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a photograph …. like ash – what’s left after the fire and the blink of the shutter


i was thinking like a “documentary” of sorts, some kind of thorough show and

tell - but now i’m not so sure – everything seems sorta distant and remote – we’ll



funny the way making a photograph “connects” and at the same time “separates”


here’s my recollection of a conversation with Melinda while we were layed up

in Bishop and i was working on the lap top


m: why do you do all that stuff to your photographs?

g: i don’t know i guess i like the way it makes them look, maybe i think it makes

them look more like the way I feel.

m: maybe you should try cleaning up your diet and smoking less


maybe she’s got a point


Haaappy Birthdaaay Fara7 :* il3mr kilah inshallah 7beebti :*

Hope all your wishes and dreams comes true. Have blast !!

Love you so much sis :*


I watched these two "love" birds for about half an hour. They would be close like this and then swim quite far apart and then call each other and swim back to one another again.



muchísimas felicidades Jose/Marin, que pases un gran día de cumple :))


y de regalo aquí tienes tres amapolas catalanas, creo que de estas aún no tienes :))




gracias por vuestras visitas y comentarios! ... thanks you all for your visit and kind comments!




It's National Triangle Day so to celebrate here's another bloody triangle............hahahaaha

Only another 236 to go!!!!!!

Mi primer trabajo sobre un tramo del Rio Coura (Portugal) Devido a la dificultad del terreno y la falta de material , se realizaron las tomas en la zona de mas facil acceso . Estamos preparando otra salida para poder llegar mas lejos y compartir con todos vosotros un trozito de estos rincones tan hermosos y tan escondidos que tenemos tan cerca de nosotros.Gracias por vuestros comentarios y favs

السلام عليكم

ياالااااه ! من زماان عن فلكر لي فتره عنه

كل ما ابغا انزل صوره اتعيجز واقول بكرا

بس هالمره قلت يالله نكمل هالبروجكت الي ممكن يستمر وممكن لا :D

شكرا لكم ()



لا غـآب صوتك طآري الشوق مآغآب

وأشفق على همسك ، ولذّة طوآريك

لآيطول غيآبك .. ترى الشوق مآغآب

وببقى كذا .. مشتآق .. لين ألتقي فيك


Lakeside last night. There was a heavy fog, the weather was very lovely with also lots of different, changing colors in the sky before the sunrise.


I stayed up all night, left to check out the sceneries at 2AM, got back home at 6.15AM, went to bed at 7AM and woke up at 10.10AM. For some odd reason :) I'm feeling kind of tired at the moment but thought loading this one here anyway.. I apologize in advance for being quite absent-minded for the moment.


June 28th, 2008

Espoo, Finland.


Explored #410 June 29th, 2008.

I still see your face in my dreams

It hurts and it doesn't help at all

I still want you in my life as crazy as that seems

I want you to catch me when I fall ..


<3 !


copyright © 2008 serena dawn boggs


...with miss m entering middle school this year i knew i wanted to document their summer sisterhood and laughter on a happy natural fun day. i came across a photo by Mom2three of her three little lovelies and was in awe of their little hands all twined together. so, i decided to let the inspiration in <3

تلعب بقلبي هبوب البين

يبيع حبك و يشري به

الله و اكبر حور هالعين

يسرق عيوني ولا أدري به




اذكـــــــــــــروا اللهـ

Os deseo un feliz fin de semana amig@s.

Un saludo.


Chora, Alonisos island, Sporades, Greece.


View On Black

I've bee huged by : Arwąliciouş

thanks for the sweet hug ;$ :P


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Grato por todas as visitas e comentários.


Gracias por vuestras visitas y comentários.


Many thanks you all for your visit and comments.


Merci beaucoup à toutes de vos visites, comentaire et Fav. dans ma Galerie.


Jorge Viana Basto


I was super lucky to have the opportunity to have my photo taken by the amazing portrait artist | kkw | Thank you <3


Before & After

Long exposure taken at Lake Bowman in Glacier National Park.

Erik Satie: Gnossienne nº 3


I only name this after the music playing in the other room. I'm not crazy about this facial expression and that lazy eye but I'm fond of this color palette very much.

I will be working on a job for my family's business the next couple of weeks so I will be a bit touch and go but I will try to check in when I can. Take care everyone. Hugging you in my thoughts, diane


!المتعه في الحياه ان تعيشها على طريقتك وليس على طريقة الاخرين

*نجوى هاشم




.. همسة قلب

كل مطلوب لا يطلب إلا بحول الله و كل مرهوب لا يدفع إلا بحول الله، ولهذا عظمت كلمة :

( لا حول وَ لا قوة إلا بالله )

* المغامسي




طابت أيامكـم بكلّ خيـر

(F) وشكـراً لأنـكم هُنـا


اللهم صلِّ وسـلّـم على نبينـا محمد



3 CLIFFS Gower Wales.

Explore <3 Apr 2, 2010 #100 <3 <3

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One of six tweaks of the same param.

Few Days and inshallah I will go to LONDON♥




Seed pods along the BS Trail in Maui.

ISPACHI - The Arrival @ Arcade

[ SAKIDE ] - Arabian Diva Outfit

+Half-Deer+ Aventine Horns @ Arcade


Credits and infos soon


Serie Apocalipsis, 3 de 5.

Recomendable ver en grande.

Gracias a David por el atrezzo y por hacer de modelo.

Salida de La Banda del Charco por la visita de Wilillo.

والله اني يا أحب الناس .. أحبك

والله ان الروح لو ترضيك .. فدوه


BrB ='(

I like clusters of 3...maybe the 3 daughters..might be a good number for me. Emily's birthday AND prom today...time just rolls on...

وووآخييرآ رحنآ آلبححر ذذ


لقطةة رححيب <3

وشسمهه آدري تقصديني ط1

:P وآيي حلف عليي آجي وش عندك

Same bird - three different poses.



أحن لتفاصيلي الصغيرة بقربك

أحن لذاك الصمت المريب ,, وتلك المشااعر الهادئة

احن لدفئك


أحن إليك


اشتاقك ,,,,, فأهيم بـ | بحبـك




أسرع صوورة على الاطلاق >,<

اتمنى ان تروق لكم ,,


" المشاركين بالبروجكت


Fahad Al-Robah

Fahda Al-Mugairen

Hoor αl3ееи

F l S f a h .. ❥

Adwa Fahad =$

يوم شفتك خفت من عيني عليــــك ,,

كأن حسن الكون كله بين يديــــــك ..

في عيونك شي يا عمري ابيـــــــه ,,

لا تلوم اللي تولع حيل فيــــــــــــك ..


P.S. she is a random model


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