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Our local kaya butter toast and a cup of "Xi Mut" milk tea


Old Taste Kopitiam

23, Jln USJ 10/1E, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.



Brekkie @ "Chin Mee Chin Confectionary".


Old school; VERY old school. The last of the Mohicans old school.


Served as toasted buns rather than slices of bread, paired with the shop's luscious and indulgent signature kaya, this humble Hainanese style breakfast packed the crowds in, including the Millennials generation.


The only imperfection - one of my soft-boiled eggs was overdone, bordering on hard-boiled but all is forgiven with the thick silky coffee and crunchy kaya laden toasts.

Dinner @ "Andre Restaurant".

World 14th Best Restaurant (2017)

2 Michelin Stars Singapore (2016-2017)


"The characteristics of a specific time and place, tradition and culture, geography and climate - incarnated into the ever-present origin"


Earl Grey Tea Crystalline candy that leaned more towards Bergamot as it was more tangy and sweet, rather than earthy and grounded. But the chewy texture was so spot on - firm enough to enjoy the delights of the chews; but soft enough that it did not stick to the gums and the teeth.


"No, there were not meringues" Kaya Toasts, the chef extraordinaire warmly but firmly refuted our visual reviews. Well, if it looks like one and taste like one.....I am going to say it's a Meringue BUT a meringue with a twist as along with the soft middle chewy texture of a meringue, the dessert also had a crumbly porous sensation, as if a meringue and a toast had a kid an this would be the offspring. Fun!

Probably one of the best kaya toast I have had in Singapore so far, and from a place that I would never really expect.


For those who are unfamiliar with this delicacy, this is a very traditional/typical Singapore breakfast and sometimes snack. Kaya toast is bread toasted, then cut thin the long way and spread with kaya, which is a coconut jam, and a pat of butter. The bread is traditionally toasted over hot charcoals which makes it taste freakin' amazing. It's best taken with local coffee, called "kopi", which is coffee brewed using a traditional cotton sock. This has to be one of my most favorite things about living in Singapore, and S.E. Asia in general.

Never let a grumpy dwarf near a store that sells ice cream...


Sarika Zenovka narrows her eyes, "So, what brings you into my store, stumpy mcgee?"


Chai Lukas watches Rein, probably agreeing with Bea's statement.


Reinhardt Stenvaag grins


Logmodr Gausman: Yer store? When'd ye get yerself a place o' business?


You: "Hey Rein, I hear the Apoc clinic is offering a discount on ears and a tail this week. You should check it out..."*grins*


Sarika Zenovka taps her chin in mock contemplation, "Gee, about a week after I -killed- you."


Reinhardt Stenvaag: Dunno. BUT I know they offer a discount on replacement eyes and necks. I should know, I've helped with both


Beatriz Hayes shakes her head frantically "nuuu i'm saving money to buy him one of those circlet with fake ears!"


Logmodr Gausman: Ah'm nae dead, an' yer full o' shite. Doin' jus fine



Ashur Kentoku chuckles..."No really. Its a cosmetic monthly special...!"


Reinhardt Stenvaag puts his hands to the side of his head, 1 finger up on each like little ears... and then they start finger-dancing.


Ashur Kentoku wiggles her ears and watches....


Sarika Zenovka shakes her head, "Right, right. You're a-ok."


Reinhardt Stenvaag takes one step towards Bea


Reinhardt Stenvaag grins


Beatriz Hayes tilts her head, looking at Rein, as she tries to hold a laughter. She can't. and Laughs. Hard.


Logmodr Gausman: Th' 'ell ya got 'ere. Magazines? These're somethin' like years out o' date.


Sarika Zenovka: I do what I can.


Logmodr Gausman tosses a few magazines on the ground, "Get wit' th' times, lass."


Sarika Zenovka grimaces, but just watches.


Ashur Kentoku looks back at Stein and Beatz...


Logmodr Gausman rummages through boxes, "Any o' th' stuff even edible ya got 'ere?"


Sarika Zenovka nods a little, watching the people pass through, "Yeah, all of it except the stuff that isn't FOOD."


Logmodr Gausman tosses boxes over his shoulder, "Ain't even good stuff."


Beatriz Hayes gasps "yo, iron man!!!"


Reinhardt Stenvaag ggigles and leaps away, and mid leap, looks very much like a ballerina


Logmodr Gausman starts on the cans, rotating them on the shelf.


Beatriz Hayes: that android is totally fucked up!


Sarika Zenovka: Oh come on. I just got that stuff in order.


Ashur Kentoku stares at the bulky Rein floating through the air...


You: " a sense of humour though..."


Logmodr Gausman holds up a can, "Beans? 'ow th' fooch old ye think these are?" tossing it aside.


You: "im just not sure i wanna see his idea of a practical joke...."


Sarika Zenovka: Old enough to eat.


Myca Ling hops over to the roof and nods to Ashur and Beatz.


Logmodr Gausman runs his arm over the shelf, knocking all the cans off onto the ground.


"Heyy Mycaa!" Ash sings.


Beatriz Hayes turns and smiles at Myca "hey there"


Sarika Zenovka grinds her teeth as she watches.


Myca Ling waves. "Hey there. How's it going?"


Logmodr Gausman opens the cooler, "Oy, ye got icecream in 'ere? Th' place moight be be redeemable if'n ye got some 'o tha'."


Sarika Zenovka eyes both Log and the cooler, "Why yes. We have icecream. Lots and lots of icecream."


Beatriz Hayes stretches and ywans "pretty good... you?"


Myca Ling shrugs lightly. "Very puzzled, but feeling okay for once...slept a good 12 hours last night. Been quiet today?"


Ashur Kentoku nods...


You: "Quiet as a mouse..."


Logmodr Gausman pulls himself up, looking into the cooler, his head just inside, "Yer flavors are all shite. The fooch is this boysenberry, yer even knowin' wha' a boysenberry is?"


Sarika Zenovka walks up behind Log, peering inside, "It's pretty good. You should try it."


Beatriz Hayes opens wide her eyes "12 hours??? laaazy cat!" chuckles


Ashur Kentoku twitches her ears...


Myca Ling nods, frowning slightly. She mutters. "Haven't slept that much in a week."


Logmodr Gausman reaches an arm in, randomly punching icecream cartons and bars, "'ow can I tell if'n ah can't even taste'm?"


Sarika Zenovka puts her hand out, aiming to push Log's head further in, "OH LOOK, YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR." her other hand going for the sliding door, shutting it rapidly, and hard, onto Log's head if her hand connected.


Logmodr Gausman tosses his free arm about as his head is pushed further in and slammed repeatedly by the sliding door, "Bloody foochin' maniac loon ass bitch" is about all that can be heard each time the door opens and then closes on him, kicking his legs back in an attempt to free himself.


Sarika Zenovka takes the kicks to her legs, laughing hard, the sounds echoing through the store in rhythm with the bludgeoning, "What are you doing in there Log, you're missing the sale!" finally losing grip of the small man's head.


Logmodr Gausman slumps down on the ground, bleeding from the side of his head, "Yer a goddamn riot." pulling the shotgun from his back and pointing it up at Sarika from his place on the ground below her.


Ashur Kentoku strains her ears, not quite sure she's actually hearing what she's hearing...


[10:23] Logmodr Gausman: title red Face covered in icecream/blood

[10:24] Logmodr Gausman: ((I doubt I'll ever get to use this title again))

[10:24] Beatriz Hayes: ((hahahahahha))


Sarika Zenovka looks down at Log, smiling, "Ammo is for sale in the back if you need it. Otherwise I'll need to ask you to pay for your icecream."


Beatriz Hayes: what's up Ash?


Logmodr Gausman stands up slowly, pushing himself up off the floor, using his forearm to wipe icecream from his eye, "Oy, yer a real ham, y'know tha?"


Ashur Kentoku peers down at the street below...


Sarika Zenovka motions to the shelf next to the cooler, "Close, all we've got is canned ham."


