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I wish you a wonderful weekend, my friends!


The Eureka Dunes lie in the remote Eureka Valley, an enclosed basin at 3000 foot elevation located northwest of Death Valley. The dunes cover an area only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide, yet they are the tallest sand dunes in California, possibly the tallest in all of North America. They rise more than 680 feet above the dry lakebed at their western base. As tall as these dunes are, they are dwarfed by the impressive limestone wall of the Last Chance Mountains which rises another 4000 feet above the valley floor.


It was my first time in this remote part of Death Valley National Park and the drive to these dunes was a little adventure in itself ... sometimes you can only drive at walking pace ... and the grooves in the "road" are a real shock absorber and tire test and after around 2.5 hours you are happy to have reached your destination. You can see the Eureka Dunes from afar and you are quite impressed when you stand in front of it ... the way up to the dunes with a heavy photo backpack and tripod was a bit of a challenge - it took us almost 1.5 hours to get there on top ofthe highest dunes ... always under the motto two steps up and one step back - sometimes really steep, but it was worth it - the view was fantastic ... just the sun disappeared behind increasingly thick clouds before setting ... .


Die Eureka-Dünen liegen im abgelegenen Eureka-Tal, einem geschlossenen Becken auf 900 Meter Höhe nordwestlich des Death Valley. Die Dünen erstrecken sich über ein Gebiet von nur 3 Meilen Länge und 1 Meile Breite, sind jedoch die höchsten Sanddünen in Kalifornien, möglicherweise die höchsten in ganz Nordamerika. Sie erheben sich mehr als 200 Meter über dem trockenen Seeufer an ihrer westlichen Basis. So hoch diese Dünen auch sind, sie werden von der beeindruckenden Kalksteinmauer der Last Chance Mountains in den Schatten gestellt, die sich weitere 1200 Meter über den Talboden erhebt.


Ich war zum ersten Mal in diesem abgelegenen Teil des Death Valley National Parks und die Fahrt zu diesen Dünen war schon ein kleines Abenteuer für sich...teilweise kann man nur mit Schrittgeschwindigkeit fahren...und die Rillen in der "Straße" sind ein richtiger Stoßdämpfer- und Reifentest und nach rund 2,5 Stunden ist man froh, das Ziel erreicht zu haben. Man sieht die Eureka Dunes schon von Weitem und man ist schon ziemlich beeindruckt, wenn man dann davor steht...der Weg hoch auf die Dünen mit schwerem Fotorucksack und Stativ war dann auch eine kleine Herausforderung - wir brauchten fast 1,5 Stunden bis wir auf den höchsten Dünen standen...immer unter dem Motto zwei Schritte hoch und einen zurück - zum Teil richtig steil, aber es hat sich gelohnt - die Aussicht war fantastisch...alleine die Sonne verschwand vor dem Untergang hinter zunehmend dichteren Wolken...

Can you see the Little Egret up there in the willow tree ? The banks of the stream are so dense with vegetation I didn't see him (or her) until he flew up from the opposite bank. This is another one taken with my iPhone 11 while out on a morning walk with Marnie very recently.


~ Edited in Topaz Studio with a lovely texture by Kerstin Frank applied in the new PicMonkey, which I'm still struggling with - as with everything else ! ~


Thanks for looking - and I hope the weather is nicer for you than it is for us here in the UK - rain, wind, flooding happening right now.


I hope you like this, anyway. Thanks for every view, comment, fave. All is appreciated very much.


The village of Leonhardsbuch beside the A9 Autobahn as seen from the air.


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Rippling timber staircase that spirals organically through hotly-anticipated new Mayfair restaurant (HIDE restaurant).


Rippling StairStalk - London, UK



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Helgoland is a German island in the North Sea.Helgoland was established around 4000 BC. an island due to rising sea levels after the last ice age. The island was colonized from Friesland in the 8th century. The current residents still speak a North Frisian dialect, the Helgolands or Halunder Freesk. It was incorporated into the Viking Empire. In 1720 a sandbank between Helgoland and the smaller island of Düne largely washed away due to a storm tide. The connection between the two islands was lost as a result. Heligoland remained in Denmark until 1814. The British conquered the island in 1807 from the Danes. The strategically important island. In 1890 the British exchanged Helgoland on Germany for East African Zanzibar. Emperor Wilhelm II converted Helgoland into a naval support point and it remained that way until after the Second World War. In the First World War all residents were forced to leave the island. At the end of World War II, a thousand airplanes from the Royal Air Force carried out a destructive bombing, dropping around seven thousand bombs, making the island uninhabitable and the population to be evacuated. In 1952 the population was allowed to return after long insistence.


