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Being someone who travels a lot for work reasons, I am actually using my current vacations to enjoy the peacefulness of being home: reading my books, watching my DVDs, playing my video games....sleeping. Wow, I've been needing it fo a while now. The title of this image could've alson been "There's no place like home", but I preferred the other cliché...LOL.

This picture has been waiting for a really long time to be uploaded, and so I hope it finds its way into your hearts.

These are community houses built by the government for less privileged families here in Brazil.

10" x 13"

Arches 140#CP


I've always loved the woodlands and the gift of water that runs through them is an especial blessing this time of year. The creeks are flowing once again, the frogs have begun their chorus, and when the light makes its way through the dense foliage, there is a magical moment that is almost transcendent.


This inspired feeling was what I felt the first time I saw Denis' image 'Wild Poem' ( I was transfixed by the light he captured and awed by the play of colors and forms. I was absolutely enchanted!


I was finally able to attempt a bit of that feeling through my interpretation of Denis' photo in watercolors. I've given my version a bit more light for the springtime of the year ... but hope that the magical feeling that was evoked by Denis can also be felt in this work.


Thank you once more, Denis, for your permission to use your photo as a reference for this work -- and more - for the magic your work continually inspires!


I think the painting is fitting today as well, as it is the first day of daylight savings. Last night, we set our clocks ahead so that more daylight hours will be available in the evening time. For me, that means waking in the dark and driving to work in the dark, but being able to work and play more in the evening hours. Hmmm.... I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not when it seems more and more of us are sleep deprived! LOL


I hope your day is wonderful ...and you can enjoy an hour more more of sunlight!


Inspired by

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"" Whistle down the wind, let your voices carry

Drown out all the rain, light a patch of darkness

Treacherous and scary


Howl at the stars, whisper when your sleeping

I'll be there to hold you, I'll be there to stop

The chills and all the weeping


Make it clear and strong, so the whole night long

Every signal that you send, until the very end

I will not abandon you my precious friend....""


@ Courtesy: Sarah Brightman.


@ All right reserved

Thanks for your visit.

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Marian McPartland – Twilight World - (You'll like this if you're romantic)


I think of creativity and artistry as human assets that must be worked at, and worked at diligently. They must be continually questioned and developed, picked apart and put back together again. Marian McPartland recorded the attached song at 85 or so, I believe. She has never stopped recording or pushing at her art.


Her hand speed and the power of her touch have been replaced by a sense of emotion, taste, romance and elegance she didn't quite have 40 years ago.




The previous image on these pages was black-and-white, and it has been requested of me to do more of that. I think of my b&w work as nibbles of Gari (pickled ginger root) in between varied pieces of sushi: although quite tasty in its own right, it is more of a stablizer or refreshener before the next taste sensation, subtle, bold, or a combination of both.


Currently, I have no desire to add texture to my b&w work, (and texture interests me most at this time) and no interest anymore in straight (untextured) color work - so I wander back and forth a bit. But it will always be 80% color to 30% b&w.


This image - "Monrning Walk." Unfortunately, I hate getting up in the morning, which means I miss out on a lot of those wonderful sunrise shots. But, every now and then I try to rise and shine. Usually I manage to get out because I awakened at 3 a.m. and could not go back to sleep. I figure, "what the hell, go shoot something."


I am rewarded with two things when I do: some nice images, and a mid-day desire for a siesta like you wouldn’t believe (which is frowned upon in the US of A for reasons I'll never understand).


So here is a morning shot, 31st & South Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, by Lake Michigan. I decided to try some undirected, just-have-at-it, "Texture Play" – trying to accent the coarseness in the textures, leaving it highly visible, and an intentional part of the design of the image as some of you guys and gals do.


This would end up as a 30” x 40” print on canvas, and is meant to be viewed from at least six feet away. Not sure, if I succeeded just by judging on my monitor.


I also think I’ll try one of those soft, overall blurred versions of this too, (Judex style: ) with some vertical movement, although I’ve no idea how that is done. Why? I’ve seen some of you do it. I like it. And, ‘jus `cause, I guess.


(As of today, September 1, 2011 I haven't tried this)


Flickr allows me to feel as if I'm back in art school. One could walk the halls of the Art Institute of Chicago, study the masters, try to figure out what they are doing, and copy them. Same here on Stroll the pages of my contacts and groups, study the masters, try to figure out what they are doing, and copy them.


Note from today: September 1, 2011. I don't really like this image. I am not sure why. I have no inkling as to why. It feels off. I don't think I captured what I set out to do, however ambiguous my original goals may have been to begin with. The only reason the image is still posted here is I love the music and now tend to think of this image whenever I hear it.


C'est la Vie.


31st Street Beach, Lake Michigan, Chicago


Textures: in alphabetical order

Alex Edg:

Distressed Jewell:

Flypaper Textures:




It was low tide when I got to the beach yesterday. It wasn't too long after the water came rushing in, You could see it beginning to cover the little rocks and logs ever so quickly. There was so much life happening in the mud, little creatures running everywhere. We kind of miss those things when we sleep through it. The colour of the sky was ever changing, just like the shoreline. Most things are ever changing in life too...they're are always a few exceptions, but mostly change is happening as we "type." If you go across the mud flats here and across the water you get to this beautiful island with lots of lovely beaches to explore. You can only get there by ferry, but remember don't pay the ferryman until he get's you to the other side. :) I find it is best that way.

xx Car


Thank you very much for the visit and comments. Cheers.

