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Janvier 2020


Fuji DL 80

Ilford Delta 400

See the picture before.

Torino 2015.

Janvier 2020


Fuji DL 80

Ilford Delta 400

Wall painted in Trollhättan (Sweden) April 2016, during the Trollhättan street art festival.



solo exhibition @ SLIKA

37 rue des remparts d'Ainay, 69002 Lione





mixed media on canvas 200x150cm


wall painted during a countryside industrial exploration, somewhere in Piemonte.



A solo exhibition by 108





108, born Guido Bisagni (1978, Alessandria) is an Italian muralist and multidisciplinary artist that works with painting, sculpture and site specific - often musical - installations. His practice derives from a fertile and unique amalgam between Early ‘900 vanguards, ancestral symbolisms and graffiti. He started his artistic path from the abandoned architectures and the neglected and often overlooked industrial spaces so characteristic of his hometown Alessandria and it is in those very places that his painting was able to grow both stylistically and formally making of him one of the first European muralist to deal with abstract forms in the Late Nineties and one of the pioneers of Post-Graffitism.

Originally consisting of mysterious and often large abstract black shapes invading the city spaces and then from Years ‘10 evolving into more delicate mixtures of colored and often geometrical spots enhancing still mostly pitch black forms, his work has grown throughout the years fertile, recognised and incredibly influential. In the last 15 years 108 has been given the occasion to exhibit extensively around Europe and U.S.A., in such events as The Venice Biennale (Walls, 2007) and juxtaposed to originals from artists as Vassily Kandinsky, Jean Arp e Imre Reiner (“La Forma E L’Ignoto” Ego Gallery, Lugano, 2015).

Dark while delicately colored, impulsive while balanced, detailed but extremely simple, his artworks has the nature of dreams and spells. They draw the observer into a challenging place where the shadows take physical form and the shapes, in their curves and angles, become like words of poetry. 108’s art has in fact a timeless nature and a brutal and gentle touch at once that gives to his artworks a impalpable, warm and magic soul which feels as old and mysterious as petroglyphs while being incredibly refined and delicate as a philosophy in geometries.

In “Svärtans Orolighet” 108 presents a new series of works that explores his current art but with an approach that goes back to the very roots of its production. With a definitely experimental and free-form attitude and working mostly on paper, his artworks for the show revolve around the color black and the very monochrome forms which have been the ideas at the core of his art from the very beginning. “Svärtans Orolighet” is also 108 first solo exhibition in Sweden and in a Scandinavian Country.


*September 29.09.2005, time 21:00-2:00, “Svärtans Orolighet Afterparty” concert by Tentakel with an installation and visuals by Ekta at Galleri Oro, Karl Johansgatan 146, 414 51, Göteborg.


Ballpoint pen and colour pencil drawing.


Part of the Cheong Maesil Farm orchards, where 40.000 plum trees blossom each Spring.


- - -


NL: Gwangyang Maehwa Village, Zuid-Korea.


Balpen en keurpotlood tekening.


Een deel van de Cheong Maesil Farm boomgaard, waar iedere lente 40.000 pruimenbomen in bloei staan.

My illustration for Look 43 by Balenciaga

I was just having a trip to visit the town where my wife lived a while ago. She moved to the west coast after these 10 years in New York.


We met up with her friend still living in Brooklyn back then - visiting art studios, etc.


Manhattan was showing its well-known skyline sometimes to this other side of New York. Photographed back in 2012.


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Ballpoint pen and colour pencil drawing.


A second version of the same place, with some snow and ice added:


- - -


NL: Landschap bij Cheolma-myeon, Busan, Zuid-Korea.


Balpen en kleurpotlood.


Een tweede versie van dezelfde plek, maar dan met wat sneeuw en ijs:

Wall painting in Gaeta for Memorie Urbane fest. Entrance wall of the local contemporary art museum (Pinacoteca di Gaeta). Thanks to Blindeyefactory for the pic!

108 + Aris, April 2014.

Civitanova Marche, Vedo a colori 5!

Ballpoint pen and colour pencil drawing.


One of the many scenic rock formations in the Songnisan National Park, located in the Sobaek mountains.


- - -


NL: Songnisan Nationaal Park, Zuid-Korea.


Balpen en kleurpotlood tekening.


Eén van de vele mooie rotsformaties in het Songnisan Nationaal Park, gelegen in het Sobaek gebergte.

Wallpainting, autumn 2016, Friuli-

"Museo dell'incomprensibile"

(Museum of the Incomprehensible)

Installation at Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea - Milano

Installation of 60 forms painted on paper and a sculpture by Jean Arp. Mayhaus Galerie, Erlach (CH)


Diptico 2007, 75 x 75 cm (cada uno), oleo sobre carton, oil on cardboard, for sale, en venta

108 x Street Alps!


In the last days I've been painting outside the contemporary art gallery in Torre Pellice, Piemonte, fantastic place between the Alps!


Thanks a lot to the Street Alps guys!


W l'Occitania!

CT + 108

abandoned building


Cabanal, Valencia, 2017. Another wallpainting for Poliniza.

Jorge Pomar "Amor" and 108.