The Helgoland museum offers a rich overview as to the history, the folklore and the nature of the island. Helgolander Franz Schensky (1871-1957) is one of the pioneers of black and white photography and has a permanent place in the history of German photography. Franz Schensky has his own place at the Helgoland museum. With his photos he takes you into the breathtaking world of the beauty of the North Sea. View of the west coast of Helgoland with the lighthouse, and its original church, built in 1685 on the Oberland. On the right the lighthouse built under English rule in 1811, demolished soon after the new lighthouse was built in 1902. The latter was destroyed in 1945. Photograph of Franz Schensky c. 1895.


Helgoland is een Duits eiland in de Noordzee. Helgoland werd rond 4000 v.Chr. een eiland door het stijgen van de zeespiegel na de laatste ijstijd. In de 8e eeuw werd het eiland vanuit Friesland gekoloniseerd. De huidige bewoners spreken nog steeds een Noord-Fries dialect, het Helgolands of Halunder Freesk. Het werd ingelijfd bij het Vikingrijk. In 1720 spoelde een zandbank tussen Helgoland en het kleinere eiland Düne door een stormvloed grotendeels weg. De verbinding tussen de twee eilanden ging daardoor verloren. Helgoland bleef tot 1814 tot Denemarken behoren. De Britten veroverden het eiland in 1807 op de Denen. Het strategisch belangrijke eiland. In 1890 ruilde de Britten Helgoland aan Duitsland voor het Oost-Afrikaanse Zanzibar. Keizer Wilhelm II bouwde Helgoland uit tot marinesteunpunt en dat bleef het tot na de Tweede Wereldoorlog. In de Eerste Wereldoorlog werden alle bewoners gedwongen het eiland te verlaten. Op het einde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog voerden duizend vliegtuigen van de Royal Air Force een vernietigend bombardement uit, waarbij circa zevenduizend bommen werden afgeworpen, waardoor het eiland onbewoonbaar werd en de bevolking moest worden geëvacueerd. In 1952 mocht de bevolking na lang aandringen terugkeren. Sindsdien leeft het eiland hoofdzakelijk van het toerisme. Het Helgoland-museum biedt een rijk overzicht van de geschiedenis, de folklore en de aard van het eiland. Je kunt ook genieten van films. De geschiedenis is opwindend omdat Helgoland is beïnvloed door Deense, Britse en Duitse inzittenden. Helgolander Franz Schensky (1871-1957) is één van de pioniers van de zwart-wit fotografie en heeft een vaste plaats in de geschiedenis van de Duitse fotografie. Franz Schensky heeft zijn eigenplek in het Helgoland-museum. Met zijn foto's neemt hij je mee in de adembenemende wereld van de schoonheid van de Noordzee. Uitzicht op de westkust van Helgoland met de

de vuurtoren en originele kerk gebouwd in 1685. De vuurtoren is nog gebouwd onder Engels bewind in 1811, afgebroken kort nadat de nieuwe vuurtoren werd gebouwd in 1902. De laatste werd verwoest in 1945. Foto van Franz Schensky ca. 1895.

Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.



This series was taken in a secluded spot off the trail on a very hot day where there were few people willing to brave the heat to visit this wildlife refuge. So, there were no onlookers...just the 2 of us.


Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.




Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.




Tonight, we sleep in an Indian community on Lake Titicaca, we are at 3812 m (12507 ft) altitude .

A change of scenery guaranteed !

The comfort was rustic, and there was no heating to overcome the cold of the night at this altitude. But fortunately, big wool blankets locally made kept us warm.



Village indien au bord du lac Titicaca


Ce soir , nous dormons dans une communauté indienne au bord du lac Titicaca, on est à 3812 m d'altitude. Un dépaysement garanti !

Le confort était rustique, et il n'y avait pas de chauffage pour pallier au froid vif de la nuit à cette altitude.

Mais heureusement, de grosses couverture en laine faites sur place nous ont tenu bien chaud.



Lac Titicaca - Pérou / Lake Titicaca - Peru

Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.




Carte postale matinale du Machu Picchu



Machu Picchu - Pérou / Machu Picchu - Peru

Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.




Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.



Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.




Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.




