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Susan and Karen were part of an 20 plus member Day of Service Team that left the building and went on-site to offer skills coaching for homeless clients at the Wilderness Center Community Technology Center lab. Special thanks for John Nuno for leading this team!

Nina Simmons - Museum 2.0, Suzanne Seggerman, Susan Tenby, Me, and Evonne - In Kenzo

Ben was not one of them. He's been in bed with open source and Linux for quite a while.

Screenshot from Avaaz's "Stop the Clash of Civilizations." You can see the video at

Our finance director, Lori, was out for a few days, But thanks to Tuxedo, payroll went out and we all got bonuses. (Don't tell Lori about the bonuses.)

Harry and Sara learn about Open Source Software and Penguins. They also gave a big thumbs up to the Penguin Blow Ups, saying these were the best kid gifts from Mommy's tech conferences ever. They want to go to Penguin Day next year, although Harry has put out request for open source gameboy game with penguins.

I got bored at the Science Fair so I walked to the zoo.

Enjoying a moment during a networking event sponsored by Beaconfire.

He may be a leading strategist, but Tuxedo doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty sorting papers when the need arises.

I was in a sesssion at the NTEN NTC conference on working with low-income populations and one of the presenters used an example of VISTAs in Montana getting the word out about by distributing coasters with quesitons/answers in places "where people need coasters". Man, I got the wrong VISTA workplan....who wants to distribute information online when I could be reaching out to people in bars?

From the CTC VISTA Project Science Fair table at NTEN

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