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No awards, many thanks !







Ideas hang before me,

All but a breath away,

They flicker into being

And then begin to fade.


And when I'm tired of sitting,

I drag my bones to bed,

And when I'm tired of sleeping,

I think of them instead.


They're only words.

Don't have to shout to be heard.


I have not seen the light for days.


Like Icarus before me,

These wings are not my own,

And I am soaring skyward

Just to tumble home.


Moment has gone.

I'm not the best at moving on.

Nothing to say -

No-one would listen anyway..

Sorry not to be able to catch up you all for a long time.

Hope I'll settle down all right soon...:)

Thanks for your invits but no awards, thanks !


Rolleiflex 2.8F Planar + Portra400VC


© All rights reserved 2011. Please do not use my images without my explicit permission. : )

each life


Hasselblad 500C/M

Was able to find time to update my project 365. I'm in Singapore right now and I can't wait to share more photos. :D


Facebook page.





كم أمقت التعصب


تلك الآفة اللا إنسانية

التي تعتمر نفوس الكثير من البشر

و هم من جنس واحد


لم أسمع عن حيوان يكره أو يسيء لحيوان آخر من فصيلته

لكننا نحن البشر باستطاعتنا

أن نكن الحقد و الضغينة

لمجرد العرق

أو اللون

أو الدين

أو المذهب

أو الوظيفة


Pansies - always make me smile.

my heart is always drifting like a small, fragile boat

A menudo encontramos nuestro destino por los caminos que tomamos para evitarlo.


Jean de la Fontaine


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