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Marian McPartland – Twilight World - (You'll like this if you're romantic)


I think of creativity and artistry as human assets that must be worked at, and worked at diligently. They must be continually questioned and developed, picked apart and put back together again. Marian McPartland recorded the attached song at 85 or so, I believe. She has never stopped recording or pushing at her art.


Her hand speed and the power of her touch have been replaced by a sense of emotion, taste, romance and elegance she didn't quite have 40 years ago.




The previous image on these pages was black-and-white, and it has been requested of me to do more of that. I think of my b&w work as nibbles of Gari (pickled ginger root) in between varied pieces of sushi: although quite tasty in its own right, it is more of a stablizer or refreshener before the next taste sensation, subtle, bold, or a combination of both.


Currently, I have no desire to add texture to my b&w work, (and texture interests me most at this time) and no interest anymore in straight (untextured) color work - so I wander back and forth a bit. But it will always be 80% color to 30% b&w.


This image - "Monrning Walk." Unfortunately, I hate getting up in the morning, which means I miss out on a lot of those wonderful sunrise shots. But, every now and then I try to rise and shine. Usually I manage to get out because I awakened at 3 a.m. and could not go back to sleep. I figure, "what the hell, go shoot something."


I am rewarded with two things when I do: some nice images, and a mid-day desire for a siesta like you wouldn’t believe (which is frowned upon in the US of A for reasons I'll never understand).


So here is a morning shot, 31st & South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, by Lake Michigan. I decided to try some undirected, just-have-at-it, "Texture Play" – trying to accent the coarseness in the textures, leaving it highly visible, and an intentional part of the design of the image as some of you guys and gals do.


This would end up as a 30” x 40” print on canvas, and is meant to be viewed from at least six feet away. Not sure, if I succeeded just by judging on my monitor.


I also think I’ll try one of those soft, overall blurred versions of this too, (Judex style: ) with some vertical movement, although I’ve no idea how that is done. Why? I’ve seen some of you do it. I like it. And, ‘jus `cause, I guess.


(As of today, September 1, 2011 I haven't tried this)


Flickr allows me to feel as if I'm back in art school. One could walk the halls of the Art Institute of Chicago, study the masters, try to figure out what they are doing, and copy them. Same here on Stroll the pages of my contacts and groups, study the masters, try to figure out what they are doing, and copy them.


Note from today: September 1, 2011. I don't really like this image. I am not sure why. I have no inkling as to why. It feels off. I don't think I captured what I set out to do, however ambiguous my original goals may have been to begin with. The only reason the image is still posted here is I love the music and now tend to think of this image whenever I hear it.


C'est la Vie.


31st Street Beach, Lake Michigan, Chicago


Textures: in alphabetical order

Alex Edg:

Distressed Jewell:

Flypaper Textures:




Duran Duran 'New Religion' - Play this track here.


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Rio is the second studio album by the British rock band Duran Duran, originally released worldwide May 1982. It reached no 2 in the UK and no 1 in Australia. New Religion was the sixth track on the album.


The album was re-released in the United States in November 1982. It earned a Gold disc on 1 March 1983, and went Platinum on 26 April 1983, eventually reaching Double Platinum status. It peaked at number six on the Billboard 200 album chart in the US on 12 March 1983, and remained on the chart for 129 weeks.


If you are going to track down the album, the 2CD 20-year anniversary reissue is the one you need. This includes additional David Kershenbaum dance mixes, released in the states.


The Royal Mile is one of the world’s oldest and most famous streets and it links Edinburgh Castle at the top of the hill, with Holyrood House at the bottom. Here is pictured St Giles cathedral Kirk at dusk.


Walking “The Mile” as it’s known is an activity that visitors and locals have undertaken for hundreds of years. To save your legs, it’s best walked down hill and along the way, you’ll see the castle, the Scotch Whisky Experience, St Giles Cathedral, the Scottish Parliament building and endless tartan-covered souvenir shops.


Most of the buildings in between though are jam packed full of history as the buildings on the mile have remained largely unchanged for centuries. Look out for the old toll house with its lovely clock and John Knox House in particular.


This area is interesting at night as the castle and St Giles in particular are illuminated. Beware of anyone with a bottle of Buckfast tonic wine who may approach you to include them in your image.


The buskers are generally pretty good however, and worth giving your spare change to.


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St Etienne - "Spring" - Play this track here.


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A great track from the London Conversations album. this time of year always reminds me of it with all the snowdrops in the hedgerows. Very uplifting that Easter and warmer, longer days just around the corner.


Saint Etienne are an English electronic music band from London, formed in 1990. The band consists of Sarah Cracknell, Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs. They are named of course after the French football team AS Saint-Étienne


Saint Etienne were associated with the "indie dance" genre in the early 1990s. Their typical approach was to combine sonic elements of the dance-pop that emerged in the wake of the so-called Second Summer of Love (e.g. samples and digitally synthesized sounds) with an emphasis on songwriting involving romantic and introspective themes more commonly associated with traditional British pop and rock music.


Early work demonstrated the influence of '60s soul, '70s dub and rock as well as '80s dance music, giving them a broad palette of sounds and a reputation for eclecticism. Years later, The Times wrote that they "deftly fused the grooviness of Swinging Sixties London with a post-acid house backbeat". Their first two albums, Foxbase Alpha and So Tough feature sounds chiefly associated with house music, such as standard TR-909 drum patterns and Italo house piano riffs mixed with original sounds, notable by the use of found dialogue, sampled from 1960s British realist cinema. Some of these earlier recordings included skits by (Brass Eye) satirist Chris Morris.


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The church of St. Giles was built about 1884/5 to replace an earlier chapel in front of the gates to the abbey. It was constructed at the expense of the Earl of Macclesfield.

Passion Of Lovers - "Bauhaus" - Play this track here.


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Bauhaus were an English band from Northampton between 1978 and 1983. The group were Peter Murphy on vox, Daniel Ash on guitar, Kevin Haskins on drums and David J on bass. After break up some members continued as 'Love and Rockets'.


Originally called 'Bauhaus 1919' (a reference to the German Bauhaus art movement of the 1920s, because of its "stylistic implications and associations"), the date was soon dropped. With the ultimate dark and gloomy sound and image, Bauhaus I think, are generally considered the first proper gothic rock group.


Together for only six weeks, Bauhaus entered the studio for the first time at Beck Studios in Wellingborough to record a seminal demo. Five songs were recorded, one of the tracks from the session, "Bela Lugosi's Dead", running more than nine minutes, was released as the group's debut single in August 1979 on Small Wonder Records as Bauhaus. It stayed on the British independent charts for two years. The song received crucial airplay on BBC Radio 1 and DJ John Peel's evening show, and Bauhaus was subsequently asked to record a session for Peel's show, which was broadcast on January 3rd, 1980.


This single, "The Passion of Lovers" peaked at number 56 and came from the second album, 'Mask' (1981). The band employed more keyboards and a variety of other instruments to add to the diversity of the record. In an unconventional move, the group shot a video for the album's title track as a promotional tool for the band as a whole and not any specific song from the record. My original 7" has a lyric sheet if the listener felt they would like to sing along(!).


In my opinion Bauhaus never received the critical regognicion they deserved. To appreciate the band, check out the excellent live cut 'Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape'. Alternatively, track down 'Swing the Heartache: The BBC Sessions'. Oh, and tell 'em I sent you!




The story of St George and the Dragon was a legend brought back with the Crusaders and retold with the courtly appurtenances belonging to the genre of Romance. The earliest known depiction of the legend is from early 11th century Cappadocia, (in the iconography of the Eastern Orthodox Church, George had been depicted as a Roman soldier since at least the 7th century); the earliest known surviving narrative text is an eleventh-century Georgian text.


A dragon or Crocodile creature makes its nest at the spring that provides water for the city of "Silene" (perhaps modern Cyrene) in Libya or the city of Lydda, depending on the source. Consequently, the citizens have to dislodge the dragon from its nest for a time, to collect water. To do so, each day they offer the dragon at first a sheep, and if no sheep can be found, then a beautiful maiden must go instead of the sheep.


The victim is chosen by drawing lots. One day, this happens to be the princess. The monarch begs for her life to be spared, but to no avail. She is offered to the dragon, but there appears Saint George on his travels. He faces the dragon, protects himself with the sign of the cross, slays the dragon, and rescues the princess. The grateful citizens abandon their ancestral paganism and convert to Christianity.