Albizia julibrissin (Persian silk tree; pink silk tree) is a species of tree in the family Fabaceae; native to southwestern and eastern Asia.The genus is named after the Italian nobleman Filippo degli Albizzi; who introduced it to Europe in the mid-18th century; and it is sometimes incorrectly spelled Albizzia. The specific epithet julibrissin is a corruption of the Persian word gul-i abrisham (گل ابریشم) which means "silk flower" (from gul گل "flower" + abrisham ابریشم "silk").Albizia julibrissin is known by a wide variety of common names; such as Persian silk tree or pink siris. It is also called Lenkoran acacia or bastard tamarind; though it is not too closely related to either genus. The species is usually called "silk tree" or "mimosa" in the United States; which is misleading - the former name can refer to any species of Albizia which is most common in any one locale. And; although once included in Mimosa; neither is it very close to the Mimoseae. To add to the confusion; several species of Acacia; notably Acacia baileyana and Acacia dealbata; are also known as "mimosa" (especially in floristry); and many Fabaceae trees with highly divided leaves are called thus in horticulture.Its leaves slowly close during the night and during periods of rain; the leaflets bowing downward; thus its modern Persian name shabkhosb (شب‌خسب) means "night sleeper" (from shab شب‌ "night" and -khosb خسب "sleeper"). In Japan its common names are nemunoki; nemurinoki and nenenoki which all mean "sleeping tree". Nemu tree is a partial translation of nemunoki.A. julibrissin is a small deciduous tree growing to 5–12 m tall; with a broad crown of level or arching branches. The bark is dark greenish grey in colour and striped vertically as it gets older. The leaves are bipinnate; 20–45 cm long and 12–25 cm broad; divided into 6–12 pairs of pinnae; each with 20–30 pairs of leaflets; the leaflets are oblong; 1–1.5 cm long and 2–4 mm broad. The flowers are produced throughout the summer in dense inflorescences; the individual flowers with small calyx and corola (except the central ones); and a tight cluster of stamens 2–3 cm long; white or pink with a white base; looking like silky threads. They have been observed to be attractive to bees; butterflies and hummingbirds. The fruit is a flat brown pod 10–20 cm long and 2–2.5 cm broad; containing several seeds inside.There are two varieties:; A. julibrissin var. julibrissin. The typical variety; described above.; A. julibrissin var. mollis. Differs in the shoots being densely hairy.(Source: Wikipedia)


Thank you to Cris Buscaglia Lenz for making the texture freely available:



© All rights reserved.

This image may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished, downloaded,

displayed, posted or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic,

mechanical, photocopying & recording without my written consent.


2009.06.24 - color your life on black


Another colorful night... hope you guys are having a great time...



what color is your soul?.... i'm white... hahaha...



Join our group, Dip-It Thursday, our theme on June 25 is Make Me Smile... post your medium sized photo in this thread... see you and enjoy!!!


I love Central Park in NYC!


Used a couple of Florabella Actions and "Caramel Soft" texture by Flypaper! I also did something in Lightroom before processing it in CS3, but I don't remember what! I sure am having fun processing the heck out of these shots! Even those these two shots were taken pretty close together..the processing gives them a whole different look and colors! I could make a hundred different versions if I didn't have a JOB! ;-D Long day at work..not anywhere near being caught up yet..and now since my hubby's car is still in the shop being painted..he is going to go in very early in the a.m. and be back by 10-10:30 for me to go to work..gr8! Part of me likes the idea of sleeping in and another part wants to get in early and get caught up! I am such a crybaby tonight..I really need to be grateful for my quality problems I am moaning about ;-D




While your awards, comments, visits and faves are very much appreciated....Please NO MULTIPLE INVITES or GLITTERY graphics!!!

NOTE: NO Processing here at all!! This is what I actually seen there~ only a bit of cropped and sharpen~~


As the other nights was too crowded and busy, so most of the shots I taken always got people heads underneath each building~ therefore, I went there again last night just after 12 midnight, it was soooo nice!!!!! Only a few people there only, so I can get a better shots to show you guys!!! Especially weekday, people go home early to sleep! Haha~~ I can choose the best angle for photography!!! Cool!!! Hahahahahah!!!


I will continuely posting this Northen Lights Shots~ totally with 6 buildings and each building got about 5 different patterns~ hope you guys don't get bored~~ miao~~


"Celebrating one of the most beautiful cultural boulevards in the world for the duration of the Festival, the city’s historic architectural icons will be painted with light and coloured with life.


The State Library of South Australia, The South Australian Museum, The Art Gallery of South Australia on North Terrace are the sandstone cornerstones of our culture, illuminating and enlightening each generation. For two weeks, they themselves will take the spotlight every night of the Festival from dusk till 2am, the artists from the internationally acclaimed The Electric Canvas will transform their facades.


Through a constantly changing array of perfect, jaw-dropping architectual projection, reflecting the heritage and function of these beautiful buildings, Colonel Light’s 19thcentury vision will become a 21st-century vision in light."



... dormían plácidamente... alguien la había cubierto a ella con flores... me pareció adorable!!!


... they slept peacefully... someone had covered her with flowers... I thought it was lovely!!!!!


... salud, buenas luces y muchas gracias!!! ....... xo♥ox


... health, good lights and thanks so much!!! ... xo♥ox


... Series: "Postcards from India"


... Music: "Tea for Two" cover by Stéphane Grappelli ... enjoy it!!!

☺ Many Thanks to my dear friend STEVE for the gift :)


Pick of the day~!


In every colour there's the light.

In every stone sleeps a crystal.

Remember the Shaman, when he used to say:

"Man is the dream of the dolphin".

Two months ago, my sweet friend Kris tagged me in one of her pictures to tell 10 things most striking about me.


The 1st thing most striking about me is tell about myself. I don't like and I don't know why.


2. I don't know walk of bike. Yep, this is the cruel true.


3. I'm very indecisive. Fool ex: I never know what picture I'll post here. If you like it or not. I worry too much about it.


4. I love Cartoons and children's books or for young people, French films, alternative music, indie, Radiohead, Tim Burton, Family Guy, The Simpsons, tattoo, chocolate, ice cream, candy, my mug collection, drawing, coffee, little dots, retro things, sewing, photography.


5. I don't eat meat, slightly activist.


6. My best friend is my dog.


7. I hardly believe in people. It takes a lot for me to open myself to someone.


8. I can't sleep in the dark.


9. Although I like things for girls, I'm goofy and silly as a crazy boy.


10. uffa...I'm melancholic, but I love make people laugh! Even if it's me, and not for me. (I speak a lot of nonsense).


Now, if you aren't my friend Kris, please do the same ones I did.

Saying, if you want, 10 things about you.


I'll mark some people in this photo.

Thanks for your time and patience, if you have!


Ps.: Sorry for my "PortuguEnglish"

Ps1: Contrary to item 7, I told a little about myself to you. It took be brave for that. The reality is that today I feel safer for it.

It was around 2:45 in the morning when I woke up. I looked out the window, and saw a magnificent large and yellow moon on the horizon and the stars above.

Well, I quickly got my camera and tripod and started to take some pictures. I was done in about 45 min. Then went back to sleep.


The moon rises at sunset when it is full.. a little earlier the days before, and a little later the days after and at the proximity to the horizon.


