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If you sit patiently in Nature, you might get

something extra special...


Happy Thanksgiving, America ...

Happy upcoming weekend to everyone !

Melanargia galathea

A great day in Óbidos and Peniche in the excellent company of Jacinto Oliveira.


So, apparently, for me to get some great shots of the King, all I had to do was to travel 100kms give or take ^^ Cheers everyone.




Portugal - Óbidos - Lagoa de Óbidos


Common Kingfisher (Alcedo Atthis)

Guarda Rios ou Martim Pescador (Alcedo Atthis)




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O poleiro não é exactamente o mais bonito, mas ela parecia sentir-se bem lá.


Not the prettiest of the perches, but she seemed to feel well there.


Reserva Natural do Estuário do Tejo - Portugal

Traditionally a forest species which has adapted to more open terrain with trees where its preferred food of ants can be found. Has a very distinctive voice laugh known as yaffle. Mature male seen here showing the red crown and black face patch with the red moustache stripe. Mature female is similar but has a smaller black face patch and lacks the red moustache.

A definição não é das melhores, porque ele estava um pouco longe, mas posou muito bem! :)


Not a great definition, because he was a little far, but he posed so well! :)


Vilamoura - Portugal

...refurbishing both antennaes



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Tirada na companhia dos amigos Arlindo Fragoso e Luís Freitas. Obrigado e um abraço!


Taken in the companionship of friends Arlindo Fragoso and Luís Freitas. Many thanks!


Também: Abelheiro, Barranqueiro, Bilherós, Melharuco, Papa-abelhas in "AVES DE PORTUGAL - Ornitologia do território continental" - Assírio & Alvim.

Estival comum


01/05/2015 - Alcochete, Portugal


[Obrigado pela visualização]

[Thanks for your visualization]

Martin pêcheur Odet / Bénodet / Bretagne

No lago do J. Edgar! :)


Óbidos, Portugal - Novembro de 2013


Bostanci, Istanbul

I have been neglecting the birds. I always get so carried away with what we are growing here across the spring and summer that I forget them. I have a lot of catching up to do. Here, a pair of Northern Cardinals in their new red suits fluffed up against the cold. Thanks for the look.

Affichage fond noir | View on black


Dans les étangs d'Orléat.

In ponds Orléat.

En Orléat estanques.

Em Orléat lagoas.


Bonne journée à tous. merci pour vos visites et commentaires.

Have a nice day. Thanks for your visits and comments.

Buenos días a todos. gracias por sus visitas y comentarios.


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En los primeros comentarios hay otras dos fotos de esta joya con alas. Con estos macros os dejo hasta el lunes. Mañana tengo mucho lío (tengo que poner una lavadora de blanco y otra de color) y el finde me largo a tierras leonesas. Besos y/o abrazos. Hasta el lunes.

Happy Easter to all my flickr friends...Thanks for all your views favs ....and comments!!!


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Thanks for your visit . Have a happy Halloween weekend everyone .

When a bird actually see's you and chooses to let you have a lengthy photo shoot, that's 'a very good bird'!

... doesn't quite have the same ring as with tigers :P


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