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A Ford 15m Coupé at the Schuppen 1 in Bremen.

NS 15M heads west thru CP Draw towards Conneaut with an Ex NW leader.

Ska-P El Vals del Obrero... Resistencia!


Orgulloso de estar

Entre el proletariado

es difícil llegar a fin de mes

y tener que sudar y sudar

"pa" ganar nuestro pan.


Este es mi sitio, ésta es mi gente

somos obreros, la clase preferente

por eso, hermano proletario, con orgullo

yo te canto esta canción, somos la revolución.


En esta democracia hay mucho listo que se

lucra exprimiendo a nuestra clase social.

les importa cuatro huevos si tienes catorce

hijos y la abuela no se puede operar.


Somos los obreros, la base de este juego

en el que siempre pierde el mismo "pringao",

un juego bien pensado, en el que nos tienen

callados y te joden si no quieres jugar.







A ex N&W SD40-2 with a RS5T leads a 10 car 15M through Blasdell


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NS 8434 leading the general merchandise train South through Wampum, Pa towards Conway.

Movimiento 15 N en Huelva


Seventh anniversary of the 15-M movement. The citizens took the streets. In the image a protest in the Plaza La Escandalera, Uviéu

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Since docking with the International Space Station on 24 November 2014, Soyuz TMA-15M has been waiting for its return flight to Earth. On Thursday, ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, NASA astronaut Terry Virts and cosmonaut commander Anton Shkaplerov will enter the spacecraft and close the hatch after 200 days in space.


Not much will remain of the craft once it lands on the Kazakh steppe some three hours after leaving the Space Station. The vessel will separate into three modules, with only the middle one designed to survive the extreme heat and forces of reentry. The sections sporting the solar wings, symbols and antenna will burn up harmlessly in the atmosphere.


When the trio slowly back away from the Station at around 10:20 GMT they will be travelling at 28 800 km/h relative to the ground. The Soyuz thrusters, parachutes and even springs will bring them to a halt with a thump at the end of their mission.


It is a bumpy ride, but a safe one. Each Soyuz comes with a ‘space warranty’ of 210 days, leaving TMA-15M with a comfortable margin as it comes home.


Samantha shared this image a few day's before returning to Earth with the comment: "Here she is, our Soyuz. It's been sleeping for over six months, it's time to wake her up. On Monday: thrusters test."


Follow the flight live on the ESA website.


Credit: ESA/NASA

DLTB. Co. 15M

Seen: August 25, 2014


Ford Taunus 15M in a cut down forest.

Acampada en Sol 19/05/11

#acampadasol #spanishrevolution #15M


Web: Guti Serrano


Chasing the golden sun yesterday morning before work. It’s a shame I had to change because this comfy dress even has hidden pockets perfect for a phone or keys. Regretfully the transition from pants pockets to a purse has not been as smooth as anticipated. ☮️💜

Still 15 months HRT, still transitioning, and still looking for my new makeup bag. Regardless, $3 goes a long was way in a pinch for mascara, liner, and lipstick. 💜GIRL POWER💜

Blackbook graffiti

15 Month HRT update.

Bus No: 15M

Body: Del Monte Motor Works Inc.

Engine: MAN D2066LOH

Chassis: MAN R39 18.350 HOCL

Suspension: Air Suspension

Transmission: M/T

Route: Cubao-Sorsogon


Location: Araneta Center Bus Terminal, Cubao, Quezon City

I have a healthy respect for male privilege even though I was really too feminine to enjoy the practice. As I become female I am realizing smart women who find a man of their own will always have access. Cheers to all of the good men out there! ☮️💜

Last friday (May 27th) I went to Plaça Catalunya (Barcelona) in the morning, where hundreds of people have camped since March 15th as a protest against our fake democracy. The police, known here as Mossos d'Esquadra, charged at protesters with violence in an attempt to vacate the place. Not only they didn't achieve their aim, but also they make the movement much more stronger.

At 7pm, about ten thousand people protested against police violence.


Here you have some shots from that morning.


By the way, I've enabled comments again because I believe this situation deserves it :)


Ariel’s Point is one of the top attraction at Boracay. An exciting destination located 35 to 45 minutes away from Boracay Island by outrigger boat, this eco-adventure paradise provides guests with the opportunity to cliff dive, kayak, paddleboard and snorkel in an unspoiled tropical paradise. It is also one of the top cliff diving destinations in the world. Trips are offered daily with lunch, snacks, drinks and beer provided. Departure every morning from Ariel’s House, and return to Boracay before sunset.

My vacation at Boracay, Philippines: Boracay, Philippines




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I'm not a photographer. I'm just learning to enjoy while I take pictures.

From working out to working it all out; I’m up for the challenge. I have lost 50lbs now since January 1st after learning how to balance the estrogen load that is thankfully augmenting my mind, body, and spirit. I stopped by one of my favorite golf courses today in this dress and found a nice people watching bench. It was a beautiful breezy day and so much fun spying on the guys check in and out of the club at the bag drop. (I took some pics) I didn’t see anyone I knew but I seriously doubt they would recognize me at a distance. Maybe after a nice hug and kiss they would figure it out. 😘 ChaChaChanges!!! ☮️💜

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