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East Shore, Kauai, HI. This well was my favorite part of the area, but make sure you explore the entire place -- it's all awesome!


I just came back from a weekend of moonbow shooting in Yosemite. It was amazing... until my (weatherproof) camera got eaten by heavy mist on the last night and shut off. It's drying out in a bag of rice now and I will be unable to shoot for at least the next few days. Let me say one thing: this is the kind of thing that you always dismiss as the thing that only happens to everyone else, until it happens to you. Yikes. I've got my fingers crossed that it will come out alive, because I don't have the money to replace it. I really hope this isn't the end. :(




- Jeff


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Well, i had a nice 6 days away from work, i had planned to go out shooting but i have been busy with attending "open houses" . For those who doesn't understand "open houses" is a terms we called here whereby during the festive season for example Eid Ul Fitr and Christmas, relatives and friends will held a gathering (lots of yummy food and cookies, cakes etc) and everyone are invited. So instead of shooting i had been happily eating :D

Anyway, here's from my archive since i don't hv new pictures :)


p/s the picture i posted earlier was a sunset not a sunrise, i messed up with the tittle. And it was taken in a small and beautiful village in Bali.

Continuing with the Bromance theme:


If I was forced to pick a favorite image from my own "portfolio", this would be it. Most times, I'm not terribly thrilled with my photographic results. My usual workflow goes something like: Shoot image. Edit image. Like image. Go check my contact's images on Flickr. Realize how much better they are than mine. Go back and dislike image. There are a handful of photographers on Flickr who I KNOW are going to produce outstanding shots on a consistent basis. One of the folks at the top of that list is Jesse Estes


The most astonishing part of Jesse's high quality of work is that he is self-taught. I just don't know how people can produce such artistically sublime imagery without lots of instruction. I guess some talent is just pure.


Of all the incredible images that Jesse has shared with us in his photostream, one literally dropped my jaw to the floor and sucked all the air out of my lungs. OH MY GOD CHECK THIS OUT!! THIS image will stand the test of time as one of the most wonderful I've ever seen, because it was my introduction to a truly magical spot on earth. I think I sent Jesse a note expressing the enormity of my admiration.


Fast forward to last winter, and imagine my sheer delight when Jesse invited me to make the trek in to see this corner of the Gorge that he worked so hard to find. He warned me it would be tough to get to. I figured I'm a pretty big guy, so how tough could it be? It was tough to get to.


I liked Jesse instantly. He's a true gentleman; soft spoken with kind eyes and a relaxed demeanor. You couldn't ask for a better guide, as Jesse was constantly attentive to make sure that I hadn't been swept to my death by the strong current and ice-slick rocks. To reach this spot in the winter requires several crossings of some extremely swift water, at times approaching the cold-sensitive bellybutton on my 6'5" frame. Ever the gentleman, Jesse would always position himself upstream of me to break the current as we struggled across..... of course now that I think of it with a non-frozen mind, he was probably thinking "One wrong step, and I'm going for a nasty, cold, LONG, dangerous ride. I'll bet that fat guy downstream of me will make an excellent raft". Make no mistake, it was treacherous.


I've been back to this spot several times since this first incredible day, thinking that I wanted to see it with its spring green coat. The crossing gets MUCH easier as spring takes hold, but the mood changes as well, and I've found that the character of the place slips downstream with the diminished water flow.


After a few hours of uneasy footing and freezing adventure, sprinkled with some wonderful conversation, we rounded the corner into this amphitheater of moss and atmosphere. In short, the place delivers. I'll never be able to fully thank you, Jesse, for sharing this wonderful morning with me. It definitely marks the high water mark (pun intended) of my short shooting "career", and I suspect it will be many many years before I'm able to replicate the sense of awe that befell me that day.


I'm off, Flickr friends. A little work followed by a week long vacation/phototrip. If I get eaten by a bear, I wanted this to be my last image posted. Luckily, the way I see it, I don't need to actually outrun any bears, I just need to outrun Steve Turner.


I guess I'm not supposed to put my website address here, so it's in My Profile if anyone cares.



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I just returned from another whirlwind (no sleep) boot camp photography mission. I connected with David, John and Zia with one goal, shoot as many locations as possible. On this particular day, David, Zia and I headed out to Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona.


Prior to a photo shoot, I like to do some research and look at photos of a scene I intend to visit. I do it to study the scene, visualize, and avoid a comp stomp if possible. After reviewing some of the shots, I knew I wanted more sky in my composition. Since it was a location I had not been to before, we wanted to get there early. We arrived and made our way down to the canyon and guess what, clear blue skies! As I neared the edge, I was overwhelmed by the height and beauty of the canyon. I stared at the stunning view in a desperate attempt to challenge my fear of heights. I had lots of emotions going on from "I'm scared as hell" to "all the way here from California and no clouds".


Approximately two hours before sunset, we started to notice some textures developing in the sky. I thought to myself if the sky develops, I'm definitely going to "live on the edge". As sunset approached, it was evident the sky was going to blow up. (Click here to see a video of this shot.) I laid myself on the edge of the 1500 foot canyon with my tripod literally inches from it. I composed the shot and set my filter. The sky blew up with some awesome color. The whole time, I pressed the wireless shutter and hoped for the best. Usually light like this induces a happy dance, but there was no way in hell I was going to dance along this edge. While I was doing all of this, I was able to capture a short video and send it to some of my buds. (Sorry, I could not post the video, as it documents my foul language due to the excitement.)


Be sure to check out Dave's and John's awesome images from here.


Thanks to Jean for sending us the light and well wishes; to all the guys who made this trip so much fun; and a special thanks to David for being such a stupendous host. This is what it's all about, hanging with good people, challenging your fears, having lots of fun, learning a thing or two and catching some nice light! In summary:


1. We traveled to 4 states in 3 days: Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona.

2. We drove close to 1,000 miles in 3 days.

3. We drove an estimated 15 hours on the road.

4. We visited the following spots: Zion National Park, Utah; Toadstooles Hoodoo, Utah; Horseshoe Bend, AZ; Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ and Death Valley National Park, CA.

5. We ate enough junk food to hold us over for another 6 months.


I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Hope to see you all in the new year. Jave

Canna lily leaves.

Taken at The Regency, Laguna Woods, California. © 2012 All Rights Reserved.

My images are not to be used, copied, edited, or blogged without my explicit permission.

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You heard about the panda who went into a bar? "He eats, shoots and leaves..." !!!

In the definition of "panda" a comma was inserted in error. The definition should read,

"A panda eats shoots and leaves.,," :D)))


Saturday again already? Happy Abstract Saturday, my Flickr friends! i appreciate so your

visits, what you share, knowing what you think and how you feel, your favorites, Thank you!

And now it's Sunday! I slid this so much I don't even remember all I did! So I'll post it! HSS!

This is one Stinky Old Photograph: This photo was taken a while back and the amount of camera gear I have has grown by leaps and bounds (not sure yet if this is a good or bad thing). You can see the new gear photo by going here.


Original Desc: Well here it is, my camera gear...all indivudally noted and all strewn out for the world to see. 90% of it was bought in the last 10 months. It all fits in the camera bags at the top and the bags are normally packed to the brim with the gear.


My wife is a very patient and kind soul but I think I'm at the limit for a good long while, when I was arranging this stuff on the bed to take photo of it in our guest room she just about snapped seeing everything laying there. If I buy much else I will probably be justifiably shot, so if I stop suddenly posting to Flickr you'll know I likely got a new piece of gear and was subsequently killed.


I enjoy a number of hobbies (music, cars, cycling, camping, boating, technology and more), but one of the things I like about photography is it's a hobby that can be incorperated into every other hobby and aspect of life. In photography I've found something that I really, really enjoy and is a way I can have a semi-creative outlet for my soul. But as cool as photography is, music is still my main passion and I think that's the way it will always be...


NOTE: This photo made it into Flickr's 'Explore" as one of the top five hundred most interesting photos on a particular day. You can see all of my photo's that have made it into the Flickr Explore pages here.

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Portfolio & Services


I am happy to be busy.


The past week fellow Sea to Summit instructor Joshua Cripps and I taught a sold out 2-day coastal landscape photography workshop where we visited locations along the Santa Cruz and San Mateo coast. Sunday was quite the day. Sunrise on the bluffs overlooking Panther and Hole in the Wall beaches brought us some color and clouds. We then headed up towards Pescadero State Beach for a mid-morning shoot. We really lucked out in that the indoor post processing lecture coincided with some of the first rain of the season. Sunset was spent at the extreme south end of Hole in the Wall Beach as the storm clouds evaporated before our eyes.


I had the pleasure of playing tour guide to a client from Toronto on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this past week. We hit it off great and spent many hours exploring and photographing the coast. Needless to say, all the 4-5am wake ups and 10pm-midnight bed times knocked me out. But caffeine binges helped with that. :) The diner where we ate most of our meals has a great sign. It reads:


"Instant human, just add coffee."


I hope you all have a great weekend ahead. I have another private workshop this Sunday and then I will be showing my prints the weekends of October 8-9 and 15-16. More info on that later.


As for the image, a storm rolled through with lightning and rainbows two years ago. This is post sunset shot from the bluffs above Hole in the Wall beach as the clouds ripped open.


Nikon D300

Nikkor 12-24mm @ 12mm

15 sec, f16, ISO 100

Lee .9 Soft GND Filter

249/365 - Our Daily Challenge - "Begins with B":


I know, I've already done blueberries and raspberries. Time to shoot some blackberries! I think berries are as fascinating as acorns! lol. Guess I dropped the ball when I missed doing strawberries for the S challenge. I was fortunate to shoot anything today as I ALMOST dropped my camera and macro lens. Leaned forward to adjust my set up and tipped over the tripod. Caught it JUST in time. YIKES!!!!!!!! BTW...I thought about cleaning up that blackberry juice in the foreground, but decided I like it. lol And now...I'm off to eat my subjects!


And just to prove Shantel's Chapter 3 is still is what I shot and posted yesterday! 3 Bs in the title...


Nikon D5000, 105mm

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Sunday evening some friends and I got together at Mt Tamalpais to watch and capture the fog blanket coming in off the Pacific. I don't shoot fog too often, so I always forget just how dynamic it can be as it slithers its way between and over the ridges. And there are lots of ridges on Mt Tam. Lots.


After shooting we all headed to In-n-Out Burger, where -- without prompting or daring of any kind -- my friend Max ate a four-patty "animal style" cheeseburger in a minute forty-eight seconds. I think it might be time to get the Guinness people on the phone.


Happy Wednesday!




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Chicken Photo Op


Photographing a friend's Rhode Island Reds:

Gretchen-hen, Gabby, Thelma, Louise, Hen-rietta and Rosie.


March 14, 2017 - I spent about 2 hours taking about 150 photos; a challenging shoot - all culled down to 9 images.


My prep:

- pre-diced a couple apples

- a canvas drop cloth to sit on

- a white board (about 3 1/2 ft x 2 1/2 ft) - for a pedestal

- two cinder blocks

- mid-day shoot


Camera (Olympus XZ-2; 6mm - 24mm; shooting RAW) - generally:

- manual exposure (birds in the shade; background sunlit and blown out - just what I wanted)

- 1/60th

- F 3.5 (this probably varied)

- ISO - 100

- Metering - spot

- Focus - AF - spot (I'm pretty sure I changed to spot) to reduce risk of shooting fence in background; worked well

- Focal Length - something like 24 mm / 112 equivalent (varied; don't think I really wanted this full zoom)

- WB was auto and adjusted in post (this was okay, but wish I had shot my grey card for exposure and WB)


The "Plan":

I was going to create a short pedestal (board and cinder blocks) for hens to stand on and bait them with apple pieces.


How the plan failed:

- The birds would not get on the pedestal. They just reached in, with their long necks, and picked up apple pieces.


- The apple pieces ended up in the dirt and as the hens pecked - their beaks were coated with sticky apple juice and then - dirt; not so photogenic. Some of my best shots ruined because of dirty beaks.


Plan B:

I took camera off tripod and rested it on a cinder block.

I placed that white board in background which seemed to help with the strong contrast resulting from blown-out background.

During the last half of shoot, as the birds seemed okay with me, I began adding a little on-camera fill-flash (-3). Didn't seem to bother birds.


Fed pieces of bread and their beaks gradually began to clean up (one hen cleaned her beak on my jeans).


The birds seemed interested in camera (great for close-ups), but I was afraid a couple times that they might peck at the lens.


Post Processing RAW files:

- UFraw - I picked a favorite WB result and applied to all images

- GIMP - applied a little "S" curve

- applied a layer of multiply at about 10%

- mild sharpening - Gmic / unsharp-mask (.4)


Next Time:

- Single cinder block (instead of the standard double)

- Bait birds with dry snacks

- Use something like a bean-bag to rest camera on

- Or I may again try to use tripod, but at the time I thought it was too high (without the pedestal)

- Try to get the whole bird in the shot as well as head and shoulders.

- I don't think they ever stepped on that board, so though it may have been good for "whitening" the background, just keep in mind it will effect where they walk (might be able to use to advantage)

- Try, after shooting with no flash, setting the fill flash to -1


Other thoughts:

I intentionally took my time; hung out with "the girls". I "settled" and they seemed okay with me. The hens often moved quickly and in a jerky fashion. Just when I thought I had a great frame - the bird was out of frame. The hens would wander off to drink and eat and I thought I might be done, but then they would wander back and I'd get even better shots. This cycle happened several times; just when I thought I was done - they would come back and pose for me.