Beatriz Hayes closes to Ashur, peeking at the street below too, she nodded her as to ask -what?-


Logmodr Gausman turns his shotgun to the shelf, firing off a shot at the cans displayed there.


Ashur Kentoku points at the store, grinning...


"Its the dwarf again!" Ash mews.


Sarika Zenovka gets spattered with bits of airborn canned ham, reaching a hand out aimed for Log's face.


Beatriz Hayes leaps down as she hears gunshot coming from the Sari-mart, drawing her assault rifle mid air


Logmodr Gausman gets a hand in the face, swinging the shotgun over rather blindly toward Sarika's leg.


Ashur Kentoku peers in through the windows, grinning...


Beatriz Hayes stands by the mart entrance "need help here Sarika?"


Kc Cuttita turns and runs for the MPD jumping onto the wall


Sarika Zenovka gets clubbed in the leg, losing her balance and falling to a knee, her hand wrapping around Log's head as she strains to slam it back against the cooler.


Kc Cuttita hides behind the big pillar


Ariabella Rehnquist takes cover and crouches behind the post,just incase something goes wrong with the situation..


Ashur Kentoku presses her nose up against the glass and watches...


Beatriz Hayes barely repress a laughter as she sees the icecreamed dwarf


Logmodr Gausman fires off a pair of round the first two times his head is slammed backward, loud muffled curses eminating through the gloved hand around his face.


Beatriz Hayes holsters her m4 as she just stares at the funny fight "i'd love some popcorn right now"


Sarika Zenovka looks over to Bea in the doorway, "Should be okay." as she tries to stand amid the beatings.


Ashur Kentoku looks at Beatz..."Ten creds on the dwarf...waddaya say?"


Logmodr Gausman swings his shotgun again, hard but aiming wild, still yelling into Sarika's hand and leaving a blood smear against the cooler.


Beatriz Hayes rubs her chin "nah, i say Sarika."


You: "Nope...the dwarf has a grudge...and we know what grudgebearers are like!"


Sarika Zenovka takes a blow to her side, losing her breath, and then another to the arm holding Log, stumbling a bit as he free arm wraps about her chest.


You: "Go for the knees!" Ash yells, waving a fist excitedly...


Beatriz Hayes shakes her head "short arms, not good for a fight, i still say Sarika"


You: "huh...dun need long arms for knees!"


Logmodr Gausman goes for a headbutt, diving headlong at Sarika, springing forward off of the cooler.


Ashur Kentoku yells "YESSSSS!"


Sarika Zenovka is nearly bowled over, twisting as she goes backward, hitting the corner of the shelf behind her as she goes.


Ashur Kentoku pumps the air and grins at Beatz...


Beatriz Hayes "come on Sarika!!! KICK THAT ASS!!" pokes Ashur's arm "it's not over"


Logmodr Gausman sails through the air unmajestically, landing on the floor after his brief collision with Sarika.


You: "Kick her while she's down! I got 10 creds on yer ass!"


Sarika Zenovka reaches back, grabbing the pole-like device on her back and activating it from the handle with an audible 'click' driving it down toward the prone Log.


Ashur Kentoku jams her hands into her mouth..."Nuuuuuuu!"


Beatriz Hayes: "yeeeah like that baby!!!" * raises a hand towards Ashur, in a beckoning motion* "i think you owe me 10 creds"


Logmodr Gausman attempts to roll over, catching the rod thing in the side, jerking and spasming around.


Beatriz Hayes laughs at the spasming dwarf "hahaha that's funny!"


You: "Get up! Get up you short-ass! Dammit!"


Sarika Zenovka prods Log with the pole a few more times, glaring down at him.


Ashur Kentoku's ears droop....


Ariabella Rehnquist dusts off her uniform.."As long as they don't use any rifles or anything of that caliber,I believe that this is just a legal betted fight.." smirks


Logmodr Gausman smells like burned hair and vanilla, jerking around further with each poke.


Ashur Kentoku turns to Beatz..."Huh! If she hadn't cheated she'd be toast now!"


Beatriz Hayes pats on ashur's shoulder "my money, sweetie"


Sarika Zenovka turns the device off, looking to the doorway, "Cheated?!"


Beatriz Hayes: cheated?? that was a fair fight *nods* totally fair!!


Ariabella Rehnquist offers Beatriz 10 credits so Ashur doesn't lose anything needed..


Beatriz Hayes shakes a finger at Ariabella "no no no, i want Ashur's!" grins


Ashur Kentoku grumbles and scrounges in her money pouch...


Sarika Zenovka folds her arms,eyeing the audience.


Ariabella Rehnquist shrugs gently as she pockets her 10 credits.


Beatriz Hayes claps and whistle at the winner "Go Sarika!!"


You: "There! Oh, hiiiii Sarikaaaa!"


Logmodr Gausman gradually rises from the floor, his beard smoking and his cigar mangled.


Ariabella Rehnquist glares about before passing a note to Kaya.


Sarika Zenovka: You guys watched the -whole- thing?


Beatriz Hayes shakes her head "nope, we arrived when you were already fighting"


Ashur Kentoku nods like a puppet...


You: "It was only half we saw really..."


Logmodr Gausman reaches down, picking up his shotgun by the barrel, charging forward with a howl and swinging the drum loader and handle like a warhammer at Sarika.

Beatriz Hayes picks Ashur's money before things change "here!" nods "this count as another fight now on!"


Sarika Zenovka falls out of view from the window, the blow connecting against her arm/armored shoulder as she turns slightly at the sound, falling hard and sliding toward the other side of the store along the ground.


You: "No way! Its the same fight! "


Beatriz Hayes shakes her head "nope, he stayed on the ground more than 10 seconds, KO. " giggles "that fight was over"


Logmodr Gausman stalks over toward where Sarika fell, gripping his shotgun tightly in hand, "Ah'm the grand foochin' champ. Ye sizzled meh but ah'm nae through."


Beatriz Hayes: help now? *as she peeks inside the store*


You: "FINE! I win this one though!"


Sarika Zenovka is crouched, trying to stand as Log approaches, her right arm not looking quite right.


Ashur Kentoku grabs Beatz, arm and jerks her out of the shop..."C'mere!"


Logmodr Gausman takes another swing, aiming for the same shoulder as Sarika attempts to stand.


Beatriz Hayes: she's not that good.... *peeks again as she shrugs Ashur's hands off*


Ashur Kentoku keeps tugging to keep Beatz from interefering.."Hey! No team tagging!"


Sarika Zenovka falls back, not really in any position to defend herself, crashing against the tall cooler, sending broken glass around.


Beatriz Hayes grabs Ashur's head and pushes it on the glass "LOOK! she needs help!"


Ashur Kentoku glances through the windows at the sound, still clinging to Beatz.."Gooo Log!"


Logmodr Gausman holds his shotgun with one hand, letting it drag along the floor as he approaches, sending his right fist out toward Sarika's face.


Ashur Kentoku struggles..."Gerroff!"


Beatriz Hayes "damn. Enough of this" as she walks inside the store


Sarika Zenovka takes the punch to her face with a soft 'Unf', kicking a foot out in an attempt to hit Log in the groin.


[10:55] You: "Leeave them Beatz! Its their fight! And I wanna win my money baaack!"


Ashur Kentoku jams a foot against the door, holding Beatz back


Logmodr Gausman starts to take another swing, though the metal foot connecting with his groin comes all too soon, "Yer nae so big now, are ye? Lookit yershrrmmmnnn..." falling to the side against the shelving, sending boxes of crackers to the ground.


Beatriz Hayes digs in her pocket and gives Ash her monet back, stapling 'em on her face "okt we have to help her come on!"


Sarika Zenovka scrambles upward, cuts all over her face and with her right arm hanging limp at her side, she grabs for Log's neck with her left hand, trying to lift him if she makes it.


Ashur Kentoku clings to Beatz.."Nuuu! Second round to the Dwaarrrf! Gaaahh!"


Beatriz Hayes grins at Sarika reacting, suddenly not trying to walk in anymore "Goooo girl!!!"


