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You can look large at either one if you like... Thanks so much and have a fantastic weekend......;-)))

Fuerte oleaje en Cala Flores. (3er Explored consecutivo...esta vez el 143)


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非常感謝台灣各位好友, 這次的旅程是我畢生難忘之旅

特別多謝王子先生, 廖大哥, 白爸, 羊咩咩.....帶我到合歡山呀!!

特別感謝王子先生三天的照顧, 帶我們四處遊覽, 辛苦了你哦!!




合歡山群峰係由七座山峰所串連,分別是:合歡主峰(3,417公尺)、合歡山北峰(3,422公尺)、合歡山東峰(3,421公尺)、合歡山西峰(3,145公尺)、石門山(3,237公尺)、石門北峰(3,278公尺)、合歡尖山(3,217公尺)(前五座更名列台灣百岳之中)。 合歡主峰並非合歡群峰中最高峰,但視野遼闊,原為軍事管制區,曾有軍隊駐紮,民眾無法進入;如今軍隊撤離,山頂除供電信業者設置無線通訊發射站,亦開放登山客登頂。


Everyone needs a place to go to sometime and clear their thoughts..

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Las Ruinas de Belchite en Aragón -que se ven al comienzo de El Laberinto del Fauno- son las mismas que en 1988 el director Terry Gillian mostró en “Las Aventuras del Barón Munchausen”. Esta ciudad llevada a la ruina por las tropas de Franco, se ha conservado en ese estado por expresa indicación del dictador, por representar una de las batallas más emblemáticas de toda la Guerra Civil.

Entre los edificios destruidos, se pueden apreciar hermosas construcciones de estilo mudéjar y antiguas edificaciones civiles igual de importantes. Una parada que te sorprenderá si viajas a Zaragoza, y que puedes visitar tal y como si fuera un decorado de una película.

Taken couple of minutes after the sun passed the horizon line. I used a tobacco graduated filter in order to give that warm color to the sky. You guys decide if it's worth staying in my photostream. Thanks. :) Have a good weekend everyone!


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Fotoencuentros del Sureste. Santiago de la Ribera. Larga exposición.


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totally blue... :)) early early summer morning.


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Location: one of the most beautiful places of Lithuania - Curonian spit.


P.S. no filter was used here and this is not HDR. :) just a single exposure.

The sun was dropping quite drably when suddenly it came out underneath the clouds lighting up like a laser across the lake for few seconds.

Cars zoom by on a July evening in the heart of Tokyo

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Esta Fotografia no refleja ni el 5% de la belleza de la luz que pude contemplar ese dia..posiblemente uno de los atardeceres mas bellos que he visto en mi vida.

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vi prometto che questa è l'ultima! :-)


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Heydar Aliyev Museum

Baku Azerbaijan


NO hdr (look exif dates)

Whitout photoshop

Only contrast and shadows.


Storm in Zaragoza at Ebro River..I hope you like the dramatic atmosfere.

Igree coments about what do you think tanks!


Happy April Fool for all my friends.^^

trying new things in the moment.

Rector Street that is.

All these years of my stalking the streets of Lower Manhattan and today I finally walk down this way at the very right time of day to see this sight. 'and trust me, this doesn't even do it justice...although I've got other shots I'll be posting in the future from this locale.


Now when I say the right time of day, I mean sunset. Can't imagine the light hitting this spot just the same way at other hours of the day.


Best Seen On Dark...Just click on the photo to see it larger on dark.




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