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Small drops of water hanging in the trees, shining like a dream......

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This is at the excite same spot as the photo blow in which only a little time difference. I probably witness more storms this year then all of my years here in Memphis. Living in the south you always have to worry about storms and tornados, but luck me I havent yet to witness a tornado yet. I saw KungFu Panda 2 today in which in my opinion it was better then the first one, feel like the characters development are very well thought out. Checking out Hangover Part 2 over the weekend. lol


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1. Your favorite song currently: Colorblind - Natalie Walker

2. The nicest text message: where r u? XD

3. Your favorite place in the world: Tokyo

4. Your favorite food(s): Peking Duck

5. Your favorite word: obviously


TGIF! any plans for the long weekend?


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location: doha zoo, qatar


(checking old shots)

look at new green. Spring bring new hope to us.

better view


28.06.09 | IMG_1364 | Carisio | Shot by Clo

"You couldn't see my tears cause I am in the water. " Fish said to water.

"But I could feel your tears cause you are in me. "Answered water

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not the best photo out there, but here's my contribution :)



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Camera: Nikon D90

Lens: Nikon 18-200mm

Aperture: f/11

Shutter Speed : 1/100

ISO: 100

Exposure: Manual


Copyright for this image are reserved to Abdulaziz Malallah


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Camera: Nikon D90

Lens: Nikon 18-200mm

Aperture: f/22

Shutter Speed : 1.3 sec

ISO: 100

Exposure: Manual


Copyright for this image are reserved to Abdulaziz Malallah


My favorite colors.....

Happy weekend to everyone!!

This photo have been captured in The Kamnik–Savinja Alps during one of many walks along dried, upper bed of Savinja river, which during the dry periods flow under the ground.

I have been waiting for winter to be able to get a shot of this shed with the sun behind it worth the wait i think!!!

They seemed to discuss something, perhaps to open their secret meeting.haha!

I think, i got it right this time around :) May not be as great as other Moon pictures i had seen on Flickr (from some of my contacts too) but May be would have been better had it been a longer zoom!

SOOC, Zoomed in and added watermark! Hand held shot..

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19.12.09 | 00.46 am | 101_7046


Adoro questa canzone... Let It Snow by Dean Martin

(I love this song)


Fuori c'è un magico silenzio.

Tutto è attutito dalla neve fresca appena caduta.

Non c'è migliore atmosfera natalizia questa notte.

E qui nevica...


Outside there is a magic silence.

Everything is muffled by the snow freshly fallen.

There is no better Christmas atmosphere tonight.

It's snowing here ...



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