Logmodr Gausman gets grabbed around the throat by Sarika and lifted from the ground, kicking at Sarika with his boots as she does so.


Ashur Kentoku stops dragging at Beatz and cheers Log on..."Kick for the elbows!"


Beatriz Hayes grins at Ashur "10 creds again?"


You: "not over yet deary!"


Dui Zhang drops down from above, dressed for a more active hunt today.


Sarika Zenovka gets a kick in the side, the spikes cutting gashes into her as she drives forward, using the momentum and onset of adrenaline/crazy-person-strength to slam Log down through the closed glass door window of the cooler.


Dui Zhang: Hey, what's up


Ashur Kentoku motions Dui back..."Nuffing. Just a fight."


Logmodr Gausman crashes down into the cooler, howling in anger as he's stuffed into the cooler again, his free hand battering at Sarika's arm.


Beatriz Hayes raises her arms and yells -Hooooo- "20 creds on Sarika. I double."


Ashur Kentoku looks incensed.."She cheated again!"


Sarika Zenovka lifts Log upward again, aiming him sideways at the corner of the adjacent shelving and then back, head first at the broken door of the cooler.


Dui Zhang frowns, "Fight?" She looks through the glass, trying to make out the combatants. "Holy SHIT!"


Beatriz Hayes shakes her head "that's not cheating!!"


You: "Stay back Dui...its just a friendly rumble.!"


Logmodr Gausman keeps aiming punches at Sarika's arm, head, or whatever he can get at until the corner of the shelving hits him hard on the side, a gasping wheeze escaping his bloody lips before he's sent head first into the cooler.


You: "Which is over now anyways...."*sighs*


Ashur Kentoku fumbles for another 10 credits, hoping Log will suddenly free himself and exact revenge...


Myca Ling hears a clatter from below and raises a brow. "Well that can't be good..."


Dui Zhang pushes her way inside, frowning as she reaches to her belt for the stun gun that is not there. "That's *MY* friendly there... dammit!" She looks to Sarika, debating on whether or not she's wanted. "Baby?"


Beatriz Hayes looks through the glass nodding approvingly at the cooler number,as she waves a hand in front of Ashur, waiting for her money


Sarika Zenovka slumps over to the nearby shelving, falling to her knees, bleeding from the gashes on her side, her right arm broken near the shoulder, and the left side of her face starting to bruise.


Sarika Zenovka: (Oh, and glass cuts on her face.)


Logmodr Gausman doesn't move, stubby legs sticking up out of the cooler.


Ashur Kentoku hands the creds over....."Lucky" she mutters...


Okay, what -are- you guys up to?


Dui Zhang shakes her head, "Jesus... someone go get a stitcher."


Ashur Kentoku looks quickly at Chai..."Er...Sarika was fighting with Log again...."


Beatriz Hayes takes the creds and puts 'em into her pocket, winking at Ash as she now walks in th store to help Sarika


Sarika Zenovka looks up, giving a thumbs up with her left hand, "I'm the...fucking champion.."


Chai Lukas shakes his head slightly, glancing over at the hooded kitty nearby.


Beatriz Hayes raises her arm in a victory motion "you're the fucking champion!! yeah!!!" then closes a bit "now let us help you, champ"


Logmodr Gausman: title red In the cooler, covered in blood and icecream


Dui Zhang's mouth remains fixed in a straight line as she tends to the more bleedy wounds. "Am I going to have to chain you to the bed, too?" she asks, quickly adding, "Don't answer that."


Sarika Zenovka glances over to the cooler with the two legs sticking out of the top of it, "He just had to go breaking all the stuff in the store at random. And...and oh damn it, he's bleeding all over the icecream."


Ashur Kentoku's boots crunch on broken glass and slide in the ice cream....


You: "INah...the blood freezes...dun worry Sarika!"


Sarika Zenovka makes a face, "I don't want dwarf flavored icecream."


Ashur Kentoku grins..."I'll take care of the let Dui take care of you okays?"


Dui Zhang ponders dropping a grenade in the freezer, trying hard to ignore the little voice that opposes it. "Your FRIENDS here will gladly clean it up, sugar.... right Ash?" something indicates this is not a question.


Sarika Zenovka nods slightly, looking to Dui, "Thanks cutie.."


Ashur Kentoku stares coldly at Dui..."Ill do it without being ordered to, yeah?"


Logmodr Gausman starts to move ever so slightly.


Dui Zhang's far too wrapped up in Sarika to rise to the comment, her edge slipping away as she drops into mommy mode. "Come one.... let's take it slow... can you stand?"


Sarika Zenovka nods, looking down at her feet, "I should be able to. It's just my arm, it's busted up I think."


Ashur Kentoku flicks her gaze at the movement...."Dui, maybe a good idea to get Sarika to a clinic, or the Den.."


Ashur Kentoku edges closer to the ice cream cooler wherein Log resides...


Logmodr Gausman groans, though the sound is muffled by the icecream carton his head is within.


Dui Zhang nods, "Med center, I think... no climbing." Her anger has all but dissipated, realizing where her focus should lie. She slips beneath the taller neko and helps her too her feet.


Ashur Kentoku watches the two leave...


Sarika Zenovka shuffles along after Dui, arm around her midsection.


Ashur Kentoku grins and grabs the dwarfs legs and pulls.....


Logmodr Gausman wriggles, the groans growing louder.


Ashur Kentoku heaves the dwarf free of the cooler and drops him to the ground among the glass and ice cream..."Well! A fine mess you got yourself into!"


Logmodr Gausman plops down, a mess of icecream and beard.


Ashur Kentoku checks the dwarf for any serious damage....


You: "You'll be okay...which is maybe more than you deserve! What you got to say for yerself huh?"


Logmodr Gausman shambles as he tries to stand, "Foochin' 'ell..."


Ashur Kentoku helps the dwarf to his feet..."Yeah, that about sums it up!"


Logmodr Gausman: title red Bloody, covered in icecream


Ashur Kentoku stares down at the short creature, curiously...


Logmodr Gausman rubs his forehead with a bloody hand, making it more bloody, "Th' 'ell 'appened? Ya can'nae say ah lost, aye?"


Ashur Kentoku strains to follow the speech..."Er..."


You: "Well, I think you you were cheated on, personally."


Logmodr Gausman looks around, his fists shaking as his anger seems to build, "Cheated?! An' 'ow was tha'?"


You: "The cattle prod thingy, yanno? It was a brawl and my friend used her new toy on you...guess you'll be ready next time huh?"


You: "Whats your name?"


Logmodr Gausman: Yer damn roight ah'll be ready! My foochin' hammer'll be with meh th' next time.


Ashur Kentoku picks up Log's forgotten cigar and hands it to him...."Here..."


Logmodr Gausman brushes glass off of his chest, into his hand, "Th' name's Logmodr Gausman Moltorius Ragebeard. Best man in a fight ye've ever heard o'."


Logmodr Gausman pushes the cigar into his mouth, "Thanks lass."


Ashur Kentoku ignites the pilot light on her flamethrower and offers the end to the dwarf..."Need a light?" *grins*


Logmodr Gausman nods, "Oh, aye." leaning over and lighting it on the flamethrower, "M'thanks again."


Ashur Kentoku smiles..."I only caught Logmodr summing...Log it is I guess?"


Logmodr Gausman: Aye, Log is jus' foine.


Ashur Kentoku wrinkles her nose at the cigar smoke..."I not seen you around..heard of you though."


Ashur Kentoku kills the light and slings the flamethower again...


Logmodr Gausman grins toothily, "Heard o' th' legend o' Log, aye?"


Ashur Kentoku holds out her hand.."Er, yeah. Im Ashur...or just Ash."


Ashur Kentoku coughs a bit


You: " you really have a hammer you fight with?"


Logmodr Gausman grips Ashur's hand, shaking it, "Oh aye! Best hammer in th' world!"


Ashur Kentoku jerks around a bit on the end of the dwarf's shaking..."Uh huh huh well that I'd like to see sometime."


Logmodr Gausman: Eh, who th' hell was tha' anyway? The looney lass in th' goggles tha' I was fightin'?


Ashur Kentoku blinks..."Well, her name's Sarika...she owns this store. Which you just trashed. By the way."


Logmodr Gausman shrugs, grumbling as he looks around the store, "Loon should nae 'ave closed me 'ead in th' cooler."


Ashur Kentoku wigles her ears..."Shouldnt what? Geeze where'd ya learn to speak!"


Logmodr Gausman grumbles louder, "Th' cooler, she stuck me 'head in thar an..." frustrated, he reaches over and slides it open and closed repeatedly.


Ashur Kentoku watched curiously, not sure why the dwarf was re-enacting the fight..Maybe it was a ritual? She continued to watch politely, waiting for the dwarf to finish...


Logmodr Gausman points to his head and then to the cooler, "An' then sh...oh fooch'it. Ah'm all sticky."


Ashur Kentoku tilts her head at the half understood words..."Well...I need to clean this place up...and you need a wade in the waters by the beach!"


You: " with you then...and if you feel responsible...come back and help me clean!"


Logmodr Gausman: Th' beach?! Ah'm nae wantin' a third eye or another arm 'ere.


Logmodr Gausman: Oy, ah'll do tha'.


Ashur Kentoku laughs softly and nods..."Take care...!"


Two warm soft boiled egg with a dash of pepper and soy sauce, toasts and a cup of hot Milo. It’s a traditional taste like no other, a taste that strongly impressed on my memory!


My Coffeetiam

14, Jln USJ 10/1E, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


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today, somehow the theme of the day was the "future"...


when i got to the office - it was thoughts of what i really WANT to do in the near future, when i had 'roti bakar & kopi' (kaya toast & coffee) later with a friend who is an expecting mum - it was a lot of planning for the future baby... even in the evening when i was hanging out with the guys - a lot of 'future' talk was going on there... current/future relationships, future career prospects, future ideal career, future business, future here and future there ;p




so, is the FUTURE really BRIGHT? will it bring job satisfaction?! greener pasture on the other side? hmmm...or maybe the FUTURE is just BRIDE? he he he... ;p


whatever it is, i'm looking forward to BETTER things to come! :D


ps: tried doing the photo stitching method here (combining 4 pixies into 1)... a little bit obvious on the greens there, but hey, first try and it's now sooo late, i need sleep! ;D



future [noun]: used to refer to what will happen to someone or something in the time to come

08.06.2009. Mahbub, Bangsar

Pixie shot for 365days Group


A smooth, creamy coconut custard spread. "Kaya" means rich in Malay. There're many variations to kaya. Besides the pandan one, we've got the amber-colored Hainanese kaya (due to the addition of caramel ... and sometimes, red food coloring!,) nyonya/serikaya, and even a new flavor of kaya that gives you DURIAN kaya! Yumm! (Aren't durians lovely?)


Ask just about any Malaysians and Singaporeans, and they'll end up giving you a smile ... Definitely a favorite on slice of bread or toast, soda crackers, kuih-muih such as seri muka, etc. The Hainanese way is to serve a slice of piping hot plain bread toast spread with Hainanese kaya and a (big) slab of butter!

"Jom Minum Kopi"


After more than a year, I got my hands on the famous Kemaman Hai Peng Coffee. It's like the Local "Starbucks" and for those who passes by Kemaman, MUST stop by and try the coffee with kaya toast. It's one of the main attractions at Kemaman.


Kedai Kopi Hai Peng is located at corner of Jalan Dato Omar (the main trunk road from Kuantan-Cherating-Cukai-Kijal-Kerteh) and Jalan Sulaimani, one of the main roads at Kemaman, Terengganu. Trust me, everyone knows about this place.


an article about Hai Peng Coffee


*fresh from the camera. zero touch-up ;-)

A kopitiam or kopi tiam is a traditional breakfast and coffee shop found in Malaysia and Singapore in Southeast Asia. The word is a portmanteau of the Malay word for coffee (as borrowed and altered from the Portuguese) and the Hokkien dialect word for shop (店; POJ: tiàm). Menus typically feature simple offerings: a variety of foods based on egg, toast, and kaya, plus coffee, tea, and Milo, a malted chocolate drink which is extremely popular in Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore and Malaysia.


Kopitiams in Malaysia, like in Singapore are found almost everywhere. However, there are a few differences in kopitiams between both countries. In Malaysia:


* the term kopitiam in Malaysia is usually referred specifically to Malaysian Chinese coffeeshops;

* food in a kopitiam is usually exclusively Malaysian Chinese cuisine;

* kopitiam menus are usually not as informative as those in Singapore, where pictures of food items are the norm;

* food courts and hawker centres are usually not referred to as kopitiams.


Recently a new breed of "modern" kopitiams have sprung up. The popularity of the old fashioned outlets along with society's obsession with nostalgia and increasing affluence has led to the revival of these pseudo-kopitiams. The new kopitiams are fast-food outlets which are reminiscent of the old kopitiams in terms of decor, but are usually built in a more modern, hygienic setting such as a shopping mall rather than in the traditional shophouse, catering mainly for young adults.


This has come after the creation of so-called "coffee culture" by western coffee chains such as Starbucks and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. The kopitiams offer a viable alternative wherein the coffee culture could be experienced with local flavour and for a more affordable price.


To offer the true kopitiam experience, modern kopitiams such as Uncle Lim's Cafe mostly offer authentic local coffee brews, charcoal grilled toast served with butter and kaya (a local version of jam made from coconut milk and eggs) and soft boiled eggs. Some have extended menus where local breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are served.


Today there are no less than 100 brand names of modern kopitiams operating in various parts of Malaysia.

Trying out the "Chef's Tasting Menu" for dinner @ "Labyrinth", a Michelin 1-Star restaurant, offering a modern take on Singaporean cuisines.


"Kaya ice cream, Cristal De Chine Caviar, Local toast"


Caviar on toast with kaya ice cream.



This was dessert and having dessert served with caviar was a tad quite out of the box.


First, caviar on toast, served with a spread of egg yolk: The toast was not as crisp as I would have expected as the caviar sitting on top kinda turned it a tad soggy BUT caviar, really....what was there not to dislike? Rich, creamy and fishy in the right way.


Then we have the kaya ice cream, which honestly, to myself, was more of a Gula Melaka ice cream - combined with the caviar on toast however - suddenly we had salted caramel booming right inside the mouth......which was rather weirdly entertaining.


"In Hong Kong, French toast, called 西多士 (Cantonese IPA: [sɐ́i tɔ́ sǐ]; Jyutping: sai1 do1 si2; Mandarin Pinyin: xīduōshì; "western toast", but actually an abbreviation of "法蘭西多士", "French toast"), is available all day round but is particularly popular for breakfast and afternoon tea in Hong Kong-style western restaurants and cha chaan tengs. It is made by deep frying stacked sliced bread dipped in beaten egg or soy, and served with a slab of butter and topped with golden syrup [never maple!], or sometimes honey. Two slices are normally used and a sweet filling is usually added, either peanut butter, kaya, or more rarely jam. In other non-Cantonese speaking parts of Greater China, it is usually called 吐司 (Pinyin: tǔsī; literally "toast")."


-- Wikipedia's entry on French Toast


See where this picture was taken. [?]

i shot ewery piece of food and drink i got in.. more on my food set, ("kaya") or my website : (soon in english :)

Serving the simplest tomato-based macaroni, Sing Heung Yuen has made it as Central's all time favourite "Dai Pai Dong". With the macaroni, customers can choose a range of sides such as spam, pork, chicken-wings-and the list goes on. Situated on Mei Lun Street, Sing Heung Yuen can deliver a comforting meal within 10minutes. Best to try the toast drizzled in Honey and Condensed milk.


Signature Dishes: Peanut Milk Toast, Kaya Crispy Crispy, Salty Seven-up with Lemon, Tomato and Beef with Instant Noodles, Tomato and Egg with Macaroni, Lemon Honey Crispy Crispy


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Hong Kong • 香港 '12


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Serving the simplest tomato-based macaroni, Sing Heung Yuen has made it as Central's all time favourite "Dai Pai Dong". With the macaroni, customers can choose a range of sides such as spam, pork, chicken-wings-and the list goes on. Situated on Mei Lun Street, Sing Heung Yuen can deliver a comforting meal within 10minutes. Best to try the toast drizzled in Honey and Condensed milk.


Signature Dishes: Peanut Milk Toast, Kaya Crispy Crispy, Salty Seven-up with Lemon, Tomato and Beef with Instant Noodles, Tomato and Egg with Macaroni, Lemon Honey Crispy Crispy


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Hong Kong • 香港 '12


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This simple dish saved my poor bod while working the convention. I grew to love Singapore's kaya jam, along with their runny eggs and "Kopi-O" coffee. A Toast Box store was there to see me off in the early AM as i left Singapore.

Serving the simplest tomato-based macaroni, Sing Heung Yuen has made it as Central's all time favourite "Dai Pai Dong". With the macaroni, customers can choose a range of sides such as spam, pork, chicken-wings-and the list goes on. Situated on Mei Lun Street, Sing Heung Yuen can deliver a comforting meal within 10minutes. Best to try the toast drizzled in Honey and Condensed milk.


Signature Dishes: Peanut Milk Toast, Kaya Crispy Crispy, Salty Seven-up with Lemon, Tomato and Beef with Instant Noodles, Tomato and Egg with Macaroni, Lemon Honey Crispy Crispy


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Hong Kong • 香港 '12


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Not the same as in Singapore, but "not the same as in Singapore" can still be good.

Kopitiam Cafe, Milpitas, California.

A quick bite at "Wang Cafe" ( in Changi International Airport just minutes after I landed.


Earlier, I have featured the "French Toast" as well as the "French Loaf" but this is the version that started it all - generally brown coloured thin slices of toast toasted until crispy over charcoal fire, slathered with Kaya (Coconut Jam) and then inserted with thin slabs of fridge hardened butter/margarine. The heat of the toasts will slowly melt the butter/margarine and mixed with the Kaya, the filling eventually, if not consumed timely, becomes a decadent sweet gooey mess.


In recent years, in bids to appeal to the different preferences of Singaporeans, the various local coffee joints have introduced new fillings such as Kaya & Peanut Butter, Butter & Sugar, Cheese and even Ice-cream but the traditional combo remains the cornerstone of any Singaporean style toasts.

Serving the simplest tomato-based macaroni, Sing Heung Yuen has made it as Central's all time favourite "Dai Pai Dong". With the macaroni, customers can choose a range of sides such as spam, pork, chicken-wings-and the list goes on. Situated on Mei Lun Street, Sing Heung Yuen can deliver a comforting meal within 10minutes. Best to try the toast drizzled in Honey and Condensed milk.


Signature Dishes: Peanut Milk Toast, Kaya Crispy Crispy, Salty Seven-up with Lemon, Tomato and Beef with Instant Noodles, Tomato and Egg with Macaroni, Lemon Honey Crispy Crispy


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A Hainanese Kopitiam - Yut Kee @ Jln Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur is seen to draw more crowds than ever since it first opened in the 1920s. Apart from the usual toasted bread + soft boiled eggs commonly found in kopitiams, this place has also gained reputation for their very own special dish, "roti babi" (pork bread). The menu is extensive - ranging from their popular Hainanese pork chop to typical Hailam mee.


Not to be missed is the good ol' fashion Kaya Swiss Roll. Yut Kee's creamy rich & fragrant home-made kaya, wrapped in delectable sponge roll offers more than mere satisfaction to those who crave for a good tasting local treat. .


Left: Mee Siam, if I'm not mistaken

Right: the best coffee in the world, coffee @ Killiney Kopitiam


Here at Killiney Kopitiam, I tasted the best coffee in the world. Just simply order, "One coffee, please," they will serve you with the most pleasurable thing for your tastebud since chocolate. And I'm not a coffee person. Die die must try.


While the gank was having coffee as the ultimate closing to the wonderful meal, I walked to Takashimaya food village to buy a jar of kaya jam at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. That's all I need to bring back home. I would've brought this coffee too if I could.


Posted on:

SG50 Singapore Special


This "kopi and toast" dessert set is made up of:

- Kopi cupcake: This cup of kopi is actually a kopi-flavoured cupcake in disguise. Super fluffy with a smooth coffee buttercream topping. I also created a cupcake liner that looks like the traditional coffee cup, which you can download from here.

- Kaya toast cookies:

- "Egg" macarons 2 macarons designed to look like eggs, with dark chocolate filling (as the colour is like soy sauce)


SG50 Singapore Special


This "kopi and toast" dessert set is made up of:

- Kopi cupcake: This cup of kopi is actually a kopi-flavoured cupcake in disguise. Super fluffy with a smooth coffee buttercream topping. I also created a cupcake liner that looks like the traditional coffee cup, which you can download from here.

- Kaya toast cookies:

- "Egg" macarons 2 macarons designed to look like eggs, with dark chocolate filling (as the colour is like soy sauce)


Ipoh "white" coffee is a popular coffee drink which originated in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The coffee beans are roasted with palm-oil margarine, and the resulting coffee is served with condensed milk.


The term "white coffee" originates from the literal translation of its Chinese name, which was introduced in the 19th century by Chinese migrants who came to work in the local tin mines.


The generic term "Ipoh white coffee" in Chinese is "怡保白咖啡". "白" commonly means white, has nothing to do with the colour in this instance, but is rather a reference to the way how the coffee is roasted. In Chinese, Bái also means 'without, or unadulterated, nothing has been added to the coffee during the roasting process.


here, it is served with the perfect South East Asian combination, the kaya toasts.




join me on my food hunt:

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and explore the world of noodles:





For the "gang". Miss you guys! (via Foodspotting)

Breakfast @ "Good Morning Nanyang Cafe".


Singaporean style toast is always served with butter and kaya (coconut jam). The most common type of bread used are these localised type of bread (traditionally available in white, yellow and brown), which are fluffier and sweeter than the usual commercial loaf at the supermarkets. They crisp up and caramelised nicely when toasted.


This cafe had fused western elements into local tastes. The owner had added Italian Ciabatta onto the menu (available in both original and orange flavours). My favourite is the Orange Ciabatta, flavoured lightly with orange peels. The sturdier Ciabatta toast provides a firmer bite but surprisingly still works well with the omnipotent butter-&-kaya combo. The light Orange taste works well (almost like an Orange Marmalade) to marry the light doughy taste of the bread with the sweet and rich taste of butter-&-kaya.

"Toast de Fon"


In Singapore, you can see food stalls, restaurants, hawker shops, food chains, almost will not starve & get hungry, in short. Set your foot out of thy front door (or even throw your sights at that window) and you can see them...Blk 85 is among the best that I ever been....that mouth-watering Grilled Fish topped with red coloured stuffs (...I guess partly chilli & partly stuff that I don't know...)...


Toast@Work, wonder if they can beat my favourite Ya Kun ... KAYA TOAST + SOFT BOILED EGGS + Soya Sauce (...for the win!!!)....

A Singaporean Chinese-style Café =D

Topped with longyan, lychee, rambutan, mango, papaya, persimmon and coconut whip cream, topped with "Chomp Chomp Dust" (powdered sugar, cardamom, clove, chili and cocoa)


Costa Mesa, CA




Pecked out on my iPhone. Sorry for any typos.

No Brasil rabanada é prato de Natal... Em outros países, prato cotidiano, até mesmo, matinal...

Para mim é 'quebra-galho' rápido... Frito em pouco óleo, como bife e misturo ovos ao leite ou creme de leite... Neste caso, uso óleo vegetal em vez de manteiga, para fritar...


Quem não gosta do cheiro de ovo, basta recolher a pele da gema...

Pode-se usar pão de forma integral, para ficar um bocadito saudável....

Quem não pode consumir açúcar, faz uma calda de água com adoçante e canela em pó e borrifa sobre as fatias já fritas...

Quem quiser incrementar, pode adicionar rum, conhaque ou outra bebida aos ovos co leite..

E, por puro capricho, quem desejar incrementar pode mergulhar as fatias fritas em calda de caramelo...


'French toast (often known as egg bread in parts of the UK, pain perdu in French, pain doré in French-speaking parts of Canada) is a popular breakfast food in North America and Europe.

French toast is made with bread and eggs. Milk is commonly added. According to what is popular in local cuisine, many of the spices that are added to bread or egg dishes are included in cooking.

This versatile dish is often topped with butter, fruit, syrup, or other items.' Wikipedia


'A rabanada é uma fatia de pão de trigo (normalmente cacete) que, depois de molhada em leite, vinho (no Minho usa-se Vinho Verde tinto ou branco) ou calda de açúcar, é passada por ovos e frita.


As rabanadas fazem parte de muitas mesas da consoada em Portugal. Servem-se polvilhadas com açúcar e canela ou regadas com calda de açúcar ou mel. Outrora, a palavra rabanada era apenas utilizada para norte do rio Mondego e à mesma sobremesa atribuía-se, a partir da margem sul do referido rio, o nome de fatia-dourada, ou fatia-de-parida.

No Brasil é um prato típico da ceia de Natal, sendo raramente consumido fora dessa data.' Wikipedia


'French toast



Slices of bread are dipped in a beaten egg mixture. The slices of egg-coated bread are then placed on a frying pan or griddle prepared with a coat of butter or oil, and cooked until both sides are browned and the egg has cooked through.


The cooked slices can be served with a variety of toppings, including jam, butter, peanut butter, Marmite, vegemite, maple syrup, fruit syrup, molasses, apple sauce, beans, beef, lard, whipped cream, fruit, tomato sauce, (when powdered sugar/sugar is not used), chocolate, sugar, yogurt, powdered sugar, marmalade, bacon, duck fat (in Northern Ireland), treacle, cheese (often with ham), gravy or various nuts such as pecans. Heating the oil/butter with chopped garlic, chillies or onions is an effective way to add extra flavor to the dish.

Hong Kong style French toasts served in Cha chaan tengs. The toppings include syrup and a slab of butter.



Stuffed French toast is two pieces of French toast that are stuffed with bananas, strawberries, or other fruit. It is usually topped with butter, maple syrup, and powdered sugar.[2]


In the United Kingdom it is often savoury and known as either "eggy bread" or "Gypsy toast" or just "bread dipped in egg" in South East Wales. It is also sometimes known by the rather grand title of "Poor Knights of Windsor". Another name occasionally used is "French fried bread" but this should not be confused with "fried bread", which is white bread fried in butter or fat left over from frying bacon or sausages. One variation has marmite spread on the bread before dipping and another version is served with baked beans on top. Another variation that has a 19th century origin is to add a teaspoon of red chili powder (instead of pepper), or a mixture of cumin and garlic known as "Mexicana", and salt to the eggs before dipping bread in it.


"Eggy bread" does not use fruity ingredients, instead it is just fried after being dipped into a mixture of eggs and milk. It is often served with sauces.


"French toast" has other common meanings in the United Kingdom including baked bread slices and bread which was buttered before toasting. It is also bread that has been toasted on only one side.


'Fried bread' In Italy a variation is served known as mozzarella in carrozza (literally "mozzarella in carriage"). In this version a slice of fresh mozzarella is sandwiched between two slices of bread and the whole dipped in egg and fried. It can be seasoned with salt, but is not sweet like French toast and is not eaten for breakfast. It is often topped with a tomato sauce, which is then sometimes garnished with some chopped parsley and grated cheese to make 3 broad stripes of green, white and red, the colors of the Italian flag.


In Portugal, it is called fatias douradas or rabanadas and is typically made during Christmas, out of slices of bread leftovers (when it's too hard to be eaten normally) soaked in milk to soften it, dipped in beaten egg, deep-fried in olive oil and then dipped in sugar and cinnamon or a syrup made with water, sugar, cinnamon sticks and lemon skin. It's usually eaten cold as a dessert or a snack.


In Spain, it is called torrijas and is typically made during Lent, out of thick slices of bread soaked in milk or wine, dipped in egg, fried and then drenched in spiced honey.


In New York City and in Jewish-American communities and households, it is a common to make it with challah. The richness of the sweet egg bread complements the richness of the French toast preparation. In many Jewish-American households it is traditional to use the leftover challah from Friday night Sabbath dinner to make French toast on Sunday morning. The slightly stale challah absorbs the egg or milk-and-egg mixture more readily and cooks into a custard-like center for the slices of French toast.


In the Western and Southwestern United States, some restaurants will prepare it with Sourdough bread.


In Australia and New Zealand, French toast is a breakfast or brunch dish, made using pan frying individual sliced bread or baguette slices dipped in the egg mixture identical to American preparations. It is sometimes served with banana and fried bacon, and topped with maple syrup. Another popular variation in New Zealand uses a mixture of eggs yolks (left over from Pavlova cooking), milk and grated cheese to make a savory breakfast food.


In Hong Kong, French toast, called 西多士 (Cantonese IPA: [sɐ́i tɔ́ sǐ]; Jyutping: sai1 do1 si2; Mandarin Pinyin: xīduōshì; literally "western toast", but actually an abbreviation of "法蘭西多士", "French toast"), is available all day round but is particularly popular for breakfast and afternoon tea in Hong Kong-style western restaurants and cha chaan tengs. It is made by deep frying stacked sliced bread dipped in beaten egg or soy, and served with a slab of butter and topped with golden syrup, or sometimes honey. Two slices are normally used and a sweet filling is usually added, either peanut butter, kaya, or more rarely jam. In other non-Cantonese speaking parts of Greater China, it is usually called 吐司 (Pinyin: tǔsī; literally "toast").


In Brazil it is called "rabanadas" and follows the Portuguese recipe. It is quite often used to celebrate a birth, as well as at Christmas and New Year celebrations. French Toast can also be served at pre-Carnivale parties in tradition with Brazilian folklore.


In Germany, the Arme Ritter (literally poor knights) are made from bread leftovers as a fast and simple meal. There are several local alternatives in serving: with a mix of sugar and cinnamon, filled with plum-jam or with vanilla sauce. Sometimes it is made with wine instead of milk, and therefore called Betrunkene Jungfrau, drunken virgin.


In India, the version is salted rather than sweet. The egg is beaten with milk, salt, green chili and chopped onion. Bread is dunked into this mixture and is deep fried in butter or cooking oil. Its served with ketchup.


In Hungary, it's called as "Bundáskenyér" (Coated bread) and is made with salt and pepper, and usually served with onions and tomatoes, mayonnaise, or ketchup. People usually eat for breakfast on weekends or for dinner.


Pain perdu

In France, Belgium, New Orleans, Acadiana, Newfoundland and the Congo a similar but distinctive food is called pain perdu, or "lost bread", since it is a way to reclaim stale, "lost", bread: hard bread is softened by dipping in a mixture of milk and eggs, then fried. The bread is sliced on a bias and dipped into a mixture of egg, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. The slices are pan-fried in butter and traditionally served dusted with powdered sugar and with jam on the side. Alternatively it may be served with syrup.


New Orleans pain perdu is a local variation of French toast made from left over New Orleans-style French bread, which resembles a French baguette, but has a crunchier exterior and a lighter interior.


History and geographical spread

French toast originated as a way to use day-old or stale bread (some breads, French bread especially, become stale after one day). Whereas a stale, crunchy bread might seem unappetizing, soaking the bread in eggs and frying it solved that problem. The precise origins of the recipe are unknown, although a version appears in the 4th century CE Roman cookbook, often attributed to Apicius ("Aliter dulcia: siligineos rasos frangis, et buccellas maiores facies. in lacte infundis, frigis [et] in oleo, mel superfundis et inferes." - "Another sweet: Break grated Sigilines (a kind of wheat bread), and make larger bites. Soak in milk, fry in oil, douse in honey and serve."). This was also known as Pan Dulcis. Similar dishes have existed in many countries and under many names, known in Medieval Europe as:


* Austria: Pavese (a medieval type of shield whose shape resembles a slice of bread)

* England: suppe dorate (Italian for "gilded sippets")

* France: pain perdu (literally, "lost bread")

* Germany: Armer Ritter (literally, "poor knight"; the name is sometimes meant to originate from poor knights in Medieval times, having not enough gold to pay for meat, and thus eating old bread slices, coated with egg and fried[5] )

* Hungary: bundás kenyér (literally, "coated bread" or "bread with fur")

* Portugal: rabanadas or fatias douradas (literally, "golden slices of bread")

* Yugoslavia and some successor republics: прженице - prženice

* Croatia: pohani kruh

* Lebanon: pain perdu

* Catalonia: torrades o croquetes de Santa Teresa (literally, "toasts or croquettes of Saint Theresa")


Modern versions occur in many countries under other names:

* Australia: french toast

* Belgium: verloren brood, wentelteefjes, gewonnen brood, or gebakken boterhammen (literally "lost bread", "won bread", or "baked sandwiches" as it was traditionally made from stale bread) in Flanders, pain perdu (literally, "lost bread") in Wallonia

* Brazil: rabanada or "fatia parida"(in the northeast region of Brazil)

* Bulgaria: пържени филии - părzheni filii ("fried slices [of bread]")

* Canada (in francophone regions): pain doré (literally, "golden bread")

* Denmark and Norway: arme riddere (literally, "poor knights")

* England: Eggy Bread and 'Gypsy Toast'

* Greece: αβγόφετα (avgófeta, literally "egg-slice")

* Finland köyhät ritarit ("poor knights") when eaten plain or with butter, rikkaat ritarit ("rich knights") when rolled in powdered sugar, sprinkled with it until fully covered or alternatively covered with whipped cream to provide the white base, and an eye of red colored jam added in the center.

* Estonia: piilud ("ducklings")

* South India and Sri Lanka: Bombay toast

* Israel: פרנץ׳ טוסט

* Malaysia: Roti telur

* Mexico: pan francés, torreja (north of Mexico)

* Netherlands: wentelteefjes (etymology unclear, wentelen = "to turn over", teefje = "female dog", or "wentel 't eefjes" = "turn it for a short time"). Used in some parts of Flanders, Belgium as well.

* Pakistan: meetha toas

* Romania: frigãnele

* Russia: гренки - grěnki

* Spain: torrija

* Sweden: fattiga riddare (literally, "poor knights")

* Switzerland: Fotzelschnitten ("rascals' slices")

* Turkey: yumurtalı ekmek (literally, "bread with eggs"), or ekmek balığı (literally, "breadfish" / "fish of bread")

* United Kingdom: 'poor knights of Windsor', 'Gypsy Toast' and in parts of Cumbria, 'Pandora'.

* US: Overwhelmingly French toast, though it may on rare occasion be called German toast, Spanish toast, nun's toast, egg toast, or French fried pudding.[6]



"French toast" can be found in print in the U.S. as early as 1871. The Oxford English Dictionary cites usages of "French toast" in English as early as 1660 (toasted bread with wine, orange juice, and sugar), and cites an egg-based recipe of the same name from 1882.


Also notably, French toast in France and Belgium (and the DRC) is called pain perdu (“lost bread”) since it is a way to reclaim stale, “lost,” bread: hard bread is softened by dipping in a mixture of milk and eggs, then fried.


According to research provided by the International House of Pancakes, French toast is not necessarily French in origin; it is likely that the recipe dates back to medieval times and may have been a logical “invention” by different peoples, akin to battering and frying any food. A similar dish, suppe dorate, was popular in England during the Middle Ages, although the English might have learned it from the French Normans, who had a dish called tostees dorees. However, according to IHOP, the first written mention of the dish comes from the court of Henry V of England (1413–1422).' Wikipedia


Wikipedia- 'Rabanada



6 pães franceses amanhecidos (300 gr.)

1 lata de leite condensado desnatado

1 xícara de leite desnatado

2 ovos

Açúcar (ou adoçante culinário) e canela para polvilhar


Você também precisará de frigideira antiaderente e escumadeira



Corte os pães em fatias de aproximadamente dois centímetros, desprezando os bicos.

Misture o leite condensado desnatado e o leite desnatado.

Bata os ovos.

Molhe bem cada fatia de pão na mistura de leite (afunde-a na tigela e retire imediatamente). Depois, passe-a pelo ovo batido. Em seguida, frite em frigideira anti-aderente, tomando cuidado para não deixá-la quente demais a ponto de queimar o pão. Para fritar por igual, aperte a fatia com as costas da escumadeira, espere um pouquinho, vire-a fatia e repita o procedimento.


Polvilhe com uma mistura de açúcar e canela. Se usar adoçante culinário, cuidado para não exagerar e deixar a rabanada com aquele gosto amargo de adoçante.


Dicas e Complementos

É fácil queimar o pão e, mesmo depois que você pegar o jeito, ainda acontecerá uma vez ou outra, quando a frigideira estiver muito quente, ou o pão ficar meio seco. Prepare mais fatias que as necessárias e descarte as que queimarem sem dó nem piedade.



Tempo de preparo: 1 hora, aproximadamente - vai depender do tamanho da sua frigideira: quanto mais fatias de pão conseguir fritar de uma vez, mais rápido o processo.

Grau de dificuldade: moderado

Rendimento: 25-30 rabanadas' Wikipedia

I hate package tours where you are forced to go exactly where the tourists always go, and see what the tourists always see. (Maybe being "packed" on to a tour bus is why they're called "pack tours" in Japan.) Lately however, many Japanese tour companies offer "almost" free plans where you can book the plane tickets, hotel, and a bus from the airport to your hotel only. Other than the first and last days then, you can arrange the trip on your own.


Of course, that's what we did. The "almost" free aspect of the plan is that it if you agree to see some of the sights with a guide, it's actually cheaper than going on your own. It's not a bad idea. You spend the first day driving around town seeing some of the basic things that you might not have seen otherwise while getting a feel for the city to plan your own sightseeing for the rest of the trip.


These girls had chosen a similar package, so we ended up eating kaya toast together. They are dental hygienists from Tokyo. Good teeth.

went there twice for tea and kaya toast. mum liked the coffee, and this time i met the owners (the previous time i went there at night and there were only the female china-chinese helpers) who were very friendly and happy to be of service.


will definitely be going back again.


and yes, distinct juxtaposition between "1939" and "2008". we don't have much historical buildings left here.

i must bring ALL of u here!


this coffee shop has been ard since my parent's time... i grew up in this area - my parent's church is in joo chiat... so coming here for bfast or lunch when i was a kid was almost a weekly affair.


too bad both times i brought my besties i cldn't eat my fave prawn mee... nostalgia really adds flavor to every food item i eat at this coffee shop =]

Breakfast @ Choon Hui Cafe.


Due to the British legacy, toast is popular throughout the Malayan Peninsula and what was formerly British Borneo.


Usually locally baked fresh bread is toasted over charcoal until it is crispy brown on the outside and then richly smeared with margarine and kaya ("coconut jam").


Sweet, rich, gooey and crispy all at the same time.

at Killiney Kopitiam, Singapore.


their famous Kaya-toast. "Kaya"paste is made from coconuts,eggs and suger.

A typical cha chaan teng ("tea restaurant") dish: French toast, HK style. It's filled with peanut butter or (as in this case) Kaya jam, and deep fried. And then it has a big dollop of butter on top. Mmm.

Singapore style soft boiled (half-boiled) eggs. From Wikipedia, "In Southeast Asia, especially countries like Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines, soft-boiled eggs are also known as half-boiled eggs and are commonly eaten at breakfast. The major difference is that, instead of the egg being served in an egg cup, it is cracked into a bowl to which dark or light soy sauce and/or pepper are added. This variation is usually eaten with Kaya toast."