Size, however, is merely an optical illusion. The "yellow" tinge to it, is related to the light passing through the angle and amount of atmosphere...


If it was close to the horizon, this would explain both the size and the color.


The size of the moon is not actually any different near the horizon, but, for whatever reason, an optical illusion takes place making it look larger than when it is high in the sky. The most common thought on this is that when it is near the horizon, you have other "land" objects to compare it to, that aren't there when it is far from the horizon. To prove it is not actually larger at these times, and is only an illusion, hold a dime (or your thumb) at arms length and compare it to the size of the moon. Do it again when it looks small, away from the horizon. You'll notice the size hasn't changed at all.


The "yellowness" of the moon when near the horizon is attributed to the atmosphere, which allows lower frequency (longer wavelengths) light through easier. This is the same reason why the sky appears reddish at sunset. The shorter wavelengths (higher frequencies) of light are not distributed as evenly through that angle of atmosphere.


Thank you for your comments.



Copyright :copyright:Maria Gemma June, 2015


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So the story goes like this. About a year and a half ago, I saw this and then I had to endure months of physical therapy due to my jaw falling on the ground. Ever since then, this local photographer Max has been posting some amazing images from the Golden Gate Bridge. Since then, I have been determined not only to capture this amazing scene but to witness it for myself. For the past year and a half, I have been monitoring the weather and traveling to the Golden Gate Bridge in my desperate attempt to capture this fog rolling over the city of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.


This week, the fog finally came! I did not know how long it would stay, so Alan and I arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge for FIVE sunrises in a row. Yes, I know it's a bit obsessive but the end results equals approx 500 images like this!


This is the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking through the fog. This shot is one of the first images I took on the first day; and not only did we witness the low fog rolling in, the sunrise provided some nice light. I'm not sure how many times that has happened? As I was shooting, I was asking myself, "OMG! I wonder if I have to wait another year to see this"? There were many photographers here and most of us were shooting beyond the railing area. At one point while I was shooting a panorama, a person who did not identify himself came over to us and said, "You need to leave this area and return back behind the railings". I said to myself, "I have waited 1 1/2 years for this. I'm not going anywhere"!


Be sure to click here to see James' shot of the south tower.


A huge thanks to Alan for his willingness to never sleep and up to date fog reports. Thank you for your constant support and visits. I hope you all have a great week. Jave

EXPLORE ~ FRONT PAGE. December 18 & 19, 2008.


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Live it now.

With good reason.

And moral want.


Tomorrow may not come.




may burst

and pop

the bubble...


Invest your life


Thanks for viewing, your comments and your invitations.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Invitations for my pictures to groups will be accepted only on the condition that I shall be immune to their rules. The groups should neither expect me to become their member, nor to obey their commenting policies.


The colours / brightness / contrast have been adjusted on my Samsung B2230 monitor;

They may look different on other monitors.


To see my portfolio quickly, click on : THIS



The story of Young George is long. Briefly -


He is a cycle-rickshaw-puller. His actual name is Ramana.


According to his narration, which I have recorded on my dictaphone, he is unaware of his age. He looks over sixty, yet leads an active and tough life. I found his facial features photogenic, and asked him to come to my house every Sunday for photo-sessions.


He was reluctant, but when he learnt I would be paying him for modeling, he agreed. In the beginning he was camera-shy, but soon got over it after a few sittings. These sessions went on for over a year, and I took over 2000 photographs of him on Fujicolor-100ASA, and processed the films in C41 chemistry.


I chose only 3 out of the 2000+ photographs to make both color and b&w images. The monochrome versions are elsewhere in my Flickr photo-stream.


I got the selected negatives custom printed on 8” x 6” paper, keeping the aspect ratio of a 35mm frame. The prints were scanned at 1200dpi.


I used Nikon FE2 with Nikkor 70-210 zoom lens. I used 6-point lighting, with a tiny flash, (pointing to the ceiling), on the camera hot-shoe, to trigger the 6 main slave flash-heads, the power of each adjusted with a flash meter. I placed the flash-guns inside white translucent polythene bags, puffed into sort of balloons, to get diffused light.


The backdrop was my navy blue colored sleeping bag spread out and hung behind, and I made George (Ramana) cover himself with a black shawl.


My article on George was published in "Better Photography": February 2003 issue


Sunset in the area of a small ruined castle.

Golden On Black


3 pic HDR, +-2EV, Photomatix, PS, Topaz


Thanks for visits, comments and faves, all highly appreciated and will be responded a.s.a.p!





"Some eyes are restless while others are in sleep,

In meditating that which may or may not occur,

So leave worrying as much as possible,

As carrying the burdens of anxiety is madness,

There is your Lord, who provided you with solutions to yesterday,

And He will similarly provide for what is to come tomorrow.'

Would make a nice holiday card!


Explore #1...Yay! Wow thank you everyone!! I am just getting signed on here at almost 7pm...I really appreciate everyone looking out and posting explore figures and all..It is very much appreciated... I feel so honored to have so many wonderful Flickr Friends..I only hope that I can be as good as a friend to you as you are to me..;-D


Back to a Lake Tahoe pictures....i remember lying on our bed in our hotel/cabin and lazily gazing out the balcony windows and these gorgeous pines .. the snow was letting up..ahh so relaxed....Suddenly I captured a glimpse of Stellar Jays flying around the pines..So grabbed my cam and the big lens and starting more "free time" and relaxing for me!!! I like this shot as it has a kinda artistic feel to the waterdrops and Bokeh too..I guess would be perfect if he had been looking at me..but a nice outline and color I think too?


droplets and birdie and bokeh, oh my!


Anyway, have a super Gorgeous Green Thursday and also Happy Bokeh Wednesday Hangover too!


I finally got more than 5 hours sleep since I can't even remember am just waking up...wanted to say "thanks" for being my gr8 flickr friends!!! Am coming round to visit as best I I should be getting to work soon!!


Please NO INVITES or GLITTERY graphics!!!

"I walk I eat I sleep

In these streets I may be found

Alive or dead or just reborn

One day before Easter comes


But I won't let Jesus find me

Jesus knows what I've done

I won't let him lift me up

Before I can look for Him."




"Eu caminho, eu como, eu durmo

Nestes ruas eu posso ser achado

Vivo ou morto ou há pouco renascido

Um dia antes de vir a Páscoa


Mas, não deixarei Jesus me achar

Jesus sabe o que eu fiz

Eu não o deixarei me erguer

Antes que eu possa procurá-lo"



I'll take it as my own words.

Faço dessa citação, minhas palavras.

Wishing you all a happy Easter.

Feliz Páscoa, amigos. Espero que seja símbolo de Ressurreição.


Bom dia e bom feriado.





Let us never forget He who paints our lives.


I have so much to be thankful for. A wonderful son, a wonderful sister, fantastic nephews and a darling little niece, and most important of all friends, wonderful wonderful loving, caring friends.


I have never asked for riches, but I have asked for just "enough", and I have that.


I have asked for the strength to carry on, and it was granted.


When I am down, I stop and I start to sing, 'When I am weary and cannot sleep. I count my blessings instead of sheep, and I fall asleep counting my blessings." I get so involved in counting all the wonderful blessings in my life, my woes just seem to melt away.


So my dear dear FlickR friends, let's start counting our blessings now, and whenever we feel disappointed in life.


Love and Peace


© All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal

30 March 2009


I'm alive! Haha, well, not in this photo!


I mean I'm alive! I haven't been on flickr for a while, but I have been needing a break lately. For the past month or so I have spent every day cramming for tests or scrambling to get homework done before my mum makes me turn off my lights while trying to find some sort of time to upload. I was getting about 4-5 hours of sleep every night because I stayed up doing the huge amount of work my teachers assign me.


So when my snot-nosed little brother came home with "the ick" and promptly coughed on me, I knew I was in for another week off school while trying to keep my food down. Fun, right? Not really because I had a TON of make-up work, but I did end up with much sleep and a little time to rest, so I guess that was just my body's way of telling me to take a break.


The odd thing is before this past winter, I have only ever been sick once in my life. This winter alone, I have been sick twice!


So, now after my very long absence from flickr (my apologies) I am back! And I hope to hold to that promise that I made in my last photo when my Gran goes back to Canada which will be in a few weeks. Since she is convinced she will die soon (she has been this way for the past 4 years) I am being forced to spend every waking moment with her. But, I will upload. Maybe not as often as I like, but I will.


That brings me to another point, if my next few photos seem a little morbid, I am sorry. My gran tends bring that about...


Anyway, now since that's over... THE COLOUR IS COMING BACK IN THE GRASS! YES! I have waited so long for the brown to disappear, I see colour again when I look out my window. That means summer is coming! Yes!


Oh, I found out that we have nearly 6 film cameras all with various lenses the other day. I am so excited! I just have to get batteries and film for all of them and see which ones work.


P.S. - I think I have failed 365... But I will still try! I can guarantee you that over the summer I will post every day, maybe even more than once!


Explore #146, thanks!

© Copyright SVETAN Photography™ - All rights reserved.


EXPLORED Jan 12, 2011


"Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life."

~Ludwig van Beethoven


Houston, Texas.

H B W!


♫♫♫ Santa Ana Wind - Lawson Rollins


Nikon D700 + Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 Micro

ISO 2000


Bigger is better

9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


Ahhh.... home!! So GOOD to sleep in my own bed again, visit my droughted garden, wild kitties, and unpack my poor car! LOL Mike got home safely as well and is feeling pretty good --- Grateful hearts all around!


It's a working weekend for me with a field trip on Saturday, cooking today for a class on dehydration I'll be teaching next week, and catching up from my time away.


This painting was done before I left for Charleston -- I wanted to focus on the colors of the heather -- to intensify those as the center of interest - and so I didn't paint in the bench from the original photograph. Seeing the painting again this morning - I think the addition of the bench would join the two trees somehow so I might add it later on. Still, I really enjoyed playing with these colors and the challenge of having those compliments work without becoming mud.


We've a cold front moving in ... at least for the weekend. Temps won't reach 70F ... quite a change from summer highs that hovered near the 100s!


Hope your weekend is restive!

Portfolio & Services


First off, I want to thank all of you who take the time to visit my stream. 2009 was a memorable year and my first doing serious landscape photography. Thank you for all the support, comments, suggestions, and critiques.


Over the holidays, Kendra and I visited family down south. I escaped a time or two to the San Diego Zoo as well as a couple sunsets along the coast. Much food was consumed, and we even made it to an IMAX for Avatar in 3-D. Civilization had its time, but photography awaited.


We had a plan. And by "we" I mean me. I wanted to shoot, shoot, shoot. And then shoot some more. So we headed to Joshua Tree National Park for a day and froze our butts off camping that night. I would drift in and out of sleep, watching the nearly full moon dance with the passing clouds. I almost got up at 4am to try and capture the night sky, but the bone chilling cold kept me in bed.


At one point I awoke to a glorious sky filled with color. My heart sank. I checked the watch we were using for an alarm clock. It read 6:45am. Sunrise was happening. I woke Kendra and emphatically shouted, "The sunrise is exploding in our face!" Of course, at that moment, I was in a state of mixed panic and dread. We missed our first sunrise, a glorious one at that. I ran in vain across the land only to watch the color disappear from the sky.


This was not part of the plan.


A quick pit stop at Walgreens to get a real clock was in order, and then our adventure to Death Valley began.


This image is from sunrise on New Year's Day at the famous Badwater Basin in Death Valley, a warm welcome to the new year. And this time when the sunrise was exploding in my face, I had my camera ready.


Nikon D300

Nikkor 12-24mm @ 12mm

3 sec @ f16, ISO 100

Singh-Ray 3-stop reverse GND filter

Press L to view larger on black


A few months ago David called and said, “Hey, I’m coming your way and you better bring the color and clouds!” My response was, "don’t worry, they’ll be here." Fast forward three months to this past weekend. David and Aaron came into town and I wanted to make sure they went home with lots of goodies. We were worried about the weather and had decided in advance that we would chase the light no matter where it took us in Northern California. After stressing the whole time, I have to say this weekend was one of the most successful shooting weekends in a long time. The light and clouds cooperated almost every time. I could not believe how lucky we got at every scene.


Although, the weather conditions were almost perfect every time, we didn’t have much time to scout for potential comps. When you’re traveling to all these places and getting pulled over for speeding that’s just how it goes. With only minutes to spare at every scene it wasn’t easy trying to find a composition.


This particular location was AMAZING. It was by far one of my favorites from the trip. We left San Jose at 2:00 AM and drove 5 hours to this location. When we arrived we were dressed according to San Jose weather conditions. It was a freezing 20 degrees here at Lake Tioga and the light was already rising. With no time to add layers of clothing or hiking boots, I ran in my Vans and ended up here with this rock in front of me. I could barely feel my fingers as I pressed the shutter release. As I sat here shooting, I could hear the others vocalizing their emotions in different ways like cursing, yelling, crying the "double rainbow" and all sorts of other things.


It was really great hanging with Joshua, James, Jared, Aaron and David. Shooting by yourself is great but a group setting is so much fun especially on a trip. The great conversations helped as they kept me awake as I drove in the middle of the night. Jumping ideas off one an other is another great benefit in the fact that the learning process is accelerated by 100%. A big thanks to all the guys who made this trip so much fun. This is what it's all about, hanging with good people, having lots of fun, learning a thing or two and catching some nice light! In summary:


1. We drove close to 1,000 miles in 3 days.

2. We drove an estimated 17 hours on the road.

3. We visited 10 spots including Davenport, CA, Yosemite Nat’l Park and Lake Tahoe, NV.

4. We slept almost hardly at all.

5. We ate enough junk food to hold us over for a year.


Be sure to check these guys' streams as they have already uploaded some images from the trip. Thanks in advance for your constant support and visits. Have a great week ahead and may the light be with you wherever you are. Jave

"Should I stay or go

Should I sleep or stay awake

Am I really happy or is it all

Just an Illusion"

Photographed at my previous garden in Masirah Island, Oman.


Half of the world's chameleon population lives on the island of Madagascar. They are famous for their ability to change color. This serves as a form of communication, a response to temperature, light, and mood, as well as a defense against predators.


Their eyes can rotate and swivel independently, enabling them to see almost a complete 360-degrees or observe two things simultaneously.


(Please see my First Comment, to see the "Eye rotation", which I have mentioned above, you may have to press "View 20 more Comments" to see this image)


Their tongues can be as long as their bodies. Chameleons can balance on a branch by gripping it with their claws and wrapping their tail around the branch to hold on. Chameleons can even sleep upside down!


Lifespan: 5-9 yrs. (varies by species)

Diet: Omnivore. Insects, snails, spiders, lizards, birds, flowers, berries, and fruit.

Predators and Threats: Humans through habitat destruction and captivity.


Put a rainbow on your eye...Well, at least it's something I do...


I can only blame sleep deprivation for this...that and my face is my own personal coloring book...


I'm sorry I haven't posted any "wearable" makeup lately...I haven't really been in the mood and I feel like I'm in a rut...I need to get out of :D


Over the rainbow.

"Salón de té"

♫♫ Sebastien Schuller - Sleeping Song

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved


Okay, I really hope nobody is getting tired of Mount Rainier and Wildflower shots. I have made two runs up to the park in just the past week and four times in the past month! I met up with several Flickr friends for a 4:00am hike for sunrise on Sunday. I met up with Dene, Darren and Scott, who is not yet on Flickr. While out on Mazama Ridge, we also ran into another one of our Flickr friends visiting from Portland, Tom We were all hoping for some great conditions for sunrise. We were not too disappointed as a great Lenticular cloud formed over the summit of the mountain. Oh, sorry I am describing the morning and I have posted a evening shot!


I asked if anyone wanted to join me over at the Sunrise area on the east side of Mount Rainier for sunset, but everyone was fairly tired. I have had this shot in mind for over three months and tried this back on Wednesday when I last made an impromptu visit to our beautiful backyard! I scoured the Silver Forest trail for two hours looking for the right composition. I was extremely tired by this point as I had not had any sleep since I woke up Saturday morning to go to work! I wound up with this one early on and was not sure about shooting into the sun because of the flare. Of course today, I learned that there is a filter out there that will reduce the flare, a Singh-Ray 2 stop filter...check...put that on the "Must Have List!"


The wind was kicking up dust in the lower valley and I swore I saw wildflowers flying by me as I was taking this shot!!! If you look closely, most of the flowers are somewhat blurred because of the strong winds. I shot at 800 ISO to help shorten the exposures.


This is a combination of 6 exposures to compensate for the extreme range of light (-3,-2,-1,0,+1,+2), merged and tonemapped in Photoshop. No, my camera only brackets three shots, so I manually dialed down the exposure to get the -3 exposure. I then moved into Photoshop where the "Content Aware and Clone Stamp" tools were helpful, and tedious to remove some of the color flares cause by shooting into the sun. I then ran through Topaz Adjust to get back some detail, and ran through Topaz DeNoise to tackle the noise created by using the higher ISO and HDR merge. I then adjusted the luminance level for the yellow and pulled back the saturation of the greens. A little sharpening to crisp up the image as much as I could, due to the wind.


Thank you for your views, comment and faves. I appreciate your support as you go on this journey with me as I try and grow as a photographer and as I constantly evolve in my HDR processing. I have not had too much time with work, my "Spur of the moment trips to Mount Rainier," and creating inventory to sell, to spend much time perusing the photo streams of all my great contacts. For that I am sorry, which is why I really appreciate your support even more!


Please do not use my images on blogs ore websites without my permission. All work on this site is mine and owned by me. All images are available for license and sale. Thank you.


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It's funny sometimes how images come to fruition. Like this morning, I had no desire to get up early for a third day in a row at sunrise, yet I did. Mind you, it wasn't by choice.


You see, my girlfriend had to unexpectedly leave town, and therefore I am living the single life for a few days. Normally, one of our cats, Hana, demands to be let out between 5-6am. And normally, I sleep right through her tirades because my girlfriend lets her out. Well, the first two days of bachelorhood, I had gotten up earlier than the cat. Today, however, with grand visions of sleeping in until 10 or 11am, Hana woke up first. And she was persuasive. Now, there is that little thing called a biological clock, and mine had started to think 5am was a good time to wake up.


So here I was, up again before sunrise, and to my surprise, the rain that had started the night before (and was predicted to really kick in at 6am), seemed to be gone, replaced by really nice storm clouds.


Half asleep, I cleaned my filters, packed my gear, and decided to go easy on myself and head down to a new spot for me photographically, the Capitola Pier. It's close to home, and I didn't think I'd get wet (although I wound up soaked from the waist down).


Originally, I thought I would wind up with a black and white image because I predicted a lack of sunrise color, and in the end, there wasn't any. But the colors of the sky over the almost minute long exposure, along with the golden glow of the lamps on the wharf, were too much to resist.


This image almost didn't happen. But thanks to one persuasive cat, it did.


Nikon D300

Tokina 11-16mm @ 13mm

55.4sec @ f8, ISO 200

B+W Polarizer

Lee .6 Hard and .6 Soft Stop GND Filters

Some of her favourite things....cozy warm sleep, the wind in her hair, flying, friends and BALLOONS! She got to thinking how she could have ALL of these things at the same time.


"Oh I know!" she exclaimed, and jumped out of her cozy bed. "I have many balloons of course, and I know JUST what to do with them!"


She called out, "Elyphant and beary friends....would you like to join me on an adventure? It wouldn't be fun without you!"


A grin lit up her face as she watched her friends run toward her, laughing together.


"Of course!" they chimed, "we can't think of anything else we would rather do!"


And with that, she started tying...then flying.


Photographer.Editor.Pose Maker.Doll: Spirit Eleonara


PLEASE press L to view larger on black


I just returned from another whirlwind (no sleep) boot camp photography mission. I connected with David, John and Zia with one goal, shoot as many locations as possible. On this particular day, David, Zia and I headed out to Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona.


Prior to a photo shoot, I like to do some research and look at photos of a scene I intend to visit. I do it to study the scene, visualize, and avoid a comp stomp if possible. After reviewing some of the shots, I knew I wanted more sky in my composition. Since it was a location I had not been to before, we wanted to get there early. We arrived and made our way down to the canyon and guess what, clear blue skies! As I neared the edge, I was overwhelmed by the height and beauty of the canyon. I stared at the stunning view in a desperate attempt to challenge my fear of heights. I had lots of emotions going on from "I'm scared as hell" to "all the way here from California and no clouds".


Approximately two hours before sunset, we started to notice some textures developing in the sky. I thought to myself if the sky develops, I'm definitely going to "live on the edge". As sunset approached, it was evident the sky was going to blow up. (Click here to see a video of this shot.) I laid myself on the edge of the 1500 foot canyon with my tripod literally inches from it. I composed the shot and set my filter. The sky blew up with some awesome color. The whole time, I pressed the wireless shutter and hoped for the best. Usually light like this induces a happy dance, but there was no way in hell I was going to dance along this edge. While I was doing all of this, I was able to capture a short video and send it to some of my buds. (Sorry, I could not post the video, as it documents my foul language due to the excitement.)


Be sure to check out Dave's and John's awesome images from here.


Thanks to Jean for sending us the light and well wishes; to all the guys who made this trip so much fun; and a special thanks to David for being such a stupendous host. This is what it's all about, hanging with good people, challenging your fears, having lots of fun, learning a thing or two and catching some nice light! In summary:


1. We traveled to 4 states in 3 days: Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona.

2. We drove close to 1,000 miles in 3 days.

3. We drove an estimated 15 hours on the road.

4. We visited the following spots: Zion National Park, Utah; Toadstooles Hoodoo, Utah; Horseshoe Bend, AZ; Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ and Death Valley National Park, CA.

5. We ate enough junk food to hold us over for another 6 months.


I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Hope to see you all in the new year. Jave

Just dashed up to Yosemite with some friends a whim for a weekend of winter wonderland. We shot sunrises on 4 hours of sleep when it was -4F outside, realfeel -18...and wouldn't have given it up for anything.


I thought I'd seen it all after I shot Midwinter Night's Dream last January, but yesterday morning's color, light, fresh snow, and crepuscular rays just left me humbled and speechless.


Yeah, I had a 20-page paper due tonight and three finals in the next three days. what? I will let nothing stand between me and my dreams!!


As many of you know, I'm a 21 year-old upcoming artist and I need all the help I can get. This trip, along with all the others I've taken recently, was funded completely by donations I've received this holiday season from people like you. $100 can send me on a weekend trip; a single $200 donation covered my entire 6-day Oregon trip. If you're interested, you can find links on my website, on the About pages. Happy holidays and all the best to you!


- Jeff

^ I'm a young (21 year-old) photographer and really appreciate help and donations of any amount.


You can also follow my posts on Facebook.




please, pretty please, don't use this copyrighted image without my permission. if you're interested in prints, licensing, or just being extra awesome, check out my profile.


P.S. Press "F" then "L" to make your wildest dreams come true :)


To "take care about the garden", to buy some candies for the children, to arrange that drawer, to sleep a little more...anyway, forget about the work, only for now and reserve some time for you.


Can you guys from different countries over the world tell me: is it Labour's day also for you all?


Cuidar do jardim, comprar alguns doces pras crianças, arrumar aquela gaveta, dormir um pouco mais...não importa, reserve algum tempo para você, pelo menos hoje.


Nelly Furtado, "Party". Very nice and short video from Nelly's good times.


Bom feriado!!!

Hugs to my friends!!!



9" x 12"

Arches 140#CP


Home. There are few other words in the language of humans that conjure up so many emotions and thoughts, images and memories. I feel as though I haven't seen my own for months .... and to finally sleep in my own bed, drink my own coffee, make order how of the remains of my hasty departure, are truly balms to the soul.


I chose flowers today, Iceland Poppies painted in between times of mom's wakefulness and sleeping; the quiet colors, simplicity and stark white of the paper to remind me of mom - her gentleness, simple ways, love of flowers.


She's finally well enough to be in rehab and moved there yesterday. She's still somewhat confused, and thinking she's in her former dwelling in Florida - but she's being looked after well and the stimulation of moving around more, exercising her new hip, eating with other people, should (?) we hope, give her a bit more liveliness and normalcy.


I too hope to return to a more normal schedule, but since her illness is long term, we'll all be preparing to repeat the last few weeks experiences.


What all this keeps telling me is how very precious each and every moment of our lives, the way we choose to spend each moment and with whom. I find myself even more grateful for those friends and loved ones who take the time to chat a moment, give a smile or a hug, have a cup of coffee, share their own lives. I have always found solace in the natural world and this continues even more.


The situation brings up the question, once more, of priorities, and how our lives are lived, and what is truly important. I've always been one to share such thoughts and ideas, and hope to do so here in words and images, as I too work through my own evaluations. I suppose we do this each New Year - resolutions of a kind. But I hope this 'evaluation' is far larger than dieting (again), keep off the cookies, and exercising daily!! LOL


Meanwhile, it'll be rest, a walk through the woodlands (isn't it unusually warm again???), and God willing, a bit of painting.