Key Words:


Rhode Island Reds



Tis the season! Stopped by the Rynek Jeżycki on my way home from shooting this morning and one of my favorite vendors had some "special" strawberries for me! Of course, they are all special this time of the year, but I have to admit these were exceptional. Nice way to start the day and this bag I brought home never stood a chance between Agnieszka and I....gone in 30 seconds! :) —


Join me on my personal website Erik Witsoe or contact me at for cooperation. Thank you.


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and Behance and Twitter Instagram and also Google +

If you have ever seen leaves on bushes and trees that become skeletonised or transparent with just their veins remaining, this tends to be the work of Sawfly larvae, which eat through the tissue of the leaf until it has almost completely disappeared. At least 400 different species of sawfly have been recorded on plants in Britain. Two or three adult generations may develop during the growing season with the third generation overwintering as pupae that emerge in the spring. This is a "Green Sawfly", Rhogogaster viridis, a common species found on woodland rides, hedgerows and scrub, often on flowers, during the summer months throughout the UK. I found this little guy on the nettles surrounding the allotments in Holmbury St.Mary, England - of all the places I visit and potter this has 3x as many insect types as the rest put together!


Sawflies are related to wasps and bees. These primitive wasps are not flies (Diptera), because they have two pairs of wings; flies have one. Their name is derived from the saw-like ovipositor the adult female uses to lay eggs. Adult sawflies are inconspicuous wasp-like insects that cannot sting and cannot eat! In fact they are one of the few insects in the wasp family that feed on plants; The adult resembles a fly or a wasp but without the constricted waist. The larval or immature stage of sawflies are plant feeders and look like hairless caterpillars and can often be seen around the edges of the leaves and most curl up into an S-shape when disturbed. Larvae will also bore into developing fruits causing them to become scarred and exude sticky liquid.


Technical: this only took 8 hrs or so so I must be getting faster, yay! BG output onto SmallHD via HDMI matrix used as background; rear curtain sync .8s exposures; 213 photos into 27 sub stacks, retouched from Dmap composite, finished off with CS4, NoiseNinja & Topaz Detail. Step size of 30μm, polystyrene chip cone diffuser. Resized to reduce noise. Componon 35 f/4 reversed on flat bellows so about 1:1; 3 flashes @1/32 perpendicular @2,6 &10 o clock.


Large version:


UPDATE 2013 - An extreme macro photography learning site to explain the techniques and equipment used for all my macro photos here in Flickr is now ready. To point to a few of the links that people who want to learn this stuff might like to have a browse of:


Focus Stacking, Focus Stack Preparation, Shooting A Stack, Stack Processing, Stack Post Processing, Schneider Kreuznach Componon 28 mm f/4, Schneider Kreuznach Componon 35 mm f/4, Schneider Kreuznach Componon 80 mm f/4, Nikon El-Nikkor 50 mm f/2.8N, Reject Enlarger Lenses, JML Optical 21 mm f/3.5, 20 mm Microfilm f/2.8, Anybrand MP-E 65 Macro Lens, Manual, TTL, Rear Curtain Sync, Extreme Macro Backgrounds, Single Colour Background, The Gradient Background, Adjustable Flash Shoe Mounts, Extension Tubes, Eyepiece, Field Monitor, Flash Bracket, Focusing Helicoid, Holding Tools, Lens Adapters, M42 Iris, Macro Tripod, Making A Macro Beanbag.

I'm thankful to live in such a beautiful neighborhood.


The last scene that I posted of Trillium Lake and this shot of Yocum Falls are both within a 30 minute drive from my front door.


A quick perusal of my photostream will reveal a trend, the trend being that I shoot many of the same places over and over because I don't get to get out and down the road very often. I own my own business which keeps me very busy and so it's convenient when I just have to go shoot something to just "run up to Trillium" or to "drop into Boulder Creek" for a quick snap while running errands or to "hit Yocum Falls, Little Zigzag Falls or Still Creek" for a quick walk and a shot.


I was just left a comment by my most excellent contact JP Hanson that started me on this line of thought when he said "(I) guess what I like most about your stuff is that even though you repeatedly frequent the same locations, you come home with something that looks distinctively different than the last time. You put a good spin on things and obviously have a great time doing it."


To me that was a great compliment to my creativity and imagination, plus he stated the primary purpose, to have fun doing it. Thanks JP. : )


I'm almost ready to head out of here to visit friends and to gorge myself with food and to sip a few eclectic brews.


I hope that every one of my American friends are going to eat some good food on this Thanksgiving Day, and have fun doing it. : ) For all of my friends that aren't celebrating Thanksgiving Day, I hope that you have something to be thankful for on this day as well.


I'm thankful that I have such great Flickr contacts. : )



This week the Val Marie group of 4 assignment was "blue". I thought it would be difficult, but it wasn't. Although blue sky was nonexistent for most of the week, I found plenty of blue subjects around the house.


For this photo I had my camera on a tripod and the lens stopped down to a small aperture. Blueberries, of course, are more purple than blue, so I shot the first image at 2500 degrees K - which turned the daylight from my kitchen window very blue indeed. I could have done this in post processing, but wanted to see the result while shooting. Then I made a few shots using auto white balance, and finished with several out of focus shots from the same camera angle, at a wide f-stop. I ended up using one of these in the final composite.


In RAW adjustments, I boosted the contrast so that most of the middle tones were eliminated. Then in Photoshop I did some extreme sharpening, and sandwiched the shot with one of the out of focus images, adjusted the opacity until I had the blend I wanted, et voila!


Most important, though, is that the milk was poured OVER the frozen blueberries so that it partially froze too, and under the blueberries was some Greek yogurt, and under the Greek yogurt was some hot oatmeal with raisins. All of which I ate.


Here are the other interpretations of "blue":


Don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without explicit permission.

© James R. Page - all rights reserved


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PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP------- la paz es el-- Paesagi del Mondo ----- Painting with Mother Nature -PaintingwithMotherNature-... -Paisaje Puro / -- Paisatges unics ---Petit Musée der Kurt Peiser-- Puntuame -- Pure Landscape PANEM ET CIRCENSES / BREAD... (Gruppe) PANORAMA FOTOGRAFICO -paololivorno'sfriends -Paolollvorno´s friends -- Parisinita & friends –PEACE took over my heart -Perchè..? -- Pensieri fotografici --- Perfect Beauty -- Perfect Beaty II -- Perfect Photographer ---- -Perfect Touch ----Petit Musée de Kurt Peiser ---Phoenix Gold --Photo Garden --Photo in Focus -- Photographers -- -Photographer´s Paradise --Photographer´s True Taste --Photographer´s World -- Photographers gone wild -- Photographic World ( Post 1/ Comm 2 ) PhotographsFromYour... -- Photography is Love---PHOTOGRAPHY PLANET --PHOTOMAIS -Photos and Calendar[1/...--Pics for Peace --Pictures from my friends --- Pictures lovers --- -Pianeta Terra /Planet Earth ---Pictures By You---Pictures from my friends --- pintou tudo de amarelo --pintoutudodeamarelo/... -Porfolio Landscape Porfolio Landscape --Preferences & personal --Preferencesandpersonal... -Prestige Nature Competitions... -- Prestige Photography --Prestige units --- Primavera, Verano, Otoño e.. -primus inter pares -- peo photo ---Postcard Moments--- POWER OF IMAGE --- -Puentes & Reflejos --- pure nature ~ Natur pur... QQQQQQQQQ Q8 Flickr Quality Surroundings---- Qualifizierte Members Only (1,2,3)--- -QualitySurroundings=... -QUALITYSURROUNDINGS --- Queue Gallerize -- Queue Rte -- Queue Share ----

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TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Tagmyimages(inyourlanguage)---TAKEN WITH LOVE ---TalentPhotographiqueElite. -- Tarjeta Visa Oro Para Tu Fotografia ---Tell Me What You Think -- Texas Chainsaw Masacta-- -- TEXTURED DREAMS-- Texturing the world---onepost... -Thank you for more than 5000 awards in less than one year :o) -Thanks f Luzia --Thats What I´m Talking About The Beautiful Image TOP --The Beauty of Nature -The Best Captures AOI -The Best of Autumn/Fall --the best shots◄ 500+ -THE BEST TEAM -The Dragon Best Group --THE GARDEN OF MY ♡ *** -THE LOOK level 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 -The Old Port The Perfect Picture --The Personal Is Political --the same scene in January: -The scent of... The Watchers - Los Vigilantes (Gruppe) -TheArtistsCircleof... -TheBeautifulImage-- Top Shots-- TOP-AdminInvite... -Thebeautifulmornings/As... -Thebestmoment. -TheBestofAutumn/Fall -THEBESTOFMIMAMOR'SGROUPS... -TheBladeRunnerMemories... -THEEARTHPLANETPULSE -The GardenOfZen(75+faves... -Thelivecycleoftrees•... -THE LOOK level 1-7 WHITE -The Moulin Rouge,... -The post whatever you like... -There-founded... -The Road To Heaven -THE SCARABUS/ BY INVITATION... -This is Magic --ThisIs... -Through Your Eyes To Ours -Tierra Madre --Tisthe SeasontobeJolly -- TMI : your Atr and Nature--Todos los fotógrafos del MUNDO -TODOSPORLAPAZ_ALLFOR... -Top Flickr --Top Gallery H.Q.P. 75+ Top Flickr -TOPGALLERYH.Q.P. --- TOP 10 Galleries ----Trans Eguzkilore -- Tra Sogno e Real --- Travel Pilgrims --- Travelling:Throughthelens -Treasures of thei World --Trees & Flowers Melody-- Trre Photos-- TOP SHOTS ---Tre Sogno e realta --- Tree- Mendous --- Two - zwei -deux - due - eva...

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This one comes from an early Sunday morning not too long ago. Normally, I am not in such a hurry to shoot the sunrise in the streets on Sunday as I like to have some quiet time for myself, but having a Canon EOS 5Ds to test with pretty much sealed the deal that I was out the door as soon as a crack of light showed. The tricky thing about Sunday morning for me is that for some Saturday night hasn't ended yet....making for a little bit of a mess if someone gets the wrong idea seeing me, the big guy, with a camera pointed toward them!

Overall, on this particular morning it was fairly quiet and I was somewhat alone and enjoying the peace. Eventually I came across this gentleman who looked like he was a bit reluctant to let Saturday become Sunday, but with the sun on his back almost pushing him up the hill he saw me shooting and smiled super wide at me, spilling his kabob and proclaiming at the top of his voice " D O B R AN O C DUDE" laughed, swayed and continued on his way. As did I. :)



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Boston Harbor (the "Hahbah") at blue hour. Taken from the waterfront by Hyatt Harborfront near Logan airport. This was true lazyman's photography. I ate some dinner on their outdoor patio and watched the sunset progress and then sauntered over the water's edge to set up my camera, take some shots and then retire to bed! Never had an easier shoot than this. There was not a lot of sunset color so I waited until blue hour when the city lights were reflecting on the bay. I was really hoping for a supermoon rising over the city but the moon rose far over to the west.


This is my first post using the new Sigma 18-35 F1.8 "Art" lens. It is a lovely lens and beautifully engineered, but I've also found it difficult to adjust to. My trusty Pentax 12-24 has been my go-to wide angle lens and I find it really easy to shoot with. It's quite sharp, very forgiving of over-exposure, and focus is dead easy. The Sigma is unbelievably sharp when focused correctly, but it seems a bit harder to achieve that focus (and I will say this did not come out as sharp as it could have). It may be that some micro focus adjustment is needed. It's also less forgiving about over-exposure. But, I'm looking forward to learning how to use it over time as it just feels so good in the hand. I did not have a filter adapter to get my ND filter on this lens for a much longer exposure which would have added some more pop.

Zoetica gave me an excellent birthday present: her.


And let's just pause right here to clear that up, before you all freak out that I'm engaging in some wacky birthday slavery.


On Sunday, Zoetica and I went to my current favorite park, had ourselves a photo shoot. She chose two outfits for their utter incongruity with ol' mother nature. She posed for me, and if you've ever seen Zoetica's work, you'll know she's a science-damned master of posing. We shot, laughed, mocked weird children. Our favorite things, really.


That was present #1.


Then she treated me to brunch at Roscoe's, where most of the conversation revolved around "oh my god this is so good how do they make it so good i don't understand every time and this waffle is nom nom tasty but let's eat some of this succulent nom nom nom chicken breast and oh look the most perfect piece of cornbread ever nom nom nom nom."


Pretty much a perfect morning, right there.


So thanks, Zoetica!!!


Shot of Zoetica in mad pouty face because she's forced to wait for Roscoe's is up on the blog:

My trip to Watkins Glen, NY was a great trip, however, it was too commercialized in my opinion and trying to capture images without people in it was next to impossible. I have some other images to post from that trip, but on my way back, I managed to stop at my favorite waterfalls that I have captured to date: Logan Falls.


It has been (2) years since I have been here and wanted to get back with my Full Frame for a different take.


This location is 7-miles into the thick forest region only accessible by dirt roads. Greeted by butterflies on my hike down into the valley, I was excited to get to the falls. After an hour of shooting, I labored back up the mountain side only to get eaten alive by mosquito's.


The appeal of this place is it's location. Away from the mainstream and "off the grid". For me, photography has been an outlet and a release from every day stress.


Thank you for looking (and reading my ramblings) and please do NOT use my images without my consent.


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What a great weekend of shooting and spending time with friends and family! After eating dinner at Little Korea in La Jolla, my wife and I headed down to the beach to watch the sunset. What was great about this sunset, was the guy who proposed to his girlfriend directly to the left of this image. This weekend has produced some amazing cloud formations. I've been lucky enough to capture some Images. I have SO many images to edit. I think I've probably took at least 200 pictures from the past two days. I'll be posting new pictures throughout the week. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


"Sunset is not the end, it is just a pause before a new rising."


