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Will Smith - Black Suits Comin'

Will Smith - Men In Black (Video Version)



tram I1009 hair

GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face

Lefort by Revoul.Nessa Genus Applier in Tone 3



Dinkies in Black Neuralyzer

Eye Patch -*CNZ* Geo Scouter Rare



[BH9] - Cyber City 2077 V2

LEMME... Fantasies from Outer Space // RARE

DRD EL rubble

anxiety %dying in LA [2. getaway car] RARE

Pewpew! Crime Number Ground Panel - Type A

Pewpew! Crime Number Ground Panel - Type B

Pewpew! Crime Number Ground Panel - Type C

Pewpew! Do Not Cross - Line Barrier

Alien and ~Just Posing~Drunked Up


wow thank you so much for the group invites thats so kind . I really appreciate it xxx


New Norfolk, Tasmania

"I believe it was a sin do you in the way I did you in,

I couldn't stop it coming from afar,

I lost the keys to the getaway car,

And every now and then I'm in this place,

It's hell living when I need your face"





[Deadboy.Ink] Kay Eyebags @ The Men Jail Event

[Deadboy.Ink] Old Demons Face Marks @ The Men Jail Event

Hiemal Stella Dagger Earrings @ mainstore

SCANDALIZE. Amore. Bra/Corset/Panty @ Kinky Event


I believe it was a sin, to do you in the way I did you in.

I couldn't stop it coming from afar

I lost the keys to the getaway car

And every now and then I'm in this place

It's hell living when I need your face

Don't hide, don't hide, don't hide from me"


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Much ❤️❤️❤️ to Gilli for posing with me

Ausstellung "Giganten aus Stahl"


- Getaway car in big trouble -

- Exhibition of sculptures made of scrap iron -

Bad Guy♫


I like it when you take control

Even if you know that you don't

Own me, I'll let you play the role

I'll be your animal

My mommy likes to sing along with me

But she won't sing this song

If she reads all the lyrics

She'll pity the men I know



/anxiety/ high hopes Rooftop @TMD April

/anxiety/ DYING IN LA [2. getaway car] RARE @theepiphany

/anxiety/ DYING IN LA [inconspicuous trash bags] @theepiphany



"METILAMIN" GACHA couple pose 6

“If you want to be happy, be.”


- Leo Tolstoy


Soundtrack :



A very happy video full of happy people singing and dancing and a lot of happy fences – ENJOY!!

Guaranteed to make you smile on this Happy Fence Friday :-D




Happy Fence Friday to one and all

I am guarded by this hilarious court jester

he is wearing rather a Serious hat

because he's as bald as Uncle Fester

What do you mean you've no idea who that is

Surely you've seen the Addams Family

Well, I know he wasn't made up of old drainpipes

and U-bends with flexibility

but his eyebrows are peeling

his eyes are appealing

because he is left in the sun

he stands at the wayside guarding me well

but if a robber stops by he can't run

so quite what good he is proving to be

I really can't tell you for what

but he's company during the day and night

and he squirts me with water when I am hot

one night the alarm was tripped and went off

it was a burglary in progress

he tried to stop the getaway car

but it drove right through the gap between his legs!

People stop by just to take his photo

but today is all about me

so I wish Poppy had focussed more on ME the FENCE

and not on my friend just 'cos he's funny!!


- AP – Copyright remains with the author


Copyright © protected image please do not reproduce without permission'

We were out for a country drive on the weekend and drove through Cambridge (Ontario). The streets are filled with beautiful Victorian houses as well as splendid public buildings.


I do believe we must have had some of the residents quite concerned because while I was walking up various streets taking pictures of the houses, Norm was following me slowly in what they seemed to think was the getaway car.


I'm a grandmother for goodness' suspicious could I possibly be?!?! :-D :-D




My portfolio:



I don't know what car this is, but there is plenty of room for gold bars or for piles of greens... :) have a great Monday!

15.7.2018, Flucht, 21x30 cm, wenig Bildmontage, Wasserfarben, Bleistift, Farbstifte auf Papier.

4.7.2018, Flee, 8x11 inch, a little image montage, watercolors, pencil, colored pencils on paper.


Das ist eine Erinnerung an den Keller des Sammlers Emil Reichert aus Karlsruhe 1968 und meine Malerei-Ausstellung in der Autowerkstatt Hätti in Freiburg 2018.

