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52 weeks in 2016 ... every journey starts with a ...


week 1 ... taking a photo is like a journey, and it starts with finding a focuspoint ... after that we'll see how it develops ...



Shot with the Olympus E-M1 in Rockport, Massachusetts. The red fishing shack in the background is known famously as Motif #1. It's one of the most popularly photographed and painted buildings in New England. I chose to accent the canoe in the foreground instead.


Rockport, Massachusetts is a small fishing village and artist colony at the tip of the north shore of Boston, otherwise known as Cape Ann, or "the other cape" to distinguish it from the more popular and touristy Cape Cod. I'm a big fan of Cape Ann as you might be able to guess.

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Fly on ♫ - Cold Play


What the Last Evening Will Be Like

by Edward Hirsch


You're sitting at a small bay window

in an empty café by the sea.

It's nightfall, and the owner is locking up,

though you're still hunched over the radiator,

which is slowly losing warmth.

Now you're walking down to the shore

to watch the last blues fading on the waves.

You've lived in small houses, tight spaces—

the walls around you kept closing in—

but the sea and the sky were also yours.

No one else is around to drink with you

from the watery fog, shadowy depths.

You're alone with the whirling cosmos.

Goodbye, love, far away, in a warm place.

Night is endless here, silence infinite.




COVID Global Deaths & Map - 1.8x "Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else." Fred Rogers

No necesito decir mas que 3 simples cosas:


Te quiero con Locura


Eres la persona mas hermosa y dulce que llego a mi vida de manera inesperada.


Estaremos juntos muy pronto! no se el dia ni el momento pero se que asi sera



Galt Ranch - Montana


apro una finestra su questo album personale per raccontarvi della gioia che proverò nel riabbracciare mio figlio :-)

Il Paese del Grande Cielo vedrà i nostri abbracci e i nostri sorrisi yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))


GRAZIE a tutti per i vostri pensieri. A presto!!!







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