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Still life / Natura morta / Bodegón (naturaleza muerta)

Shot at approximately 215mm (35mm equivalent).

1992 Mercedes 300TE.

Tidy diesel P100 with 74,000 miles at the last MOT and covering a tiny annual mileage

Shot at approximately 152mm (35mm equivalent). Shot in RAW format; edited in and converted to JPG in Adobe Lightroom.


A slightly cloudy start soon turned into a beautiful day today.

I photographed this car in 2017 and noted that it was driven by two attractive young women. I think the same women were with it here; it last changed owners in 2014.

It's just topped 100,000 miles and is covering 8 - 10,000 miles p.a. It has a very good MOT history and looks extremely well cared for.

1992 BMW 316i Touring.

1992 fotografierte ich in der Innenstadt des ehemaligen Ost Berlins diesen zu einem Blumenkübel umgenutzten PKW Trabant.


In 1992 I photographed this Trabant car in the city centre of the former East Berlin. The car had turned into a flowerpot.

In 1992, we spent Christmas in Cairns. There was a cyclone off the coast, so quite cool and a fair bit of rain. So the famous Barron Falls seen from the Kuranda Railway was spectacular.


A few more scanned prints of photos taken in the early 1990s.

1992 machte ich diese Aufnahme vom Hof des Kunsthauses Tacheles in der Oranienburger Straße. Derzeit wird das gesamte Gelände umgebaut bzw. bebaut. Hier wird sich zukünftig eine Passage befinden, die zur Friedrichstraße führt.


In 1992 I took this picture from the courtyard of the Kunsthaus Tacheles in the Oranienburger Straße. At present the whole area is being rebuilt or built on. In the future, there will be a passage leading to Friedrichstraße.

Sigmund Boogy - January 1992



[496] Feb 14, 2018 - (2012)

Sernada do Vouga (P) 04-06-1992

CP 9305 & CP Núcleo Museológico de Macinhata do Vouga ME51

Regional 5213 Espinho - Sernada do Vouga (9305)

I have got a shot of this previously, but it was good to see it being used at this grotty time of year.

1992 Jaguar XJS.



198,194 miles at its last MoT test in October 2019.

1992 Nissan Figaro.


Registered in February 2005.

Shot at approximately 116mm (35mm equivalent).

Moinhos (P) 03-06-1992

CP 3?? + 22-29 3?? + 3??

Regional 6509 Coimbra-Parque (Ap.) - Serpins

The Cars of Christchurch, New Zealand

Het plein is genoemd naar het voor Maastricht belangrijke jaar 1992, toen in het Gouvernementsgebouw het Verdrag betreffende de Europese Unie werd ondertekend, waarmee onder andere de komst van de euro als eenheidsmunt in een aantal Europese landen werd besloten. In de bestrating van het plein zijn bronzen tegels opgenomen met afwisselend het €-teken en het jaartal


The square is named after the important year for Maastricht in 1992, when the Treaty on European Union was signed in the Government Building, which, among other things, concluded the arrival of the euro as a single currency in a number of European countries. Bronze tiles are included in the pavement of the square, alternating between the € sign and the year

Cuideiru (Principat d'Astúries) Spain


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Joal-Fadiouth è un piccolo villaggio di pescatori dall’aspetto incredibile: è completamente ricoperto di conchiglie. E’ diviso in due parti: Joal sulla costa, mentre Fadiouth è la parte sull’isola, collegata da un ponte di legno lungo 400 metri.

Tutta l’isola è ricoperta di conchiglie accumulatesi per millenni formando strati che oggi arrivano ad avere uno spessore da otto a undici metri. Ci si cammina sopra come fosse ghiaia e anche le case sono fatte di conchiglie compresse e fango.

Un luogo davvero unico in cui si trova un cimitero speciale e pieno di fascino, dove tra le tombe, sempre in un mare di conchiglie bianche, spuntano enormi baobab e piccoli arbusti mentre l’isola è circondata dalle mangrovie.

E’ l’unico cimitero in Senegal dove sono sepolti insieme cristiani e musulmani.


(da Diapositiva del 1992)


Shot at approximately 52mm (35mm equivalent) with a 4X digital zoom (208mm if it were optical).

My big brother took this photo of me in 1992.

Two storey home - Arviat, Nunavut.

When my skin color was brown!


Olympus OM-2 SP

35mm single lens reflex


Scanned to hard drive, uploaded to Flickr.

Shot at approximately 190mm (35mm equivalent).

A small sluice on the Berkelse Zweth, Ackerdijk in the late afternoon

1992 Porsche 911 turbo.


Registered in July 2018.

Previously registered K866 JNV.

1992 Audi quattro.

Spring 1992... I loved this dress. I still have it, actually. This was around graduation from high school. And I was 17.


I should shake this girl and tell her to live it up! The things I would do now, if I were her age! Maybe it's good that I'm not...


Seen in Horley, Surrey.


K903 TJT

✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 August 2018

✓ MOT Expires: 18 February 2019


Vehicle make: CITROEN

Date of first registration: 1 August 1992

Year of manufacture: 1992

Cylinder capacity (cc): 1905 cc

Fuel type: PETROL

Export marker: No

Vehicle status: Tax not due

Vehicle colour: WHITE


Number of owners: 4

Current owner since Feb 2010

Mileage at last MOT: 151,894

Mileage since previous MOT: 4,384

Estación de Lavra (E) 28-05-1992

RENFE 352-010-3 "Virgen de los Reyes"

Talgo 31271/30271 Madrid-Chamartin - Granada & Almería

The first Astra van I've seen in years. 72,000 miles at the last MOT and plenty of rust fails in its history in spite of looking very tidy.

J839 ARC.

Similar to a shot I had previously uploaded, but this is a different bus, and it was taken from a different spot just little way further down the hill. This is Southern Vectis 1992, a Plaxton President bidied Volvo B7TL. It is heading up to the Old Battery with the 'Needles Breezer.' at Alum Bay, Isle of Wight.


16th August 2016.

EDSA at Ortigas, flyover under construction. Taken on Kodak Gold film on 4 Jan 1992.

Christchurch, New Zealand

** - such a classic!

Christchurch, New Zealand

1992 Honda Beat.


Last SORN declaration expired in October 2010 with an export marker showing (last MoT test expired in June 2008).

The Aerotech was part of a series of experimental high-speed vehicles built by General Motors between 1987 and 1992 that embodied the latest in performance-enhancing technology. The aerodynamic body shell, developed for use on a high-speed track, was positioned on an Indy car single-seat chassis powered by a turbocharged a 2.0 liter Oldsmobile Quad 4 engine. To take advantage of different racing conditions, the Aerotech was designed with adjustable under-body sections that helped control the distribution of downforce. Its Cd value is .12. Indy 500 winner A.J. Foyt drove the first Aerotech, setting a closed course speed record of 257 miles per hour.



Miraumont (F) 04-05-1992

SNCF BB 16013 & SNCF BB 16500

12250 Lille - Rouen-Rive-Droite (SNCF BB 16013)

76237 Amiens - Arras (SNCF BB 16500)

Moreda (E) 27-05-1992

RENFE 333-022-2

Diurno 11695/12695 "García Lorca"

Almería & Granada - Barcelona Sants

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