Suntec had a Toast Box downstairs in their food court (called "Food Republic"), which Clara and I became fans of. Though typical to Singapore, we made sure to get their coffee and "kaya" toast (a jelly made of egg and coconut milk) every day. The coffee came in these bag-like plastic holders instead of heat covers.

"Kaya" is a jam: combination of eggs, sugar & coconut milk, taste is enhanced by the fragrance of pandan leaves.

Going "Home" to Malaysia

08.24.12 – 09.05.12

Breakfast at The Blue Star Dive & Resort in Anda, Bohol.


The coconut jam is nothing like the "coconut jam" or Kaya I get back home in Singapore, which is greenish and made from coconut, eggs and pandan leaves. It is brownish and very sweet and reminded me of the coconut candies that one can find in Malaysia where coconut and brown sugar are cooked together into a syrupy goo.

Our usual "Toast Set" breakfast. Soft-boiled eggs, Kaya Toast and Coffee

. . . usually eaten with a drizzle of soya sauce & a dash of pepper & accompanied by kaya toast + a cup of kopi-o, i prefer something savoury with mine :)


Boiled eggs

Food historians confirm people have been eating eggs from prehistoric times forward. Cooking methods and recipes vary according to period, place and taste. Boiling is thought to have been developed after roasting and baking, as it required both receptacles capable of holding water and a method for heating that water to 212 degrees F. (100 C). Soft boiled eggs were generally considered more digestible and refined.


Shell eggs & cooking times

"Cooking times for in-shell eggs are determined by the desired texture (they also depend on egg size, starting temperature, and cooking temperature; the times here are rough averages)...The French oeuf a la coque ('from the shell') is cooked for only two or three minutes and remains semi-liquid throughout. Coddled or 'soft boiled' eggs, cooked 3 to 5 minutes, have a barely solid outer white, a milky inner white, and a warm yolk, and are spooned from the shell. The less familiar mollet eggs (from the French molle, 'soft'), cooked for 5 to 6 minutes, have a semi-liquid yolk but a sufficiently firm outer white that they can be peeled and served whole."

---On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen, Harold McGee, completely revised and updated [Scribner:New York] 2004 (p. 88)


"Boiled eggs (soft boiled)--Oeufs Mollets--Plunge the eggs into a pan of boiling water. Cook 3-4 minutes...Eggs a la coque...Plunge the egg into a pot of boiling water. An egg of average weight should be left for 3 minutes. A larger eggs should be left for half a minute longer in the boiling water...Poached eggs...simmer very gently for 3 minutes."

---Larousse Gastronomique [Crown Publishers:New York] 1961 (p. 374-375)


Boiled eggs through time


Ancient Egypt

"The Egyptians ate eggs of all birds...The Eighteenth Dynasty tomb of Haremhed at Thebes has an illustration of a pelican and a basket of eggs. Eggs were easily obtained and were recommended as wholesome food, being consumed hard- or soft-boiled, fried, poached, and used as a binding agent in cookery, especially in souffles and sauces...Goose eggs had to be lightly boiled; otherwise they were indigestible...Anthimus noted approvingly that a person could eat as many eggs as he or she wanted, but the correct way to prepare eggs was to place them in cold water and cook them over a low flame...Hard-boiled eggs were regarded as a more substantial food."

---Food in the Ancient World, Joan P. Alcock [Greenwood Press:Westport CT] 2006 (p. 75)


Classical Greece

"Quails, and later domestic hens, were kept partly for their eggs, oion. These, hard- or soft-boiled, were served among desserts; egg yolk and egg white were ingredients in certain dishes."

---Siren Feasts: A History of Food and Gastronomy in Greece, Andrew Dalby [Routledge::London] 1997 (p. 65)


Ancient Rome

"From Apicius' cookery book we learn that [the Romans] sometimes boiled their eggs and served them with simple sauces."

---Food & Drink in Britain: From the Stone Age to the 19th Century, C. Anne Wilson [Academy Chicago:Chicago IL] 1991 (p. 138)


Medieval Europe

"No foodstuff was more commonly consumed in the Middle Ages than chicken eggs--with the single exception of bread...Eggs in particular were vitally important in the cookery of the time in part simply because they were common and relatively cheap. A second reason for the universal popularity of eggs in late-medieval cookery was probably that which accounts for their continuing popularity today...versatility...In our recipe collections plain eggs are boiled, fried, scrambled...roasted...and poached. And eggs, liquid and hard-boiled, yolks and whites together or separated, entered into mixture for a very large number of prepared dishes."

---Early French Cookery: Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations, D. Eleanor Scully and Terence Scully [University of Michigan Press:Ann Arbor] 1995 (p. 230)


"The most usual way of dressing eggs at the end of the Middle Ages were to roast them in embers, to poach them in hot water or broth, or to fry them...By the later sixteenth century the boiling of eggs in their shells in water had become a common practice. Prepared thus they were more digestible than roasted eggs; but less so than poached eggs, which always earned the highest praise form the medical men...Hard-boiled chopped eggs were still put into pies of mixed ingredients."

---Food & Drink in Britain (p. 144, 146)


Renaissance Italy

"Italians in the sixteenth century used hard-boiled eggs to garnish salads...Aldrovandi assures us that the practice was a common one throughout Europe."

---The Chicken Book, Page Smith and Charles Daniel [University of Georgia Press:Athens GA] 2000 (p. 367)


18th Century France

"Louis XV ate boiled eggs every Sunday...Parisians some in whole families to admirer their sovereign's dexterity with an egg. In an almost religious hush, he would knock the small end off the egg with a single stroke of his fork, while an officer of the table called for attention, announcing, 'The King is about to eat his egg!'"

---History of Food, Maguelonne Toussaint-Samat, translated by Anthea Bell [Barnes & Noble Books:New York] 1992 (p. 359)


Soft boiled eggs

Food historians confirm boiled eggs have been consumed from prehistoric times forward. Eggs timed in minutes are usually cooked in their shells. The hotter the water and longer the boil, the more solid the finished product. From ancient times forward, soft boiled eggs are generally regarded as easier to digest. They were prescribed for invalids and preferred by wealthier classes. Four minute eggs fall in the "soft-boiled" category. Poached and shirred eggs fall into the same general category, although their method is more complicated and requires special equipment.


Medieval France: "soft-boiled" eggs were recommended for digestibility:

"...The fourth difference between eggs likes in the [culinary] preparation that is given them for eating...Those that are cooked on hot coals may be hard or soft. The hard-cooked ones are gross and heavy, digest poorly in the stomach and engender crude humors...The soft cooked ones are the opposite, for they soften the belly and stay only briefly in the stomach; they relieve a dryness of the chest and lung. Those eggs that are between hard-and soft-cooked are unlike either and are better to eat than either. Poached eggs strengthen natural warmth, especially when they are cooked to neither hard nor soft, because the water eliminates their harmfulness, and they are better eaten that way than any other way. Fried eggs are the worst of all sorts of preparation because they are converted into bad humors and engender vapors and nausea, and consequently are bad to eat. Eggs that are eaten in a broth or with meat or in a similar was are to be praised or condemned depending on the substances with which they are combined: for if they are eaten with good spices, such as cinnamon, pepper and ginger, and with meat, they are digested better and nourish better..."

---Early French Cookery: Sources, History, Original Recipes and Modern Adaptations, D. Eleanor Scully & Terence Scully [University of Michigan Press:Ann Arbor MI] 2005 (p. 231)




Breakfast ..... Singapore style

Perfect marriage of melted butter and kaya in toasted bread. No wonder it's coined "Roti Kahwin".


From Kluang Rail Coffee

Kaya butter toast sandwich. From Wikipedia, "Kaya toast... consists of kaya, a spread of eggs, sugar and coconut milk and flavored with pandan on toasted or fresh bread. Butter or margarine may be spread as well."

Kaya Toast w/ coconut spread, Runny Eggs and "Kopi-C" Coffee w/ cream