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Found this little fellow taking a break in amongst the Scabious.

Quand le soleil touche terre.. ;)


When the sun touches the earth.. ;)

EXPLORE May 19 - 2010 # 426

Scattata l'anno scorso a 2 passi dalla strada che stavo percorrendo.

Ho visto il cielo, ho visto le spighe, ho visto i sta poco a dire "scatto"


Ciao e grazie a tutti per le vostre visite !


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Rainy Shinjuku. March 6, 2010

I take many photos these days with iPhone.

This one was shot using the app called Hipstamatic.

My buddy icon was shot with it too.

I shot and sent via e-mail to Tumblr, or Mobypicture on site.

It's not SOOC, but is kind of SOOC ;-)

That's the most exciting part about iPhone.

12/8/2010 - 342/365


I really couldn't decide between these two images. It's the same location and the difference in time is between dawn and sunrise. However, they look very different for me.


Since my husband isn't around to tell me which one (and convince me his choice is the right one), I'm posting both. Feel free to let me know if you have a preference, either. :-)


This is very old museum of ceramic.Cave Ali berber.

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... On The Bright Side of Life!


I wish you all a new year full of the things that are very important and meaningfull to you - good feelings, good moments, and - some nice surprises ...

enjoy your life :-)


I have "collected" all my "crazy" things in a slide show - you can view it here:

... and all that is poetry


Que l' on puisse faire de très belles photographies, et rêver ensemble en 2010.


Whether it possible to make very beautiful photographs, and dream together in 2010.


*** Bonne Année 2010 *** Happy New Year 2010 ***






Large view


Il nostro breve cammino su questa terra serve a prepararci ad un’altra vita più bella e più lunga. La madre, come diceva Seneca, ci tiene sul suo grembo per nove mesi preparandoci al momento in cui vedremo la luce, capaci di respirare e di resistere all’aria libera. Da quel momento incomincia il cammino che va dall’infanzia alla vecchiaia e che ci rende maturi per un altro parto, più importante: una nascita senza fine. Sin dalla prima nascita vive con noi un compagno invisibile che spesso rimane nascosto, incapace di uscire dalla giungla delle sensazioni fisiche, e affiora soltanto quando siamo noi a liberarlo, a portarlo alla luce. Quando riusciamo a far questo, ci rendiamo conto che non possiamo mai morire del tutto e che nessuno scomparirà nel nulla. Non riusciamo a vedere quelli che se ne sono già andati perché non siamo capaci di concentrarci abbastanza per scorgerli nelle nuove forme adatte al mondo astrale dove sono andati. La nostra mente e i nostri occhi ci inducono a pensare che la vita abbia un confine e che al di là di quella linea nulla sia possibile: invece non è così. Nel silenzio della nostra anima dobbiamo cercare di aprire l’occhio misterioso che ci da la possibilità di vedere il mondo invisibile che ci circonda. (Romano Battaglia)

Derechos de Autor / Author's Copyright:, © Jabi Artaraz.


4/11/2010 - 101/365


Happy Sunday everyone!


"Can't keep my eyes from the circling skies

Tongue-tied and twisted, just an earth-bound misfit, I"

- Pink Floyd (Learning to Fly)


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Explore Feb 17, 2010

2010, what a year it was!!!

Just one last trip back through what I've done for 2010 & this morning in Noosa National Park was a highlight. The tide was right, the sky was nice & the sea was perfect.

I have set myself some goals for 2011 & one of them is surely to shoot this place more often.

Hope you all like it!!

Can't wait to get out & shoot 2011!!

Canon 50D & 10-22

1.3sec@f9, ISO 100. CPL & Cokin P121

hehe..posted the most colorful shot i could find :D


and i hope 2010 will be colourful for you guys are so amazing :)

thank you for always encouraging me with you kind words,helpful suggestions,funny comments :)

and again..extra special thanks to BUET-PS ,for being the craziest,the most food loving,and most wonderful bunch of people.

have a happy new year!




Candelabras in the "Alsterarkaden" in Hamburg


This is very old museum of ceramic.Cave Ali berber.

10/1/2010 - 274/365


The temperatures are dropping and early morning fog lays silent over the pastures. I think I'd like to start every morning this quietly.


Happy Friday. :)

16th Street Mall, Denver... Clocktower lit up blue for National Diabetes Week/Day/Month something or other... Bus going into warp drive while I was snapping the shot apparently...



Finn Hudson: You're the most talented person I know. Even more than that guy at the mall who can juggle chainsaws....

--"Glee" (FOX)






Hasselblad Xpan 45mm

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