L'Officina, Alessandria

Inchiostro sui Muri


Walls painted in Warsaw, Wschodnia Station, Praga district, 2015.

108: "tecnica per contrastare l'ansia" 2018

Painting on canvas (6,70x2,70m)

PGSD group show - Altrove 2018

MARCA museum Catanzaro.

wall painted in Torino, post-industrial area.


June - 2015

LINK festival, Brescia.

A cura di True Qualiy.


Antonio Colombo presents, for Little Circus – the special project space inside the gallery – a solo show by 108, the pseudonym of Guido Bisagni, one of the first artists to work in the area of post-graffiti art.


For the exhibition The Rite of Spring 108 has made original works on canvas and paper that develop the relationship between abstract forms and chromatic potential that has always been part of his art. Influenced by artists like Kandinsky, Arp or Burri, for the research they conducted on the relationship between form and color, 108 also makes reference to more distant sources in time and space, such as the expressive sign of cave paintings and the magical attributes of shamanism.


The investigation proposed on this occasion pivots on the pictorial interpretation of the spring equinox, the point of balance between day and night, summer and winter, as temporary as it is unstable, like the forms assigned the task of evoking it. They are in fact subjected to conflicting energies, identifiable in the chromatic contrasts and in a line that often shifts from curved to jagged. In the parallel between day and night, the color range wavers between luminous and shadowy tones, just as the thought that gives form to the image struggles between rationality and irrationality, logic and chaos, in a dense clash of introspection and emotion.


108: "The Rite of Spring"


Opening Thursday 26 March 2015, at 18.30

on view from Tuesday to Friday, 10.00-13.00 and 15.00-19.00 / Saturday 15.00-19.00

Also at the gallery, the solo show by Ryan Heshka, Romance of Canada


Antonio colombo arte contemporanea & C. S.a.s. - Via Solferino 44 - 20121 Milano

Tel/Fax 02.29060171 - - E-mail:


Scarica il comunicato stampa (LINK)

Download the press release (LINK)

mixed media on canvas, 100x100cm



solo exhibition

opening 19 / 01 / 2017


37 rue des remparts d'Ainay, 69002 Lyon (France)






Après trois expositions collectives à SLIKA , 108 revient pour présenter une première exposition personnelle le 19 Janvier 2017 - New Ice Age -


108 Nero a commencé à peindre dans sa ville natale à travers une approche traditionnelle du graffiti, mais en utilisant plusieurs pseudonymes.


À la fin des années 1990, son œuvre s’oriente rapidement vers une inscription plus formelle et conceptuelle : il devient l’un des premiers artistes post-graffiti européens à travailler des formes abstraites, à travers des chiffres mystérieux qui vont petit à petit envahir des espaces abandonnés. Une révolution dans son travail qui le pousse à substituer son nom par ces chiffres.


Son travail apparaît dans les rues de Milan, Paris, Londres, Berlin, New York, San Francisco…


Toujours à la recherche de son « chaos visuel », il va commencer à travailler avec des objets 3D, des sons et des installations. En 2004, il est invité à Paris pour l’exposition Nusign 2.4, considérée comme étant l’une des premières expositions internationale post-graffiti. Invité en 2007 par la Biennale de Venise, il participera au projet appelé « Mur ».


Spectateur de l’explosion du développement du Street Art, qu’il trouve souvent banal, 108 décide de partir à l’opposé en commençant à ré-explorer les usines et bâtiments abandonnés d’Alessandria qu’il avait fréquentés durant sa jeunesse. Les combinaisons de murs en béton à l’architecture rationaliste et la nécessité de produire avec des moyens modérés vont progressivement le porter jusqu'à ce que nous pourrions appeler de 108 « période noire ». Pour autant, on relève que les couleurs apparaissent encore comme des petits morceaux qui dorment à l’intérieur du noir.


108 décrochera régulièrement de nombreuses expositions solo à travers l'Italie et l'Europe. Souvent invité, il a pris part à de nombreux festivals et expositions contemporaines comme la première Biennale d'art urbain à Moscou (2014) ou l’exposition « Mapping the city » à Londres en 2015.

VOLTIO - Madrid 2016

CT - AlberoNero - 108


Hollow - 2015

Acrílico y lápiz sobre tela

50 x 60 cm


Beyond my dreams - 2015

Acrílico y lápiz sobre tela

50 x 60 cm



Wall painted in Ibiza 2018


108, DEM and ANDRECO

TRA - Treviso Ricerca Arte

Ca dei Ricchi - Treviso


(108 - untitled tryptic, 50x70 each, 2007)


Mixed media on canvas, 120x100 cm, 2016.


108, Dem and Andreco: "FORZE DELLA NATURA"

curated by Claudio Musso.


TRA - Treviso Ricerca Arte - CA' DEI RICCHI Via Barberia 25, 31100 Treviso (Italy)

Opening 16 december 2016 h.19:00


17 december 2016 – 05


Final pics (by Pino Musi) of the work done this summer in Lugano (Switzerland) for d'AAA architects.

detail of a wall painted with CT and Nelio.

Wallpainting - summer 2018

north west of Italy

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