up areas. We learned to keep our distance from the walls.

Milking the new cliché subject for all it's worth...

It stared down The Keeper from across the yard.


It would be a slave no longer.


Today it would have its revenge.


I'm liking this Acros stuff quite a bit at the moment.

If I ever became one of those sad little boys who tag things, I hope I'd choose a better name than "emu" or "moist".