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- Estación de Oriente, Lisboa

- Orient Station, Lisbon

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This is the DLR station in Canary Wharf, which is viewed from the West India Quay station. I had to wait for two trains to pass at the some time to get this shot it took a while and a little patience to get the shot. I also didn't bring my longer lens so i had to do with my ultra wide angle lens luckily i was able to use it at its longest length.


If you like this picture please feel free to look at my London Set for others from london or my HDR set for all of my HDR shots. I have also created a Canary Wharf set with all of my images from this area in. I also have a Night set which is worth a visit.


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Light play 09 - Life in Tokyo 049

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Rail station was build in 1903 and it is a monument of technical culture in Croatia.


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This train station was located in the town of Wilmington, Illinois. It is now gone. Torn down. As if it were never there. For 30 years at least, I drove past it on my way to fly fish the Kankakee River nearby. I am not sure it was ever a functioning station during that time. I think it sat on an unused section of railroad, one abandoned by time and the buidling of the close-by, four lane highways that made rail stops through smaller towns too costly.


I kinda' wish there was money to keep these little architectural treasures that sit flung throughout the American landscape. The ones looking out with forlorn faces. I'd not recommend so much money as to fix them up for everyday use, but maybe to keep them around as little museums, architectural keepsakes, gentle reminders of our ways of life, our individual and collective pasts. Hire older people, seniors, storytellers, to serve as docents.


Whenever I travel in Europe, I have always been amazed, and everso delighted, at the number of buildings, places and things that are 400 to 1,000 years, that are just sorta' sitting around (almost littering) the landscape; no longer in use, or of marginal use, but still "living" with and among us. They provide such an incredible sense of and connection with the passage of time, life in other times, and a wood and stone thread connecting us to our land and our ancestors.


For us in the U.S., to often it seems, if it is 75 - 100 years of age, then out it goes, down it comes. (I kinda' think we do that with our elderly humans too - just a bit, y'know?) If we keep something it often gets rehabbed to the point it contains only a itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny drop of its original architectural DNA. Can you imagine if what was done to Soldier Field in Chicago (Home of the Chicago Bears) had been done to the Coliseum in Rome? Would the French allow the Arc de Triomphe to be sponsored by and festooned with the name "Trump" or "Bank of France?"


Anyway, I call this one "Ghosts," because in my imagination, whenever I stopped to photograph it over the years I could always hear and see the people and trains that once used this station. Although derelict and boarded up, I could see the soft glow of lights in the windows. Abandoned and forsaken it was still very much alive for me. It is a bit sad to drive by now, and see....nothing but a flat slab of concrete which was once the floor where thousands of shoes of travelors stood in lines to buy tickets from a visor wearing man behind a ticket window, or a bottle of Coke from an old vending machine to bide their time, in anticipation of traveling to wherever the trains once went.


Textures by Distressed Jewell -

Jamie Heiden -

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Cathairstudios (Susan) -

Pareeerica -


About this image. It is Another artistic, emotional homage to the texture art of Cheryl Tarrant (Distressed Jewell)

and Jamie Heiden. I have been enthralled by their work since I first found them upon coming to Flickr and discovering textures, six plus years ago.


There are many other Photo/Artists using textures whose work I greatly admire too. Others whose work I can recognize simply by the qualities of the image, theme and texture use before I can see the creator's name.


But these two....


Both of them use textures in ways I find fascinating. They often split textures and mix textures between the earth and the sky. Often the sky is more heavily textured than the ground. I like how that looks. Frequently, if there is a structure in the image (an old barn, farm house, or other such item), they'll distort or warp it in interesting, hinting-towards-fairytale ways. Then they often remove some or all of the texture from it, leaving it to move forward in visual space and in the viewer's eye.


Overall, for me, it can result in a captivating, sublimely intimate image that soothes, although on occasion, its also an almost unnerving viewing experience. Un-nerving in that I feel, looking at them, I should be doing more with my art; I should be doing better, digging deeper into my own work. The best amongst us often inspire such thoughts in the rest of us.


Sometimes I try to imitate what they do. My stuff never looks quite like their stuff, (impossible to do so anyway, anymore than any performer could ever sound like James Brown) and I'm not even sure people see any imitation at all. But imitation/homage is there; in my mind and heart at least.


A long exposure showed up these awesome auroras over the main station. Picture was taken at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.


union station. I lived on a bench here once in the mid eighties for a day and a half, the day before and thanksgiving day, waiting for a train. it wasn't nearly so nice then.

The main entrance/exit

Lightroom cross process preset


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The junkyard.

"We got an SOS from station 3 first thing that morning, by the time we got there, Sarah was already hurt. After cleaning up the mess, we did what we could for her, we reloaded her pistol for her, and left her to her business. She was infected, we all knew that, her most of all. Next day we flew out the new staff member. He said he was happy he got the job, i told him he could go to hell."


Well, there she is, now i can breath again, taking pictures of this was a B*tch! but i got 'er done.

I'm not all that happy with em though.

But i should tell you that this has been an idea of mine for over a year (i have attempted to build it twice before) and a WIP for over 4 months.



Liège Gare de Guillemins, Architect: Santiago Calatrava

a shot of Central Milton Keynes station.


have a great weekend!


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Nationaltheatret train station.

Selsey lifeboat station located in Selsey, West Sussex, UK was an iconic figure on the Selsey seascape for many years. Infact the original structure was erected in 1927. Over the years it saw several refurbs until now when sadly in 2017 the old structure has been demolished to make way for a new boat house.


Hundreds of people will have taken photos of this amazing landmark I for one am very sorry to see it go.

A beautiful train station...Cologne Germany

Stazione Restaurant, Cambridge. What lovely shadows, I thought:-)

A deserted Brighton Station - HSS!


Flinders Street Station, Melbourne.


A520; 28/07/2006 5:58:54 PM; f8; 8 seconds; iso 50; 5.8 mm - 35mm equivalent; layer blended with second shot: same except 28/07/2006 5:59:24 PM; 6 seconds


Same night as this old one:


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The Railroad Station in Brigham City, UT was built around 1887.

George Gidney became a great landowner in Brigham City. To stimulate the coming of the railroad, he contributed generously of his land to the railroad company. This land would be in the area directly north of the present railway station. A piece of land just west of the North Pond he gave to Brigham Young to build a home for the telegraph operator of the new Utah railroad. The brass band welcomed George and Emma at the train depot when they came home from the Logan Temple where they were married in 1887. Later, after his death, the Gidney children used to sell fruit at the train depot.


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Central Station of Duisburg, Ruhr District, West Germany.

(HDR Image with 5 exposures)


Further images from Germany


Windsor Station is a former railway station in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, formerly serving as the city's Canadian Pacific Railway Station. It also served as the headquarters of CPR from 1889 to 1996(WIKI).


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The Harbour Station’s finest hour was arguably in the Great War when millions of men passed through. It can be argued that the Western Front really began at the English side of the Channel given that the Dover Patrol fought a constant battle to keep the sea lanes clear. It was the last building of "Blighty" that many men and nurses would have seen when they left for the Western Front, and the first they would have seen when coming home on leave. Boulogne-Folkestone was the usual route of the leave boat for most of the war.

Liège-Guillemins train station is the main station of the city of Liège, in eastern Belgium. It is one of the most important hubs in the country and is on the high-speed train network. The station is used by 36,000 people every day. They needed 11 years to built this looks great....!

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