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HDR realizado con tres imágenes (-1 EV, 0EV, +1 EV)

Photomatrix 3.2.7 (Mac) & Lightroom 2.7


♪♫♪♪· " Suite Forrest Gump " .- Alan Silvestri


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3 Exposures (+2EV, 0EV, -2EV)



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(EXIF data: NIKON NIKON D70 0.003sec f9 56mm 0EV, auto-added by hpexif)

HDR image @ 10mm autobracketed [-2EV 0EV +2EV]

Sony A7R/70-210mmCosina/iso100/210/0EV/f7.1/1/5,000

TAKEN AT 1/3200sec F6.3 800 ISO 0EV.

Listen, if you want.


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(EXIF data: NIKON NIKON D70 0.003sec f9 31mm 0EV, auto-added by hpexif)

3 Exposures (+2EV, 0EV, -2EV)



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HDR from one single RAW. (-1EV, 0EV, +1EV) Photomatix and PSE9


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(EXIF data: NIKON NIKON D80 0.01sec f8 ISO100 35mm 0EV, auto-added by hpexif)

Exposure Compensation - Pair #2 - 0EV

(EXIF data: FUJIFILM FinePix S9600 0.003sec f3.8 ISO200 25mm 0EV, auto-added by hpexif)




a fused image from 3 exposures (-2ev, 0ev, +2ev)


fr: Le Vieux Montréal entre chien et loup, Québec, Canada


very classic shot. HDR from 3 different exposures - EXIF from 0ev - Adjusted WB (blue sky is better at 4500K than at the temperature recorded by the camera) on RAW and several curves adjustments in PS.


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(EXIF data: NIKON NIKON D70 0.01sec f9 18mm 0EV, auto-added by hpexif)

Crépuscule sur la Seine, Paris, France


HDR* (averaging) from 3 exposures - tripod - EXIF from 0ev - curve and levels adjustments in PS CS3



I'm on holidays... and taking a plane tonight... If I have some time, I'll upload one last picture before taking a break for 2 weeks.



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More of the set Paris By Night | More of the set Night Scenes


See my most interesting pictures here or take some time to view the slideshow


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3 Exposures (+2EV, 0EV, -2EV)



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Lens : Canon 18-55mm IS

Pic info : f16 - ISO100 (-2ev,0ev,+2ev)

Info : Let me share a method here.


1) Merge preferbably 5 different exposure using photoshop. Apparantely you need cs2 v9 and above because my cs2 v8 do not have this feature. Under File>Automate>Merge HDR.

2) Save the file as (*.hdr).

3) Load into Phottomattix.

4) Do adjustment or leave it as default( which I think is ok)

5) Reopen in Photoshop and do adjustment like Curve (to increase contrast), Hue/Saturation (to increase saturation), Unsharp mask (to sharpen the picture).

6) For those who want to explore on more fantasy like picture, can go to 'highlight/shadow' to play around.

7) For those who want to increase selective saturation can use adobe lightroom under development> hue/saturation/luminance. Be warn, the picture quality will be degraded badly if over use.


Hope the sharing of information may be useful. In fact, item 6&7 and Phottomatix light smoothing equal to 'very low' can make things into fantasy mode while without it can make things quite realistic. If any of the flickr friends and members has any other alternative, please share with me through flickr mail and I like to try it out. Thanks in advance. Here, I play a bit exaggarate. Enjoy my flickr friends and member.

Hdr, 3 exposures (+2EV, 0EV, -2EV).

3 exposures (+2EV, 0EV, -2EV)



說到底 我拍照




從前 亂尋

今天 隨心


As I feel, I shoot.


Good Morning



Again, bokehlicious !


Fun with my camera at night.


Hope you love this.



on-site black-water treatment of 25,000 litres of sewage and recycling, including tapping into the city sewer and treating another 75,000 litres a day for use in the cooling towers and the green wall, and toilet flushing

a trigeneration system that uses gas and solar energy to generate cooling, heating and electricity.

a hybrid cogeneration system is being developed that can use gas to generate energy

500 sq m of roof mounted solar panels to provide energy to directly power the absorption chiller

an open internal atrium, naturally ventilated via a series of automated glass louvres.

free heating is provided by in-slab pipework supplied with the heat that is normally rejected through the cooling towers.

a hybrid air conditioning system of chilled beam cooling for the façade and low temperature VAV

Nikon D300 28mm f6.3 1/160 iso200 +0EV Polarizer


Casi tres meses después de mi ultimo post, reanudo mi actividad “flickr-iana” con esta postal de los inmensos campos de girasoles que se encuentran cuando viajas al sur de España.