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Broccoli seems like a great subject for a macro because the vegetable's components are so much more interesting when viewed enlarged.


Some facts about broccoli


1) The word broccoli comes from the Latin word brachium and the Italian word braccio, which means "arm".

2) Broccoli is a part of the cabbage family.

3) Eating broccoli reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and death in postmenopausal women.

4) In Treehouse of Horror XI, Homer Simpson is killed by eating broccoli.

5) A compound found in broccoli appears to have more effect than modern antibiotics against the creation of peptic ulcer causing bacteria.

6) Broccoli is a cool-weather crop and grows poorly in the summer.

7) Broccoli comes in a variety of colors, ranging from deep sage all the way to dark green and purplish-green.

8) Tom "Broccoli" Landers holds the current world record for eating 1 pound of broccoli in 92 seconds.

9) Broccoli is high in Vitamin C and also soluble fibre.

10) Humans have been growing broccoli for more than 2,000 years. It was first grown in Ancient Rome in the Italian province of Calabria, where they called it Calabrese.

11) Broccoli consumption has increased over 940 percent over the last 25 years!

12) It is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, iron, beta carotene, and fibre.

13) Broccoli has as much calcium ounce-per-ounce as milk.

14) Broccoli is a member of the cabbage family and is closely related to cauliflower,

15) Broccoli was introduced to England around 1720 but did not become an important crop in the United States until after World War II.

16) Since then, the United States has become the world's largest producer of broccoli. The leading broccoli-producing states are California, Arizona, Texas, and Oregon. Broccoli is also grown in Italy, northern Europe, and Asia.


Technical: this is my first attempt at a macro using a reversed 28 on a 100. The lighting was from the right, at quite a severe angle, using a flash.


UPDATE 2014 - I have put together an extreme macro photography learning site to explain the techniques and equipment used for all my macro photos here in Flickr which is now ready. To point to a few of the links that people who want to learn this stuff might like to have a browse of:


Focus Stacking, Focus Stack Preparation, Shooting A Stack, Stack Processing, Stack Post Processing, Schneider Kreuznach Componon 28 mm f/4, Schneider Kreuznach Componon 35 mm f/4, Schneider Kreuznach Componon 80 mm f/4, Nikon El-Nikkor 50 mm f/2.8N, Reject Enlarger Lenses, JML Optical 21 mm f/3.5, 20 mm Microfilm f/2.8, Anybrand MP-E 65 Macro Lens, Manual, TTL, Rear Curtain Sync, Extreme Macro Backgrounds, Single Colour Background, The Gradient Background, Adjustable Flash Shoe Mounts, Extension Tubes, Eyepiece, Field Monitor, Flash Bracket, Focusing Helicoid, Holding Tools, Lens Adapters, M42 Iris, Macro Tripod, Making A Macro Beanbag.

As Kevin and I were making our way back north to Palm Springs, beautiful storms started forming over the mountain range west of the Sea. We kept having to stop, what seemed like every few minutes, to shoot. The light was changing constantly and sunbreaks between the clouds were dancing all over the mountains in the back.


I had someone look at this shot on my screen before I posted it and they asked "what is all that brown stuff in the foreground? is that land?" No. That muddy brown crap is the Salton Sea. It's amazing that from one angle, the water can look blue and pure - and the other angle it looks downright scary.

just a quick note to say thanks to each

and every one of you that looks, comments,

snarks (you snarkers are particularly high on my favorite-y lists!),

engages, reacts, listens, muses, amuses,

reads, questions, understands, and enjoys.


thank you!


/p.s. life has become fairly busy the past few months and i can't

post and comment as much as i would like to, but i do still look and can

say that my contacts are some of the most talented people i have

ever had the pleasure of knowing. y'all continue to wow and inspire

me so very much! you really have no idea!


y'all have made being here worth it

for five plus years.


thank you...


/and thank you alanis for this song

that i ridiculed at first and never ever ever wanted to like,

but has ended up being a part of my life forever.

it still gives me chills.


/if i ever say "thank you, india" to you,

now you know where it comes from

and why it comes from... =)


/p.p.s. special shout out to "the usual suspects". y'all

make shooting pictures a blast and a half! *raises glass*

Four shoots last weekend, with three more in the next three days.


I always do this, just pack 'em in, thinking, "oh, this'll hold me for awhile, won't need to shoot for at least a couple weeks."


Except I can't NOT shoot for a couple weeks. I can barely go 7 days, obviously.


And so, in the coming days, Sari, Frances, Larissa and more Laura (always more Laura).


This shot of Laura is from the week before last. The plan had been to use Laura as the model for some broaches my friend had made with his laser.


But the laser's been having some issues, so the broaches weren't ready just yet.


But I was in shoot mode. So I shot Laura anyway.


And, just for the record, it was totally her idea to bite the branch.


Oh sure, she backed away from the idea almost instantly, but by then it was too late!!!


Laura, sitting in the tall grass saturday, up on the blog:


Tomorrow's what I like to call National Pumpkin Pie Day. Which is very exciting.


I could care less for the rest of it, frankly. Haven't even made any plans just yet. Might watch the entire last season of The Shield.


But if my mom asks, I'm working, k?


If my dad asks, I met a dame, and we' it.


Instead of thanksgiving, I'm excited for the Big Shoot this weekend. I'd tell ya who all was involved, but I've discovered that leds to the universe getting all up in my face with "oh, you think THAT'S gonna happen? heh." So, I'll tell you all about it. Afterwards.


Big Shoot. let's leave it at that.


Now, I'm figuring, since most of you have regular jobs, you'll be taking some time away from the internet, to travel, to be endlessly aggravated by your family, to eat so much food you're forced to put in extra exercise time (or not exercise, and then feel horribly guilty) so I'll leave you with Carré, as she is beautiful, and a question, because I am nosy.


What y'all doing for Thanksgiving?


Oh, and here's Carré, wonderfully posed, on the blog:

This photo is part of my $2 Portrait Project, a project that I started to increase the interaction I have with other human beings. The idea is that I offer to give $2 for a portrait sitting to anyone who asks me for money. You can see my collection of these portraits here and my original blog post announcing this project here. There is also a $2 portrait group on Flickr where other people who have adopted this project for their own also post photos. You can get to that group here.


Earlier today while out shooting on Geary Street near Mason I ran into Michael. I actually ran into Michael while I was working on a portrait of another guy Brad. I also took a $2 portrait of Brad, but when I told him about my project he asked me not to post his photo to the internet so his image isn't in the collection.


But while talking to Brad, Michael made his way into our conversation. Michael is blind and was heading up the street with his cane. He heard Brad's voice and told him that he knew him. Brad told Michael that he was right and that he and Michael had talked for a while the night before.


While talking with Brad and Michael, Michael asked me if I could give him some money for some pizza. He said he was hungry and needed to eat. I told Michael about my project and he agreed to pose.


Michael is originally from Cincinnati Ohio but he's been out here since 1980 We talked a little bit about technology. I asked Michael if he'd heard about the new 230mpg car that was in the news today and he said he had. He said that like most of the technology though that they've probably already had it for years but are just letting us get it now. "Do you remember Star Trek," he asked me. I said yes and he said that they already had the idea for the cell phone way back then. Michael said that mostly the military has all the technology already but that they keep it hidden away from all of us. He told me that his father had been in World War II and that they had computers even way back then.


Michael was the first blind person I've photographed as part of my project.


After chatting a bit more Michael asked me if I could make it $5 instead of $2. I told him that the pay for portraits was only $2 and he said ok.


With that I paid Michael and Brad both $2 and headed on my way home on the BART.

Flickr asked us "What are you doing on the tenth day of the tenth month in the tenth year of third millennium?" and here's my answer? Okay, haven't shot it today but this is what i wanna share today. And to be honest, I can't really end up with a final image in a day. I always need a day to shoot, a day to stare at the image on the screen, two to three days for the PP and a day to decide between the final images. :) And okay, this was planned half an hour before the shoot, an hour of shooting and umm.. about 10 hours of post-processing.


On the other note, last week, one of my image was finally invited to the Flickr collection on Getty. And it's like a dream come true for me. Hope to see my first sale soon. :)


Okay, that is that. Happy 10.10.10 and have a great weekend! Wish me luck for exams. I'll be back in a few! See ya!


Strobist info: A Yongnuo 460 II @ 1/16, into DIY Softbox — above the subject.

This is taken at Distad som 6 miles south of our houses, at the road that follows the fjord. This is as far as the road along the fjord is open all winter, from here is it, as the sign says, "great danger of avalanches. You can see the nearest just behind the trees in midle of this picture. As we walked through some of them at our walk will you see them in later postings.


The snow here is less than in the valley where I live. It is less snow during winter and it melts quicker in spring.


Two days ago I posted a picture of our horse Bøyaprinsen. It was taken last spring. He was to be 24 in a few weeks, and has been here on the farm for as long as I have been farming. This winter has he become more and more old, and he had a periode for a couple of weeks where he had poor appetite. The last week did he improve though and he started to eat well again.


Yesterday he fell over while out and we couldn't get him back on his feet, he gave completely up and didn't try much. It seemed as he had no strenght in his back feet, he didn't even react when pinched in the skin. So in the end there was no way but for me to shoot him.


I have a rather realistic view on animals, when there is no hope to get them well is there only one solution. And I might as well do it as anyone else. (But for our dogs, I couldn't have done it to them). But it is strange when a horse that has been here for 24 years have to go so quick.

Aren't these some cool-lookin' sheep? I was driving through the countryside of Iceland and there are these super-bushy sheep that float around the fields with their busy little legs underneath. Then, from a distance, I saw these mega-bushy fellas all piled up on top of one another. They were quite far away, so I attached my 70-200 mm lens to get a tighter shot at f5.6. I had to make a wide variety of strange animal noises to get that guy on top to look at me. Luckily, I was alone with the sheep. That sounds funny.


Besides that, I have a hot new Twitter list for you below! Maybe some of you are not yet into Twitter, but once you find 50+ people to follow, it's an entertaining thing to look at on occasion to see what is happening in the world with people you think are interesting!


Here is my Previous 10 Photographers to Follow on Twitter list... and here is the latest one below! If you have more photographer suggestions, send me a note TreyRatcliff - thanks!


1) @jimgoldstein - Jim Goldstein - a cool photographer with a nice eye for things. He is also quite active on Twitter.

2) @MoosePeterson - Moose is one of those guys that has a cool name and can back it up!

3) @frederickvan - One of the hosts of the cool This Week in Photography podcasts. He's also a very nice guy with a hearty laugh... you can sometimes tell a lot about a guy from his laugh.

4) @aphotoeditor - Steve Simon recommended that I follow him... all kinds of cool links posted on a regular basis

5) @nickonken - Nick Onken is a cool guy with a unique look about his work. He also finds cool links to share with his followers.

6) @jeffnewsom - Jeff has a nice style to his photography and is very active on Twitter... HIs blog has very nice imagery

7) @ronbrinkmann - This is another TWIP guy - very interesting and has interesting thoughts to share.

8 ) @danhavlik - Dan finds all sorts of interesting stuff and shares it all with is Twitter followers... very cool stuff.

9) @halfpress - Aaron Mahler is a regular on the TWIP show, and like the others, he is full of humor, advice, and great links. What else do we need in life?

10) @RobertEvans - Robert is a different sort of guy, and those are the kind I usually like. He describes himself on Twitter as "Inspiration, Education, and Motivation for Photographers" - that says it pretty well!


from the blog at

Been a while since I've posted a photo. Finally was able to get out and shoot this weekend!


My mom turns 60 today (March 27th). Since it's kinda a big deal my dad decided that all the boys should come home and surprise her with a big celebration. I flew back to NY on Friday morning, my dad picked me up, I dropped him off at the train station and arrived home pretty early. When I got to the house I walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. Oh right, it hasn't worked in 20 years. Our dog, Dash, knew someone at the door and started barking frantically but my mom still didn't come to the door. It took a phone call, in which she answered "What are you doing up this early?!" (she assumed it was 3 hours earlier on the west coast) to which I replied "there's a package at the door" (me). She was pretty stunned when she opened the door to find her first born waiting. We continued surprising her throughout the day. My middle brother pretended he didn't know I was coming and therefore he hadn't planned on taking the train home from his job in NYC. Lastly, my youngest brother flew home from his freshman year at the University of Michigan (somehow I brainwashed him into going to the same college where I graduated with 2 degrees). When the youngest walked in she got all teary and it was just perfect. We threw her a nice party the next night and it was great to have the entire family all together for a couple days.


The first thing I did when I got home was take a nap. The second thing I did was take a walk along the beach. I left my camera at home and immediately wished I had it on me. It had started to cloud up and I saw this as a perfect chance to practice using my Lee Big Stopper. I drove back home, grabbed my camera, got distracted a bit, and went back to the beach. By this time Mama Nature continued her hatred of me and decided to blow all the clouds away. I got a couple long exposures snapped before all the big clouds had dispersed. The only clouds left were the perfect sunset clouds. Realizing my chance to *FINALLY* get some sunset photos I told my mom I wanted to come back (a third time) for sunset.


My mom and I arrived at the beach hoping for a beautiful sunset. Mama Nature must be REALLY mad at me because by the time we got back to the beach the clouds had pretty much rolled in and blanketed the sky. Luckily there was a small opening in the west and I held my breath that we'd get some color. I was in for a treat and the sky managed to turn a nice color before disappearing. There was no awesome surf like in California so I had to try something a little bit different. Knowing there was no good water motion I put the Lee Big Stopper on and tried to turn the water into glass, catching the reflection of the sunset in the water. While the photo exposed I sat back and ate some fried chicken with my mom, on a picnic blanket on the beach. What a nice way to start the weekend.