Mehrere Fluchtautos besaß Emil Reichert, die er von Flüchtlingen aus Osteuropäischen Ländern bekommen hatte, besonders zur Zeit des Ungarnaufstandes 1956.


This is a reminder of the cellar of the collector Emil Reichert from Karlsruhe 1968 and my painting exhibition in the auto repair shop Hätti in Freiburg 2018.

Several escape cars were owned by Emil Reichert, whom he had received from refugees from Eastern European countries, especially at the time of the Hungarian uprising in 1956.

1957 Ford, fresh from the swamp behind the old Bates place, now under the trees at Big M Auto salvage. Night, 91 seconds in total darkness with white (straight down) and red (through the car from the far side) Protomachines LED flashlight.

The super "Pink Moon" rises above the control tower at IND airport. Thanks to my lovely wife for driving the getaway car!

A Bullet-ridden Hudson Terraplane 1934-7 car. Bullets you say?


Yes - it was supposedly the getaway vehicle used by thiefs escaping the diamond region - it was chased into this quiet road, by police miles from anywhere - and shot at!

I’ve tagged my second account (PortPort pop) and because I know some of you won’t want to read the other post, here’s the character bio.


StuntMan (shown on the right)

Origin: StuntMan was a daring criminal, until one day his getaway car went barreling into the front of a store. His car hit and killed a man as well as severely damaging the store. He was sentenced to 14 years in prison for manslaughter, property damage, and various other crimes as well 100 hours of community service after his sentence. While in prison, he attempted to escape under a fence when he was shot by a guard and electrocuted when his body slammed against the fence. In that single moment, the shock from the fence awoke his meta-human ability and the bullet went flying out of his skin. After spending two more years in prison and being set free, he did his 100 hours of community service and began fighting crime to prevent the death of another innocent life. With his daring nature and addiction to the rush of adrenaline, he performs various wild stunts while taking out evil doers.

Abilities: His body, while it cannot morph or stretch, is very buoyant and his skin is like a rubber that absorbs punches without doing damage. He once survived a fall out of a 30 story building, only partially fracturing his ankle.

He has also been trained in the art of fighting by various masters and teachers over his lifetime.

Identity: eeeehhhh

Digital Photo Manipulation

Happy New Year and Happy First Fence Friday (HFFF?), my friends. :)

Caloundra Beachfest.Queensland Australia.

The zombies would be the last to laugh if your 700+HP getaway car breaks down before you reach the safe zone :(


Blackwolf Pack MC, Nature Returns:


((Damon SBR by Vix Motors))

I happened upon this unusual pink Audi with pink wheels, illegally parked on the street immediately in front of one of the Bank of America Buildings in Atlanta, Georgia. Surely it was not an intended 'get away car' for any bank robbery in progress. lol

A classy departure for the bride and groom, eh?!

Hipstamatic, Vintique, PicFx and MonoVu on iphone

Everything - Michael Buble


You're a fallen star

You're the getaway car

You're the line in the sand

When I go too far


You're the swimming pool

On an August day

And you're the perfect thing to say


And you play it coy

But it's kinda cute

Oh when you smile at me

You know exactly what you do


Baby don't pretend

That you don't know it's true

'Cause you can see it when I look at you


And in this crazy life

And through these crazy times

It's you, it's you

You make me sing

You're every line

You're every word

You're everything


You're a carousel

You're a wishing well

And you'll hang me up

When you ring my bell

You're a mystery

You're from outer space

You're every minute of my everyday


And I can't believe that I'm your man

And I get to kiss you baby just because I can

Whatever comes our way

We'll see it through

And you know that's what our love can do


And in this crazy life

And through these crazy times

It's you, it's you

You make me sing

You're every line

You're every word

You're everything


So laa, laa, laa, la, laa ,la, laa [x2]


And in this crazy life

And through these crazy times

It's you, it's you

You make me sing

You're every line

You're every word

You're everything


You're every song

And I sing along

'Cause you're my everything

Well settle down I won't hesitate

To hit the highway

Before you lay me to waste

Settle up and I'll help you find

Something to drive

Before you drive me insane ¡¡¡


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We had a great time downtown last night watching a reenactment of the Bonnie and Clyde robbery of a bank that is now a premeire restaurant called Tellers. This sweet ride is the same car used in the movie "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" and was sitting in the street begging for a shot. my next strangers, Bonnie and Clyde:)

GetAway Car . On the Lam ;)

Somewhere - Czechoslovakia :0

Ornament on the getaway car. A classic symbol of elegance. 1963 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III


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