I'm thinking of starting a journal again - I used to keep one but I find it challenging to add one more thing to my day - so we'll see where my contemplations lead me.


Thank you once more for all your prayers and kindnesses. They have sustained me and my family more than you can know.


Biggest hugs ... and a heart of gratitude!



Hello my dear flickr friends. I am still busy as usual but am managing to catch up on and off. Thought I would give you a little break from the Geese before I upload some more Geese shots when I have the time. I hope you are not tiring of them he he he. I thank you for all you wonderful and kind comments, invites and awards and I wish you all a wonderful rest of Thursday and weekend (including Friday). : )) xo


In Dreams" by Roy Orbison




A candy-colored clown they call the Sandman

Tiptoes to my room every night

Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper

"Go to sleep, everything is all right"


I close my eyes, then I drift away

Into the magic night, I softly say

A silent prayer like dreamers do

Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you


In dreams I walk with you

In dreams I talk to you

In dreams you're mine all of the time

We're together in dreams, in dreams


But just before the dawn

I awake and find you gone

I can't help it, I can't help it, if I cry

I remember that you said goodbye


It's too bad that all these things

Can only happen in my dreams

Only in dreams

In beautiful dreams



Inspired day out with my great guide and buddy Paul McGreevy!


View On Black


Made Explore #6 9th March 2012


At long last I made it to Blea Tarn in the lake district but it wouldn't have been possible until I got a great flickr mail from Paul saying "if you're ever in The Lakes give me a shout".


Well within 24 hours I was onto it! Paul I'm on my way and by the way can we see; Blea Tarn, Castle Rigg Stone Cirlce and anything else inbetween!


All I'll say is not only is Paul a really talented photographer but also a true gentleman! He not only spent the day driving me around the best spots in The Lakes but he also shared his lunch with me!


I think one of the great things with working with other photographers is watching their approach with their subjects, Paul probably didn't notice me but I observed his style and learnt so much from his preparation before he took an image. I really liked how he scopes out all the angles and takes a few test shots without any filters on before committing to the shoot. Luckily for me he probably never noticed me many times in the background falling over too! It was one of those days with about three little falls and lots of giggling from me!


And what can I say about his knowledge of The Lakes, his Land Rover was up and down hills, round and round small winding lanes, I have no idea where I have been but it was great fun! Paul's a top bloke, great craic and as I say so hospitable! I look forward to returning the favour when Paul heads to the North East!


Oh and Paul saved me a small fortune as well! We were in Cathedral Cave (OMG what a location for light painting!!) and as we decided to move on Paul caught sight of a small bag and said is that yours? OMG my small "man pouch",which I use for all my filters, was lying on the ground! Aaaggh! Thank heavens Paul spotted it!


Well Paul I did plan to post the dead sheep shot first but seeing that you haven't posted your moss shot, I'll play safe and go with my second image of the morning, the erm sunrise at Blea Tarn.


Even without the glorious sunrise colours I think you get the feel for how majestic this site is, also behind this area there are some wonderful small waterfalls that you can spend hours photographing too!


Well back to the processing and just wait for the dead sheep shot!


Thanks again Paul for a fun packed day! I slept like a log last night!




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"There is always a certain peace in being what one is, in being that completely." - Ugo Betti




A very gloomy day, overcast for most of the day. So I decided I needed some colour to brighten the day.


Nothing too exciting to report, still not enjoying the Flickr revamp, it doesn't seem to be growing on me at all, but still I'll give it time. I guess it's easier to bring down a community than it would be to build it up again. I haven't looked today, does anyone know if Flickr has addressed any of the issues in an official statement or post yet?


I didn't sleep very much last night so I think I'll relax the rest of the evening away.


Hope you've all had a good day.'re never there.

First of all, I should point out that this photo was not taken from the actual Grandview at the top of the Odaray Highline Trail. Sadly, we didn't make it that far before the sun began to throw some color into the sky, so we ended up stopping very close to the top and simply shooting from where we were.


The journey to this spot was probably one of the most arduous and demanding hikes that I have been on to date, including the trip to Upper Yosemite Falls. For those of you who are seasoned mountain climbers, this would probably be a walk in the park. But for someone like ME who is now in his 50's and who only got two hours of sleep the night before after killing himself on the Opabin Trail but who foolishly wanted to see if there was anything going on with the aurora at 3:15 AM so he got up and just stayed up because we were leaving at 4 AM anyway so what was the point of crawling back into my sleeping bag....this was a bit of a haul. Add to that the fact that we were hiking at an elevation of 8000 feet and it was very, very dark. I do have to thank my compadres Tom and Mark as they kept refusing to leave me as I was huffing and puffing behind them.


The thing that really killed me on this trip was that just when I was thinking I could't take another step and that we must be getting close to the Grandview, we came upon the final turn off to the left, and now the trail headed straight up in earnest. I thought the trail was steep BEFORE this final turn off, but now the trail literally had us crawling on our hands and knees over rock outcroppings and we found ourselves wondering if there really WAS a trail, or if we passed the end of the trail further below us at some point. Between my lack of sleep, lack of oxygen and the 30 pounds of camera gear on my back, it was all I could do to keep going. I believe that Tom and Mark, both in their 20's, could easily have made it to the top in time for the sunrise if they hadn't stopped to wait for me and if not for the fact that the "trail" came to an sudden, inexplicable end. At least that's how it appeared as Tom and Mark looked at it with their headlamps in the dark.


The upside to all of this was that our eventual view was very close to the one that we were after from the top as we now had panoramic views of Lake McAurthur, Shaeffer Lake, and Lake O'hara as well as the Wiwaxy Peaks, Mount Huber, Yukeness Mountain and Mount Shaeffer.


Before we set off on our trip to Canada, I had pegged this location as a potential killer sunrise view as I knew it faced East and had that sweeping panorama of mountains and lakes. The only issue was that that there were NO shots of the sunrise that I could find from this location. After making this attempt, I can see why it would be so difficult. First of all, the highline trail is CLOSED for much of the Summer as the area you see above to the center right is a wildlife corridor in which Grizzlies and other animals migrate and move through the rockies. Even when we made our attempt, the trail was limited to only four groups per day. Secondly, clear views from the Grandview apparently aren't that common as clouds are constantly streaming around these mountains. Just the week before, that entire trail was covered in snow and I don't want to think about how sketchy it would be to try to get up and down that trail when it is covered in ice.