Happy birthday mom!


Compo Beach, Long Island Sound

Westport, CT


Nikon D700 w/Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8 ED-IF AF-S:

17mm, f/10, 5 min, ISO 250

Lee Big Stopper + HiTech 0.9 GND


Press "F" (favorite) and then "L" (lightbox) to view this best or just View it Large on Black


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(Also known as the workshop that became a concert...if only the camera is the microphone and shooting is equal to singing.)


Buenas Dias!


I did not expect Zamboanga would embrace our visit this much. The plan originally was to hold a basic workshop, something which I have already done countless times. But my nearly two-weeks visit to this beautiful city ended up something more. In all honesty, I really did feel like a rockstar. So, this is how it feels.


I arrived there expecting normal courtesy calls since the workshop formed part of an event the city government has planned. But by the end of my visit, since my photos (mug shot?) had been on their newspaper headlines a couple of times, posters of the workshop has been splattered all over the city with our names on it, and ABS-CBN Zamboanga did an interview of me --- people started recognizing me in the streets. Before I left for Manila, I was in this store buying something and the cashier asked in their local dialect if I was Parc Cruz, the guy in the newspaper. Thankfully, it was a headline I won't be ashamed to share to my family. I didn't do any crime...this time. Hehe.


Thanks to Richard Galande, my tour guide and organizer and to JV Faustino the co-organizer. Great job guys! Till my next visit.


Thanks to the hospitable people of Zamboanga City:


City Gov't of Zamboanga:

Mayor Celso Lobregat

Vice Mayor Mannix Dalipe

- The Mayor gave me the Chabacano dictionary. I will be learning it for my next trip back. My favorite phrase right now is "Come ya kita". Or LeT'S EAT!


Brgy. Taluksangay:

Councilor Gerky Valesco - Chairman Committee of Tourism

Co-organizer Councilor Amman Nuño and wife Councilor Lilia Nuño.

- They gave me all-access to their community. I was told that since its a sacred place, non locals can just enter it. I'm really very honored and grateful for this opportunity.


Alfred C. Lim

- Gen. Manager, Astoria Printing & Publishing

Daniel Y. Lim

- Gen. Manager, Grand Astoria Hotel (where I stayed, beautiful place!)

Dante Corteza

- for providing more information about my visit.


Thanks to our sponsors:





Grand Astoria Hotel

Astoria Regency

Southway Square Mall

LIN Manpower Technology Inc.

Corazon Y. Lim

PRG Photoshop

DP Online Store


Safety Enterprises

Unique Motors


Aldea Photo

CoolSport Shop

Zamboanga Today


Here are some photos. Unfortunately, I won't be able to post a lot of what I took because it's going to be used for projects we're doing for Zamboanga.


The challenge was to present Zamboanga as a beautiful and peaceful city. Yes, Manilenos and those who have yet to see this place, it's a great place to visit. Muslims and Christians --- there isn't any distinction for me. Although I did notice a lot of Chinese descendants among the locals. That somehow felt closer to home.


Zamboanga is a place with plenty of smiling, friendly faces. Life there is really simple and quiet.

Well, Steve Turner, Glacier, Jeeves and I made it. Sadly, Famous Amos didn't live long enough to make this final stretch of our journey. All 48 bags were consumed prior to entering the Subway. We were joined in Zion by Kevin McNeal and Adrian Klein, my photography mentors, for the final push. I'm posting this image first because this place was the inspiration for this trip. It's going to be a long, slow crawl back into all your photostreams, and I am looking forward to catching up with my Flickr buddies over the next few weeks, but I'm headed out again to the coast in the morning for a little family time with the Turner's... don't tell anyone we are going to try to go shooting again :) I debated how to talk about the trip; one huge write up now, or sections as I go. My memory is short and feeble, so I'll mix the two. Overall comments now, and details as more images come along over the coming weeks. You CERTAINLY don't have to read through these if you aren't interested; it just provides a journal for me to remember this whole experience by.


First of all, let me tell you that Steve Turner is one of the coolest cats the world has ever known. I've never taken a photo trip before, so I didn't really know what to expect. 8 days on the road with the guy, and I can't think of one single second when I wasn't having a good time. I only met Steve about 5 months ago, but it feels like I've known him at least 6. :) Day 1, first light, and Steve came to pick me up in Jeeves, his Land Rover. Trouble was, there was something in the passenger seat already. Turns out to be a stuffed goat, or sheep, or big-horned something (everything looks like a cow to me) with instructions taped to his butt for his care. I wouldn't exactly say that those instructions were followed to a T, but he DID get In-and-Out Burger a few times.... and I'm SURE he ate some of our cookies, because they went fast. A couple of interesting facts about Steve. He's not really good at merging. All you folks that insisted that Steve drive (Megan!) should know that Steve has an uncanny knack for perfectly matching the speed of the truck that is right next to us when the lane ends. The highlight of my trip though was the morning we were out shooting and I was summoned to help Steve figure out what had gone wrong with his camera. The images were all coming out dark regardless of the shutter speed. I walked over and readied myself for finding some discreet menu function that had been unwittingly changed. Removing the lenscap for him helped immeasurably. More on the roadtrip during future postings.


Let me just say that it was great having Kevin and Adrian along on this hike. It's not the easiest place to get to, and it was awesome having some extra company on what turned out to be an epic day from sunrise to sunset. The experience is not devoid of frustration, however. We encountered quite a few photographers out and about, and when we would happen upon them and names were exchanged, the common reaction from those folks to discovering who we were was: Eyes light up. Tell Kevin and Adrian that they are famous and they've been admiring their work for a long time. Look at me excitedly and ask for name. Give name. Blank stare in return. Say "Anyway", and go back to asking Kevin and Adrian questions and shower them with praise. I actually began introducing myself as "I'm Nobody", which didn't seem to phase anyone in the least.


Anyway, there is nothing unique about this shot of the Subway. That thing has been photographed to death, but I LOVED being there and getting to see it for myself. What a trip. Oh, PS? That IS ice hanging on the wall in the tube. True story.


Special thanks to Justin Reznick and Dene' Miles (Seattle Miles) for all the GREAT help and advice. You were toasted early and often.

I guess I'm not supposed to put my website address here, so it's in My Profile if anyone cares.




Featured below is another original art work of mine in homage to THE PIONEER OF INVISIBLE ART — PAUL JAISINI. Forget all the copycats that came after him — Master Paul Jaisini was the *FIRST* of a totally original concept and the *BEST*. My favorite thing about him is that he’s a voice, not an echo, which is quite rare.

DISCLAIMER: This is for anyone who is a hater OR wishes to better understand me, what I’m all about, so you can decide whether I’m weird or normal enough for you — a kind of very loose manifesto, rushed and unrevised, full of raw uncut emotion that I don’t like to be evident in my writing as lately I prefer a more professional, formal style, so we can consider this a rough draft of the more polished writing to come when I have extra time. I might return to this text later and clean it up or break it into separate parts. Right now it’s a long-winded hot mess, so if you manage to make any sense of it, BIG PROPS TO YOU. lol …and if you manage to read it ALL, you have my solemn respect!!! in a day when reading has been reduced to just catchy headliners and short captions of images once in a while. The consequence of this one-liner internet culture is non-linear, tunnel thinking, which is baaaaaad.

There lives among us a most enigmatic and charismatic creature named Paul Jaisini who led me into the wonderful world of art, not personally, but through descriptions of his artworks in essays written and published online by his friend, which painted the most fascinating images in my mind. Early on as a kiddo, I experimented with photography, simple point and shoot whatever looked attractive to me. Digital manipulation of my photographs with computer software followed… and somehow I learned useful drawing techniques along the way to combine existing elements with nonexistent ones, which allowed me to elevate the context for my ideas. Later, I started creating my own digital art from scratch for my friends and family as a favorite pastime. They would shower me with praise and repeatedly encouraged me to share my “different” vision with the rest of the world… it took a while and wasn’t easy to overcome the insecurity of not being good enough along with a gripping fear of being harshly criticized, but one day I woman-ed up and started publishing my work on the web, reminding myself that my livelihood didn’t depend on a positive reception.

Paul Jaisini’s role in all this has been to not disgrace myself, even if what I do is just a hobby. And I would never do him and other genius artists the disservice of calling myself a professional because I know I’ll never be as good as any of the GIANTS of pre-modern history. Be the best or be nothing, no middle ground.

People’s jealousy in the past, future and present over my obsessive love of Paul Jaisini, which they are well aware is purely plutonic, has caused them to despise the man and has made many relationships/friendships impossible for me. I refuse to have such people in my life because by harboring any negativity towards Paul, they unknowingly feel that way about me and express it to me. It’s their own problem for not realizing this. Paul’s new art movement, Gleitzeit, shaped me into the allegedly awesome girl I am today, giving my art more edge, more “sexy” because it refined my vision of the world and propelled me to attain the skills necessary to not dishonor my family name through tenacious pursuit of perfection. Since the beginning of my life, I attempted to depict what I saw in visual, musical and literal forms, but continuously failed without adequate training and determination. Paul Jaisini’s Gleitzeit was the answer to my prayers. Who I am today I owe mostly to him and his selfless ideals of the artverse that I’ve given unconditional loyalty to (he has this cool ability for hyper-vision to see whole universes, not itty bitty worlds, hence I call it an artverse instead of art world, with him in mind). So again, anyone who hates Paul Jaisini hates ME because, regardless of what he means to you, he is the most important person in my life for making me ME. The way a famous actor, dancer or singer inspires others to act, dance or sing, Paul inspired me to become a better artist, better writer, better everything. More people would understand if he was a household name because they’re wired to in society. But we’re inspiring each other all the time in our own little communities without being famous, so if someone has the ability to change even ONE person’s life immensely with creativity, it is a massive achievement. And passionate folks like myself are compelled to scream it from the cyber rooftops. So here I am. It’s whatever.

Furthermore, I’d like to address here a few pressing matters in light of some recent drama brought on by both strangers and former friends. To start, I never judge the passions, interests or likes of others, which are often in my face all over the place, so likewise they have no right to judge any of mine. It is quite unfortunate and frustrating how very little understanding and education the majority of people have or want to have. Their logic is as primitive as a chipmunk when it comes to promotion of fine art on the web: “spamming, advertising, report!” It’s their own problem that they fail to understand what it’s about due to the distorted lens through which they see the world or inability to think for themselves; an inherent lack of perception or inquisitiveness. Well, guess what? Every single image, every animation, every video, every post dedicated to Mr. Paul Jaisini and “Gleitziet” (to elaborate: a revolutionary new art movement Paul founded with his partner in crime and personal friend, EYKG, who discovered him and believed in him more than anyone) has an important purpose. Every one of those things you run across is a piece of a puzzle, a move in a game, an inch down a rabbit hole; the deeper you go, the more interesting it gets; the more levels you pass, the more clues unfold, the greater the suspense and nearer the conclusion (yet further). You earn awesome rewards like enlightenment, spiritual revelations, truths, knowledge, wisdom and the most profound reward of all: the drive to improve yourself to the absolute maximum, so an unending, unshakable drive. People often make a wrong turn in this cyber game and go back a few levels or get stuck. Those that keep on pushing, however, will come to find the effort has been worth it. And what awaits you in the end of it all? The greatest challenge to beating the game: YOUR OWN MIND. You will be forced to let go of every belief you held before you had reached the last level, to completely alter your mindset and perception of the world, of life, of yourself. But by the time you’ve gotten to that point, it will be as easy as falling off a cliff! (It is a kind of suicide after all — death and rebirth of spirit.)

Paul Jaisini does NOT, *I repeat* does NOT use mystery and obscurity to his advantage as a clever marketing ploy, no, he’s too next level for that with a consciousness so rich, he should wear a radioactive warning sign (he’ll melt your brain, best wear a tinfoil hat in his presence as I certainly would.) The statement he makes is loud and clear, hidden in plain site for those who take the time to connect the dots and have enough curiosity to fuel their journey into unknown territory (an open mind and flexible perception helps a lot). Actually, anyone with an IQ above 90 is sure to figure it out sooner or later. Hint: You don’t have to SEE an extraordinary thing with your eyes to know it exists, to understand it and realize its greatness — you can only feel it in your bone marrow, your spinal fluid, your heart and soul. The moment you do figure it out, as the skeleton key of the human soul, it will unlock the greatness and massive potential buried deep within, changing the doomed direction humanity is undoubtedly headed. I don’t speak in riddles, I speak in a clear direct way that intelligent humans will understand, so I’m counting on them.

GIG is an international group of artists and writers that support Paul Jaisini’s Gleitzeit. We started off as an unofficial fan club of Jaisini in 1996, comprised of only 6 individuals spanning 3 countries, and eventually escalated in status to an official fan group across the entire globe. A decade later it had grown to hundreds of fans. Nearly another decade later, there are thousands. Let’s not leave out another delightful group of vicious haters that have been around for nearly as long as us since the late 90s and have also grown in impressive numbers. Now, for the record (and please write this one down because I’m sick of repeating myself), Paul Jaisini himself is not part of our group and has nothing to do with us. He loves and hates us equally for butchering his name and making him appear as a narcissistic nut-job in his own words. He casts hexes on us for the blinding flash we layer over the art that members contribute to GIG — “disgusting-police-lights, seizure-inducing-laser-lightshow, bourgeois-myspace-effects retarded-raver shit” in Paul’s words. Ahh, how we love his sweet-talking us. In a desperate attempt to please him, those among us who make the art and animations have spent countless hours and sleepless nights trying to solve a crazy-complex quantum-physics type of equation = how to not create tacky or tasteless content. He does fancy some of it now, we got better, that’s something! In the reason stated below, our mission just got out of hand at some point.

What little is known about Paul Jaisini, even in all this time, is he’s a horrible perfectionist who slaughtered hundreds of innocent babies — I mean — artworks of remarkable beauty created by his own right hand (mostly paintings, some watercolors and drawings). He’s a fierce recluse who wants nothing to do with anyone or anything in life. But those few of us who know of an incredible talent he possesses (one could go as far as calling it a superpower), could not allow him to live his life without the recognition he FUCKING DESERVES more than any artist out there living today and, arguably, yesterday. We use whatever means necessary to reach more people, lots of flash and razzle-dazzle to lure them into our sinister trap of a higher awareness. Mwahaha! The visual boom you’ve witnessed in both cyber and real worlds, that is GIG’s doing — two damn decades of spreading an art virus — IVA. InVisibleArtitis… or a drug as in Intravenous Art. It’s whatever you want it to be, honey.

Our Gleitzeit International Group (GIG) started off innocently enough and gradually spiraled out of control to fight the haters, annoying the hell out of them as much as humanly possible. They don’t like what we do? WE DO MORE AND MORE OF IT. But never without purpose, without a carefully executed plan in mind collectively. If we have to tolerate an endless tidal wave of everyone’s vomit — e.g., idiotic memes and comics; dumbed-down one-liner quotes; selfies; so-called “art photography” passed through one-click app filters; mindless scribbles or random splatters by regular folks who have the nerve to call themselves serious/pro artists; primitive images of pets, babies, landscapes, random objects, etc… then people sure as shit are gonna tolerate what we put out, our animated and non-animated visual art designed for our beloved master, Paul Jaisini, who has shown us the light, the right path to follow, taught us great things and done so much for us — and so in our appreciation of him, we stamp his name on everything, for the sacrifices he has made in the name of art, to save our art verse, he’s a goddamn hero. There’s a book being written in his dedication where little will be left to the imagination about him.

If Paul Jaisini was as famous as Koons or Hirst, for example, people would know it’s not him posting stuff online with his name on it but fans creating fanart like myself among others. But noooooo, such a thing is unfathomable to most people - the promotion of another artist. Like, what’s in it for us? Uhh, nothing?? This is all NON-PROFIT bitches, the way art should be. It’s a passion FIRST, a commodity/commercial product/marketable item LAST and least. Its been that way for us since the early 90s to this day. Not a single member of GIG has sold an art work (neither has Paul Jaisini who’s a true professional) and we want to keep it that way. We do it for reasons far beyond ego. So advertising? Really? How the hell do you advertise or sell thin air, you know, invisible paintings, invisible anything? Ha ha, very funny indeed. The idea here is so simple, your neighbor’s dog can grasp it. Our motives: replace fast food for the mind with fine art, actual fine art. You know, creativity? Conscious thought? Talent? Skill? Knowledge? All that good stuff rolled into one to bring viewers more than a momentary ooohand aaahh reaction. Replace the recycled images ad nauseum; repetitious, worn-out ideas; disposable, gimmicky, money-driven fast art for simpletons. Stick with the highest of ideals and save the whole bloody planet.

Fine art is often confused with craft-making. This often creates bad blood between classically trained artists who put out paintings that leave a lasting impression, that make strong conversation pieces, that are thought-provoking and deep… and trained craftspeople whose skills are adequate to create decorative pieces for homely environments — landscapes, still lifes, animals, pretty fairies, common things of fantasy, and other simplicity. Skills alone are not enough for high art, you need a vision, a purpose, the ability to tell a story with every stroke of your brush that will both fascinate and terrify the viewers, arousing powerful emotions, illuminating. I have yet to see a visible painting in my generation that does anything at all for me, other than evoke sheer outrage and disgust. What a terrible waste of space and valuable resources it all is.

Paul Jaisini leads, we follow. He wishes to remain unknown - so do most of us. I’m next in line, slipping into recluse mode, no longer wanting to attach my face, my human image to my art stuff. I wish to be a nameless, faceless artist as well, invisible like P.J., and in his footsteps I too have destroyed thousands of my own artistic photography and digital art made with tedious, labor-intensive handwork. The whole point of this destruction is achieving the finest results possible by letting go of the imperfect, purging it on a regular basis, to make way for the perfect. I love what I do so it doesn’t matter, I know I’ll keep producing as much as I’m discarding, keeping the balance. Hoarding is an enemy of progress, especially the digital kind as there’s absolutely no limit to it. It’s like carrying a load of bricks on your back you’ll never use or need.

The watering down of creativity that digital pack ratting has caused as observed over the years is most tragic. For the creative individual, relying on terabytes of stock photos or OSFAP as I call them (Once Size Fits All Photos) instead of making your own as you used to when you had no choice, being 100% original, is a splinter in the conscience. It’s not evil to use stock of, say, things you don’t have access to (outer space, deep sea, Antarctica, etc.), but many digital artists I know today can’t take their own shot of a pencil ‘cause they “ain’t got no time for that!” How did they have time before? Did time get so compressed in only a decade?

Ohhhhh, and the edits, textures, filters, plug-ins and what-have-you available out there to everyone and their cats… are responsible for the tidal wave of rubbish that eclipses the magnificent light of the real talents.

I can tell you with utmost sincerity there is no better feeling on earth than knowing your creation is ALL yours, every pixel and dot, from the first to the last. It’s not always possible to make it so, but definitely the most rewarding endeavor. I’m most proud of myself when I can accomplish that.

Back to Paul Jaisini, from the start there have been a number of theories floating around on what his real story is. One of my own theories is that he stands for the unknowns of the world who can’t get representation, can’t get exhibited at a decent gallery because highly gifted/trained artists aren’t good enough - those kind of establishments prefer bananas, balloon dogs, feces, gigantic dicks/cunts, and all kinds of what-the-fucks…

So again, you don’t get the Paul Jaisini thing? That’s your problem. Don’t hate others for getting it. People are good, very good, at making baseless assumptions and impulsively spewing it as truth. They criticize and judge as if they’re high authorities on the subject yet they clearly lack education in fine art or art history and possess little to no talent or skill to back up their bullshit. My little “credibility radar” never fails. When they say I know this or I know that, I reply don’t say “I know” or state things as fact as a general rule of thumb - instead say “I assume/believe” and state the reasons you feel thus to appear less immature, especially about a controversial topic like invisible art. I have zero respect or tolerance for egomaniacs who think they know it all and act accordingly like arrogant pricks. Who can stand those, right? Once again, a good example would be: I, Stelly Riesling, believe everything I’ve written in this little manifesto to be correct based on personal experience and observation from multiple angles, thorough research and sufficient data collected from verifiable sources (and don’t go copying-pasting my own words back at me, be original). Just because you or I say so doesn’t make it so. Just because you or me think or believe so doesn’t make it true or right. I only ask that my opinions are regarded respectfully and whoever opposes them does so in a mature, civilized manner. We should only be entitled to opinions that don’t bring out the worst in us.

I don’t normally take such a position, but the time has come to stand up for what I believe in! It’s quite amusing and comical how haters think calling me names, attacking me or my interests or members of the project I’m part of for years is going to change something. It only makes more evident the importance of what I’m doing so I push on harder still.

Words of advise to those who can identify with me, with my frustrations over people’s reluctance to change their miserable ways, with our declining art world…

DON’T waste time on people who sweat the small stuff, whose actions are consistently inconsistent with their words. DO waste time on people who always keep their eye on the ball—the bigger picture of life.

Paul Jaisini’s invisible paintings are more than hype, more than your lame assumptions. Here’s one I got that’s pure gold: a cult! It started out as A JOKE OF MINE that was used against me. I told a then-good friend that he should come join our little “art cult” in a clearly lighthearted manner, and later he takes this idea I put in his head first and accuses me of being in an (imaginary) cult—the jokes on me eh?. But wait, aren’t cults religious? Our group consists of people around the world of different faiths (or none at all) so how could that ever work? If religion was about making fine (non-pop) art mainstream and bringing awesome, fresh, futuristic concepts to the collective consciousness, the world would not be so fucked up today because talent, creativity, originality and individuality would be the main focus, not superficial poppycock; those things would be praised and encouraged and supported in society by all institutions, not demonized and stigmatized.

Here is one thing I CAN state as solid fact: only one person close to Paul Jaisini knows the TRUE story, or at least some of it: EYKG. Everything else that has ever been said about him is myth, legend, gossip, speculation, the worst of which is said by jealous non-artists (wannabes, clones, posers, hang-ons, unoriginal ppl in general) and anti-artists (religious psychos, squares, losers and -duh- stupid ppl). Sadly, people are unable to see the bigger picture by letting their egos run their lives or repeating after others as parrots.

Commercial art, consumerism, and ignorance of the masses truly makes me want to curl up in a ball, not eat or drink or move until I die, just die in my sleep while dreaming of a better world, a world where real fine artists rule it with real fine art as they used to and life is beautiful once again….

Well I hope that settled THAT for now, or perhaps inadvertently made matters worse. I hope I didn’t sound too pissed from all these issues that keep popping up like penises on ChatRoulette… just got to me already! Can you tell? I had to put my foot down, stomp ‘em all!

To be continued, still lots more ignorance and pettiness to battle… Till then peace out my bambini. MWAH!




Paul Jaisini was like a messiah, as you wish, who saw/understood the impending end and complete degeneration of Fine art or Art become and investment nothing more than that. He predicted the bubble pops art when everybody would eventually become an artist, including dogs cats and horses, because they as kids followed the main rule: express yourself without skills or knowledge or any aesthetic concerns. J. Pollack started pouring paints onto canvases; Julian Schnabel, former cab driver from NY, suddenly decided he could do better than what he saw displayed in galleries, so he started gluing dishes on canvases; A.Warhol, an industrial artist who made commercial silk-screen for the factories he worked in, started to exhibit "Campbell's soup" used for commercial adds... and later the thing that made him an "American Idol": by copying and pasting Hollywood celebrities (same type of posters he made before for movie theaters).

When Paul Jaisini stood out against the Me culture in the US by burning all of his own 120 brilliant paintings (according to the then-new director of Fort Worth MoMa Museum, who offered hin an exhibition of his art in 1992, and later the Metropolitan Museum curator, Phillippe de Montebello, in 1994).Paul probably assumed all fellow true fine artists would join him or stand by him against corruption of the art world.

And after 20 years of his stand-off...the time has finally come today. Many artists and humanitarians around the world took a place beside him. His invisible Paintings became a synonym for the future reincarnation of fine art and long lost harmony. The establishment is in panic! The "moneybags" (as Paul Jaisini named them) are in panic, because they invested BILLIONS of dollars in real crap made by craftsmen. Now they realize that the reputation of American legends of expressionism was nothing but a copy of Russian avant-garde" Kazimir Malevich, Vasiliy Kandinsky and tens of others from France and Germany.. US tycoon investors were spending billions on "Me more original, than you". "Artist Shit" is a 1061 artwork by the Italian artist Piero Manzoni. The work consists of 90 tin cans, filled with feces. A tin can was sold for £124,000, 180,000 at Sothebys, 2007.


Before I resume promoting and admiring a very important art persona on today's international art arena, I'd like to clear up some BIG questions; people ask continuously and subconsciously, directly & indirectly: "Why does the name Paul Jaisini, flood the Internet in such "obnoxious" quantities that it's started suppressing some other activities that my friends might share with the rest of the Internet's Ego Me only Me www society? I can't just answer this... so I'll try to explain why I'm writing this: Jaisini's followers keep posting art and info about,

He IMHO the only hope in quickly decomposing visual fine art. "Paul Jaisini realized many years ago, in 1994, when he declared (at that time to himself only) the start of a New era, a New vision, that he is trying to redirect from the rat race, started by an establishment in post-war New York, long before the Internet culture.

Sub related information: Adolf Gottlieb, Mart Rothko, etc (after visiting Paris France in 1933):

"We must forget analytical art, we must express ourselves, as a 5 year old child would, without a developed consciousness. Forget about results - do what you feel, EXPRESS yourself with your own unique style"

With this statement Mark Rothko starts to teach his students, degeneration of fine art begins, and the generation of war of styles took a start signal of the material race, greatly rewarded by establishment "individual" - eccentric craftsmen - show business clowns.

Sub related Information: In the summer of 1936, Adolf Gottlieb painted more than 800 paintings, which was 20X more than he created in his whole art career as a painter, starting from the time of Gottlieb becomes a founding member of "The Ten" group in NYC "Group of Ten" was a very peculiar, enigmatic group... Based on a religious point of view;(where a human figure was prohibited from being created)


IN 1997, Paul Jaisini's best friend Ellen Y.K.Gottlieb started a cyber campaign by promoting on a very young Internet, back then, Paul Jaisini's burned paintings as Invisible Paintings, visible only through poetic essays. She and a handful of people saw his originals and were devastated that nobody could ever see them again. "We, his fans, believe that someday Paul will recreate his 120 burned paintings if he has any decency and moral obligation to his fans, who have dedicated decades to make it happen, for their Phoenix to rise from the ashes and the whole world will witness that all these years we spent to get him back to re-paint the Visuals again were not in vain," - said E.Y.K.Gottlieb in 2014 during the 20th anniversary celebration of Invisible Paintings to GIGroup in NYCity. So now, hopefully, this clears up why I and others do what we do - our "cyber terrorism" of good art, dedicated to Paul Jaisini's return, which is & and was our mission & our goal. We post good art to fight "troll art" which is worthless pics, after being passed through 1-click filters of free web apps. We are, in fact, against this www pops pollution, done with "bubble art" by the out of control masses with 5 billon pics a day: Pics of cats, memes, quotes,national geographic sunsets and waterfalls, not counting their own daily "selfies: and whatever self-indulging Me-ego-Me affairs, sponsored happily by photo gadget companies like Canon, Nikon, Sony...who churn out higher quality madness tools at lower cost.

This way Government taking away attention from the real world crisis of lowest morality & economical devastation. The masses are too easily re-engineered/manipulated by the Establishment PopsStyle delivered to them by pop music and Hollywood "super" stars. In 1992 Paul Jaisini's Gleitzeit theory predict such a massive, pops self-entertain madness, following technological explosion, but not in illusive scales.

Uber Aless @2015 NYC USA

NOTE Date's numbers and events can be slightly inaccurate.

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Explore 08-09-07


clue to be posted....... later ((:


clue: spotted during dinner on a friend's patio............. and pool!!!!!

well........ dinner was late because of the bbq coals did not catch on well - so i had two tequilas while shooting these pics before we got to eat (((:


@cool_colonia4711 got the idea right - and

@J_B came up witht the perfect answer: "Inflatable float for the pool" -

and i was dangerously hanging over the pool to get this shot ((:

I had a chance to visit the American river after work but only if I could convince my daughter to come with me. The conversation went something like this -

Me: "Lets go to the American river and have a walk and take some photos and then we can eat ice cream."

Daughter: "I don't want to go"

A couple more tries along these lines, along with "well you're coming because I said so" before I found the right tack to avoid potential tears. I was able to convince her by saying that she could bring her barbie and use my camera to take photos.


This could be one of her photos. Hard to know really. Although I have no idea how she knew to setup the GND filter, compose, focus and then setup the ND filter, then shoot 3 bracketed frames at 5s, 10s and 20s. Have no idea how I could do that actually! I do know that I did the manual blend in photoshop with the 20s exposure used for the water and the 5 sec exposure used for the sky.


Of course she wasn't allowed this close to the water so it must have been me!


Tech Notes:

Dynamic range was compressed enough with 3stop GND to fit in 1 exposure. Correct exposure with CW metering was 10s at F8. However this would have meant pulling the foreground up by 1 stop in post to get the brightness I felt was right. I didn't want to do this so did some exposure bracketing. This also meant that in the blended exposure (completed in photoshop) I would be able to use the longest and brightest exposure for the water to get the silky effect.

So I have decided to take the roads less traveled! I travel all over Northern California for work and I am always speeding "figuratively" down the highway. I have decided to start taking highways vs. freeways and other side roads to get to my destinations and WOW the things you miss blowing by on these roads! I have to make sure to give myself more time to make my destinations but it's really worth the extra effort!


I was headed to Napa yesterday and decided to head out through Davis vs I-80 and low and behold I saw not one but 5 of these HUGE beautiful hot air balloons drifting over the central valley fields which probably launched over in Napa!


I was able to drive to a north south running road as these balloons drift with the coastal air flow from West to East and I knew they would fly right over me! As I was shooting them headed toward me I got the idea of trying to catch one like a solar eclipse and have the sun behind the balloon after it passed over me. Well I was very luck that I had several chances to do this because it was NOT as easy as I thought it was going to be!!


So how do you get a shot like this? The first balloon...I kept looking at it as it was headed to cross the road and I would drive and pull over and look then adjust, move again and then jump out of the car, grab the camera and then watch the sun and balloon move closer and closer together and then set my focus and shoot, only to just barely miss everything. The first epiphany occurred at that point, just as I missed everything, I was flashed by the ground shadow being casted by the balloon itself! It was then that I realized I was chasing an eclipse and I should be looking for the shadow on the ground and plan my stand where that was occurring, not to try and anticipate the balloon in the air!


The next two balloons I took this approach watching the shadow slowly traverse the huge fields of wheat that they were flying over and I realized just how fast the shadow was moving and why I missed the shot the first the second balloon I timed the shadow but it happened so fast that the auto focus on my camera while looking up into the sun, gave up and wouldn't work, so it would not shoot off any frames...epiphany number 2 I'm going to have to shoot this on manual.


Third balloon tracked shadow, got into position shot a couple shots as it went over the road...will post later...then as it went over the road got into my preemptive position for the shadow, and started to focus on the ballon "before" it got to the sun. If I had waited later it would have been all over! Success I was able to snap off about 5 or 6 shots at the Balloon flew in front of the sun and lit up from the back!


This was like hunting big game....except that I wan't worried about getting shot or being eaten by what I was taking pictures of! I can't wait to try this again.


Oh and I still made it to my first call with 15 min to spare!!!


Hope you have a great week and thanks for stopping by!!!

This article made me laugh so hard and wanted to share it in memory

of Art Buchwald, a great favorite of mine.

I hope that you all will enjoy it in the humorous spirit that it was intended...


Happy Thanksgiving to all my wonderful Flickr friends...! ! !


How to Explain Thanksgiving to the French


This classic Thanksgiving column by the great Art Buchwald has been published for decades, each year with a new introduction by Buchwald, in the International Herald Tribune and the Washington Post. Art Buchwald died earlier this year; time will tell which introduction will become part of the tradition.


ONE of the most important holidays is Thanksgiving Day, known in France as le Jour de Merci Donnant.


Le Jour de Merci Donnant was started by a group of pilgrims (Pèlerins) who fled from l'Angleterre before the McCarran Act to found a colony in the New World (le Nouveau Monde) where they could shoot Indians (les Peaux-Rouges) and eat turkey (dinde) to their hearts' content. They landed at a place called Plymouth (now a famous voiture Americaine) in a wooden sailing ship named the Mayflower, or Fleur de Mai, in 1620. But while the Pèlerins were killing the dindes, the Peaux-Rouges were killing the Pèlerins, and there were several hard winters ahead for both of them.


The only way the Peaux- Rouges helped the Pèlerins was when they taught them how to grow corn (mais). The reason they did this was because they liked corn with their Pèlerins.


In 1623, after another harsh year, the Pèlerins' crops were so good that they decided to have a celebration and give thanks because more mais was raised by the Pèlerins than Pèlerins were killed by the Peaux-Rouges.


Every year on le Jour de Merci Donnant, parents tell their children an amusing story about the first celebration.


It concerns a brave capitaine named Miles Standish (known in France as Kilomètres Deboutish) and a shy young lieutenant named Jean Alden. Both of them were in love with a flower of Plymouth named Priscilla Mullens (no translation). The vieux capitaine said to the jeune lieutenant:


"Go to the damsel Priscilla (Allez très vite chez Priscilla), the loveliest maiden of Plymouth (la plus jolie demoiselle de Plymouth). Say that a blunt old captain, a man not of words but of action (un vieux Fanfan la Tulipe), offers his hand and his heart — the hand and heart of a soldier. Not in these words, you understand, but this, in short, is my meaning.


"I am a maker of war (Je suis un fabricant de la guerre) and not a maker of phrases. You, bred as a scholar (Vous, qui êtes pain comme un étudiant), can say it in elegant language, such as you read in your books of the pleadings and wooings of lovers, such as you think best suited to win the heart of the maiden."


Although Jean was fit to be tied (convenable à être emballé), friendship prevailed over love and he went to his duty. But instead of using elegant language, he blurted out his mission. Priscilla was muted with amazement and sorrow (rendue muette par l'étonnement et la tristesse).

At length she exclaimed, breaking the ominous silence, "If the great captain of Plymouth is so very eager to wed me, why does he not come himself and take the trouble to woo me?" (Ou est-il, le vieux Kilomètres? Pourquoi ne vient-il pas auprès de moi pour tenter sa chance?)


Jean said that Kilomètres Deboutish was very busy and didn't have time for such things. He staggered on, telling her what a wonderful husband Kilomètres would make. Finally, Priscilla arched her eyebrows and said in a tremulous voice, "Why don't you speak for yourself, Jean?" (Chacun à son gout.)


And so, on the fourth Thursday in November, American families sit down at a large table brimming with tasty dishes and for the only time during the year eat better than the French do.

No one can deny that le Jour de Merci Donnant is a grande fête, and no matter how well fed American families are, they never forget to give thanks to Kilomètres Deboutish, who made this great day possible.


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I was completely unprepared for the incredible variety of wildlife that we came across during our four days of shooting in Glacier National Park. Over the course of the weekend we came across 3 bears, including a mom and her cubs, moose, deer, big horn sheep, and of course, plenty of mountain goats.


For our second sunrise, we decided on Fishercap Lake, but as we were heading up the trail, we were distracted by another epic sunrise cranking up behind us and we doubled back and set up on the shore of Swift Current instead. After sunrise began to cool a bit, we hurried back up the trail to Fishercap hoping to grab some early morning light before it was gone. When we emerged through the trees, there was a large cluster of photographers gathered at the shore watching a mother moose grab some early breakfast while her calf watched from the shore. While we were still setting up our tripods, a bull moose starting hollering at the mom from the opposite shore. If it was an attempt at courting, it didn't work too well as the mother moose was in the middle of breakfast and couldn't be bothered.


After mom and calf headed back into the forest, we turned around to find a White-Tailed doe and two fawns emerging on the opposite end of the lake. The mother immediately began to help herself to breakfast, but the two fawns wasted no time in starting a game of tag and FLEW around the entire end of the lake sending water in all directions. The mother kept trying to eat but was getting sprayed in the face every 5 seconds by the two now-completely-insane fawns. I thought it was interesting that no matter what species you are observing, mothers will always get exasperated when their kids get hyper and refuse to calm down. If deers could talk, you would have heard her voice echoing across the forest:


"I can't take you ANYWHERE!!"


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William McIntosh Photography

This was taken after an incredibly long day of driving, shooting, driving and shooting. Did I mention we spend the day driving and shooting? Yep, dawn to dusk (~18 hours). Anyway, this was going to be our very last stop of the day, the result of a seeing a sign and taking a last-minute decision to make a right turn onto a dirt road off of Mt Cook Road. As with most decisions taken that way, this yielded some unexpectedly great results. After a short hike we took our time at this awesome overlook.


Off in the distance you can see where the edge of the glacier meets Tasman Lake (see note). There's some mist in that area, which I presume is water vapor coming off the dirt-covered glacier.


One of the cool things about this particular sunset is that unlike some of the more colorful and dramatic sunsets I had seen during my trip, this one had subtle colors interwoven throughout the sky. And of course, you can't go wrong with lenticular clouds.


After we packed up our gear and made our way back to the car, we figured out that we were basically screwed for food. We did find some frozen microwave pizzas at the Mt Cook Hostel. It was the most disgusting pizza I've ever eaten (I'm pretty sure the "pizza sauce" was actually ketchup). I was so hungry I didn't even care. After our "gourmet dinner" we continued our crazy day by driving two hours to shoot the southern Milky Way over the Church of the Good Shepherd on Lake Tekapo.




I do a lot of HDR processing). All of my HDR photos can be found here.


I shoot with a Nikon D800. All my D800 photos are right here.


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The coming death of Nikon 7(updated5)


Now we were almost forced to read so many death of Nikon camera business or Nikon itself(fake) news online(almost every week), and I am usually critical about whatever Nikon does or has done recently, but I have to wonder why so many of Sony taking over the industry at the big cost of Nikon articles floating around online when Sony's balance sheet is still a lot weaker than that of Nikon?

Why is every anti-DSLR article targeting at Nikon not at Canon or Pentax?

Isn't it a bit too odd recently?


Here's What actually happened to Nikon recently:


After the shocking DL cancellation announcement from Nikon, many obviously confused so-called MirrorLess fanatics( who do not understand anything about what has actually happened to Nikon and to the camera industry itself) writing about something like below:

"The Nikon Group had record losses and scrapped the DL line as part of a restructuring of Nikon's parent company. The main losses were not in the camera division but they put the entire company in a very precarious position. They are retrenching."


Well it is actually very incorrect or even very malicious way of interpreting the numbers Nikon has presented.. Realistically it is not even half as bad as many mirrorless fanatics want to make it out to be at many silly camera forums. Financially Nikon is still a very strong company both in terms of profitability and balance sheet (certainly when compared to the average Japanese company.)

The company isn't as profitable as in the past but it is very well run (by Japanese standards anyway) financially.

Actually Nikon still provides a strong balance sheet; certainly strong enough to handle a small loss (which they are forecasting for this year), or even several small or modest loss-making years.

What those armchair forum experts do not understand or do not want to see is that Nikon has provided a very strong balance sheet and the term like "extraordinary loss" is simply an accounting term rather than a reference to crisis. So I have to say their intention to exaggerate the situation by using much stronger terms than the more moderate terms that actually fit better into the context seems very malicious, ill-minded and plain stupid.

Nikon is forecasting a small overall loss for the current fiscal year, (and most of that is attributable to a division that has nothing to do with cameras.)

In fact, Nikon has lost much more money than this before, in years when the semiconductor lithography business has been very bad. Nikon's first loss-making year was in 1992, and it was bigger than what they are forecasting for this year. It was entirely attributable to the semiconductor lithography business, as probably all Nikon loss-making years have been (certainly all that I have looked at.)

In accounting, "extraordinary loss" means out-of-the-ordinary expense or write-off -- i.e. an expense or loss that was unexpected in the ordinary course of business. If an earth quake crushes down one of your warehouses, and you have to write off the inventory that it held, that's an extraordinary loss. Publicly traded companies have to report these events when they happen, so Nikon did and it is nothing special.

In this case, it's what's called an "impairment loss" -- Nikon has some lithography machines that they expected to sell for a certain price (so they had a certain inventory value) and their accountants have recently determined that the machines will never sell for that price. So the inventory has to be "written down" to its true value. In this case, it's a 29.8 billion yen write-down, but that is counted against whatever operating profits Nikon has made over the same period.

That has caused them to restate their earnings for the 9 months ended Dec 31, 2016.

The very article above that many camera related sites linked us to just leads with the information that Nikon is now reporting a "net loss to owners of the parent" (that means net loss to Nikon Corp.) of 831 million yen, or about 7.5 million dollars. In other words, the extraordinary loss on the lithography inventory, subtracted from their operating profits, has resulted in a small net loss.

Yes further losses are expected in the final quarter , and they are forecasting a 9 billion yen net loss for the entire year ending March 31, 2017 (so, including the 9 months we're discussing above). That's on forecasted sales of 750 billion yen, so it represents a net loss of about 1.2%. In dollars, it's a net loss of about 80 million (at 110 yen/dollar, which is the figure Nikon has been using for three months or so now.) For clear perspective, last year they made a net profit of 201 million dollars, and 166 million, 425 million, and 386 million respectively in 2015, 2014, and 2013.

Nikon has about 256 billion yen in cash on its balance sheet, and 541 billion yen in net assets (cash, retained earnings, and shareholder's equity). Speaking very loosely that means they could pay off a 9.1 billion yen net loss every year for 28 consecutive years just from the cash they have in the bank.

And as I already explained some where above, Nikon has lost much more money than this in the past, both in absolute and percentage terms. It is not even close to "record" losses for them.

Realistically, if Nikon is recording a 30 billion yen write-down in its lithography division, and another 23 billion yen expense related to "restructuring" costs, but forecasting only a 9 billion yen net loss for the year, then that certainly means that the camera division will report a pretty healthy operating profit. As it has for 18 consecutive years.

So all of this is nothing to do with their camera business and not as serious as many forum armchair experts think it is.

All the above said though, still, it is true, as all of us already know, that Nikon has some long-term concerns, as the camera market stumbles. They certainly know this, and have said so explicitly in their financials going back to at least 2012.

Since the 1980s, when Nikon made great trainloads of money in the semiconductor lithography business, the company has thought of that business as its main diversification pillar, to go along with cameras. In fact, in the early 1990s, they thought that business would be their ticket to decades of high profitability, and it dominated their thinking and investment. But since the mid 1990s, they haven't been able to make consistent money in semiconductor lithography (the Dutch company, ASML, has eaten their lunch).

Their statements in the past 3-5 years indicate to me that they've finally given up on the lithography profitability dream, and are looking very seriously for another big, profitable business to get into. Their default is medical imaging. Well Okay, but plenty of formidable competitors there. That Color me skeptical.

So, as they know and everyone who studies about them closely knows, they need to find something else that leverages their extremely high optical and precision mechanical technologies. So far, I haven't seen any evidence that they have, and that's definitely worrying long-term. And it's also definitely reflected in their stock price.

But likes of many forum pundits always exaggerates it to the point where everybody feels as though Nikon already failed in every category of business they have entered and there would be no way for them to rectify anything......but many people actually reading the official financial reports know what exactly happening here and there in detail and know it is actually better than most of the other camera companies based in Japan.

Many mirrorless fanatics tend to think it a "one-specific-company" issue but it is not that simple, and it is actually getting worse every year, however, it is still no where near the worst time of film in mid 90th.

Plus,I really wonder if the so-called Mirroless will ever become the majority, let alone the dominant player in this business? I have been saying D-SLR is dead for more than 7 years already , but the D-SLRs haven't gone extinct yet. In fact it is still the dominant player in this business with over 67 percent of the entire ILC market share. In 2010 when I bought my first NEX5 camera I thought the Mirroless companies would've already taken over the entire ILC market by 2012, and how much have they gained in this market? Nothing.

In 2011, Sony, Panasonic , Olympus, etc, gain a bit of their respective market share and the mirrorless share finally became about 27 percent of the over all ILC market........but in 2012, they got more competitors coming in to the already over crowded tiny market. Fuji and Canon entered into the MILC market. In the end of the year 2012 Sony reported its actual unit based sells peaked with about 14.1 percent of the ILC market share, and the entire mirrorless share actually peaked as well(28.9%) in the same year 2012.

After that, the mirrorless share in the entire ILC market is declining slowly but steadily.

So if the so-called Mirroless is the future, or even mildly disruptive game-changer as many Olympus, Fuji, Panasonic and Sony guys often claim, then why is the D-SLR still dominating the market? And why are the majority of Canon Nikon guys not selling their D-SLRs for one of these so-called mirrorless mount systems yet?

Well I think the current trend of the tiny so-called mirrorless is not the future or final winner in this game, may become a temporal short term winner, but not in the longer run.

If any of extremely militant die-hard mirrorless biased self-proclaimed experts was right, the mirrorless should've already been dominating the ILC market and all the D-SLRs should've been wiped out by 2015 or so, but I have repeat again the mirrorless share in the entire ILC market is decreasing not increasing.

I actually predicted the mirrorless would become the dominant player by 2014 or 2015 when I bought my first A7 in the winter 2013.........but now I am seeing more and more people actually going back to Canon from Sony or m43. And actually Fuji's best selling camera is an Instant film camera from the 90's.

I think most of NORMAL camera buyers outside of forums do not understand or care about it's a D-SLR or a MILC at all. To them they are identical, just another bleak camera technology.

I have had some customers who were actually very interested in photography and wanted to try it seriously and bought some so-called mirrorless cameras...........but they all gave up in a few months and sold all what they bought from us to us..........After that we did some survey with them and they all said it was just too difficult to use it to produce great images and it was very difficult to transfer images to their phones via WiFi and the manufacture provided app, they said these cameras should have had at least easy "one-button-connection" to the Android and i-OS devices.........

I think this is the point, my younger friends all want to upload all their images instantly within the day they capture them. And many of them complain how bad the IQ of an ILC(including both D-SLR and ML) plus a kitted zoom was even compared to their phones..

Well I told them they'd need a better prime or pro zoom and DXO Optics Pro to develop the RAW files to see the true potential of these cameras........they always replied to me it would be too expensive and would be too time-consuming or complicated.....and they all called it quits......How sad? But it is the reality.

What really shocked me the most in the last few months was my father wanted to go back to photography and bought a A7R2 as I recommended..... The very first day he seemed to be very happy about it and playing with it around his house........but in the morning of the very next day he called me and complained why his Sony did not have any kind of touch screen with the "NORMAL" touch U.I. like in his iPhone 7 Plus. I was shocked even a 74 year old man asked for a touch screen with iPhone-like U.I. I realized this is the real reason why no cameras sell well. It does not have to be a mirrorless but it has to be always connected or at least easy to connect with their phones via BT LE.....

He also complained how laggy his camera's EVF was and he thought it may hurt his right eye. I did not see it that way. But now I know many people especially old men hate EVF, especially the Sony's.

Honestly the software on these cameras is simply terrible......I think most of fanatics get caught up in comparing them to each other, which is like asking which pile of turd smells best, Lol!.

Just take the cranky wireless implementations. There's absolutely no reason why cameras could not have had always on connection to smartphones or laptops via BT LE for years.....but it's only now Canon is rolling this feature out in the EOS M5 and the 5D4 models. The other makers all still use the old Wifi connection and that is really unstable.

Maybe eventually someone(maybe Lenovo?) will build an ILC or some computational smart camera( with multi sensor and lens design like the Light L 16) around an interface that most of smartphone users are already familiar with, and I bet it is not going to be any of the current camera manufactures.

So I think in this regard Thom Hogan is very right, they all need to get proper wireless connectivity to smartphone right. And in addition to that they also need smart Android-like graphical U.I., and also very fast processor to average out a few images shot in a succession to reduce out of the camera noise at high ISO, or produce outstanding in-camera HDR out of the camera, etc, etc. I think they also need some sort of open mount design to get more third-parties coming into their system. The E mount is open to the lens and adapter manufactures but not open to APP developers, it is really stupid.

If Sony were to decide to keep it open to any software developer, there might have already been many great apps for the A7X developed by now. Sony could not develop any truly useful app for the A7X or A6500 yet, but I think many normal people might have written many good apps for them if they kept it open to them.

I wonder who will fail this game next? Maybe Sony? or Fuji or Pentax or Nikon?

Then what happen to these failed mounts? The E and X mounts may be saved, some might buy them, but the K mount ? So I think the Pentax K mount is the ultimate loser.

And thee so-called mirrorless is not the long term future, just a temporal stop-gap solution for this dying industry.


UPDATE: I interviewed many NORMAL camera buyers in my area at our camera shop and asked them to tell us about what was the main reason they did not buy so-called mirrorless any more, and why they think the market share of these mirrorless decreasing at least in the Western world and the already developed part of Asia such as Japan, Taiwan, South Korea , Singapore and HK.

They answered to these questions carefully as we paid some $$ and I think we found out a few interesting things about the NORMAL camera buyers' perception/opinion about ILC cameras and the culture surrounding the camera business:


1 to them, if it requires a bag even a tiny one, it's really not important what kind of camera system it is; a mirrorless or a D-SLR, a m43 or a FF, it is just too big and simply too annoying to carry around. So they use their cellphone more even though many of them already have some sort of One cameras or cheap ILCs.

2 To most of NORMAL camera buying people here it really does not matter FF or m43 or APS-C or MF because they are all too difficult to operate and actually really not much different to each other in real life use(at least to them).

This means maybe the small sensor camera systems like the m43 and the Nikon One will all fail since there is no market for them. Not many average camera buyers are interested in ILC systems but fixed lens all around cameras with good one button wireless connection to their phones. And not many the fanatics get interested in these cause most of them are obsessed with the best IQ possible they can get out of a camera system. Thus Olympus, Nikon and Panasonic will definitely need a bigger sensor system to entice them.

3 they do not want a lens like Zeiss Otus or Sigma Art even if it is selling for $50 or less. In fact, any kind of lens interchangeability is not important to them, in fact it is really annoying, and if it is an all around just fixed lens camera like the Sony RX10MK3 , it is actually a better camera system than any type of ILC with a set of primes that most of camera forum denizens want. They should realize they are not the majority of camera buyers and making and selling exactly what they want does not actually help any of these camera makers........

To them a set of great dedicated APS-C primes may be an important part of a good camera system, but to most of NORMAL people it is just not an important or an alluring feature at all.

So as opposed to what Tony , Thom, and many other self-proclaimed experts in many camera forums think, a great set of APS-C dedicated primes will NOT help Nikon or Sony. In fact, outside of the forums most of people actually prefer ZOOMS.

4 To NORMAL people all interchangeable lens cameras are big and quite intimidating.

This means that the very common camera forum trend to get mirrorless for being less conspicuous in the public reason is a silly idea , no one actually cares about if it is a mirroless or a D-SLR, to them all interchangeable lens cameras are annoying and intimidating to most of if they really want to be less conspicuous they should try one of the One inch sensor fixed lens cameras.


So as I already pointed out, the camera makers should focus on developing fixed multi lenses multi sensored computational cameras with easy one-button wireless connectivity to the phones. The software must be intuitive and 21st century design rather than the current 1980 design, I think it should be user programmable and as Thom points out open the source code to the smart kids and then some of them will develop some good apps for them for free.

Remember why the 5DMK2 and the Panasonic GH2 became such huge hits? Because of the hacked firmwares, I think it is the key.


UPDATE2: Now Nikon fans are getting really desperate(paranoid) as you can see it at Nikon Rumors and Photorumors sites.

They constantly bashing any Sony, Canon, Fuji, and m43 products, before that they used to bash Samsung too.

They usually say CanonNikon to put Canon and Nikon in the same class or league, but what they do not realize is that Canon has stated many times their rivals or what Canon considers its rivals are Fuji and Sony not Nikon, Canon does not even care about Nikon.

This is the reality that Nikon fans cannot see but everybody else sees clearly.


I went to Nagasaki in last week end and this week to cover their atomic bomb events and festival, and I have noticed clear sign of the ILC market trend might really be changing that I did not see many Nikons that I used to see at this kind of events and tourists venues( actually, Nikon was the dominant player at this event for many years, until maybe this year).


I saw many mirrorless cameras this time and this was my first time that I saw more mirrorless shooters than D-SLR guys. And the most worrisome trend I saw for the D-SLR community(especially for Nikon community) was that all those still shooting with a heavy ugly Nikon D-SLR seemed to be really old retired men....


Another seriously worrisome trend I saw for Nikon community was that all rich Chinese and Arab tourists had a Canon 5D4 or 1DX2, some with the A9...or even GFX50s or Hasselblad X1D( but no one rich was shooting Nikon).


I also met a several Sony A7X shooters some were shooting with a A7 original but ,to my surprise, most of them had A7R2 or A7S2.


Oh even more shocking change was that many many people had Panasonic GH5 or very expensive (for the sensor size) Olympus EM1MK2 with 40-140f2.8 pro zoom........and a few Chinese tourists I had some conversation with had a Olympus EM1MK2 kit plus Fuji GFX50s kit or Sony A7R2 plus Fuji XT20 or X-Pro2 kit.

But still Canon seemed to be the dominant player here by a huge margin.

And I think Nikon seems to have been the biggest loser here and it getting worse and worse for them since the young really feel the name Nikon as obscure as Konica-Minolta or Pentax.


Some local students I met told me that they do not know what Nikon is and to them good popular camera makers are Canon, Sony, Fuji, Olympus and Leica.


