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Time for dinner.


Lazy today though... so it looks like I should embark upon a valiant quest into the freezer.


Occasionally I like to hang out with the meals long since forgotten that reside there, and the peas, always peas, that frequent the back of the institution's freezer.


Luckily I have copious quantities of weak lemon drink to sustain me during my arduous trek to the back... where the feisty stuff lurks.


It was however, just after I passed what looked to be some leftover onion gravy, that I realised the futility and stupidity of my quest. My weak lemon drink had frozen and I was surely to perish, forever locked in this cavern of freezing forgotten food.


I may never escape.


I fear...


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Napipasi Boriknak. :)

Ez van reggelente, általában, amikor még pizsamában először nyitom ki a hűtőt... Ásítás, fényérzékenység, álomkór. A reggel persze soha nincs fél tíz előtt.

Jóreggelt mindenkinek! :)


(Igazából egész nap gyakorlok a szolfézs-zeneelmélet szigorlatra jövő csütörtökre, így megpróbáltam egy gyorsan összehozhazó képet csinálni. Nagylátó f8, fókusz kb. 1,5 méter, iso 200, 1/50, a YN meg 1/2 fényerővel off-camera jobbra fenn.) :)



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Daily man for my Bori :)

Every mornings, generally, when I am in piyama yet and I am opening the fridge first... Yawn, sensitivity to the lights, ... But the morning never starts before 9.30 am. :)

Good morning everybody!


(I just prepare my solfege/music theory exam next Thursday, and I just made something quick and simple today - this is the result. :) Wide angle, f8, 1,5 meters, iso200, 1/50. Flash: off-camera right on 1/2 strength.)

I've failed in the 365 last year so I decided to start something easier this year.


Canon 40D - Peleng 8mm @ ISO200 1/50, f/3.5, Canon 580exII @ 1/64 triggered via Cactus v4

mal öfter blöd sein

gegen den ernst der zeit

Property of a Dutch car collector

i was reading this "how to"

how to be a curious photographer...


and i tried to clone one of the ideas, hope you found helpfull the tutorial

And you want three wishes: One to fly the heavens. One to swim like fishes. And then one you're saving for a rainy day. If your lover ever takes her love away



its downpouring out. so game canceled. That's cool. :p


anyways, i've had plans to do something with my fridge/freezer so here it is!


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Mrs. Flibble has just found out that she's to appear on Ready Steady Cook next week. For those who might not know of this cherished British daytime television programme, each contestant must bring a bag full of ingredients that cost under a fiver, with which the celebrity chef will rustle up something snazzy.


Well, always looking to be different, and having overspent on the eggs, she had to improvise on the cut of meat.




One quick slash of her knife and I was duly refrigerated in readiness.


Oh well.


Destined to be turned into some kind of posh omelette... probably by some smarmy egocentric overpaid excuse of a cook that doesn't realise we all hate him.




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We have a refridgerator at work dedicated to chemicals. If you have seen my work, you may know I eat out of the wrong fridge by accident on occasion.


Sometimes you have to look hard to find what you are after.

someone told me a way to alleviate the pain of the eyes from cutting up onions is to stick your face in the freezer. it kinda works.

don't try this at home. Ruppert, o peixe artista. Glub glub. Click por Paula Giolito. Veja outra versão



241543903 ^_^


My computer is fixed now, so I'll be working on catching up on my photos.



¿Por qué hay una luz en la nevera y no en el congelador?

All my work there ---->

i love fgr because it makes me do weird things like stick my head in my freezer.

I couldn't resist playing FGR today...I mean, seriously, who doesn't want to stick their head in the freezer for a photo? Added a little TTV, some urban acid, and just a bit of DoF for my own TOTW group, and BAM! Just like Emeril, i kicked it up a notch :)


Sorry to everyone for not being around a whole lot lately. Work is difficult this month, and Liina and I are getting ready to move into a new place. We're not that excited about it because we're having to downsize, but ya know, you do what you have to. I hope you guys all have a great Hump Day, and I'll be catching up with everyone soon enough!


From inside the freezer, PEACE, I'm outta here!

google the number!

Color Coca-Cola.

241543903 freezer-head / kevin dean self portrait -


any use of this image must credit kevin dean and direct a link to:

Ugh. still not 100% happy with this. But what are you gonna do? I just hope it looks realistic enough. If I lived in the perfect world, I would have cut a hole in the bottom of the freezer, and stuck my little head through it. And then. Life would be perfect.

For 365: Day 114 - 13 May 2009

For FGR: 241543903


The title pretty much says it. Stay away from the light! Part of me really wished I had a big freezer for this shot...


Long day today of work and then a board meeting. A lady pretty much attacked me about where dogs should poo on the 13th deck - "in the flowers?!? Or next to the birch tree?!" I managed not to laugh, but after gazing around the room in wonderment of why she was attacking me (I don't even have a dog) I responded that they would probably go in the same place as they did when they were in their own units. Then a nice dog owner bailed me out with a decent, non-sarcastic response and I was saved. Politics - even small scale condo board - is brutal.

so i just discovered this meme (241543903) and promptly shot a picture for it :))



No se vende el adorno por separado. Únicamente la torta terminada.

Estoy en Buenos Aires, Argentina.

05/13/2009 - My 365 shot for today is for:


- FGR and "241543903"


Probably one of the most bizarre groups I've seen. The idea is to take a Photograph of your head inside a freezer. Place the photo on Flickr and tag it with "241543903". The Idea is that if you search for this cryptic tag, all the photos of heads in freezers will appear.


Yeah ... weird ... but funny!


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Head in freezer


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