Un periodo de vacaciones me permitió volver a España por unos días y mientras viajaba al sur intenté, con esta fotografía, “unir” mi pais con el actual de residencia (por aquello del cuadro de los girasoles del gran pintor holandés Vincent van Gogh).


No encuentro palabras para agradecer la cantidad de comentarios y mails que he recibido en esta ‘tregua’ que os he dado. Especialmente quisiera agradecer a DZoom (gracias José Luis) que me honrara con una mini-entrevista y a los “de siempre” que ahí habéis estado preocupándoos por mi ausencia… gracias! De corazón!


Lo que no he parado es de hacer fotografía, pero para lo que he tenido menos tiempo es para organizar lo “capturado” y poder enseñaros una muestra de ello. Espero que esta vuelta no sea puntual y que pueda mostraros más continuadamente lo que la cámara me ayuda a captar.


Gracias de nuevo. Pasaré a ver vuestros trabajos... dadme un tiempo para llegar... ;)


Almost three months after my last post, I resume my "flickr-ian" activity with this postcard of the immense fields of sunflowers that you can find travelling to the south of Spain.


A vacation period allowed me returning back to Spain for a few days and when I was driving to the south I tried, with this picture, "to join" my country with the current one of residence (in order to honour the great dutch artist Vincent van Gogh and his sunflower series).


I cannot find the right words to thank the number of commentaries and mails received in this 'truce' I have given you. Especially I would want to thank DZoom (thank you José Luis) for honouring me by a mini-interview. Of course, to all of you, "the habitual ones” those were worrying about my absence … thank you!


I didn’t stop taking pictures, I didn’t find the time to organize it all. I wish this is not an punctual returning but being able to keep showing you what my camera registers.


Thanks again. I will check your latest posts.. gimme some time... ;)


5 exposures (+2EV, 0EV, -2EV, -4EV, -6EV)



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E-30 + 50-200mm SWD @ 88mm, f6.3, 1/60sec, 0EV, ISO640, handheld. 6 May 2013 @ 6:34PM

Three exposures 0EV, -2EV, and +2EV were converted to a 32-bit Tiff file with Photomatix. The Tiff file was then processed for exposure and contrast in Lightroom 4.3. Moving the adjusting from Photomatix to Lighroom results in a somewhat more natural looking image.

This is a standard shot (sRAW2, 0EV) taken in the morning sunlight. The trees look very fresh like they just had a bath. The mist behind the trees gives a blue cool effect which adds more beauty to this picture.



Chinese Garden, Singapore



Camera: Canon 5D Mark II

Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm F4 L USM

Filters: B+W F-PRO UV Filter


Post Process


Added Layer Mask of Curves to slightly tone down the mid tones.

Added Layer Mask of Saturation for ‘Yellows to slightly bring up the trees colors


Press ‘L’ for viewing in Black


I thank you and appreciate for your comments and faves


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Photospathy Photography



I can remember that was an extreme hot day.


I saw workers kept sweating while working at the site.


So was I.




3 imágenes en ahorquillado, -3EV, 0EV, +3EV, técnica HDR usando filtro ND variable de 6 pasos. Montado y procesado en HDR Efex Pro.

Imágenes realizadas al medio día, en breve las nocturnas.. Para los impacientes ya las podéis ver en mi galería personal:

© Todos los derechos reservados

Website: |Bruce Wayne Photography|


Critiques and comments are most welcome!


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Another shot from my trip to the windy city of the Chicago. Not much to write about today actually. So I hope you all are having a great week thus far and I’ll be visiting your photostreams very soon! One more day until Friday!


About the photo:


A digitally blended photo composed of three different exposures ( +2ev…0ev…-2). All processing was done in photoshop.


***All Rights are Reserved***


E-30 + 50-200mm SWD @ 117mm, f7.1, 1/800sec, 0EV, ISO400, handheld. 31 October 2012 @ 8:53AM (EXPLORE)

(EXIF data: NIKON NIKON D70 0.01sec f9 18mm 0EV, auto-added by hpexif)

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