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Processed an image from the shoot at Joe's Diner. During the shoot I was getting a little cheeky and thought we should pose the models in one of those "age of innocence" scenes inspired by Norman Rockwell. So it was Norman Rockwell's style that I had in mind when I set out to process this image.


For those that may not know of Norman Rockwell: Norman Percevel Rockwell was a 20th-century American painter and illustrator. His works enjoy a broad popular appeal in the United States, where Rockwell is most famous for the cover illustrations of everyday life scenarios he created for The Saturday Evening Post magazine for more than four decades. During the First World War, he tried to enlist into the U.S. Navy but was refused entry because, at 6 feet tall and 140 pounds , he was eight pounds underweight. To compensate, he spent one night gorging himself on bananas, liquids and doughnuts, and weighed enough to enlist the next day. However, he was given the role of a military artist and did not see any action during his tour of duty.


I dont know that I achieved Normas Iconic style but I'll take some artistic license and say the processing was inspired by Norman. I do believe that Norman would have been a huge fan of Dodge and Burn and may have forgone the use of a 50% gray layer.




7ft Octobox & mono light Camera right

3ft strip box camera left and behind (provided by )

Triggered with Pocket Wizards



Double Raw Conversion (Creds to Calvin Hollywood)

CS5 (Levels,Dodge & Burn,Layer fills for color, various beauty retouching)

Lucis Pro for a contrast and detail pop

Topaz Adjust to smooth the Lucis effect out

High Pass sharpening to end

Selective sharpening and straightening in Aperture 3



shutter 1/80


ISO 100

Focal: 34mm


Models: Models:

Francis Moller (aka Bella Franchesca) Mayhem #1727326

Jamie Victoria: Mayhem #1621492


I did a couples shoot with a real couple. Jamie is a new model and Aaron (whom you will see later) is the dutiful boyfriend that played model for the afternoon. I did, however, get in a few solo shots of Jamie (Model Mayhem #1621492).


Vivitar 265 HV, camera left, 1/4 power.

From a shoot today at a Vintage Diner


580EXII in Chimera Strip Box Camera Left

Mono light 7ft Octobox camera left

Triggered with Pocket Wizards.



Francis Moller (aka Bella Franchesca) Mayhem #1727326

Jamie Victoria: Mayhem #1621492


Processed in Aperture 3 and CS5

Filters: Topaz Denoise, Topaz Adjust

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