Lindesnes - Nearby the most southern lighthouse of Norway


More info:

Crazy Tuesday: #NEW


Laowa C-Dreamer 7.5 F/2 | Photowalk with Sabine.R


Not taken this week, but I didn't get around to go out on a photowalk (ghastly weather, grey days, too) with my brand NEW ultra wide-angle lens, the Laowa C-Dreamer 7,5mm F/2. However, this one was taken with that new lens, so I hope it qualifies; I promise that I will take the capture in the week after a new theme will be announced the next time I participate :-)


Now for the title: You might wonder why I chose "Topless" as a title. Well, if you take a look at my capture of the Berliner Fernsehturm (Berlin TV Tower) taken from the platform of the Park Inn Hotel (please see first comment), and you take a closer look at the TV Tower's base in that capture, you will get an idea what this building is - yes, right: it's the TV Tower's base building complex which is used as an exhibition center ("Body Worlds", "Little BIG City"), it also houses restaurants and shops; the building on the right is the city hall of Berlin, known as Rotes Rathaus (Red City Hall). But where is the TV Tower? I seriously debated with myself whether I could actually dare to remove it from the capture or not. In the end I decided to upload the retouched version, as it gives the building a lighter, aerier look, almost that of a spaceship that has just landed. With the TV Tower (which you would normally see on the left upper corner behind the base building) it looked like a building on a stick from this point of view, and you wouldn't have seen much of the tower anyway. Please forgive my little Photoshop shenanigan :-) After all, photos don't lie, do they ;-) ?


And because two are always better than one, I would like to wish you all a very Happy 2019 once again, and a relaxed first week of January as well :-)


Oben ohne


Laowa C-Dreamer 7.5 F/2 | Fotowalk mit Sabine.R


Die Nicht-Berliner unter Euch werden sich vielleicht fragen, warum ich dieses Foto "Oben ohne" betitelt habe. Wenn Ihr Euch noch einmal mein Foto vom Berliner Fernsehturm anschaut, das ich von der Aussichtsplattform des Park Inns aufgenommen habe (im ersten Kommentar zu finden) und Euch dort einmal den Sockelbereich des Fernsehturms anschaut, könnt Ihr sehen, was dieses Gebäude ist - richtig: der Sockelkomplex des Berliner Fernsehturms. Der Komplex wird für Ausstellungen genutzt (u. a. "Körperwelten" und "Little BIG City"), er beherbergt außerdem Gastronomie und Läden; rechts vom Sockel ist das Berliner Rote Rathaus zu sehen. Aber wo ist der Turm? Eigentlich würdet Ihr ihn links hinter dem Sockelkomplex sehen. Ich habe lange darüber nachgedacht, ob ich ihn tatsächlich wegretouschieren soll oder nicht. Am Ende habe ich mich dafür entschieden. Aus dieser Perspektive sieht das Gebäude mit (ein ganz klein wenig) Turm wie ein Gebäude an einem Stock aus. Ohne den Turm wirkt es leichter, luftiger, fast wie ein Raumschiff, das gerade gelandet ist. Verzeiht mir meine kleine Photoshop-Schummelei. Fotos lügen doch nicht, oder ;-) ?


Und weil doppelt besser hält, möchte ich Euch an dieser Stelle auch noch einmal ein schönes neues Jahr und eine entspannte erste Januarwoche wünschen :-)


Il Passo Sella visto dalla Forcella Sassolungo

The Sella Pass seen from the Sassolungo Fork

Hi all my dear Flickr friends! 💙 I think I'll be back soon... I love summer and try to be more outside now.


...trying to catch up... it's not easy.


Sunset on the lake Päijänne. Sysmä, Finland.


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2018. #Finland #Summer #Lake #Evening #Night #Reflections #Sunset #Sysmä #Päijänne

Flowers for Maelia 💕


Summer colors.

2018. #Finland #Summer

© photo rights reserved by B℮n


From the 8th century BC. the settlements of the surrounding hills united and the city of Rome was founded. The Forum Romanum also known as Foro Romano, is a plaza surrounded by the ruins of several important ancient government buildings at the center of the city of Rome. The Temple of Saturn on the left side of this photo was an ancient Roman temple to the god Saturn. Its ruins stand at the foot of the Capitoline Hill at the western end of the Roman Forum. The original dedication of the temple is traditionally dated to 497 BC. In Roman mythology, Saturn ruled during the Golden Age, and he continued to be associated with wealth. His temple housed the treasury where the Roman Republic's reserves of gold and silver were stored. The three remaining columns on the right of the photo are from the Temple of Vespasian and Titus. The temple was built by Titus in honor of his deceased father Vespasian. Titus, however, only reigned for a few years. The temple was the first important addition to the forum since the time of Emperor Augustus.


