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Excited as my drawing of the little tree frog, 'Your Pad or Mine?' drawn with kind permission from a fabulous photo taken by Sarah Dodd (Sera.D. on flickr) made it through to the public voting round of Jacksons' Portrait in Pastels competition - and the only frog too! :0)


If you like the picture and would like to vote, here's the link:


(Voting is from the 6 March to Thu 19th March, 2015).


This lovely little frog, the size of the tip of a thumb, had been rescued and re-homed by a wildlife expert. I wanted to capture those vivd colours, contrasting textures and reflected light (under the chin). It was the charismatic expression that held my attention though and was ultimately the thing that demanded to be drawn.


The portrait (8 x 8") was done in pastel pencils and soft pastels with kind permission from Sarah Dodd who took the photograph that I worked from.


Sarah had visited the wildlife expert to take some pictures of his menagerie and was touched to find that he had named this endearing little character after her. This is Sarah's description of this Big-Eyed Tree Frog: 'A rather fidgety (but incredibly beautiful) Leptopelis Vermiculatus. Often referred to as a Peacock tree frog (so called for the sound of their call), Big-Eyed tree frog, or Amani Forest Tree Frog (please feel free to correct me!). They originate from the closed-canopy wet tropical rainforests of Tanzania and are insectivorous.'


I loved the idea of these tiny frogs having BIG voices. It was an enjoyable portrait to work on.


Sarah's wonderful photo is here:


Signed, limited edition prints are also available:

After all the interest in my little frog drawing that won the Jackson's Pastel Portrait Competition I thought I should have a go at another. Again, drawn with kind permission from Sarah Dodd (Sera.D.on flickr).


Signed, limited edition prints are available:


As always, more examples of my work and information on commissions can be found on my website:

Another commission safely delivered :0) This time to Reno. Meet Sammy. She is a black Goldendoodle (Golden Retreiver x Standard Poodle). The 50/50 cross is sought after as theoretically you get the best of both breeds. Her owners are lucky in that she is a GREAT representative of both breeds. She is highly intelligent (Poodle) and very loving and calm (Golden Retriever) and as an added bonus she does not shed.


Sammy spends her days in the yard with Craig who is retired. Her favorite thing in the yard is the lizards. She will hold a point on a lizard for 15+ minutes! This is great if you want to hunt lizards. When she is not in the yard she is running errands with Craig in the car. Her nights are spent on the couch, which is something that none of her owners other dogs have ever been allowed to do! In their words:


Paula: 'In our lifetimes we have had many dogs and she is by far the most intelligent. Craig: "She is without a doubt the most fun, personable, intelligent dog that I have ever owned." Her portrait was a gift from Paula to Craig for their 31st anniversary.


Happy lizard hunting, Sammy :0)


(I'd be doing the same ...if we had lizards here!)


As always, info on commissions can be found here:

This was a fun one. A pastel portrait commissioned by a friend for a friend :0)


Merlin is 14 year old female tabby cat. Like most cats she's happiest when chasing mice...well actually she's happiest when she's asleep but dreaming about chasing mice!


She has definitely tested the theory that cats have nine lives having experienced being hit by a car...twice, being stuck up a tree, being poisoned and being missing for three weeks!


She's a cat who enjoys lots of fuss and especially likes her furry belly being tickled.


As always, there are prints available online should anyone be interested:


Information on commissions can be found here: