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Thank you to Lenabem Anna for Beautiful Texture


Bird Brushes SkeletalMess


Wish you all a Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year Thank you for all your Support Always Appreciated


"Across the sky, the haze was twirling,

The moon, as though a pale dye,

Emerged with yellow through faint clouds.

And there I sat, immersed in doubts,

And now, just take a look outside.

The snow below the bluish skies,

Like a majestic carpet lies,

And in the light of day it shimmers.

The woods are dusky. Through the frost.

The greenish brown trees are exposed,

And under ice, a river glitters.

And there the tree in silence

Slumbers all day long

With branches of the purest snow.

The snow gleams brightly In the golden sun

For the First Snow of Winter has just begun."

















Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a bright New Year, everyone! Thank you for all your sweet comments and support this year. I"ll be on and off until after Christmas, but will check in on you brilliant streams whenever I can. :)

We may not be able to get round to everyone in the lead up to Christmas, but we hope this beautiful Holiday Season brings you the joy, love and happiness you all desire.


"When the winter winds

Are blawin'

An' it's cauld enough for snaw

You micht see a wee robin

Sittin' oan yer wa'

He's come a' the way

Fae oor hoose

Wi' a message jist tae say

Hae a Very Merry Christmas

An' a Happy New Year tae."


Scrapbook-elements courtesy of Cajoline-Scrap and Shabby Princess.


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Copyright :copyright: Kia & Zeno. All rights reserved.

No usage allowed in any form without our written explicit permission.

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10" x 13" Watercolor and white webbing

Arches 140#CP




Everytime I go out with my camera, I take some pictures that I like, but since they are not part of the main event i am shooting that day, I never upload them. I have now decided to upload them to flickr rather than let them get lost in one of my external hard drives. they are just random pictures i click. I will call them "Just Clicks". Hope you like some of them.


See more "Just Clicks" here:-


"Lighthouses on shore, beacons of light shining out, love guiding us home."

Raymond A. Foss
















Dear friends,


This is going to be my last post for this year. I'm off for now. I love (learning to love) the heat (in Malaysia) every time I walk outside. I've stopped complaining about the heat =). I sleep at about 9pm (local time- 2am NZ time equivalent) and wake up at about 4 am. You can laugh all you might =). Sometimes I can't sleep at all. This criterion qualifies me to apply for a position of a watchman ey? hahahahahaha. What a super duper long jet lag and it continues up till now.


Whatever it is, I do enjoy your companion in this flickr world. I hope our friendship will continue to thrive even though we are apart in distance. I hope that I’ve been a good pal (flickr friend) to you, as much as you are to me =). I've travelled all around the world through your lenses. I've experienced the world through your exceptional photos. I breathe in different countries every single time I venture into your streams. I've got the chance to know people across cultures, regions and professions. And for that, I thank you =)


Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your love. Thank you for the time you gave to me. Thank you for the things you taught me. Thank you for your heart.


Together with this photo I attach to you photos of most views, most comments, most faves and most interesting in my stream. You can click on the "popular" button to view your own great collections =).


Many thanks dearie friends.

Sorry for any wrong doings

Take care alright =)




Nur Arifah Abd Majid, 23, still single...hahahahahaha, currently reading "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy, Till then, bye!


p/s Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Salam Maal Hijrah in advance! Don't be surprised if I crash into your chimney to give out presents for Christmas....hohoho!

Dont miss me and keep on smiling alright =)


*Currently tuning into "Separuh Jiwaku Pergi" by Anang Hermansyah, an Indonesian singer and a song writer, a well written song!!! two thumbs up =)*

"There is no time more fitting to say Thank You and to wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year of health, happiness and prosperity."


Have a safe and blessed Christmas, everyone!


My sincere thanks to all the birthday and anniversary wishes from yesterday. I appreciate each one of those wonderful wishes and made me happy. :heart_eyes:


Copyright 2014 :copyright: Gloria Sanvicente

The Christmas Of Oz by Daniel Arrhakis (2014)


My last work until 26 of December ! I made this with a special thank you for all my friends on Flickr, because you are really special ! : )


Wish you all dear friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with the light of Stars And The Color Of Flowers ! : )




Work in "In the Style of … the Pattern & Decoration Movement Challenge" in TMI group :


Follow my Vision and Imagination using your iPhone

My Website

Free Photo Guides QLD Location guides from photographers for photographers



Christmas without snow...hmmmm


Dear all, thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty on flickr, for your visits and wonderful and inspirational compliments and flickr mails. You are wonderful people.


Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Joyeux Noël et bonne année.

Frohe Weihnachten und guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr.

Gëzuar Krishtlindjet dhe vitin e lumtur të reja.

Auguri di buon Natale e felice anno nuovo.

Vrolijk kerstfeest en gelukkig nieuw jaar.

Веселого Рождества и счастливого Нового года.

عيد ميلاد مجيد وسنة جديدة سعيدة.



For those of you with an iphone, I have 100 of my "best" in an application called "ifolio". It is a free application


About One Million


Mangroves are trees and shrubs that grow in saline coastal habitats in the tropics and subtropics. The saline conditions tolerated by various species range from brackish water, through pure seawater to water of over twice the salinity of ocean seawater, where the salt has become concentrated by evaporation.


There are many species of trees and shrubs adapted to saline conditions. Not all are closely related, and the term 'mangrove' may be used for all of them, or more narrowly only for the mangrove family of plants, the Rhizophoraceae, or even more specifically just for mangrove trees of the genus Rhizophora.


More than fifty species of Rhizophoraceae grow in Australasia, with particularly high biodiversity on the island of New Guinea and northern Australia.


Australia has approximately 11,500 km2 of mangroves primarily on the northern and eastern coasts of the continent, with occurrences as far south as Millers Landing in Wilsons Promontory, Victoria and Barker Inlet in Adelaide, South Australia.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy Flickr'ing New Year to you and your loved ones, dear friends. Cheers , stay safe and keep smiling.


"And the Grinch, with his Grinch-feet ice cold in the snow, stood puzzling and puzzling, how could it be so? It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags. And he puzzled and puzzled 'till his puzzler was sore. Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?"


Another year on Flickr, it goes so fast, and so to you, a really big thank you for all the support and encouragement, the comments, faves and testimonials. Thank you for all the visits and thank you also for sharing your work!


I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


See you in 2013!


Martin :-)

Explore #55...thanks Mayumi Nejire for the link! And thanks also to Sylvia (slcook52) for the additional link..!


I have family coming over in about an hour..will try to visit as many of my peeps as possible! And then we are going to my brother-in-law's home for Xmas Eve Dinner..but maybe will get a chance to visit later tonight!


Merry Bokeh Wednesday and oh Yeah, Merry Xmas Eve too! Thanks so much for your gift of friendship here on Flickr! Looking foward to more flickr fun in 2009!


Also, in case you missed this e-card yesterday...<a href=" all of our good wishes for a Joyous Xmas Season and Wonderful New Year!Jon, Sue, Foxy, Maximus and the Cat &fldAge=+&fldHeaderNum=0&fldCard=3150446&cont=1">Merry Merry-keh!


UpDate 8:10PM PDT: thanks to all..I am afraid I ate too many different kinds of food today..and now my tummy hurts! I am not feeling too good..will go lay around now with the hubby! Thanks again to all of you .. for being so special and such gr8 friends .. I am looking forward to getting to know more of you and more about you and seeing your wonderful photography in 2009!!!


Feel the Xmas Bokeh Love!


for gettyholidays2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all .


And as usual, my fav and only Christmas Song:

The Pogues - Fairytaile of New York

Merry christmas and happy new year all! Hope you'll like it!

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that should be soon Ma Liberté


"The sky is one whole, the water another; and between those two infinities the soul of man is in loneliness".

~ Henryk Sienkiewicz



I will be absent (mostly off ) during all the Holiday Season , taking an Internet break

It's a time of year I hate, because of personal reasons and too many awful memories ....

Can't explain , might not seem obvious to everyone

....and January isn't really better .... might be worse


Wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and ALL THE BEST for the NEW YEAR , dear Friends

Have Fun ! Be Happy !!


Thank you for your friendship , and support






quite exceptionally, I post a semi-panoramic format because it suits better, in my opinion. But for sure ,I won't give up the Square, my favourite format


in set personal favourites on Flickrock ( nice presentation )

also in set Rêves d'Océan

and ....nothing else matters (set)


Finistère Brittany . France.

Nikon D300 ; Nikkor 16-85 VR

processed with SEP2



under construction ; will be re-posted later , as soon as I could catch up after a PC crash


Unfortunately, it seems my PC remains quite unstable , waiting for a full revision

Seems better now , but I'm very busy .... no time ;(




Please no invitation to private groups , nor to multi-levels groups (I mean more than 3 or 4 levels )

I've neither time nor patience to count my awards for 5, 6, 7, 8 ....levels and even up to 10 or 12 (!)


but I like to take time for contests !!!!




This is my son... He is sleeping and waiting for is hard to beleive, he knows Santa does not exist but still awaiting....


Wish you a Merry Christmas...

Michka vous souhaite un joyeux Noel.


Michka wish you a Merry Christmas.




put one note in the fountain of think that you know the mine ; -)


happy Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to all my snowbound and un-snowbound friends...have the very best of all that the holiday season has in store for you!


I wasn't going to post anymore til the New Year..esp. after working 21 hours in 2 days..but tomorrow should be a light day..and after just catching up with 5 pages of contacts .(I don't like to post if I don't think I can comment back..).......I thought..well. one more for the road! Esp. since I already had this one made up from a few days ago... So I "think" this is it till 2010..but who knows! ;-D Maybe something will come to you from NYC..! Merry, Happy!


Merry Whispery White Wednesday! White enough I hope Abby!?? (this was going to be monday blues..but posted the prior ornament shot instead).... and Happy Bokeh Wednesday too! woo-hoo!


Glorious Nature Art II overlay and texture; Florabella Overlay Vignette. Snowflake bokeh background made using FREE snowflake brushes from redheadstock on Deviant Art..thanks!


Snowy goodness


for gettyholidays2010


I wanted to post the landscape version of this shot that highlights the curves of the "fire wave" itself. This is the image I ended up printing and hanging on my wall... Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and remember the reason for the season- Jesus! This giant "candy cane" is my Christmas gift to you all!


Valley of Fire Wave

"Fire Wave"

Valley of Fire State Park

Overton Nevada

American Southwest


"The magic of Christmas never ends

and its greatest of gifts are family and friends…

Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year."

Hi to all my "Flickr" friends.


Merry Christmas, we hope you all have a happy & peaceful holiday.


My Christmas picture from last year, sorry I haven't taken any new ones.

There's somethin' about those lights

On that tree at night

Feelin' you girl next to me


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year's to everyone much love!


♦ Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug

♦ Concept} 10. IceLove - White Bed - RARE @ Shiny Shabby

♦ Concept} 07. IceLove - Grey SinteticFur Carpet @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [ kunst ] - Rustic wall hanging bulbs RARE @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [ kunst ] - Rustic wall hanging bulbs RARE @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [ kunst ] - Hector's penny-farthing @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [ kunst ] - Potted plant @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [ kunst ] - Railroad table clock @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [ kunst ] - Empty bottles @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [ kunst ] & [ hoorenbeek ] - Pillows (floor) RARE

♦ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Marble Fireplace White @ Shiny Shabby

♦ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wood Angel @ Shiny Shabby

♦ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Fireplace Tools @ Shiny Shabby

♦ 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Silver Deer @ Shiny Shabby

♦ Apt B // Simple Xmas Noel RARE @ Shiny Shabby

♦ Apt B // Simple Xmas Chair @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [Toiz] ladder @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [Toiz] x-mas tree deco @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [Toiz] bed table @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [Toiz] jar @ Shiny Shabby

♦ [ zerkalo ] Hot Chocolate

♦ [ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit - Curtain @ C88

♦ [ zerkalo ] Holiday Spirit - Glasses with Candles @ C88

♦ [ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas - Pile of Gifts#1/2 @ The Arcade

♦ [ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas - Tiny Tree @ The Arcade

♦ [ zerkalo ] TeaTime Lamp - Natural

♦ [ zerkalo ] Winter Evening - Ottoman

♦ [ zerkalo ] Natural Wood Table

♦ [ zerkalo ] Magical Christmas - Basket with Ornaments

♦ {anc} flottante puppy. cream . layB / withCollar

♦ {anc} glass ornament. for tree

♦ dust bunny . present pile @ The Arcade

♦ [sYs] CARLTON tuxedo & heels - @ Shiny Shabby

♦ ""D!va"" Hair "Betty" @ C88

♦ Poses Bauhaus Movement


A house in Toronto: the neighbours aren't as "committed" as this homeowner is


♪ Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Just a "little" something to wish All my Flickr Friends A Happy & Safe Holiday..................!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your thoughtful comments, support and visits this past year and I hope "2011" will bring us all a year filled with good health, happiness, peace and joy.........♥


Looking forward to seeing all your new images..............:)


Best wishes,


I was visiting my parents for christmas when the sky suddenly exploded in Northern Lights. On the evening of December 26th I was heading for the sofa with a christmas beer (Julefred by Kinn) when my mom came in the door and said, "have you seen that the sky is purple?".

I left the beer, got dressed for aurora hunting and grabbed the camera. It was a great show and the "northern-lights-panick" hit me, and I struggled to choose where to shoot or how to compose. I ended up with a few random shots in all directions, and this is one of them. Facing east, with the mountain Landegode and the city Bodø on the horizon. 100 meters from my parents house.

Merry christmas and a happy new year! :)

Merry christmas and happy new year! Let's hope the new year of 2012 will be favorable for photography and exploring of nature. Ofcourse couple of volcanoes and unexpected adventures would be great too ;-)


This is a self-portrait inside a recently formed ice cave in the glaciers on the south coast of Iceland. Entering this cave is only possible in a freezing period due to the "floor" is actually a small lagoon.


Cheers, Skarpi


More images from Iceland at

Contact me at: regarding publication requests.

All rights reserved - Copyright © Skarphéðinn Þráinsson


" Merry Christmas and Happy New Year "

Happy Holiday Everyone :)

I'll be going on vacation from today 'till january 12th but I couldn't take this break without wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a splendid 2015 filled with joy, love, health, tons of fun and food.


May all your dreams and hopes come true in this new year.


I'd like to thank every single one of you for all the support, gentle and kind words. When I say "It's really important", trust me. It is.


I see you guys in 2015.


Take care and stay safe! ♥




Night _Of _Everlasting _Love ♥


A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you ! Allow me to offer you Season's Greeting on the advent of what will surely be a bringt and prosperous New Year, I trust that you and your family are enjoying this holiday Season in execllent health.

May every year unite our hearts more closly.



Hpbday mẹ maerimeo :* Awwwww hnay sn nhưg k thấy mẹmẹ onl ):

Chúc mẹmẹ sn vui vẻ, hp bên gđ w ba đẹp ♥ Mẹmẹ hđó hay nói nhảm w con, r mình bàn về kế hoạch tg lai tùm lum (=

Hđầu mẹmẹ là chị qả dâu :"> Xog set relationship trên fb nhầm thành mẹ-con r từ đó thành mẹ con qả dâu luôn :->

Thươg mẹmẹ nhất. Mẹmẹ là ng bạn online toẹt vời nhaaaaaaa :-> Mấy năm nữa mẹ w con ừn goái gặp nhau mình tug tăg dạo phố naaaaaaa <":

Best wishes to you, my dear <3



Bonus fansign + Xmas gifts

This is for you all..wish you Merry Christmas & Happy 2010

Poetry and sexiness lead the way to women's hearts.

But with men life is let's put it all togheter!


Melvin Starbrook... the happy mermaid

Wuf Wuramunga... the good adviser

Dolma Dollinger... Miss latex doll

Riri Bazar... the camaleontic artist

Domino Bristol... the freak vagabond

Helena Kirkorian... is "the Boss"!!!!

Denise Townsend... the sexy girl

Frigg Ragu... is like Mother Earth


Paradise Lost... /Scheherazade sim

© all rights reserved

I dont know if in the coming days I will have time to post some picture, so from now I tell everyone thanks for making this year so wonderful, fun and full of art.

be this page is like a breath of my day to day, I appreciate your comments and friendship.


I think I'm a very lucky person, I have "talent" for certain things, I have a family that isnt perfect but I love, I have real good friends, not many but each one is as good as having 100, good health, n love will come someday.


thanks for being there reading this, I want you to know that I wish you all the best of the best.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


** I will travel to 28 of this month and will return the first days next year.






View On Black

..THANK YOU ALL who have visited, Commented and FaveD on my stream...


...forgot to mention...taken with my 35mm macro lens two kills..


Click here for bigger pic:

Winter Festival of Lights Niagara Falls


No photo can show the whole beauty and power of Niagara Falls. The mist always interferes. Getting a good perspective is a challenge too ...


My favourite Christmas song:


"... and every dream that herein asleeps

has a child whose heart it keeps

and now, for someone else's sake

one by one those dreams awake"

To all my beautiful and talented Flickr friends.........."Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
















Just wanted to let you know that i'll be off flickr for a little while & to thank you all for your support, it is very much appreciated


Wishing you all a merry christmas & happy new year.

Big hugssss & kisses to you all xx


Howard Jones - " New Song " ( 1983 )


No group invites thanks, i won't be here :- ))

I always loved this scene with its mysterious light, great sense of depth and beauty. I captured it on film on a mountain trip between Christmas and New Years Eve in 1997 (with the Nikon FE-2). I have already posted a BW version earlier and I think I like that version even better. But, I figured this color version could be a nice end of the year "post card" photo for 2010. The photo itself is not so spectacular but the scene is of course very special with the light breaking through the fog behind the snowed down trees.


It has been a very busy year for me and I have not posted many photos on Flickr. I hope to improve this in 2011. Most of my time at Flick I devote as one of the admins of the group PPro - thoughtful meeting place to share images, get honest critique, and build a knowledge. Another reason for the lack of photos in 2010 has also been that my key projects in 2010 have been of a very personal nature. I have turned to photographing people (trying to lift the family photo to a higher level). It has been a very rewarding experience and I have been shooting most of my stuff with the 50mm f/1.4 and the 35mm f/1.8. Lately I have been enjoying the superb ISO performance of the new D7000 body and shooting people and places in very low light conditions. I have also been working on and completed two family book projects.


I thank you all for your interest in my photography. In spite of my 2010 absence as an active Flickr poster and commenter I hope we can stay in touch also in 2011. I wish you all happy holidays, Merry Christmas and a really happy New Year!


Comments without banners/photos are very much welcome.



To whom it may concern. I leave tomorrow for Ireland. The details of this year's trip are secret of course, but trust me when i tell you that it will be dangerous. So i am posting a copy of my Last Will in preparation for the unlikely possibility that my enemies penetrate my defenses and somehow overpower me. This would require a force of human or cybernetic soldiers existing well beyond the scope of the worlds wealthiest military entities. So please do not worry, I am writing this because my lawyers are demanding it. My Will is divided into two parts, the first being a list of individuals to whom certain belongings have been awarded, and the second describes the post-mortem procedures I wish to to be performed on my body after careful examination by a qualified physician.


If you once found your name honored among the list of disciples, there is no guarantee that it remains. If this is the case i recommend you engage in a serious re-evaluation of your life from the perspective of the wayward child, and seek approbation as soon as I return. If the situation is reversed and you previously went conspicuously unrewarded but now find yourself illuminated among the chosen, then you should know that this reward does not mean I am happy with you. I am, simply put, short of people who are not on my revenge list. I remind you, as always, that this will is little more than a prescient announcement of the collapse of civilization, since the economic and political structures of the world will more than likely implode after the news of my demise is leaked to the public. So in addition to my will, I have provided a short survival guide detailing how to live through and possibly prosper in the impending anarchy. I offer this to you as consolation for your loss... your loss of me.


Part 1. Distribution of goods


1. The Mediterranean Island Compound. Brendan and Jen. You get the island but not the weapons. You two have never fully committed to my vision of the future and therefore I can not trust you with the arsenal. I also suggest that you avoid the western peninsula, as this is where I keep the genetically enhanced snakes.


2. W.M.D.'s I had given these to Brian, but now I think Marty might better be suited for this. He will more than likely forget about them and consequently they will not be used. The secret storehouse will be mine when I return.*


3. Videos of me cage fighting. These were lynda's, but now they go to Orange and K8. Shirtless, sweaty and mercilessly hot.


4. What is left of my sperm/genetic documentation. This information was to be donated to the insurrectionist rebel movement know as "The Fist of Democracy", who were going to use the data to create the perfect warrior. But now I think i will have it cloned and donated to sperm banks across the country in such prodigious numbers as to statistically outnumber any other potential father 200 to 1. The people of the world will need as much of me as they can get.


5. The computer map of the neuro-pathways of my brain. My lawyers engaged in a lengthy battle with the US military to regain control of this complicated Bio-software. It would be a waste to give it to any of you. I demand that this model be plugged into a computer and powered indefinitely. You may refer to it when in need of answers about life, strategic operations, or connect four.


6. My surfboard. Ben you asked for this. The caveat is that you may never ride it. In fact, I demand that you never even learn to surf.


7. Brian and suzette, As an engagement present, I am transferring ownership of my diamond mine to you both. The only problem is, it is currently staffed with slave children stolen from nearby villages so this is kind of like leaving 1,500 starving, overworked babies on your doorstep.


8. Albert and Juliet, You have both entered my life with the speed and fury of a level three, pandemic tropical disease. The resultant social dependence dictates that I offer you a place in the council of my future reign*. This will of course require that you are both frozen. I have alerted my Cryonics division, and on your respective 30th birthdays' you will be forcefully put to sleep.


8. Erin. You get my nanotechnology lab in silicon valley. I predict that you will squander the massive profits acquired from this resource. You are bad with money. Therefore all money will be placed into a trust fund. You will not be able to access this money until you have given birth to three male children. After the birth of your third son, who must be named William you may receive it in full. The choice in fathers is left to your questionable judgment.


9. Aieghdeigkna. I have something for you this time. I got you a pocket Chinese translator. Actually, he is less pocket sized than you might like since he is now 13. His name is Ling. Feed him well.


10. Tom. You get the videotapes of my old truck sitting on the street. This is my most prized possession.


11. Meredith: you are now the owner of my bedding design factory in SE Asia. We have a lab there filled with tiny beds in which tiny monkeys sleep to test our new products.


12. Trevor mcnaab. Fuck off... I will strike at you even from the grave..


13. Jennifer H. You get the robot guarded penthouse on Central park west. The robots have been programmed to kill you on site. They are armed with weapons such as, laser beam eyes, machine gun arms, and the ability to crush and stop your useless future right out of metaphysical existence. good luck.


14. Michelle, as a wedding present to you and Murat I give you the Atlantic undersea base. We have had some trouble lately with our hyper intelligent dolphins so you will have a bit of cleanup work to do once you take it over. My scientists have been telling me that the dolphins won't do any work without listening to Tina Turner.


15. Neinke, You still get southern Europe. I never really liked it anyway. Just check in at the Hague to collect. Oh yeah, they may "resist" at first so see #2 above. I'm sure Marty will let you borrow them.


16. Bryson, I have been developing a secret weapon. The weapon is designed to pull the moon closer to the earth. Earth's gravity will eventually kick in and the two planetary bodies will collide. This information was of course something I hoped would never reach the public. In fact I kind of regret building it in the first place but I was out late one night and when i got home I was sort of drunk and I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time, sooo... anyway, it's yours.


19. Steph, You are going to be with me on this trip so it is likely that if someone tries to kill me, I will have used your body as a shield. I therefore can not envision a situation in which you will be alive if I am dead, so I am not leaving you anything.


20. Corrina, You are given the apartment. You earned it. You must however seal off my room, curate it and once a year allow visitors in for a modest price.


18. The cadre of assassins is yours Damian. After all, you helped me train them. I can think of no one I trust them with more than you. I would ask one favor though. Please kill Trevor with them. Oh and just in case please kill Brian Ferrier as well. Thanks buddy.


19. Eric, We share the same birthday. In many ways we are very similar. This has forced me as i am sure it has you, to question life from the standpoint of astrology, genetics, behaviorism, sociology, psychology etc. etc. These analysis's are done in search of an answer for why we are so much alike. We are both architects, we both see the world as contemplative outsiders and we are the two greatest dancers in the world. It is for this reason that i demand we share the same death day. You have little time (if any) before they find you, better start running.


20. Mike Wrobel, Jon, and the rest of the "Demons of North" , You get my motorcycle. If at all possible, could you please MAKE IT FUCKING WORK! If you can't I demand that it be set on fire and pushed into the east river because I am pretty sure that it will be more useful down there than it is up here.


21. Kielty. You are given rights to the autobiography I paid someone to write for me.


22. Maureen. You get the Monster truck factory.


23. Ellen and Ute, you are both given architecture. All of it. From every basswood model to every non-cementatious epoxy based exterior panel slab. It is all yours, but I should warn you that it doesn't do anyone any actual good no matter how many late nights you waste on it.


24. Pinky, you get my hotel/internet dogfood empire. It is a rough combo.


24.5 Andy, my collection of priceless gems is yours. You must first solve a puzzle though. Please be at Union square at exactly 3:40 on January 31st 2008 under the statue of General Marquis de Lafayette to receive your first clue. Bring a change of underwear and whatever weapons you have.


25. There is a note written at the bottom which should be mailed to the president of the United States upon official statement of my death given by a qualified physician. Please send it for me.


26. Mom, Dad, Brianna, Virginia, James, Bwendan, Patrick... fuck it

the whole Oberlin, Dowd, Koneche, Goggin, Reilley, Gallagher, Jarabak, Cligget,

Pattersonian Tribe. As a special gift to you, just for having been born with even a shadowy resemblance to my messianic genetic coding, I offer you a seat in my future ruling council.*

(You must of course arrange and pay for your own Cryogenic storage.)

Anyone who makes it back will also be given a free yogurt.


To everyone else. As stated above, I offer you the knowledge that your civilizations will probably collapse shortly after they learn of my demise and therefore in the ensuing chaos, my possessions will not be of great importance to those who have received them. Please see the survival guide below.. I look forward to my awakening.


* See below funeral procedures explaining all matters relating to future reign.


Part 2. Funeral and Interment procedures


It is my wish that the physical manifestation of my self (ie. my body) undergo the following series of ceremonial and medical procedures after an official statement of death given by a qualified physician.


If I am proven dead.

1. Please carefully remove my brain. Please carefully reinsert my brain into a robot. Make sure the robot is designed with extremely powerful weapons and make sure that I am VERY relaxed at the time of insertion. (we all know what happens when the brain wakes up in the new robot body and in a fit of anxiety kills the room full of doctors.) Monitor my behavior for any signs of abnormality and then leave me alone so i can get down to business. It might be a good idea not to load the weapons until this point. Just as a precaution.


2. It is my wish that the liquid in my body be removed and replaced

with a gelatinous nitrogen mixture capable maintaining it's non-Newtonian, solid state at temperatures well below freezing. I then would very much appreciate being frozen. This is of course only after my brain has been removed and inserted into the Robot-Death-Machine (ummm. don't call it that publicly) described above.


3. After my rule is sufficiently established, a minimum of 100 years of tyranny (again please keep these descriptions to yourselves) I probably will want a body again. Since I really haven't seen anyone on this earth as strikingly handsome as myself, I will most likely want my own. Hence the freezing.


That is it. I do not expect much. I do expect swift and zealous obedience. Remember loyalty purchases reward. Hopefully none of this will be necessary yet but you never know. Have a good week.


William Oberlin


Letter to the president.


Dear mr president,

You are a puppet. Yes, sorry to have to tell it to you this way, but

you are nothing more than a figurehead who's policies and actions are the inevitable result of 60 years of armament build-up. When I return from the grave and peacefully rise to power, I look forward to sitting in your seat. Actually with my new robot body (you will see) I might have to install a much larger seat. In fact the white house of my rule will look slightly less neo-classical. The new architecture will have more of a shiny, stay-the-fuck-away, feel to it. Windows won't really be needed. All light will come from the fiber-optic treated exterior skin used to photo-voltaically power the hydrogen fuel cells and simultaneously light the sleek sexy interiors. These interiors will be occupied by models; beautiful ones in lingerie because I will have no need for a staff of weak-minded humans. My current brain, which is far superior to yours, will be augmented with state of the art processors upgraded weekly and funded with 1/3 of the world's countries' taxes. It will connected to a global network devoted to operating

the mechanical, electrical. political, and economic infrastructure of every city and suburb in the world. This will eliminate the need for a bureaucracy since I will run the entire planet myself, hence the models. They will be hot, mr. president. You are welcome to come visit occasionally. You can eat your puny-human foods, like egg sandwiches on a roll with cheese and sausage. You can have any delicious beverage you choose, it will be prepared by one of my beautiful sexy models!! We can discuss how similar my reign of terror is to your presidency, and if you get tired you can shut your brain down to take a nap while I communicate with the human colony on Z-Beta-Prime. So that is it. Hope to see you soon. The doctors will need to get me up and running quickly.


Survival Guide.

Ok, So if you are reading this then the world as you know it has ceased to function in a recognizable fashion. This could mean that your government has collapsed and the streets are occupied by mobs of shiv wielding looters. Or that the military, in response to what will have been referred to (i love to use pluperfect tense) as the greatest power vacuum in human history, has mobilized a coup. But whatever the case, it is certain that by now you have already killed your neighbor in an act of heroic self preservation. That's one down, 7 billion to go, because in your new world the only way to survive is to be the last one standing. This simple guide will provide the techniques and strategies that will keep you one step ahead of your post-apocalyptic competitors.


step one: mapping out your future.

there are two possible ways to survive in this new world and neither of them are pretty, but you will have to very quickly make your choice. You can either take a sedentary and consequently defensive approach, establishing a semi-permanent water source and agricultural life, or you can become a nomad scavenging, attacking and foraging whatever you come across. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

The sedentary approach, if employed successfully, will allow you to lead a life of moderate comfort while the nomadic system offers you the opportunity to plunder which is equally important. Below are some simple rules to the establishment of both.


Sedentary Life Model

1. Do not wait for the dust of the apocalypse to clear before you join or start a settlement of humans. it is unadvisable to live in a fixed location outside the protection of a tribe or band. Those stationary few who shun the sheltered settlements in favor of isolation, will probably be forced to watch their families die at the hands of wandering raiding parties. This is usually just before being left for dead in a nuclear wasteland (if you are part of the raiding party, It should be noted that the people you leave alive tend to survive and seek revenge so be thorough and just kill them). Therefore, quickly seek out other survivors for defense and, if you have the courage, establish your role as leader.

2. Gather healthy people and valuables quickly. The strength of a society is dependant on the strength of it's citizens. Leave the old, sick, weak and injured behind. don't hesitate to remove their food, clothing and useful items as you do so. If they resist, kill them. In your world of violent resource acquisition young men and women between the ages of 16 and 30 are critical for the establishment of a well defended civilization. In the beginning these men and women will be used as farmers, builders and laborers as well as your fighting force. But soon, as your numbers grow, you will want to establish a professional military fed by the labor of the civilians. Never let this military forget who is in control. It is advised that you kill some of them in hand to hand combat duels about once a month just as a reminder.

3. Find a scientist. This can not be stressed enough. You will need a brain to your organizational brawn. In fact, find as many as possible but let us clarify the term scientist. We are not looking for meteorologists, microbiologists, agronomists, ethologists, cytologists sociologist, ect. Nor are we seeking any academic fields dependant on technologically expensive equipment. We need scientists of a practical nature. Like physicists, chemists, geologists, epidemiologists and this is the big one here, doctors, doctors, doctors. holy shit are these guys going to be cooler than they ever thought possible. You should keep them protected, give them immunity from your heavy handed legal system, shelter them and provide them with as much sex as they can handle. Their children will probably be just as valuable as they are.

4. Laws. step one, kill the lawyers, they will wrestle your newly acquired power away from you the first chance they get. Step two. establish a fighting arena to settle internal disputes because justice is best served at the hands of the individuals. Step three. establish a police force. Step four, remember that it is good to kill the troublemakers before they reach maturity. At the first sign of insurrection kill the troublemakers and his/her family. Kids love to grow up seeking revenge so don't give them the opportunity.

