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The gold team has found a stash of pollen. Photo by Kevan.

A pollinator at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Bug season is officially here! This carpenter bee (Xylocopa sp.) was defending its territory by the koi pond at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

My bees feeding on the sugar candy I made, this was on 11-12-12

Worker laden with pollen to feed the new brood.

My babies are all closed up for the nite, with new queen,

Lowering queen cage in between top bars

Our new bees arrives, here is how our bees got to us, donated by Heather, and Rhys,

Trust me--tired, not dead. It buzzed to life when I got too close! It was resting on the railing along the shore of the koi pond at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

A honeybee on the catkin of a rose-gold pussy willow at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Tight squeeze there, old chap! This photo made Flickr Explore #475, somehow.

There was a power cut at work while we were out at lunch. The elevators were out, but we were told we could get back up the fire escape. 9 floors later we realized the doors are locked from the inside.

Cal's presentation about the Flickr API at Hack Day London 2007. Developers watching the presentation, wearing brightly coloured T-Shirts, sitting on Hack Day bean bags and toting laptops. The presentation was very interesting and entertaining, its a shame i got to the event so late, as i missed all the other presentations.


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