The Temple of Saturn on the left side was an ancient Roman temple to the god Saturn. Its ruins stand at the foot of the Capitoline Hill and is traditionally dated to 497 BC. Reconstruction of the .... Temple of Saturn. Temple of Vespasian and Titus stands on the right side and is built in 79. We visit Rome on a hot summersday and temperatures soar to over 40ºC. We took it slow amid region’s most intense heatwave.


Vanaf de 8e eeuw v.Chr. verenigden de nederzettingen van de omliggende heuvels zich en ontstond de stad Rome. Het Forum Romanum - Latijn voor Romeins marktplein - was in de oudheid het centrum van Rome. Het forum was in de gloriedagen van het Romeinse Rijk het politieke, juridische, religieuze en commerciële centrum van de stad. De Tempel van Saturnus hier links op de foto was een Romeinse tempel gewijd aan Saturnus in Rome. Het was een van de oudste tempels in Rome. Volgens de overlevering werd de tempel in 497 v.Chr. gebouwd op het Forum Romanum, in de begintijd van de Romeinse Republiek. De tempel werd na een grote brand in 42 v.Chr. gerestaureerd, die werd betaald uit de buit van de oorlog met Syrië. Zie hier een reconstructie van .... Tempel van Saturnus. De drie resterende zuilen rechts op de foto zijn van de Tempel van Vespasianus en Titus. De tempel werd gebouwd in opdracht van Titus ter ere van zijn overleden en vader Vespasianus. Titus regeerde zelf echter maar een paar jaar. De tempel was de eerste belangrijke toevoeging aan het forum sinds de tijd van keizer Augustus.

Spring is beautiful! 🌹🌹🌹


2018. #May #Spring 🌷😊


🙋 I'm trying to catch up... it is not so easy.



Many thanks to everyone for your visit, comments and faves! Much appreciated! 💕


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Jos haluat käyttää niitä, ole ystävällinen ja ota minuun yhteyttä.

M98 M99 and M100


Located in the Virgo cluster, M98 M99 and M100 are three galaxies identified in Charles Messier's catalog of of deep-sky objects. This cluster is part of the larger Virgo Supercluster to which the Milky Way galaxy is part of.

Distances to these three objects range from 41-52 million light-years. The above image is roughly 2.7 degrees wide - about 5.5 full moons. At least 10 other NGC and IC galaxies are also visible.


Markarian's Chain is also part of the Virgo cluster.



Nikon 300mm f/4.5 ED MF @f5.6

90x30s, 3200iso

iOptron SkyTracker Pro

Regim sig18 stack (darks and flats)

Processed in Affinity Photo



This source draws its name from the Roman era.

According to local tradition, the Roman lord Fussiacus established his camp near the source, hence the name of the village of Fussiacus, which became Fuissey and finally Fuissé.

The washhouse and the fountain date from 1722. The washhouse was rebuilt in 1848. This source never goes dry.



La source et la fontaine du Romanin


Cette source tire son nom de l'époque romaine.

Selon la tradition locale, le seigneur romain Fussiacus établit son campement à proximité de la source, d’où le nom du village de Fussiacus, devenu Fuissey et enfin Fuissé.

Le lavoir et la fontaine datent de 1722. Le lavoir a lui été reconstruit en 1848. Cette source ne tarit jamais.



Fuissé - Bourgogne du sud / South Burgundy - France

Eglise romane du 12ème siècle



Fuissé - Bourgogne du sud / South Burgundy - France

Happy Sliders Sunday!

The Sphinx, Recorded By Edgar-Allan-Poe-Not -

I don’t know what it is about the dimly lit forest that brings me back, time and time again. Maybe I’m wedded to the thrill of toppling over accidental astonishments. On a late Sunday afternoon, I felt the presence of a shadowy stalker in the darkest regions of the woods. We both seem to be on the same path heading to the same destination. Why is that? Pretending that I’m unaware, I slinked one foot briskly ahead of the other and tested by walking in circles instead of straight lines. The unwanted company followed suit and halted whenever I paused. This instant, my sixth sense confirms someone or something is trailing my shoeprints. Catching my breath beneath the low branches where tall grass grows, the soft flutter of wings get bigger. An entity definitely was in the background flitting from tree to tree. It wasn’t a copter drone sent by the National Security Agency for sure. If the lurker chased a wee bit harder I would be within reach. Frozen in fright, my legs were pushed to take flight. I run, run and run. As with any nightmare, you sprint but never speed an inch from where you stand. Disastrously, my pursuer so close finally overtook and reined right in front. In a state of panic, my fingers fumbled to click the camera’s skylight to kill whatever is before me. Eeeek! In the first second, my lenses directly perceived a hideous imp with acute panda ears. The face without eyes let fly a baleful glare that dared me to return his stare. Its devilish grin was so wide, I could be wolfed down alive. In an old voice cruel and flat, he mouthed a monotonous mock, “Monsters don’t live under the bed but inside your head. Cat…! Cat…! Cat…!” Coming next, my pumping heart shudders at the subject caught… oh, I was just viewing a secretive moth with cryptic markings inked on Pepsi-Cola wings!

