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On the 17-mile Drive, Monterrey, as the fog is approaching from the Ocean, to engulf it.

The Flight Majestic


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Shot at Point Joe on the 17 Mile Drive:


I am just lucky to have caught this with my 18-55mm lens!!


Happy weekend everyone! Enjoy to the fullest :-)

I had given up on anything decent for sunset as the fog was thick and grey. But just before sunset the horizon began to barely glow with a mauve'y pink tinge. I jumped for my camera and shot several long exposure images just in time. Five minutes later and the sky was back to grey.


I don't seem to get tired of clicking this tree:)

Standing on a granite hillside off California's scenic 17-mile drive in Pebble Beach, the Lone Cypress is a western icon, and has been called one of the most photographed trees in North America. It has withstood Pacific storms and winds for roughly 250 years. Fences and cables now offer added protection in the hopes it will live to be 300.


L'arbre le plus photograhié en Amérique du Nord: sur la route du 17 miles a Monterey. Il a plus de 250 ans.

At a stop along 17 mile drive we came upon an island of hundreds of California Sea Lions and their pups. Two of the locations on the 17 Mile Drive in Pebble Beach were closed off with miles of protective fencing. The reason for this is the Pacific Harbor Seal Pupping Protection Program, which prohibits disturbance of these seals during the Spring birthing season. The area that we were photographing at was quite far from the seals and the day was overcast and gray further making it a challenge to get many usable images.

Taken way back... unusual composition I know, but I like how the light and shadows play here, especially on the old tree limb. This is along 17 Mile Drive.


Ghost Tree Junction


17-Mile Drive, California

The Lone Cypress, over 200 years and still going strong!


Pebble Beach


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By far, my most favorite spot anywhere in the United States is the Lone Cypress Turnout along the 17 Mile Drive. I spent more than half an hour just admiring the vantage point as this place has special memories for me. I remember visiting here when i was 9 years old and the whole scenic drive was beautiful. The beach, rocky shoreline, Pacific Ocean, California, and this cypress tree to me encompass everything i love about California and nature in general.


Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3

Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II @ 44mm

ISO: 200

Aperture: f/11

Shutter Speed: 1/40

Lith print from 6x7 TRI-X negative on Kentona paper.

On 17mile Drive, California.


My own textures used.

This was my second visit to Pfeiffer Beach on the Big Sur, California coast to photograph this phenomenon. Only during certain times around the winter solstice do shafts of light from the setting sun line up to beam through this natural archway in the granite rock formation just offshore. I took this a couple of days prior to New Year's 2013, and there were some 30 to 40 photographers lined up with me to capture this scene.

Early mariners often crashed upon these rocks after mistakenly setting their course for this point, believing that it was the entrance to Monterey Bay.

17-Mile Drive, California

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Though the Pacific is beautiful when the sun is out, I don't care, I love it no matter the weather.

Good thing pelicans don't fly too high. Being the size of a small aircraft they could have messed up air traffic big time.

The iconic pines on the 17-mile Drive in Pebble Beach Pacific Grove in California. Post processing: Silver Effects for the sky, Viveza for the rocks and highlights of the foreground; Lightroom.

Visitors enjoyed a beautiful ocean view along 17 Mile Drive, California


The first day after the conference on my trip to San Francisco, my friend who is a resident of Silicon Valley took me on a drive to 17 Mile Drive in Monterey Bay by the Pacific Ocean. What a blissful ocean view!


As some of you may already know, my name, 大海, means The Great Ocean. I would not pass up any chance to visit the ocean wherever I go.

The Lone Cypress is located along California's 17 mile drive in Pebble Beach. It is possibly 250 years old and has survived fire and has been held in place by cables for 65 years.


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A lone seagull by the ocean at 17 Mile Drive, Monterey, California

Quest'albero, chiamato "Lone Cypress" (cipresso solitario) si trova sulla 17-Mile Drive, una strada costiera panoramica in California. É il simbolo ufficiale del percorso, un punto strategico per ammirare un panorama mozzafiato.


The "Lone Cypress" tree is is the official landmark of the the 17-Mile Drive, a scenic coastline road in California. From this point you can enjoy a breathtaking view.

We had to stop on our drive and get a picture of this famous landmark on 17 mile drive. Its pretty amazing that it has survived all these years. Of course man has attached a few cables to help it along now. Still makes for a nice photo opportunity.

Hmm...looks like bokeh doesn't care much for the sign-boards!


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HBW everyone! This was clicked at one of the points on the 17 mile drive -


Thanks everyone for your comment love, this is in Explore #206 on 3rd June.

The 17-mile drive between Monterey, California and Carmel, California is a "must do" if you are interested in seascapes. With the changing landscape and ocean, this area provides a wonderful playground for the photographer and a visual treat for everyone.


The Restless Sea, California 2012

The Lone Cypress Tree in Pebble Beach, Ca is known to be one of the most photographed trees in North America. Here's a view that is rarely ever photographed :-)

"This is reality,

whether you like it or not--

all those frivolities of summer,

the light and shadow,

the living mask of green

that trembled over everything,

they were lies,

and this is what was underneath.

This is the truth."

— Willa Cather

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Camera: Nikon D7000

Lens: 16-85 mm f/3.5-5.6

Exposure: 16 mm, f/4,8, ¹⁄₅₀₀ Sek., ISO 100, no flash, Zeitautomatik



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