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the sky above the royal festival hall

(my €1 agfa click works!)

Possibly the most photographed subject of the weekend.

Precondition for being a photoblogger?

The Dali impressonist outside of the Saatchi Gallery on the South Bank.


I assume he's paid by the gallery...

This is a bit scary. One of the services offered at the hotel. Imagine returning home after a wet weekend, all botoxed...

Stitched together from 12 images - best viewed large

John (hands over face), David, Lor, Fredrik (the red shirt), and Chrys.


David has just pulled a random name from the hat and Lor is holding the next prize to give away. The prize giveaway was fun because they had a different person pull a name from the hat each time. Everyone in the room was pretty much involved.

Hoisted on the shoulders of Ben the New Zealander and supported ably by Germany and Korea, an enthusiastic devotee of street theatre juggles his "razor sharp machetes".


"Hidden" in this photo are 4 people who attended the photobloggers meetup...

Begin photobloggers meetup

My quest to take hopefully original views of The Eye continues.

John wins a Lomo Fisheye! You can almost see the joy in his face, heh.

Andy caught me taking his photo. Not sure if you can tell, but he's looking to the side right at me. Also, check out the flash on his camera. That thing will seriously blind you when it goes off.


The person on the right is Samantha, Andy's wife. Together they run a joint photoblog called Four Eyes.


Also, she's looking at the very nicely done Gomma Magazine. Gomma was kind enough to give us all a copy. If you get a chance, I strongly suggest buying one.

This is just one corner of the room at the Europe Photobloggers Meetup. Most of the walls were covered like this. Having the photos up was a great conversation starter.

One of the local London photobloggers (Stuart of imagology, thanks Lorissa) gets an improptu photshoot with Charlie II in Covent Garden.


His pic (froma few moments later)

Andy wins a Lensbaby! (I actually won a lensbaby, too. Yay!)

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