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Olivia seems to like cute-girly-guys. She has a determined fondness for her late brother, but due to her valley-girl background, she can only hold onto melancholy for so long...


Anyway, though, you see that in this "conjectural painting" of Olivia and her brother, her brother looks more than a tad bit feminine. ^^


His conjectural name is Oliver ;-D




The painting that hangs above the main stage-level entrance to SL Shakespeare Company's Twelfth Night Act 1, Scene 5


Pseudo-painting-look through filters and layer effects composition via an original SL shot.


Outfit Credits:

Olivia = {Hair: Shop Seu; Earrings: flirt; Skin & Eyes: SL Globe Theatre Gift Shop; Dress: Wunderlich}

Oliver = {Hair: Little Heaven; Skin & Eyes: SL Globe Theatre Gift Shop; Clothing: Bare Rose}


Please click on original version to see painting effect! :-D


Sure to delight the latent Shakespeare zealot in you ;-D

glenn does a medical elective for 2 months in kenya in the highlands, africa


Slides & Stories: ... I have experienced more in these weeks than in a lifetime. Four days in a row last week, I was involved in resuscitating patients who had either respiratory or cardiac arrests. Two lived and two died. I have done an incredible number of things that I never would have thought possible or that I would be capable of doing. I have met these Kenyans and thought and felt much. I have grown to have meaningful relationships with many of the staff and missionaries here. I am continually awe-struck by the absolute beauty of this land. I spent last Saturday climbing a mountain. I have walked down into the valley and by the river by myself. I have spent sacred time both with myself and without myself. I have sensed the holy inexplicable at many junctions. I have sung a duet in church with a British medical student and had the text read in Kalenjin beforehand.


Read the whole letter at:


See this in booklet form in the official SL Shakespeare Company Twelfth Night: Act 1 programme @

It is almost too easy to tweak photos into cool pictures these days. I am slowly wrapping my head around the idea that editing pics after they are taken is part of the art these days.

All the decorations came down and were put back in the loft. The house feels very bare.

via PhotoToaster

I found this alien, green with envy, coveting my new perscription.


Blogged HERE in July 2010

Is 12th night today or tomorrow you decide but always bit a sad to know the decorations are coming down.

Not an exciting image, just the last of the Christmas Dec coming down on 12th night.

The Green Man arrives to bless the crowds for the new year on the South Bank in London, 8th January 2012.

12th night end of the Christmas period at Epiphany so time for the last of the decorations to come down here is Rudolph escaping.

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