We really thought that the sky was going to light up and do something truly spectacular as it was only partly cloudy as we left camp, but by the time sunrise was nearing, thick, dark, roiling clouds were now pouring over from the West and light snowflakes were now blowing by us in a howling gale. After taking several brackets, we agreed that the light wasn't going to get any better, and we began the long scramble down to race back to camp in order to make the 9:30 AM bus back to the main road as it looked like the oncoming storm would pretty much kill any potentially good shots for the rest of the day.


I definitely want to try this trail again, but hopefully next time I'll have a bit more sleep to work with, and I might switch to a mirrorless camera to help deal with the weight issue. Between the weight, the altitude and the 4:00 AM start time, this one almost finished me off.


(One more shout out to Canadian Photographer Paul Zizka whose shot from this location inspired us to make this attempt. You can view his gallery at:

Title: The Lost Jewel

Author: Emily Dickinson


I held a jewel in my fingers

And went to sleep.

The day was warm, and winds were prosy;

I said: "'T will keep."


I woke and chid my honest fingers, --

The gem was gone;

And now an amethyst remembrance

Is all I own.


thanx for your time and comments, M, (*_*)

Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved





The Basilica of San Marco overlooks one of the most beautiful squares in the world, a real marble salon, the city center for centuries. Next to both the Basilica and the Doge's Palace, all the most important religious and civil ceremonies have always been held there and now the Piazza San Marco is considered the city's main symbol and tourist attraction.


This great square overlooking the water is a mixture of spaces, volumes and styles: the Procurator's residence, the bell tower, the Doge's Palace and the Sansoviniana Bookshop.


On Ascension day, the Doge and the city's most important members got on board and sailed out to the Adriatic, to the Lido port. Here the Doge threw a ring, symbolizing union between Venice and water, into the sea and pronounced the solemn formula: "We wed you oh sea, in the sign of true, eternal dominion".


The place where I had sleep.

The voices called...

"Hold my hand…"


and I would wander entranced, silent

in the sand…unnoticed!

Holding your hand…


I remember the cool whispers that knew

secrets of the stars in our soul

so deep

dark dark blue

felt the rhythm dreams

as they were born in halos

of the tranquil waves

of the shells burnt to yellow sunset

and the lonely rock


…The voices called

And I open my eyes…


The sun the sand the rock… The night still… there!

Today… Long after the voices gone

I wonder…


Why oh Why! I opened my eyes!

I reckon this shot is a bit too late for the movie - Transformer. I didn't even realise this shot is in my archives... that's what happen when one has too much crap in his harddrive :P Anyway, its still better late than never! Sorry its a post & run this morning as its way past midnight here & I'm going to transform myself into a sleeping log now. Should see you shortly soon! ciao!







The Oversize Boat Truck at Dockland, Melbourne


The Shot


Standard 3 exposure shot (+2..0..-2 EV) taken handheld using Sigma DC HSM 10-20mm lens




- Tonemapped generated HDR using detail enhancer option




- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'curves' to increase the contrast

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'level' to tone up the metal bars

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (blues) to adjust the sky

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (reds) to desaturate the harshness

- Added 1 layer mask effect of 'saturation' (yellows) to tone down the ground

- Used a slight amount of 'unsharp mask' (as always) on the background layer




All comments, criticism and tips for improvements are (as always) welcome




(Transformer Soundtrack) Linkin Park - What I've Done



Every morning I try & remember to be alive, he said, & then I count the hours until I get to go to sleep again. It makes for a certain creative tension, he added. ~Story People


It's hard not to feel alive in any new place. I've never felt so fully "awake" and aware of every detail as I am when traveling. The sights, the sounds, the light and the texture of places surround me. It almost makes it a bit more difficult, I think, to focus on making an image... because I'm basically overwhelmed by all the "new" beauty around me. I have to train my brain to stop, stand still, and concentrate on how those details, flashing like hummingbirds around me, might be isolated into a single photograph.


In this case it came down to layers of colors and the thin line of a wave rolling across sand. Add in the sensory details that I recall - knees sunk into the soft beach, body crouched over the cold metal of the Hasselblad nestled in my hands, the low roar of the waves and the damp sea air on my face... and it still makes me feel so alive.


Image made with a Hasselblad 500 C/M.


Hey all! Come see the New Look on !


This was shot in the final hours of daylight, near the southern tip of Argentina and the edge of Chile, just a glacier's throw from Antarctica.


In the morning, we woke up at 4:30 AM in -7 degree cold. I hardly slept 30 minutes the whole night. I was in a tiny 2-man tent with Yuri. The noxious fumes of our tiny prison reminded me, if you will, of the inside of a tauntaun that had spent its life consuming cognac and cigarettes. Furthermore, his snore had the sonorous bass and carrying power of a humpback whale with none of the beauty.


I started on one edge of these rugged peaks and moved around to this side, to get the view from the glacial lake. The spiked mountains there are Cerro Torre, and I was very lucky to see them without cloud cover. I understand they are covered up 90% of the time, so to have crystal clear air was fortunate. The glacier there, which presents on the right but really goes back behind many more mountains, is called "glacier grande".


I did a lot of other things this day too, including a 45-minute 1500-foot ascent up an icy trail that was not really a trail at all. Dima and Vulva (Vulva is one of the other Russian gentleman who joined us on the trip -- it's hard to pronounce with a strange V-W sound, but he seemed to respond when I called him "Vulva") went up the mountain with me in the pitch black, using only headlamps. I'll have more on that story later because it was pretty sketchy. But, alas, we were able to see Fitz Roy as the sun turned the tips pink. After that, we began the long additional 10km hike that brought us to this location. I stayed here watching icebergs float by until the last morsels of dusk remained.


(also, the Large size is recommended!) :)


from the blog at

Larger on Dreamy Blackness here

All 3 works assembled into a triptych,

representing the dream's stages and "blending" of things that must occur in the mind as it's created on the fly.

Each Dream seems to have an overall coherency, as seen in the similar but different elements here.


That our brains do all this in full motion, audio and visual, living color while we "sleep" still astounds me.


For me the original 3 works have so much detail that this ends up being overwhelming en group, but the original intent was to do a series of the dream "process", I just need a BIG building side to paint it on!!!

(I do apologize for the lack of detail... the Flickr process really knocked this one apart... original has great clarity...)

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