The St George's Cross is a white flag with a red cross, he is Englands patron saint and the feast day is on April 23rd. The Barmy Army are keen carriers of the flag, supporters of the England cricket team, who beyond many predictions have retained the Ashes this week. So its quite appropriate I have slipped a little bit of symbolism into this post. If you are one of my Antipodean cousins and have managed to read this far, 'Sorry! see you in a couple of years time...'.


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( )

Admittedly I uploaded a shot of this Tate Britain space a couple of weeks ago but as one of my favourite places in London I thought I'd upload a version without a person.


I should point out he blue light on the stair isn't completely accurate..... The auto white balance has corrected the warmish lights of the basement resulting in the daylight from above being emphasized. I could've corrected this by reducing the cyan saturation but I think it makes for an intersting effect that adds to the photo.


Click here to see more of my favourite London shots :


From Wikipedia : "In 2012, Tate Britain announced that it had raised the £45 million required to complete a major renovation, largely thanks to a £4.9 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund and £1 million given by Tate Members. The museum stayed open throughout the three phases of renovation.


Completed in 2013, the newly designed sections were conceived by the architects Caruso St John and included a total of nine new galleries, with reinforced flooring to accommodate heavy sculptures. A second part was unveiled later that year, the centrepiece being the reopening of the building's Thames-facing entrance as well as a new spiral staircase beneath its rotunda. The circular balcony of the rotunda's domed atrium, closed to visitors since the 1920s, was reopened. The gallery also now has a dedicated schools' entrance and reception beneath its entrance steps on Millbank and a new archive gallery for the presentation of temporary displays."


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Road - "The Levellers" - Play this track here..


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See this shot on Alamy here


The Levellers are an English rock band, founded in 1988 and based in Brighton, England. Their musical style is was influenced by punk and traditional/folk music. It is unclear whether the band got its name from a democratic faction of Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army; or according to guitarist, Simon Friend, was chosen from a dictionary.


They are Mark Chadwick, Jeremy Cunningham, Charlie Heather, Simon Friend, Jonathan Sevink and Matt Savage. Originally, all of the band's earnings being put together in a fund from which the members were paid the same amount every day.


1991 saw the release of their second album, Levelling the Land, the source of this track. The LP was a massive success, entering the charts at number 14. The anthemic single "One Way", despite not reaching the Top 40, became a popular song and live favourite for years to come among the travelling and indie community. Levelling the Land is often cited as an all-time classic amongst people who were students or travellers in the early 1990s.


The band are still active. For a good starting point, track down 'One Way of Life: The Very Best of The Levellers'. Tell 'em I sent you :-)




During the Jacobite rising of 1745, Edinburgh was briefly occupied by Jacobite forces before their march into England. Following their ultimate defeat at the Battle of Culloden, near Inverness, there was a period of reprisals and pacification, largely directed at the Catholic Highlanders.


In Edinburgh the Hanoverian monarch attempted to gain favour by supporting new developments to the north of the castle, naming streets in honour of the King and his family; George Street, Frederick Street, Hanover Street and Princes Street shown in this image at dusk, named in honour of George III's two sons.


The historic centre of Edinburgh is divided into two by the broad green swath of Princes Street Gardens. To the south the view is dominated by Edinburgh Castle, perched atop the extinct volcanic crag, and the long sweep of the Old Town trailing after it along the ridge. To the north lies Princes Street and the New Town. The gardens were begun in 1816 on bogland which had once been the Nor Loch.


One of the Edinburgh tramlines can be seen on the right. Edinburgh Trams is a forthcoming tramway system which is currently under construction in Edinburgh, Scotland. It will be the first tram system in Edinburgh since the city’s previous network, Edinburgh Corporation Tramways, shut down in 1956.


The new tram system was originally scheduled to come into operation in July 2011, but the estimated completion date is now 2014, and will initially consist of one line running east-west across the city. Further extensions are planned. Originally budgeted at a cost of £375 million in 2003, the tram system is now anticipated to cost over £600 million.


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( artl )

Another upload from the very productive morning spent with John at St.Marys lighthouse.We were a bit worried as there was a big bank of cloud just offshore to the left of the island but as it happened we were blessed with a great sunrise and nothing materialsed from the 'threat'

This is one of the more common compositions with the lighthouse at the back and those wooden posts in the foreground.I took a few steps back to include those few rocks at the bottom to add some colour as the sunrise was still a little way off.




EXIF....F9.5....30 SECONDS....ISO 100....13MM....SINGH RAY ND3 REV. GRAD

Highest Explored Position: 117


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I'm getting a bit weary of uploading shots from London and though I still have some left, I figured I'll mix it up with shots from my last weekend trip to Germany!


Last Saturday we went on a day trip to Cologne, Germany. It was meant to be a pleasant day long trip with a group of friends, and we were especially excited seeing the un-seasonally heavy snow that this part of the world recently got. As luck would have it, when we reached the border of the Netherlands after a 2 hour train ride, we found out that the German railway wasn't working due to the snow! Determined to still make it, we hopped on a bus from Venlo along with a gaillion other passengers to another train station where the trainline was suppsoedly working. Mind you at this point we got our info from people who did not speak english and the driver who didn't speak english at all! Anyways after a crammed hour and half bus ride (now i know how cattle feel) we arrived at a middle of nowhere station called Viersan. Here we took another 1 hour trainride (equally crammed as everyone seemed to be going to Cologne for the Chrismas Market) and finally reached Cologne (only to find out that the last train back was 3 hours later).


Anyways, more description to come later. Here's a shot of the High Cathedral of St. Peter.



As always, comments/notes/crituques and favourites (just hit F ) will be very much appreciated!

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Shot details:

3 bracketed shots using: Canon 7D; Canon 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5, Vista tripod with a Manfrotto 804 RC2 head


Post processing:

1. Lightroom for initial fixups,

2. Merged in HDR Efex

3. Post processed (colors, sharpness and so forth) in Nik Color Efex

4. Finally did a little more processing (vignetting and temp and so forth again in Lightroom)

First upload of 2014 and looking forward to a bit of the white stuff……


Thirty-five years ago ETH fitted Peak no. 45136 races through a snow flurry at Beeston with a MML service from Nottingham - London St. Pancras. Taken on 12th February 1978.

Simon Jenkins in his book "England''s Thousand Best Churches" awards St Wulframs church in Grantham a five star rating, in part for the tower and spire. "Here is the finest steeple in England", he writes. Constructed in the early 1300s, at 282 ft. the spire is one of the highest in the country on a parish church, dominating the views of the town. The church is built of Lincolnshire limestone, probably from around the Ancaster area.


It has to be said that Grantham is a place with a single real claim to fame. Much like Liverpool was the birthplace of the 1960's icons 'The fab Four', Grantham was birthplace of the scurge of the 1980's 'The Iron Lady'. Heady times. In the UK one of 3 million unemployed, Militant Tendancy (I often drank in the same Liverpool pub as Derek Hatton), pit towns desimated and Arthur Scargil. When he said that over 20,000 mining jobs would go they called him mad. He wasn't mad enough, the final figure was over twice that. However, dont get me on that subject....


But if you pass through this way, this church should be worth a visit. Check out its stunning spire and try to find its hippopotamus head. The church is dedicated to St Wulfram, a 7th century missionary born in about 650 AD near Fontainebleau, south of Paris. A quite popular saint of the time.


He was the son of a Frankish soldier but instead of following in his father''s footsteps, he took Holy Orders. He was Archbishop of Sens in 693. In 700 he became a missionary to the pagan Frisians in what is now northern Germany. He died in 720 and was canonised after numerous miracles had been attributed to him. There is a large collegiate church dedicated to him at Abbeville in northern France .


In pre-Reformation times this church contained a shrine of St. Wulfram. The reliquary was probably housed in the Crypt and at times in the upper chamber of the North Porch. The medieval font c1496 is surmounted by a tall and elaborate fixed cover of 1899 designed by Sir Walter Tapper. Inside the cover are three carved figures depicting Edward the Confessor, St Hugh of Lincoln and St Wulfram.


The Francis Trigge Chained Library is a great treasure of the church, established in 1598 when Reverend Francis Trigge, Rector of Welbourn, gave £100 for the purchase of books to set up the library. There are 356 separate items including a book printed in Venice in 1472, that is four years before Caxton introduced printing into England. Over 80 volumes are still attached by chain to the shelves, preventing their loan or theft. Unfortunately I missed this on my visit.


