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immi (imogen heap) on her bike i was on my bike to! (check out her own website She's got a new album out 18th July 2005 and it's got two more shots of her i took on the same day as this one on the cover)

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Σαν τον παλιό καλό καιρό.....

Το συγκεκριμένο μαγαζί είναι ένα πολύ μικρό τσιπουράδικο ακριβώς στην άκρη της λίμνης με καταπλικτική θέα...


pier at one of the lowest tides of the year

she got me a iPhone. happy happy, joy joy!

the reason why that puddle looks red is not cos my color balance is it because most of it is fish blood, after all the fishing boats had come in the ground is covered in fish guts, finger licking good!

you might be able to just make out there nakedness. when ever its very low tide and the sand is exposed witch is not often cycles gather together to ride the sands. to mix it up this time they decided to go naked


its not eought that the world beard and mustache championships happened in brighton this weekend but there was a naked low tide bike ride as well. i cam joint 4th in my category of natural beard witch sounds good but thats joint with about 30 other people.

this amrican gezzer had cycled 800 miles from shouth ireland to get here.

my shit bike i got for burn man for $80, but then i found out i could of go a brand new one for $40 for Wall Mart!

Seen in Athens, Greece. Psiri Area.


Artist: SONKE.

Mallia Sakalak

Quality yarns

In Athens

Since 1935


the best race at the smithfield nocturne was the commuter race where most of the competitors war suites and the where all riding folding bikes. it as a la mon style race start where they had to run to the bikes and unfold them before the started riding. + it was tipping it down with rain

this was the criticaltits bike ride where 1000's of woman where cycleing around the plyer topless. i have never seen that many tits in my life

Από την σημερινή παραλιακή ποδηλατο-βόλτα με εντυπωσιακά σύννεφα.

Αθήνα 27 Σεπτ. 2014.

my brompton in one peace after i fell off it because i had drunk 10 cans on tetlys ale

went up to watch the end of the smithfield nocturne, when i was there is wished that i bought my D5 but because i am working in london to 3 days so did not want have to lug it around with me. i was going to use me lomo + color splash flash but the flash decided to die on me! i borrowed rock cakes canon power shot G7. its a good little camera but takes a little while to focus with is not a problem but i could not find a way turn off the auto focus. because of this a lot of my shots came with no cyclists in them at all


it is said i good trades man never blames his tools but is ok to blame some one else's?



καποτε ηταν μεσο μεταφορας, τωρα διακοσμει τον τοιχο ενος εστιατοριου

Συνάντηση Σκουλάκη με εκπροσώπους ποδηλατικών σωματείων, στα πλαίσια της Ευρωπαϊκής Εβδομάδας Κινητικότητας και της Ευρωπαϊκής Ημέρας χωρίς Αυτοκίνητο (22 Σεπτεμβρίου), 21.9.2010

Έκθεση Κλασσικού Ποδηλάτου Πρέβεζα 2015

Ποδηλατοπορεία Πρέβεζα 2015

Ποδηλατοπορεία Πρέβεζα 2015

Ποδηλατοπορεία Πρέβεζα 2015

Ποδηλατοπορεία Πρέβεζα 2015

Ποδηλατοπορεία Πρέβεζα 2015

Ποδηλατοπορεία Πρέβεζα 2015

Ποδηλατοπορεία Πρέβεζα 2015

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