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In 1942 during World War 2 Japanese submarines entered Sydney with the intent of blowing and destroying all they could. Sydney was defended by a large number of long range artillery guns built into fortresses sunk into the cliffs surrounding Sydney Harbour. Now in 2014 these concrete fortresses are used by folk like myself with a passion for night scape photography. I took this image last night with some good friends. Processed in PS CC.


Brendan is a amateur photographer based in Sydney Australia who loves exploring and shooting sea/andscapes/nightscapes in different areas sometimes with good mates other times by himself to improve his skills. I'm always after followers so don't be afraid to follow me on my photographic adventures.

back on my holiday from the six month school outdoor camp thing, enjoy the uploads in the next few days :)

1942 Harley Davidson WL - Photoshopped to within and inch of its life!

If you like my work and wanna show it by inviting me to one of your groups, you are very welcome to do that, but please do not leave any graphic logos! I'll delete them.


SPNC Year 2 #12

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2013 Cambridge Charity Custom & Classic Car Show, Mighty River Domain, Karapiro, NZ

A lone Gebirgsjäger takes an early morning hike during the Battle of the Caucasus in 1942. Enjoy!

La gota dentro de la gota..

1942: dad in his 3 point stance when he played tackle at martins ferry high school... the year they won the state championship...


2007: 65 yrs later... the similarities are amazing...

The 1942 Chevrolet was produced in a quantity of about a fourth of the 1941 model. It's not that the '41 was a svelte beauty and the '42 a hideous beast. Instead there was a matter of a serious war to be fought, and the industrial might of American manufacturers focused upon doing just that, curtailing the production of consumer durable goods as a result.


America entered World War II in December, 1941 and was fully engaged in Europe and in Asia until the Empire of Japan surrendered in August of 1945.


The painted trim of this 1942 "Blackout" Chevrolet reflects the result of the requirement for automakers to curtail the use of brightwork such chrome and stainless steel immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack. Chrome, brass, nickel - all have certain accelerated uses in waging and sustaining a war.

Camera&Lens : Canon EOS-5D MkⅡ+EF28-70mm F2.8L USM.




The place of a photograph is a Gion Area in Kyoto.


Lack of ammunition hadn't slowed Ivan down.

Various Renders Part 10

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