This image has been used on the churches blog (by permission) at


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This photo was in a juried exhibit at The Main Street Gallery, 105 Main ST., PO Box 161, Groton, NY 13073, 1-607-898-9010, The exhibit ran from July11, 2010 through July 18, 2010. This photo won second place, honorable mention, in the exhibit. The photo is now for sale in 30 limited edition framed and matted photos. Contact me through Flickr mail if you are interested.


Explore #1 Front Page!! 9/28/09 Lisette is now famous. She better keep modeling for me.


Update: 3/9/10, Lisette was chosen to be the icon on the group White Creatures, through a contest vote.


Taken for Ms. Cheeky's Workshop, Exercise #5, show some motion. Even though this is a fairly fast shutter speed, the wind is so strong, that there is some slight blur motion in her ears.


Lisette, while boating. She's never scared of the camera on the boat, because she can't hear the noise and she loves the wind.


To view large in windows click Control + a few times, and then Control 0 to return to normal view


Taken 9/27/08, Uploaded 9/28/09, #7771, slight crop, and photoshop erasing of the boat guard rails


If you wish, view all of my Photostream, sorted by Interestingness:


Glasgow's, John Street at night. Just after a shower while I was on my way to Babbity Bowsters , light reflecting off the wet pavement. A lovely bit of the city. For more on this vibrant part of toun visit


View this image on Alamy for legal authorised use here.


The Merchant City is a district of the city of Glasgow. The area was first formed during the 18th century to house the wealthy merchant "tobacco lords" who prospered shipping, amongst other things, tobacco, sugar and tea to the Clyde and fabricated goods to the Americas at this time many classical villas were built in the area. The name 'Merchant City' was coined during 1980's 'Glasgows Smiles Better' regeneration. Historically the area was called 'the tron' or 'cross' or simply by most Glaswegians 'the toun' or 'the town'. An annual Merchant City Festival takes place around the last week of September attracting tens of thousands to the area with a multi-arts programme.


If you visit the Merchant city don't miss the best pint and Cullen Skink in toun


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(c) TonySmith Hotpix / HotpixUK This image not to be used on websites or reproduced without permission.


(c) Hotpix / HotpixUK Tony Smith - WDCC

The iconic 1896 "Chop Suey Far East" building, just east of downtown Los Angeles, in Little Tokyo...(iPhone5s)

14 th. st. NW Washington, DC

All work done on iPhone & iPad

Blue skies and fall color at the top of Oslo's beautiful St Hanshaugen Park.


Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5

Lens: Olympus M.Zuiko 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3

17mm (34mm full frame FOV), ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/80 sec., single RAW file (not HDR), hand-held.


I don't have Internet yet in my new place, so I am trying out the phone app for uploading. This also means that I won't be able to get around to seeing and commenting on all of your work with the same diligence and detail that I normally do, at least for a little while. In the meantime, thanks for stopping by, and have a great rest of your weekend!

R st. Downtown NW Washington, DC

Best Viewed Large, When You Click on Photo or Press the "L" Key to View in Light Box

Done with iPhone 4 and iPad

Im Not A Butterfly Person But I Do Want To Get Into Macro,I Didnt Reaslise There Was One On The Right Until I Uploaded This Picture...Taken At Carrmill Dam,St.Helens,Merseyside

This Also Made It To The St.Helens Star.


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jdweatherby: Ghost town


From Wikipedia:


The cathedral's pipe organ which was built by T. C. Lewis and Co of Brixton, England. Over six and half thousand pounds were spent on its construction, shipping and installation before it was played at the cathedral's opening in 1891. Various modifications and maintenance works have been carried out since then, culminating in a $726,000 restoration which was completed in 1990 with the help of a National Trust appeal. In its restored state the organ has four manuals with 44 stops and pedals with nine stops, all with electro-pneumatic action. It is housed in the cathedral's south transept behind newly-stencilled facade pipes.


Here's a link to download an MP3 of JS Bach - Sinfonia to Cantata 29 (arr Gehring) - played by David Ratnanayagam on the St Paul's Cathedral organ.



Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk II

Lens: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM

Exposure: 5 exposures (-2.-1,0,+1,+2 EV)

Aperture: f/8

Focal Length: 16 mm

ISO Speed: 100

Post Processing:

Imported into Lightroom

Exported 5 exposures to Photomatix

Tonemap generated HDR using detail enhancer option

Re-imported back into Lightroom

Contrast adjustment in Lightroom

Noise reduction in Lightroom

Slightly cropped in Lightroom

Vibrance adjustment in Lightroom (because the orginal seemed washed out when I uploaded it)

Sharpening in Lightroom

Added keyword metadata

Exported as 3000 x 2000 JPEG


View On Black


View Original Size

St Mary's Girls made their debut yesterday. I appreciate the love and support. Today, my flickr account got shut down. But don't worry, I'm still here and when I find out if it's closed for good or not I will upload whatever pics I can salvage here if I need to start over. Please add my new account if you haven't already!


Go here to see the story of St Mary's Girls and the video:

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Hi friends, I know it's been a while since I've shown any sign of life and have largely ignored your posts...sorry! Well, it's been a hectic couple of months and it's not yet over. The thesis work has been ever so insurmountable recently, so no time to breathe, let alone do anything else! We finally decided recently that we desperately need a short break and ran over to Italy for a quick R&R!

So here's the first upload from St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatical City. FYI, I'll still be swamped for the next couple of months, so I hope you'll excuse any tardiness when it comes to feedback :)


As always, comments/notes/crituques and favourites (just hit F ) will be very much appreciated!

For the best view, hit L .

Some people who's work I admire are tagged in this picture. Please visit their stream!

Click here to see the rest of my HDRs (High Dynamic Range Photos)!


Shot details:

3 subsequent panoramic handheld shots using: Canon 5D Mark III; Canon 17-40mm f/4,

Post processing:

1. Corrected the lens profile and chromatic aberration in lightroom

2. Stitched the images in PS6

3. Added in curves, local contrast and saturation in PS6

4. Exported to jpeg using Lightroom

Here's one I made earlier, albeit never uploaded in monochrome......


Having been in Birmingham for the last two days I need to get processing shots so here's one from my archives of the Zaha Hadid designed Investcorp Building for St Anthonys College, Oxford University.


Click here to see more shots of Zaha Hadid buildings :


From the Zaha Hadid website : "The new Investcorp Building for the Middle East Centre provides 1,127 square metres of additional floor space and a new 117-seat lecture theatre; doubling the space available for the Middle East Centre’s expanding library & archive, and providing optimum conditions to conserve and manage the centre’s collections that were previously stored in the basement of 66 Woodstock Road."


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F st. Downtown NW Washington, DC

Best Viewed Large, When You Click on Photo or Press the "L" Key to View in Light Box

Done with iPhone 4 and iPad

Explored - #106


St. Paul, MN

Wehmann Models & Talent


Here's another of Judith from September. I added a bunch of photos to Facebook tonight, and this one already has over 30 "likes" - so I figured I should upload it to Flickr :) And this, too, was edited with a combination of some of my Photoshop actions -


Canon 5D Mark II, 85mm f/1.8. Natural light. || blog || twitter || facebook || actions


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# 370 in Explore on 18.10.2008


My Flickroholizm start 17.10.2007 :)

Thank You all My Friends for this indescribable and awesom year.

Thank You for everything, for good word, for being with me, for help in solveing each day problem: "Which one upload???"


Love You All :))


1, January 2007

Blackpool Works, St Austell, Cornwall

English China Clay drying towers

Nikon D80

ISO 800

RAW Lab colour grey scale conversion in CS2

Image printed 6x6cm onto clear OHP film on Canon i9950 inkjet

Image projected through Phillips PCS130 enlarger

Exposed for 10 secs onto Kentmere Kentona paper

Dev'd in LD20 Lith at 1:19 dilution at 30c

Snatch point at 4:30 mins

Print scanned in 48 bit colour at 300dpi on AdobeRGB calibrated Epson 4490 Photo

Duplicate layer with Overlay blend at 30% opacity

Converted to jpg and uploaded to Flickr

...easy peasy!!.


1 3 4 5 6 7 ••• 79 80