I was a bit surprised that they knew Leica and I was so happy to know that, however, they did not even know Nikon and its legend even though they were Japanese.


Now, Nikon is quickly becoming an old man brand here in Japan, and no young people do not even know the name of it any more.


UPDATE3:Now the D850 has been out, available for us to test it at many shops in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, etc, here. And I have tested it a several times, it is a great camera indeed as a D-SLR as we all expect, but is it a game-changing camera for Nikon?

No. It may be the opposite, game shuttering camera for Nikon since this shows clearly how Nikon has wasted its very limited resources(for mirrorless) on something really do nothing great for Nikon in the long run.


And as I have written it a week or so back here, Nikon has changed its mirrorless plans. It will not be announced until 2019.......and this is really terrible, showing us how little Nikon managers actually understand their company's current situation and what they actually need to change the rules of the game they've been playing against Canon and Sony.


It is not the D850 that may save Nikon as it is just a incremental iteration of the D810, or can I say a more refined version of it?

Make no mistake here, the D850 is a fantastic camera and I probably buy it myself in this winter. But as Thom Hogan and others have rightly pointed out, the highend FX D-SLRs Nikon has released were all good, nothing really terrible at all , however, it is not the line they desperately need to change the rules of the game they have been playing against Sony , Fuji and to a lesser degree Canon.


I think it is too late for Nikon to enter big sensor mirrorless market since the top dog in the race has changed and now it is Canon that Nikon or any one tries to be in this race has to beat, no longer Fuji or Sony.


I think when the main rival was Sony, Nikon had chance, but now it is more and more difficult for Nikon since the one to beat here is no longer Sony or Fuji but Canon.


This is the reason why Nikon managers are so desperate and their fanboys going crazy, making a terrible system comparison vid like below to bash all the other brand FF systems but Nikon.


I think this comparison is hilarious.

Very unfair and very stupid, clearly showing how desperate the Nikon fanboy community has become.


Plus, as I said it rightly many times, the idea of "SYSTEM" should die, not every body needs to get a set of super teles or super wide, or even the 70-200mm f2.8 kinda zoom.


Personally, I think a FF with super wide to around 85mm plus TSE lenses make more sense than usual 24-70 plus 70-200 plus 50/1.4 type of kit that NikonRumors deliberately chose to make Nikon system look nicer than the others.


Anyway the point here is Nikon guys cannot see the fact the situation is changing, the rules of the game is changing, and now they are the only ones left out there without the new weapons that the others are all allowed to rightly possess.


UPDATE4: it is now really too late for them unless they now can bring it out with at least 7(24-70/2.8, 16-35/2.8, 70-200/2.8, 24/1.4,35/1.4,85/1.4, and some sort of macro at least) lenses at the very start of it.


And considering their current financial state, it is near impossible.


Even if they can some how manage to do it , it will not give us any rational reason to choose their system over the A9 series or even over the cheap A7M3, which will be announced in October or November this year(100 percent sure about it).


And Nikon just clearly stated they think they can launch it in the end of 2018 or more realistically in early 2019 in their recent interview with Asahi Shimbun news.


This means that it will not be announced in this year or early next year, the best case in third Q of the next year.


If they wand me to buy into their new mirrorless system, they must have a 12-24mm f4 G kind of lens and a 50mm f1.4 prime as good or better than the FE50mm f1.4Z without oversizing it to the Sigma Art or Zeiss Otus size...

The Art and Otus may be a great lens, but many of us hate them for the awkward ergonomics and size alone.


Also for those who own some of their lenses, Nikon should provide (better included in the package) a smart adapter for their F mount E and G type lenses.


But then, the mirrorless is already outdated before it gets even fully matured. The future is definitely the computational camera like the Light L16 but more sophisticated one that would be released some one like Google, MS or Apple or any real American tech giant, not from a tiny company like Light or Red or any of these old-fashioned camera companies.




So, I finally got around to posting this shot from last week's photo outing with a group of really great photographers and all around great people. James, Jave, Joshua, and Myself decided it had been a little to long since we all got together to shoot. So, seeing that the skies had a little bit of potential in them we decided to venture out despite the high tides that we were seeing online.


Jimmy said it best when he described shooting that night as "doing battle" with the elements. It was crappy. High winds and sea spray galore. The best way I can describe it is being on the line in a battle of the civil war. We would all run out to a spot, shoot away, wait for the incoming wave to hit, disperse to avoid getting drenched, wipe, wipe, wipe, run back out to shoot, and repeat. It would have been quite entertaining for someone watching from the sidelines. But all in all, it was a great time. Lots of laughing, quite a bit of cursing, and a tone of filter cleaning. And the best part was that no one got soaked this night. We all kinda felt like we cheated, as most times, no one leaves this stretch of beach, with at least soaked shoes and socks, and wet pants up to your knees. But, this time we got lucky. :-)


After we all got our fill at the beach, we set off for Betty Burger with our stomachs empty but out souls refeuled. We sat, we ate, we laughed, and we planned future outings. I have to say it was one of the funnest outings in the past few weeks.


B.T.W. For another cool write up of this outing and a video documentary, check out Joshua's take on this spot. :-)


Enjoy :-)


Canon 5D Mark II

Exposure: 2sec

Aperture: f/16.0

Focal Length: 16mm

ISO Speed: 50 (to get as even an exposure as possible)

Lens: Canon EF16-35mm f2.8L II

Tripod Gitzo 2531

Head Arca Swiss B1


1)Standard B+W UV that never leave my lens

2) Lee .6 & .9 soft edge ND grads (slightly staggered)


Thank you to all who stopped by to look at my other photos and comment and favorite them. It is much appreciated.

Little did she know that her fate relied on who was coming around the corner.


[21 October - 27 October]




Hey guys! So, last night I was sitting in my room and Christian said he was off to take photos up the street. I decided that I wouldn't go because I had another idea in mind. Yeah, didn't turn out well. So I was just walking around the house and all of a sudden this incredible light shone through all of our windows and I looked out and had no words. The sky was pink. I ran upstairs, put this dress on, grabbed my battery from the charger, put it in my camera, swiped my remote and tripod on the way out and yelled "See ya" to my parents who gave up waiting for us to eat dinner. Can't predict when you're going to want to take a photo! I ran up the street, past the little kids from next door and took a few shots! This turned out quite cinematic and for this shoot to be spontaneous, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I might post the BW version on my Facebook Page later on this week.


Anyway, seeing as though it's the beginning of the week, I can't say much has happened. However, my two favourite musicians Delta Goodrem and Taylor Swift release their new albums this week. I've already listened to Delta's and am listening to Taylor's now and I have no words, they're both incredibly amazing.


P.S. Thanks Madeline, Gina, Sarah & Christian for helping me out with what version of this photo to upload! Go check out Christian's photo of me too! :)


Facebook Page Holding a print giveaway, so if you want a free print ~ enter! (If you don't have a FB account, check out my previous upload :D) |


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I was driving through Fermi when I saw this Red-tailed Hawk on a fence post for the bison range. The light was nice so I decided to see what would happen. I waited for about 20 minutes. Then he dropped down on this snake. But he was on the inner side of the regular fence and the electric fence making for bad pictures. So I ran across the field and tried to shoot through the fence gaps. He then surprised me. He jumped up on the outer fence again. I was taking these shots with my camera braced on the adjacent post 15 feet away. I even walked up to inside my focus range and he stood his ground. A bit gruesome, but both ends were alive as he ate each of them. I will post some "tail" photos later.


My stocklist


This shot is made possible because I actually been using my tripod as I also been shooting video and because I shot in camera RAW. This black-crowned night heron gave meaning to the name of "night heron". After the sun went down and the light was terrible he became a very active hunter! More active then I have seen during the day. He caught a catfish about 10 feet away from where I was set up and I got this shot before he flew to the paddle boats to eat his dinner. I previously posted a video of him on the paddle boat, licking his bill after his meal. The time of day was great for the heron but not so much for me, shot at ISO 1600, 1/100, f/5.6.


Warinanco Park / Roselle & Elizabeth / New Jersey


Jessica Kirste Photography


All the photos & video on this gallery are protected by copyright and they are not for being used on any site, blog or forum without the explicit permission from the photographer, Jessica Kirste.



My BIG Day.


Life as I have known it for the last SIX YEARS will drastically change tomorrow.


I have SO MANY emotions going on right now.


I am scared, anxious, worried, EXCITED, and OH SOOOOOO HAPPY!


I should note that I am not scared of the job really, my fear and worries have more to do with the changes in my three children's lives. As long as they are happy and adjust well I know I will do the same.


I am smart enough to know that with a new full time career there will be many days where going to work will be the LAST THING that I want to do but me being the PollyAnna that I am.......there are MANY things that I SOOOOOOOOO look forward to and I am SOOOO EXCITED about!


Here's a few of the things that come to my mind right away -


~ I will get to use the restroom for 8-9 hours a day BY MYSELF. I won't have 1-3 kids hanging on me while I try to pee every single time.


~ I get to have a lunch break everyday. You know eat lunch without my kids eating it all up from me. Like UM WOW. I plan to do a lot of shooting during my lunch hours. Shooting will be my eating lol.


~ I get a break from having to fix breakfast and lunch every single day for the kiddos.


~ I will be leaving the house EVERY SINGLE DAY. Without kids and their STUFF in tow. Like um WOW. In nice clothes even. Double WOW.


~ I get to talk to and SEE adults every single day. Not only adults but adults with similiar passions as mine.


~ I get an office! OH! MY! GOD! With pens! You know with girls it is ALWAYS about the fun pretty pens! With my planner! With a view! With a work computer! With my new kick ass commuter bag for my purse stuff and for my CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!


~ I get to put my BA in social work officially to use after SIX years of receiving it.


~ I get my VERY OWN client load.


~ I get to meet with parents, children, and prospective foster care parents on a daily basis.


~ I get to network with other area social service agencies.


~ I get to go to court on a regular basis. That means I get to network with lawyers and judges. That is VERY good experience for me.


~ I get to talk around the "water cooler".


~ I get to listen to things OTHER than Elmo all day.


~ I get to have lunch with co workers.


~ I get to work with my best friend from high school. I kid you not she works full time in the department that I will be working in. I had NO IDEA she worked there until after I was hired. I am SOOOOO excited to reconnect with her. We were co editors of our high school newspaper together and we both love photography and have a huge heart for social issues.


And last but certainly not least -


~ I get to show my children that helping others is a very valuable profession.

So tomorrow morning I will dropping the kiddos off at daycare for the very first time. I know it will be very hard....for me and for them.....but I have a lot of faith that THIS job at THIS time is SOOOOOO for me and THAT is a beautiful feeling.


PS Does it make me a MAJOR FLICKR DORK that I CAN'T WAIT to tell you guys all about it tomorrow night?!!!!!! :) You don't really have to answer that .... I KNOW I AM a TOTAL Flickr DORK. A dork and I am PROUD of it! :)

"Sweetness" by Jimmy Eat World


Today in my workshop we started color film! It is actually a lot easier to print then I thought. I will definitely post some when I print more. I really love going to school for photography, love having my assignments be shooting. :)


Item Collaboration: 24/31 (Fruit)



Larissa came up on the train to hang out for the day.


What I didn't know was that she'd never been to LA before. Once she told me that, I felt like it was my duty to show her a bit of town.


Which is surprisingly difficult. There aren't all that many things you can quickly show someone about LA that's "fantastic." For me, LA is all about food.


And the Disney Music Hall. Which I showed her on the way back to the train station, end of the day.


And the Watts Towers. But that was too far, we only had a couple hours, and there was the photo shoot in the park we had to get in.


And funnel cake to be eaten. Which is food.


I showed her the Hollywood sign, as well as all the weird tourists who park and take pictures of it, even though they can't get any closer than if they were to just buy a postcard of it.


Oh yeah, so, photo shoot, and conversation, of course. Always conversation, that's key.

And jesus, for some reason I'm really hungry right now. This is what happens when I eat dinner late (had Hungarian gulash last night. Delicious, but portion was a bit small). All I've got are tiny leftover Total cereal flakes. Excuse me for a second...


Anyway, this is probably too long already, so, yeah, great shoot, great gal, oh! Right, the reason I'm posting this one. Something's slightly wrong w/my 65mm lens, when I set it slower than 1/15, sometimes it misfires. Resulting in the weirdness you see here.


Which is kinda cool, so I'm not complaining. And look, li'l Larissa's in the bottom right! So Weird!!!!


Anybody else got happy accidents? Let's see 'em!


A cute shot of Larissa sitting in the park, and more about that day, up on the blog:

I apologize in advance for the barrage of posts, but I have the time to go through pics now. Otherwise, I will forget about most of these and they will die a slow painful death on the hard drive.


While Honda camping near Page, AZ, I ran into SW guru photog John Mumaw. I hadn't seen or interacted with another person for days at this point, so proceeded to chat John's ear off, drink his beer, and eat his pizza. On top of it all, John clued me in to this secret spot which I hit up the next day after failing at the elusive wave lottery.


I have to admit, although John made this place sound very cool, I wasn't "in my element" when I stumbled upon the seen. The seen was beautiful and unique in person, but I just couldn't get in the mood to shoot this and wasn't "Jazzed." I thought what the heck, I'll take a few exposures and figure it out when I get home. Well looking back, I'm kicking myself for not taking a little more time and waiting til that damn contrail dissipated. I could always clone it out, but that would require more work, which I'm not really in the mood for. In any case, this is kind of a rough edit of this great scene of the only cottonwood tree around for miles. Hopefully I can get back here next season for a better shot. Big thanks to John M. for giving me the lowdown on this spot, for sharing his beer and pizza, and for listening to my babbling...

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