La Gomera, Islas Canarias

That day, the sky gave us an absolutely fantastic sunset. The sun's rays stood out in the sky with beautiful colors, the mountain in front of us was all illuminated, it was stunning !



Un cadeau du ciel


Ce jour là, le ciel nous a gratifié d'un coucher de soleil absolument fantastique. Les rayons du soleil se découpaient dans le ciel avec des couleurs magnifiques, la montagne en face de nous était toute illuminée, c'était prodigieux !



San Cristóbal de Las Casas - Chiapas - Mexique / Mexico

Ein Abend / An evening

Ein Konzert / A concert

Eine Reise / A travel


Martin Herzberg & Ensemble 03.02.18


I'm pretty sure, he will not join the concert. But why?

This photo is not intended in the artistic or aesthetic sense. I also do not want to capitalize on the suffering of others. I'm asking why he can not attend a concert.


Das Photo ist nicht im künstlerischen oder ästhetischen Sinne gedacht. Ich möchte auch kein persönliches Kapital aus dem Leid anderer schlagen. Ich stelle mir die Frage, warum er nicht ein Konzert besuchen kann.

“She decided to free herself, dance into the wind, create a new language. And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” in the sky.”

― M. Duval


♥ HSS ♥

This photo taken late in the evening, it was grey day, no sun, but on the sea was beautiful sky and we have some ice here (but no snow yet 😊). -4C but it was cold there because of the wind.


Helsinki, #Finland #Winter #sea


Many thanks to everyone for your visit, comments and faves! Much appreciated! 💕


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For Flickr Friday group. #GetOutOfMyPicture #FlickrFriday

This photo is for this week's FlickrFriday theme. Many thanks to this photographer that he came to the pier at the right time! 😂


Winter in Helsinki 💙 Finland. 10.1.2018.

We don't have snow here, in Southern Finland.

Dock to Särkänlinnan Harakka. Kaivopuisto.


Many thanks to everyone for your visit, comments and faves! Much appreciated! 💕


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Yesterday was lovely ! Tony (Guy@Fawkes) and I had a few hours around the site of the battle of Edgehill. I hope the following info is interesting for you.


The battle of Edgehill, on Sunday 23rd October 1642, saw the army of the Earl of Essex, the parliamentarian Lord General, and King Charles' (Charles 1) army clash in the first major action of the Civil War in England. It was fought in the open fields between the villages of Radway and Kineton in Warwickshire. It was intended to be the one great battle to decide the war.

It turned out to be a bloody draw, but the king gained an important advantage. The Earl of Essex failed to break through and had to retreat northward, to the security of the parliamentarian garrisons at Warwick and Coventry. This left the royalists in command of the road to London, and control of the capital of England was the key to the war.

The battlefield is largely agricultural land and appears at first sight to be well preserved. In reality it has been extensively disturbed and several key public Rights of Way closed by the construction, in the late 1940s, of a military depot. We came across a sign saying 'You are being watched - Ministry of Defence - Private'. But we were lucky it wasn't 375 years ago in the midst of a horrible bloodbath !

My geotag is 'approximate' - sorry ! Edited using Topaz Studio - one of the 'landscape' settings which I toned down a bit ! I have two laptops, and each shows the colours differently, so I've no idea how you'll see it !


Ste-Thérèse de Gaspé

Dynamic Paris at sunset.


Canon DPP stripped off the exif while merging the hdr files, so I made another HDR fusion and blent with the one you are seeing now.


I couldn't help myself to push the colors button and brought the details of the lights in every corner and at the same time I tried to treat the sky and water in a harmonious way possible.

Hope you like it!


I'm not going to kill everyone's mood with the King of Leon song below, I just find it beautiful.


Under to the crowded walls of mine, wishing everyone's Sunday will be amazing!


xxX Love


As kind of seen in the surreal world of Washington, D.C. :)


Happy Slider Sunday - The unofficial entry...

Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.




Thanks for visiting! Most photos are of Mei, my wife and muse.



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