5. Stronghold. stronghold. stronghold. You need to keep your people and your food protected from your enemies. Caves are a good natural defense structure. If you don't have caves build walls. anyone who knows how to build, has a duty to work on your stronghold and palace ASAP. those who resist should quickly find themselves subjugated to waste management duty or thrown outside the protection of the camp.

6. Escape route. ALWAYS have a back-up plan. keep a hidden stash of food, weapons and clothing in a well fortified location far away from your settlement. If possible store enough provision to supply the minimum number of people you will need for a fresh start. If and when you are attacked and overrun take your best officers and their families with you to the new secret base. If necessary, use the lives of those subjects about whom you do not care as barter for your escape. Just make sure your conquerors don't follow.


Additional tips and helpful hints for the sedentary survivors.

try to keep as many skulls and disarticulated corpse parts staked or mounted around the perimeter of your encampment. This intimidates both the advancing raiding parties as well as any who might try to escape. Remember, signs and other nonverbal communication techniques might not work since few will know how to read. Since they won't be of much use to you, I suggest using the graphic designers of this world as your corpses.

Don't be too greedy. This applies to all levels of your life. Your new subjects might not appreciate your rule if they feel like you are going to swoop in any second and take their food or their women.

For some reason, children are relatively important to their parents, so try not to hurt them if possible, it breeds dissention.


Nomadic Life Model


The nomad is a hearty and healthy individual who has shunned the comforts of daily life in exchange for mobility and efficiency of resource collection. The nomad's life is an equation in search or balance. It is quite literally, an economy of means. One must travel light between water and food sources but never so light as to run short of supplies. The company of others is critical for survival, but never let your band expand large enough to outgrow your foraging intake. The successful nomad is constantly aware of his/her environment and never questions or challenges nature's wrath. The lack of shelter and protection from the elements is the Nomad's greatest enemy and the fight against this can only be fought with knowledge of your terrain. Use the rules below to help establish a working band of nomadic forgers.


1. Since this world will most likely be a barren wasteland of infertile soil, The foraging of the future will be based largely, if not exclusively, on the destruction of established settlements and the subsequent stripping of what few crops and storehouses they have. This will mean your foraging band (war party) will need to be fierce enough to attack and destabilize whatever strongholds you encounter. You will also require some method of transporting your spoils.

2. Find a vehicle. Even better than vehicles are pack animals. They provide companionship, Do not require gasoline or combustible fuel, and they can be used as an emergency food source.


3. Gather strong and healthy people to your group. Keep in mind that for every person you pick up you will need to acquire an equal amount in provisions during the raids. This can be a problem unless you have some resource wealthy targets within striking distance. At every conquered settlement it is advised to conscript new warriors from the young if needed.


4. Do not keep a fixed position for too long. Once you overrun a fortification, stay as long as it takes to re-supply and recoup from your attack then pack up and leave. Don't forget to arm yourself with as many weapons as are available. If you linger, you are open to retaliation from satellite camps, scavengers looking to capitalize on your work, and worse, rebellion from the conquered. Since it is not good to leave angry victims in your flank, you should kill anyone who might cause trouble before you advance.


5. Establish a code of law. Don't get too fancy here. Just pick some catch phrase that can be shouted by the masses but still allows sufficient room for your subjective interpretation. Just so the people know who is in charge make sure to slap your name on it. Something like "williams code, . An enemy of your brother is your enemy too. b. Stealing from your brother is stealing from the people! " Something like that. keep it simple. remember, there is no prison when you are on the move and resources are too scarce to justify mercy. Therefore, the penalty for all indiscretions should be death.


Additional tips:

Get a harem, you need to procreate prolifically.

Never miss an opportunity to attack. This is true even if you are outnumbered. Your enemies need to fear you more than you need your warriors.

Send the heads of your victims on a cart or a wagon to your next target just to let them know you're coming.


So that should do it. I recommend you keep this guide on you at all times during my trip because if something does go wrong and I don't make it, this may very well be the only possession you have left.

Il Sole: "Ciao Ciao isoletta di Palmarola, ci vediamo domani mattina, mi raccomando puntuali.......all'alba"!!

Il Sognatore Vi augura Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo!!!


"And in our world of plenty

We can spread a smile of Joy

Throw your arms around the world

at Christmastime"-Boy George (Band Aid)


***Wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all..all of my Flickr friend contacts a very Merry/Happy Christmas to both you and yours...May it be a magical day and set the pace for the beginning of a hopeful and beautiful New Year as well! I have love for each of all have been great friends and wonderful contacts to me throughout good and bad...the true meaning of FRIEND!***


All of my love and friendship,

Rachel~ xoxo

~ Wish you all love, joy and peace ~


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