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Founded: 1984


What activates us:

The simple things—our awesome members, our Best of New England (BoNE) Show, playing fetch in the park, a good belly rub, napping in the sun—really get our tail wagging.


You’d be surprised to learn:

We’re very individualistic little animals: some are high-spirited and clownish, some are calm and dignified. Some are stubborn, while others are sweet and gentle. But in general, we’re an altogether dapper and charming little chapter.


Quote that describes us:

“Wag more. Bark less.”

Founded: 2005


Our design heroes:

Chip Kidd, Art Chantry, Modern Dog, IDEO, Young Monster, Neville Brody.


Our chapter tastes like:



If a movie was made about us it would be:

It’s Due When?,” it would be shot as a pseudodocumentary and would star all of our members.

Founded: 1987


What activates us:

The largest event that has consistently

brought our chapter together has been the

Y Conference. We’re also motivated by our

community outreach projects like BenchMark

(50 artful benches), TweetStreet (10 designer

birdhouses and urban park design) and

our latest adventure Bowhaus (the exhibit

and auction of 101 designer doghouses in

September 2011).


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Song that describes us:

We No Speak Americano” by Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP.

Founded: 2010


What activates us:

The talent and hard work that our members and board members put into our events.


Our color palette:

Festive! PMS 219, PMS 109, and PMS 659.


Song that describes us:

“New Kid in Town” by The Eagles.

Founded: 2006


What activates us:

Strong leadership. Leadership by example.


Reno Tahoe must-sees:

Harrah’s Automobile Museum and the new Nevade Museum of Art.


Our design hero:

Sean Adams, the hometown boy who did good.

Founded: 1989


What activates us:

Salt Lake City is hosting the AIGA Leadership

Retreat in 2012. We’ll get to have all of you

visit our great city!


You’d be surprised to learn:

Although we aren’t near the ocean, Utah’s

state bird is the seagull. In 1848, seagulls

saved many Utahans by eating the hordes of

Rocky Mountain crickets that were destroying

our crops.


Salt Lake City’s famous food:

Two words: fry sauce. Not quite food, but it’s

a Utah thing and gooood. You’ll find it just

about anywhere you can order fries.

Founded: 1988


What activates us:

The desire to see Atlanta recognized as a thriving center for design brings students and seasoned pros together. This camaraderie and common focus translates into fully engaged members, ready to learn and evolve as a community and as individuals.


Our chapter tastes like:

Sweet tea.


Atlanta must-sees:

The High Museum and MODA, a trip down Ponce de Leon and Castleberry Hill.

Founded: 1988


What activates us:

Each member brings a range of interests,

experiences and backgrounds to our chapter.

Whether type nerds, web geeks or just design

socialites, what we have in common is a love

for design and a belief that AIGA matters.


Design inspiration in Pittsburgh:

The landscape of hills, rivers and bridges.

With nearly 2,000, Pittsburgh is known as the

City of Bridges.


Quote that describes us:

"Making money is art and working is art and

good business is the best art.” — Andy Warhol

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